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					Computer Assisted
Language Learning

        By Donald Lawrence
For EFL-537    Instructor: Prof. Lyra Riabov
    Southern New Hampshire University
         Computers and TEFL
   Computers are having:
   Faster and faster processors
   Larger RAM
   Larger Hard Drive capacity
   Larger Auxiliary storage capacity
       RW CD’s
   Lower and Lower prices
       Computers and TEFL

   This Tuesday my wife paid $500
    for a computer with:
   112 MB SDRAM
   1.53 GHz processor
   16 MB Shared Memory
   40 GB Hard Drive
   32X10X40 CD Writer
       Computers and TEFL
   I suspect that in 10 years Jerry
    could own a chain of computer
    factories producing small
    laptops with more speed and
    more memory than the
    computer my wife bought
   These will wholesale for $50.
    WalMart will retail them for $85.
       Computers and TEFL
   Because of the competitive
    market Jerry will be desperate
    for both his production and sales
    management staff to have better
    English skills.
   He will send them to the large
    Chen/Nakagawa interactive
    English teaching web site which
    will charge a $1/hour access
       Computers and TEFL

   With Angela acting as their
    attorney, Paul and Yoshi will
    hire Greg and Kathleen to
    produce high quality curriculum
    content to supplement their
    stock of English movies and
    interactive English games.
   Jerry will suggest to his people
    they might especially enjoy
    learning via Star Wars movies.
       Computers and TEFL

   With Jerry’s computers so
    affordable, the demand for High
    Quality web based English
    instruction will make Paul and
    Yoshi quite wealthy. Out of
    appreciation and thankfulness
    they will send Lyra on a one
    year round the world cruise.
       Computers and TEFL

   The rest of us will be heavily
    recruited as regional trainers and
    managers for a world wide chain
    of English language schools that
    will use this web site extensively,
    having negotiated a special
    reduced access fee rate for their
   And we all lived happily ever
The Superior TEFL Web Site

    So far I have not found a really
     good TEFL Web Site.
    My web page is still the in early
     stages of a beginners
     experiment, but on the internet
     with a few links one can get any
     where from any where.
    Donald’s web site