OPTIONS EVENING by wulinqing




   27th March, 2007
Year 9 careers to date

 3 members – Heads of Department Mrs.
  Mary Eckersall and Mr. Ross Appleby,
  Assistant – Miss Gail Sharratt
 Careers lesson once a week
 Invitations to talks by visiting speakers
The options process

   Options booklet
   Options evening
   Talks by heads of departments
   Individual interviews in April/May
In the future

 More opportunities to attend other career
  related events e.g. Careers Convention
 Researching careers based on interest
 Writing curriculum vitaes and applications
 Careers fair in year 10

For more specific advice come to the careers
department in room 119
 Based on interest
 Based on ability

 Based on degree/career choice

 Based on college requirements
 Based on parents choice/advice
 5 IGCSEs of grades C and above
 Most UK universities are asking for 4 A/S and 3 A
  Levels now!!
 English as a 1st Language even for non-native
 Subject choice needs to be degree course based.
 Centralised application process (UCAS – all online)
 Student portfolio of extra-curricular helps e.g. sport,
  creative talents, charity, MUN etc.

 6 IGCSEs
                                  Minimum 8
 Grades C+ (1 D accepted)         GCE/GCSE/IGCSE’s
 Non Academic subjects e.g.      Grades C and above
  Art not accepted                Entry after year 11
 3 sciences and math. for
                                  GPA Based
  Science stream a must
                                  Design & Technology
                                   now accepted
 Humanities such as geography    IGCSE Arabic accepted
  and history for Art stream
 GPA and entrance exam based
 6 to 8 IGCSEs e.g. AUK & AUS
 SATs and TOEFL or internal placement tests
 A/S Levels needed at times e.g. AUB
 12 years of schooling at times e.g. AUB
 So called non-academic subjects not accepted
  e.g. Art, Music
 Arabic (Classical) not accepted by AUB and
 5 IGCSEs grades C and above
 SATs and TOEFL a must for America
 GPA Based
 Students can apply after A/S level
 3 A levels + 4 A/Ss for top tier universities
 Variety is more important
 Extra-curricular achievements very important now
 Specialisation after 4 year degree course only!!!!
  e.g. medicine
 Paper application for USA and online
  OUAC for Canada.
 Option sheets will be given out after the April
 1 subject from each option line to be chosen
 8 subjects in all. Maths & English compulsory
 Arabic for Arabs and Koran for Muslim students
 We do not encourage Kuwaiti students to do Art ,
  D.T, Drama etc.
 Accelerated track only for grade A obtainers in
  year 9
 Accelerated track in EITHER maths OR all 3
  sciences + maths is available
 English 1st and 2nd Language are both 2 year
                       OPTION 1                           OPTION 2
Accounting                        Biology
Biology                           Biology (accelerated)
Business Studies                  Chemistry
Chemistry                         Business Studies
Chemistry (accelerated)           Geography
Information Technology            Painting and Drawing
Physics                           Physics
Your Choice                       Your Choice
                       OPTION 3                           OPTION 4
Arabic                            Chemistry
Arabic for foreigners             Information Technology
Information Technology            Drama
Economics                         French
History                           P.E. (G.C.S.E)
1 science (to be confirmed)       Physics
                                  Physics (accelerated)
Your Choice                       Your Choice
                       OPTION 5                           OPTION 6
Biology                           Accounting
Business Studies                  Biology
Chemistry                         Information Technology
Information Technology            Design Technology
French                            Economics
Geography                         Music
History                           Physics
Your Choice                       Your Choice
 Read options booklet thoroughly
 Attend options interview with Mr. Appleby,
  Mrs. Eckersall, Miss Sharratt or Mr.
 Keep in mind ability & interest of your child
 The number of years they will be at KES
  from now on matters
 In doubt, take an appointment

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