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Mt Mt Hood Community College Summer 2007


									Mt. Hood Community College
Summer 2007 Fastpass
Retail Management
Retail Management Overview
This is a 34-credit program that can be taken over two terms. The curriculum includes skills, knowledge and abilities that
have been identified as essential for a retail management career. Upon successful completion, students receive a Retail
Management Certificate.

The Certificate incorporates ten core courses that provide basic business skills and knowledge required for successful
retail management. The educational foundation includes communication, computation and computer skills. Adding to the
foundation is a cluster of business, marketing, human resource, leadership and retailing courses. All together these
courses provide a core to meet the immediate demands of business and retailing. This Certificate can easily transfer into
a two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree and beyond.

     High school diploma or GED
     Successful completion of CIS90, Introduction to Computing or equivalent computer exposure
     Type/keyboard 20 words per minute
     MHCC College Placement Exam, call 503-491-7678 for information
     Must be able to speak, read and write in English

Training Format
Monday through Thursday
June 25 through September 1

Second-term classes are from course sections offered throughout the MHCC schedule of courses.

       Earn credits toward the 34-credit Retail Management Certificate (you will be almost half the way there).
       Earn a Certificate that is endorsed by the Western Association of Food Chains.
       Be in business classes taught by MBAs, CPAs and people who know retail.
       Know that your courses transfer into the Business Management A.A.S. degree in Accounting, eBusiness,
        Marketing & Management or Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management.
       Earn college credit that may be applicable to an A.S. transfer degree.

College classes are held on the main campus at Mt. Hood Community College. Several of the classes are offered via the
Internet (online).

BA101 Introduction to Business           4 credits
BA211 Principles of Accounting           4 credits
BA223 Principles of Marketing            4 credits
BA249 Retail Management                  3 credits

The Western Association of Food Chains,, endorses this certificate.

       Through the courses a cohort learning community is developed and supports students as they pursue
        employment in the retail field.
       Students earn college credit that may be applicable to the MHCC Retail Management Certificate or Associate of
        Applied Science degree programs.
       This training is on the State of Oregon Eligible Training Providers list (WIA).

Need more information?
MHCC 503-491-7315
Business Department 503-491-7515
Dave Garlington, Business instructor, 503-491-7467 or
Visit our Web page.

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