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Dante Inferno Canto XXVIII

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									Dante’s Inferno
       Anna Sternberg
 Dante and Virgil come to the edge of the Ninth
        8, see below a parade of of Discord
Circle andBolgia 9: Sowers mutilated
 Sowers of Discord- ripped apart what God had
 meant to be together (religion, politics, kin)
 punishment: a demon with a bloody sword rips
 their souls apart
    “the devil who butchers us and sends us
    marching/ waits to renew our wounds with
    his long sword/ when we have made the
    circuit of the pit;/ for by the time we stand
    again before him/ all the wounds he gave us
         The Ninth Bolgia

“the language of our sense and memory/
lacks the vocabulary of such pain” (5-6)
“if all these/ were gathered, and one showed
his limbs run through,/ another his lopped off,
that could not equal/ the mutilations of the
ninth pit’s crew” (18-21)
  Sowers of Religious Discord

Mahomet (Mohammed)- “split from his chin to the mouth
with which man farts./ Between his legs all of his red guts
hung/ with the heart, the lungs, the liver, the gall bladder,/
and the shriveled sac that passes shit to the bung.” (24-27)
   founder of Islam, died in 632
Ali- “his head cleft from the top-knot to the chin” (33)
   succeeded Mahomet as the Caliph (head Muslim civil
   and religious ruler) in 656
Dante sees them as the schism between Christianity and
Mohammedanism (Islam)- intolerance of other religions
Sowers of Religious Discord (cont.)

Fra Dolcino- Mahomet predicts his death- “unless he longs
to come and march with me/ he would do well to check his
groceries” (57-58)
   took over the reformist order, Apostolic Brothers, who
   preached the community of property and of women
   Clement V declared them heretical and ordered a crusade
   against them
   brotherhood and women take an impenetrable position on
   a hill, but they run out of supplies
   Fra Dolcino and Margaret of Trent (his “Sister in
   Christ”) were burned at the stake
  Sowers of Political Discord
Pier da Medicina- “he had his throat slit, and his
nose/ slashed off as far as the eyebrows, and a
wound/ where one of his ears had been” (64-66)
   turned the rulers of Romagna against themselves
   sends a warning to town leaders, Guido del
   Cassero and Angiolello da Carignano, of Fano
   Malatestino da Rimini will invite them to a
   conference at La Cattolica and have them thrown
   into dangerous currents in the sea so he can take
   Fano- “to satisfy a tyrant’s treachery” (81)
Sowers of Political Discord (cont.)

Curio- “with a bloody stump in his throat in place
of the tongue/ which once had dared to speak so
recklessly!” (101-102)
  Pompey banished him from Rome
  advised Caeser to cross the Rubicon (boundary
  between Gaul and the Roman Republic)
  this crossing = an invasion ➔ Roman Civil War
Sowers of Political Discord (cont.)
Mosca dei Lamberti- “with both arms hacked through”
  Buondelmonte dei Buondelmonti insulted the honor
  of the Amidei by breaking off his engagement to a
  daughter of the line in favor of a daughter of the
  Amidei met to discuss what to do- Mosca supported
  killing Buondelmonte
  Amidei take Mosca’s advice ➔ Buondelmonte’s
  murder ➔ bloody feud between Guelphs and
  Ghibellines of Florence
Sower of Discord Between Kinsmen

Bertrand de Born- “a body without a head, that moved
along/ like all the others in that spew and spill./ It held the
severed head by its own hair,/ swinging it like a lantern in
its hand;/ and the head looked at us and wept in its despair./
It made itself a lamp of its own head,/ and they were two in
one and one in two;/ ... And when it stood directly under us/
it raised the head at arm’s length toward our bridge/ the
better to be heard” (119-129)
   set Prince Henry (“The Young King”) to mutiny
   against his father, King Henry II of England
   “as Achitophel set Absalom and David” (137)- David’s
   counselor deserted him to assist Absalom in rebellion

vulgar language
Unlike the sinners of the Bolgias and Circles
above, these sinners are eager to be
remembered by those still alive.
Virgil says that even though Dante is in Hell,
“guilt does not drive/ his soul to torment,”
implying that the sinners that suffer in Hell
experience guilt for their sins (46-47).

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