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									                 Working towards being HIPAA compliant

Everyone connected with the healthcare industry understands the significance of HIPAA,
the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The act has several rules
including the privacy rule that is used to ensure that health plans and healthcare
providers keep the information of patients secure and protected. With the Office of Civil
Rights being very strict about the enforcement of HIPAA, it is extremely crucial for all
healthcare providers big or small to understand the importance of being HIPAA
compliant. Formulated in 1996, HIPAA has undergone several amendments, but
essentially pertains to the imposition of standardized security systems in place to
safeguard sensitive patient information from unauthorized access. In short, the act
pertains to the handling of healthcare records, information and all healthcare related
transactions. Every healthcare provider needs to necessarily comply as per the security,
privacy, and management guidelines laid out for all healthcare information.

Healthcare providers need to necessarily put in place security policies that ensures
complete physical and network safety of patient information and restricts access of
healthcare information to only the authorized personnel. HIPAA healthcare compliance is
essential but it can also be quite a cumbersome ask for some healthcare providers.
Therefore, such healthcare providers must seek solutions that can help

       ·    formulate appropriate procedures that can help realize their security policies,
       ·    install best security measures to adequately offer protection to sensitive data
       and information of patients,
       ·    set specific guidelines in place to ensure zero violation of HIPAA rules
       ·    prevent unauthorized access of information, and
       ·    set procedures in place to educate employees about the importance of
       HIPAA compliance.
HIPAA compliance can be easily achieved provided health care providers opt for such
solutions that can offer them best ways to continuously review compliance procedures and
policies including review of servers and log audits along with development of compliance
reports. With such solutions healthcare providers can easily set clearly defined policies
with appropriate access controls. When such solutions can also assist in ably responding
to security incidents, they can be of tremendous help to healthcare providers. Such a
solution should necessarily account for an emergency or a contingency plan in place to
tackle any security incident. The solution that a healthcare provider eventually opts for
should also be well-equipped to offer ways to recover lost data.

Working towards being HIPAA compliant can be made fairly easy provided health care
providers become prudent about what they need in their HIPAA compliance solution.
Opting for a solution that can help healthcare providers establish appropriate policies and
implement proper compliance checks is definitely a step in the right direction.

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