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Google Adwords Essential Training


									Google Adwords -
Essential Training
                                                                  Google Adwords - Essential Training

       Course Contents
Module #1 – How To Setup Adwords Campaigns for Maximum Profit

   •   How to choose correct product to promote through Clickbank
   •   Gravity explained
   •   What to check in the pitch page or the landing page
   •   Doing the keyword research
   •   Collecting keywords through Adwords
   •   Collecting keywords through Goodkeywords
   •   How to choose long-tail keywords the right way
   •   How to get misspelled keywords
   •   How to divide the keywords into different groups

Module #2 – Creating Your Landing Page

   •   The quick and easy way to create your landing pages so that there is a natural flow – very
       high conversions
   •   Editing the landing page and putting in affiliate links
   •   How to use redirects to increase your conversions
   •   How to check if your affiliate link is working and is being tracked the right way
   •   Learn about creating a short report to give away for optins
   •   How to create your optin box through Aweber the quick and easy way
   •   Choosing your popover or inline optin box
   •   How to redirect visitors to the pitch page or sales page as soon as they optin
   •   How to add the Aweber code into your landing page
   •   Learn about using autoresponder series

Module #3 – What is Google Slap and how to avoid it

   •   What is Google slap
   •   Why you should use Wordpress blogs to avoid Google slap
   •   How to install Wordpress blogs
   •   How to setup Blogroll
   •   How to add links to your landing page from your blog
   •   Adding some content to your blog and putting in some more links to your landing page
   •   Adding a sneaky link from your landing page to your blog
   •   Uploading your landing page to your hosting account

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                                                                Google Adwords - Essential Training

  •   Checking if everything is working alright

Module #4 – Writing Your Ad Copy and Setting Up Ads

  •   How to write compelling headlines
  •   How to write ads for each keyword set, which were selected in Module 1
  •   Setting up Adwords campaign – setting up keyword-targeted campaign, giving it a name,
      creating ad groups for each of the keyword sets, what are the best countries to target,
      keying in you ad, how to get most targeted visitors using phrase match, setting up your
      daily budget, bidding on keywords
  •   Creating all the Adgroups using the same method above
  •   Editing campaign settings
  •   Adding negative keywords
  •   How to monitor and test different ads

Module #5 – Conversion Tracking and Optimizing Your Campaigns

  •   Getting conversion page code from your Adwords account
  •   Going though all the conversion types
  •   Generating the page code and inserting the code
  •   Tweaking your campaign for better results, checking quality scores
  •   Learn how to tell if a campaign is not working and when to stop that campaign.

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