2005 10 24 BYLAW 7724_25 14_15_ST ANDREWS by wuyunyi


                 CHAMBER, CITY HALL, 141 WEST 14th STREET, NORTH
                 VANCOUVER, B.C., ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2005 AT 7:00


COUNCIL MEMBERS                            STAFF MEMBERS
Mayor B.A. Sharp                           A.K. Tollstam, City Manager
Councillor R.C. Clark                      S.E. Dowey, City Clerk
Councillor R.J. Fearnley                   J.M. Rowe, Assistant City Clerk
Councillor R.N. Heywood                    G. Penway, City Planner
Councillor C.R. Keating                    D. Mitic, Assistant City Engineer – Transportation
Councillor D.R. Mussatto                   B. Susak, Deputy City Engineer
Councillor B.W. Perrault

Re:    “Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 7724” and “Zoning Bylaw No. 7725”
       300 blocks 14/15th Streets at St. Andrew’s Avenue – File: 3345-02 300 Blk
       14th/15th St at St. Andrew’s

The Public Hearing was called to order at 7:09 p.m.

Mayor B.A. Sharp
Ms. Dowey!

Ms. S.E. Dowey, City Clerk
Thank you Your Worship.

St. Andrews Project Holdings Ltd. has applied for permission to construct a residential
development in the west half of the 300 Blocks East 14th & 15th Streets. The site and
legal description of the lots are shown below. The development proposal requires an
amendment to the City‟s Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw. If approved, the
development would result in the construction of:

      Two duplexes (4 units) on the east side of the site;
      Townhouses (44 Units) in the middle of the site;
      Apartment Building (35 units) on the west side of the site (at St. Andrew‟s Ave);
      Seniors Affordable Rental Apartment Building (27 units) to be owned and
       operated by Kiwanis on the west side of the site (at St. Andrew‟s Ave).
As part of the development process, the developer will be responsible for the closure of
a portion of 300 East 14th Street and its conversion to a pedestrian walkway with a tot
play area. A financial contribution would also be made to playground enhancements at
Boulevard Park as well as the historic Shakespeare House site at 1350 St. Andrew‟s
Avenue. A portion of east- west lane would also be closed. The development statistics
are summarized in the attached Project Fact Sheet. The required bylaw changes are
summarized below.
Lots                        Block          D.L.          Plan             From
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,23,24,25,26   52             549 & 550     1363             RS-1
A, C                        52             549 & 550     16191
And portion of closed       52             549 & 550
road (lane)

OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN BYLAW NO. 7724 is to amend the Schedule „A‟ Land
Use Designation from “School & Institutional” to “Residential Level Four: Medium
Density (Floor Space Ratio: 1.0 times the lot area)”.

REZONING BYLAW NO. 7725 (CD-504 Zone) is to amend the Zoning for these lands
from RS-1 (One Unit Residential) to Comprehensive Development 504 (CD-504) Zone.
The CD-504 Zone would permit the development described above with the market
residential housing achieving a floor space ratio of 1.0 times the lot area. The seniors‟
rental apartment building would be in addition to this as a density exclusion pursuant to
section 5.12 of the Official Community Plan. Standards for height, setbacks, parking,
etc are prescribed in the CD-504 Zone.

ARCHITECTURE/PWL PARTNERSHIP and Council will consider this under items 8
and 9, this evening Your Worship.

Mayor Sharp
Mr. Penway!

Mr. G. Penway, City Planner
Thank you Your Worship. The boards to my left here are related to this project. The
applicants, later, will be giving a presentation using the screen. I will just speak very
briefly to these boards in terms of the information that is shown here. As the City Clerk
mentioned there are two bylaws being considered, the first is an Official Community
Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 7724 and the second is a Rezoning Bylaw No. 7725. The
site is in the 300 Block of West 14th and 15th Streets so on the board here it is outlined
in white, where this would be St. Andrew‟s, 14th Street and 15th Street.

City of North Vancouver                Page 2 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
It is the westerly half of those blocks with the exception of one lot which is zoned duplex
and has a duplex built on it. The ownership of the lands is privately owned. They have
been formerly owned by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. It was purchased by
the owners in December of 2004. Council separately had a discussion in June of 2005
directly with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority about the remaining hospital lands.
These lands have been privately owned since December of last year and are being
processed as private lands. The process in terms of this development application,
commenced early in 2005. There has been public consultation that the applicants will
speak to. During that time the project has changed quite significantly in terms of its
density site planning and community contributions. They too will be spoken to in some
detail but essentially the Official Community Plan amendment is to change the Official
Community Plan Schedule A Land Use Designation of these lands from School and
Institutional to Residential Level 4 for Medium Density at 1.0 Floor Space Ration (FSR)
and the zoning amendment would be for a Site Specific Zone to control the
development to prescribe exactly the development that has been shown.

Generally speaking the unique thing about the site planning of this would be that there
are changes to the street and lane network that are proposed. Essentially on this board
here 14th Street for the first four lots, approximately, would be stopped up and closed
and create as a beginning of a pedestrian greenway connecting further east to
Boulevard Park. It‟s kept open to this point with the potential for construction of a three-
point turnaround in front of the new development. In addition, the laneway which runs
currently east/west through here would be stopped up at the back of what is 322 East
14th Street and hammer-head turnaround provided here per landscape plans that reflect
that here with the laneway stopped and a turnaround in this location and the greenway
is shown here in terms of its character and location. The application includes a variety
of market housing which would include two duplexes or a total of four units on the
easterly edge of the site. In the middle of the site are townhouse developments which
would be total of 44 townhouse units. There is an apartment building here with 35 units
and that development comprises the 1.0 FSR which is provided for and there is a
seniors housing building here which would be additional floor area which would be a
non-profit seniors rental housing development which Kiwanis has partnered with the
applicants to take possession of.

The height in terms of the duplex lots here would be as per the RT-1 zone which is 30
feet. The townhouses are an area of two storeys plus basement which would read
much like a 3-level building here in the middle which are stacked townhouses and then
two storey townhouses on the outside. This would be a three-storey apartment building
and the seniors building would be a four-storey building. In terms of the context on the
site, to the immediate east we have single family homes which are also designated for
single-family. To the immediate south we have more institutional and school plans
which are owned by the hospital.

City of North Vancouver                Page 3 of 36                           Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
To the west we have Lions Gate Hospital and their other uses, Evergreen House. To
the north we have single-family lands and duplex lands and kitty-corner we have
medium-density apartment.

The applicants have made a request for a minor amendment to the Bylaw before you
asking for an additional 6” for their development here just to adjust for final building
grades as the project moves into the next stage of design. This project was reviewed
by two advisory bodies, both the Advisory Planning Commission and the Advisory
Design Panel. The Planning Commission passed the following resolution “That the
Advisory Planning Commission has reviewed the Official Community Plan Amendment
and Rezoning Application for 14th to 15th Street and St. Andrew‟s Avenues and
recommends approval of the project. The APC highly commends the applicant for high
level of design and good presentation”. That was carried Your Worship and not
unanimously. There were a few members in opposition. The Design Panel also
considered this project and passed the following resolution: “That the Advisory Design
Panel has reviewed the Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning Application
and recommends approval of the project. The Panel commends the applicant for a
thorough presentation” and that resolution was carried unanimously. Separately, in a
report which Council received to date, is a covenant which has been prepared. The
covenant would secure the developer‟s obligations in terms of providing a variety of
things that come with the development. One would be simply providing that the project
be built in accordance with the approved plans. Secondly there are a variety of trees
proposed to be retained and they would be required to be retained. The 14 th Street
greenway and its construction would be secured through the covenant. Other off-site
works which are bulges at different locations would also be part of that. The transfer of
seniors‟ housing site to Kiwanis for their construction of their seniors‟ housing project.
The restriction of that site to seniors‟ rental affordable housing on a non-profit basis.
Sustainability commitments; $20,000 contribution to Boulevard Park in this location here
and a $10,000 contribution to the Shakespeare House which is a heritage building
immediately to the south and various rights-of-way. Your Worship, the applicants I
believe would like to go through the plans and some of the process they‟ve gone

Mr. Dwayne Siegrist, Integra Architecture
Your Worship, Council, members of staff and members of the public. Good evening. My
name is Dwayne Siegrist from Integra Architecture and I have a short presentation this
evening with some consultants to follow. Our consultant team consists of: St. Andrew‟s
Projects Holding; our Client Representative is Tom Morton; Phillips Wuory Long‟s, Jeff
Phillips is with landscape; Sustainable Consultant, we‟ve been working with is Robert
Brown; Traffic is Peter Joyce from Bunton Associates; Bob Heaslip from Development
Strategies and Judy Marsoff with Marsoff Association and we have C.J. Anderson as
our Civil Consultant.

City of North Vancouver                Page 4 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
I just wanted to take a moment and orient the site and that is described here in this
large aerial and I think its important just to locate where Lonsdale is here, and we have
15th and 14th, and this being St. Andrew‟s, north and south, and the larger building forms
obviously closer to Lonsdale and its important to point this north/south orientation of the
buildings and the larger building forms that you see to the immediate west and north.
This project consists of a variety of housing types: duplexes, townhouses and an
apartment building with adaptable units and it also there is a donation of land for the
seniors building located at the northwest corner of the site. That‟s located here. The
townhouse forms and variety as I mentioned, in this location, apartment building here
facing onto greenway and the duplex units located to the adjacent east boundaries.
The site design and its considerations, I think, are largely revolved around the concept
of big, medium and small and that‟s highlighted on the screen there. Essentially looking
at the larger building forms and moving to a smaller building form into the east. The use
of underground parking allows for green-space and access to some units directly but
are also allows for the areas you see highlighted in green, these larger courtyards that
allow for these connecting and that work of walkways and pathways. Also, I‟ll call
nodes, these connections that would be into a green-space and up to the north part of
the site at 15th. The greenway way, this special to us here, located. It is a closure of
the street and I‟ll explain that in a minute. But the building also responds, you‟ll see in
the architecture, how we sort of gave an entrance located on the southwest corner. It‟s
a park like setting on the south side. This park greenway. It also is how it was home to
the children‟s play area. We treated the façade of the buildings specifically with porches
and a residential scale in character that resembles the neighbourhood.

In addition to the seniors building the apartment buildings are adaptable and some are
at the Level-3 standard familiar to the City‟s guidelines supporting the aging in place
concepts. We also implemented some sustainable methods and one of them here
proposed is the use of storm water management. The project has gone through many
revisions and I think largely as a result of dialogue with the community and specifically
we have revised the apartment building from a four-storey building that was located on
this western portion site which encompassed the whole St. Andrews façade to a three-
storey apartment building and the footprint of the building is now smaller. We‟ve also
obviously reduced the number of units as a result of that. The blue dots sort of indicate
how we‟ve separated the townhouses again as a smaller form and the location of the
seniors building had a couple of locations previously but is now located on the
northwest corner close to the bus stop and its ……… framework to the west. We were
also able to increase the number of seniors units for the project throughout those
revisions and that‟s the four-storey building on the corner. The building also benefits in
this case from a shared underground parking, secured, and obviously the addition of the
greenway was something that was added. Some of the measures we were considered
was traffic. We were asked by Council to resolve issues of traffic. The solution was the
closure of the street and to create a park.

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OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
This design has also led to careful consideration to the location of the street end which
is located here and not to compromise the existing neighbours located further to the
east. There was also improvements at the crosswalks include a signalized, special
crosswalk, it‟s called but to the north and obviously crosswalk at the mid block and
upward to the street corners as I mentioned, up here, you‟ll see on your drawings this
bulbing out of the corners. There was also some work with Engineering to look how
these turnarounds work and how we were dealing with the closures of the mid-lane. At
this point I‟d like to introduce Julie Marsoff who has been working with the public and
doing public consultation work.

Ms. Julie Marsoff, Public Consultation
Thank you Dwayne. Good evening Your Worship and members of Council. Some
months ago Council challenged us to take the consultation to a new level, to engage the
public in a meaningful and constructive way. Over the past month we have held literally
dozens of information meetings from individual to open-houses. The detail list was
submitted to staff for Council‟s review. We are proud to say that once we resubmitted
our plans, having accounted for community concerns, this resulted in majority approval
from the Advisory Planning Commission and unanimous approval from the Advisory
Design Panel. In early September we embarked upon a three-day walk around a three-
block area in the immediate neighbourhood to contact the two-thirds of residents that
we had no record of specific previous contact with. While we couldn‟t reach everybody,
even after successive attempts, we were able to contact and connect with 73% of the
households in that three-block area. 67% or two-thirds of all immediate neighbours
reported that they were either positive or neutral with regard to the application as
presented to Council this evening. Six percent expressed continued opposition to the
application. While we know there are those who still object to some aspects of the
project we also know that their involvement has contributed to the improvements in our
application. We are thankful for their participation. We have been honoured to work
closely with Kiwanis Senior Citizens Home Limited, its Board, its residents and
community supporters throughout the City to create a seniors component that we trust
will provide a standard for many more projects of its kind. We respect the depth and
breadth of experience offered by so many seniors advocate groups in the City of North
Vancouver and thank you for your energy and enthusiasm for our proposal. I will
introduce Bob Heaslip who will take the final portion of our presentation.

Mr. Bob Heaslip, Consultant
Thanks Julie! Your Worship, as we became aware of the issues that our original
proposal raised in the community and the neighbourhood we realized that it was
important to hold issue resolution workshops in addition to the normal information open-
houses. These sessions were very effective in creating meaningful dialogue between
our various consultant specialists with regard to lane and street traffic issues and
solutions, greenway design, landscape design and ultimately helping to refine and
shape the plan that you see before you this evening.

City of North Vancouver                Page 6 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                        October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
The workshops then led to a series of one-on-one meetings and ongoing
correspondence with immediate neighbours to help to resolve finer grain issues, such
as dwelling design, landscape design and privacy. As a result of these more intimate
sessions the neighbours voiced their interest in linking some immediate improvements
to the Boulevard Park area with the introduction of the 14th Street greenway and we‟re
very thankful for those ideas. They worked wonderfully. I‟d also like to comment on
concerns that have been raised about the proposed amendment to the Official
Community Plan. Prior to the institutional designation of our site, as Gary alluded to
earlier, this area was designated for residential use. The institutional designation was
put in place by Council based by a proposal by the Lions Gate Hospital for an
expansion of their facilities to the East to accommodate a comprehensive medical
campus. The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and LGH subsequently determined
that these lands were surplus to their needs and that we are discussing tonight. Your
Worship, our proposal seeks to provide a harmonious and gradual transition on these
lands from the hospital to the west to the single-family lands to the east. This effort
requires a request to fine tune an existing Official Community Plan policy designation
that is no longer applicable. In our earlier Public Meetings there was a clear majority
support for changing the Official Community Plan from institutional back to the
residential. Through detailed input and the excellent suggestions that have come from
our extensive consultation process together with Council‟s comments and the review by
Council City Advisory Bodies we believe we have achieved a solution for a variety of the
City‟s immediate housing need, one that is truly a balance of needs from our teams
prospective and the owners‟ prospective, from our immediate neighbours perspective
and well as the community at large. This concludes our presentation Your Worship and
our team is here to answer any questions that your Council may have.

Mayor Sharp
Well, did you take a stopwatch to that or what.

Mr. Heaslip
Did I hit it right on.

Mayor Sharp
I know it‟s this fearful City Clerk down here that you‟re worried about. I know. Okay I‟m
going to go to the members of the public at this time. I have quite a few. I‟m going to
ask if members of the public, that wish to speak, would keep their comments to five
minutes. If we get through the list, if you‟re still here, if you think there is some burning
issue that you want to bring up at that point you can let me know. Just so we can get
through. There is a long list here. We‟re going to start with John Neules!

City of North Vancouver                Page 7 of 36                            Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                           October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mr. John Neuls, Executive Director, Kiwanis Seniors Homes Ltd.
Good evening Your Worship, Council. My name is John Neuls the Executive Director of
Kiwanis Seniors Citizens Homes Ltd. I represent some of the seniors who will be
beneficiaries of this development and like some of these folks here amongst your who
are wearing the yellow flowers. Over the past several months we have heard many
thoughts expressed by members of Council with respect to this development and some
of these are best use of St. Andrew‟s lands, low impact on the exiting community, good
value of return to the community for a change in zoning, affordable housing in the City
core, in particular rental housing. In Kiwanis‟ view this project now fulfills all these
expectations. Many meetings with residents, property owners, seniors, have ensured
that the height, design, mix of housing types and services provided to the new residents
and the surrounding community will enrich this City and revitalize this area. The
Kiwanis Board of Directors has unanimously entered into an agreement with the
Developer to make this project a reality. The value of the land being generously
donated which is made possible by the market part of the St. Andrew‟s Project. This is
over a million dollars. Because of the ideal site and contribution of B.C. Housing‟s one
million dollar grant and Kiwanis Board‟s contribution of a million dollars we are already
well on our way to completely financing the building costs with manageable debt. There
is another $5 million truly affordable rental housing project which will find its way into the
City of North Vancouver. There is desperate need for affordable seniors housing as we
explained to you last year. The Lions View Planning Society‟s report presented to
Council in September reports that in the City of North Vancouver over 1200 low-income
seniors are without suitable housing. The Kiwanis‟ 200 applicant, 2-year long wait list is
now over 2 ½ years and the wait-list for this new building is already at nineteen.
Through the combined gift and contributions, 27 units will become a reality with 25 one-
bedroom units renting for $650 a month and one-studio unit for $550 a month and one
caretaker suite. This is further supplement by the SAFER grant which now has been
increased by the Provincial government. As I‟ve mentioned before many seniors are
spending from 80 to 90 percent of the entire income on housing. We will also create
more work for dedicated housekeeping staff and meal providers.

I might also add that we‟re more than pleased to extend these services to the
surrounding community not only to those who are located in the apartment homes being
proposed but also to the adjacent homes. By doing this we will create more efficiency in
the way we provide our services while also adding social sustainability creating a sense
of belonging and creatively serving the needs of our young working families, the future
of our City. This binds us together and keeps us interconnected. It‟s more than bricks
and mortar. We are a community. What value can you put on providing for the needs
of seniors. It‟s simply priceless. They have served us well. We now have the
opportunity in this very tangible way to thank them as together we shape our future.
Thank you Your Worship, for listening.

City of North Vancouver                Page 8 of 36                             Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                            October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mayor Sharp
Thank you. The next speaker is Bob Handel. After Bob, we have Euan McLean.

Mr. Bob Handel, 3188 St. Andrew’s Avenue, North Vancouver
Your Worship and Council. My name is Bob Handel. I‟m a member of the North
Vancouver Kiwanis Club and have been for over 40 years. My very short presentation
from my point of view is a video clip of about 5 minutes and I‟m just going to turn it right
over to the video clip. It‟s a bunch of interviews of people that are going to support the
Kiwanis‟ position on this project. Thank you.
Video Presentation

Mayor Sharp
After Mr. McLean, Iris McEwen next.

Mr. Euan McLean, 217 East 19th Street, North Vancouver
Your Worship, Council, my name is Euan McLean and I live at 217 East 19 th Street. I‟m
a member of the Central Lonsdale East Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Team although
I‟m not hear to speak on their behalf. My only comments in this regard, that is with
regards to traffic, is that the great majority of the traffic volumes in the neighbourhood,
that is 13th, 15th, 17th and 19th Streets comes from vehicles outside of this area. Either
transferring the area or going into the Lonsdale core or to the Lions Gate Hospital.
Vancouver, should have said this region, was recently voted the best place in the world
to live. We have always been rent high in this annual survey and this is in part too, to
the vision of the City and Regional Planners that recognize that urban growth needs to
be in areas where the public has good access to transit and their place of work. We all
know that urban sprawl does not create livable cities. Green spaces get gobbled up
and with subdivisions and roads as far as the eye can space. Having people live close
to transit and to their place of work reduces our dependency on vehicles and in essence
improves our quality of life. This is what is termed as Smart Growth and this project fit
right into this model. I had been asked to read one short letter from a supporter of this
development as he is unable to attend this meeting. This letter is from Eric Jacobson
and he resides at 761 East 5th Street in North Vancouver. Mayor and Council. I have
been a long time resident of the City of North Vancouver and have followed the
development proposals for various areas of the City during this time. This is not the first
time seniors housing has been proposed in the City of North Vancouver and in each
instance there has always been some opposition to each proposal for whatever
reasons. I can‟t help but wonder that if the nay-sayers had been given eternal life and
will never need the services proposed by these developments. Time after time where
opposition has been very vocal at a particular development and the development has
gone ahead after time the development has blended in with the community, provided
better neighbourhoods and people wonder what all the fuss was about.

City of North Vancouver                Page 9 of 36                           Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
This development deserves approval. It is located adjacent to a first class hospital,
shops, parks and transit. There are many families would take the opportunity to live,
work and play in a neighbourhood that would also include easy access to their parents
or grandparents place of residence. The Kiwanis organization has proven over the
years to be a very responsible citizen in any community they have established
residences. The developer has addressed the issues and wishes of the majority of the
critics with respect and cooperation. The amenities provided for and the contributions to
the City would be valuable assets in the future. Thank you for taking the time to listen to
my comments and that is yours truly, Eric Jacobson. Thank you.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Iris McEwen and then I have David Fawley after Iris.

Ms. Iris McEwen, 303 – 120 West 16th Street, North Vancouver
Good evening Your Worship and Council. It‟ll become obvious as I read this
submission that I‟m not the author of this submission. I‟m presenting for Cliff Matthews
who is unable to attend this evening. As a resident of the City I have followed and
participated in its development process having served as a member and Chair of both
the Advisory Design Panel and Advisory Planning Commission over the 10 year period.
I feel compelled at this time to place my view of this development before you for your
consideration. It is my opinion it is most desirable to have a graduated level of
residential development adjacent to high density institutional areas as currently exists
and will continue to develop on the Lions Gate Hospital lands. The proposed Palladium
Development is unique in being adjacent to the Lions Gate Hospital and having
addressed this critical planning issue. This development also provides an opportunity
for those who wish to be centrally located, close to the commercial conveniences of
both Lonsdale Avenue and the health management facilities of Lions Gate Hospital and
related services to be so located. Such convenience is particularly important to our
seniors and their health needs. Health care needs increase as their health care needs
increase over time. Development along St. Andrew‟s of medium-density residential
accommodation graduating to a lesser density to the east is supportable in this unique
area. My preference would be to have the complete 300 Block of 14 th Street eventually
developed in some form of multi-residential housing rather than having changes in
density mid-block. This may be an option for the future. This development is a worthy
addition to the community and I recommend your approval of this proposal. Thank you
for taking the time to consider my comments. Yours truly, Cliff Matthews.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. David Fawley and then Margaret Marquis.

City of North Vancouver                Page 10 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mr. David Fawley, 1726 Rufus Drive, North Vancouver
Good evening, Your Worship and members of Council. I‟m here in support of the
project, the Official Community Plan and rezoning application for project located in the
300 Block of East 14th and 15th Streets at St. Andrew‟s. I have attended two of the open
houses that the developer has put on. I‟ve reviewed the staff reports and based on my
experience of having lived in the Central Lonsdale area for 7 of 14 years I‟ve been a
citizen of the City of North Vancouver. I am of the opinion that this development
proposal is suitable and works well for our community. In particular and I base on some
of the other comments I‟m not going to touch on the merits of the Kiwanis part or the
excellent location for this type of project. But for this development proposal I notice that
if introducing a series of buildings that are sensitive in scale to the neighbourhood I think
the presentation that was put forward earlier demonstrated that quite clearly. Also I
observed that the character is reminiscent of the McNair project on East Keith Road:
similar type of projects; similar type of densities. The other point I noticed is its allowing
for a balance of housing options within our community. There is different ranges of
market housing. There is the low cost rental housing and so forth. It‟s got a very strong
design. It looks nice. I think it‟ll blend it well. There of course is the generous
contributions to Shakespeare House and Boulevard Park and I guess finally, what I‟ve
been most impressed with is that the developers have accommodated a dialogue within
the community and have revised their application accordingly. Thank you very much for
your time and for considering at this matter.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Margaret Marquis and then it looks like Jim Bovard.

Ms. Margaret Marquis, 209 East 17th at St. George’s Avenue, North Vancouver
Good evening Mayor and Council. I‟m reading this letter on behalf of Mildred Foster
who is unable to come. I‟m Margaret Marquis. I live at 1250 St. George‟s part of the
Kiwanis Place. She says: I worked for thirteen years as a nurse at Lions Gate Hospital
before retiring. I‟m well aware of the benefits provided to those with easy access to
health related facilities. I wanted to make a plea from my heart to yours as you consider
what is before you this evening. There are around 1200 people like me that are waiting,
hoping and praying to find safe, affordable rental housing such as the Kiwanis St.
Andrew‟s facility. I am one of the lucky ones having moved into Lynn Manor three years
ago. Please keep in mind that for seniors waiting days is more like waiting months.
Months are like years. We are keenly aware of the numbering of our days and have no
time to waste. A vote for St. Andrew‟s is not only a vote to support low-income seniors,
it is a vote to support all seniors and to show respect for what we represent to the
community. It is gratifying to talk to so many of the fine organizations around the City of
North Vancouver and receiving encouragement and support for St. Andrew‟s. A vote
against it will only discourage developers and non-profit groups from working together to
find creative ways of addressing our community needs.

City of North Vancouver                Page 11 of 36                            Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                            October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
I‟ve spoken to dozens of seniors who are anxiously awaiting the chance to move into a
new community that allows all ages to live in harmony together. Thank you kindly for
listening to me.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Is it Jim Bovard and then Trudy Hubbard.

Mr. Jim Bovard c/o Jennifer Case, 403-1200 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
Your Worship, Council. My name is Jennifer Case. I‟m here on behalf of Jim Bovard.
He wasn‟t able to make it tonight. I‟m just going to read his letter in support of the
development proposal for the 300 Block East 14th, 15th Streets at St. Andrew‟s. The
purpose of this letter is to give my support to the proposed development (tape change)
variance in providing seniors with appropriate housing and support. I would anticipate a
great demand from seniors to move into this development given the shortage of this
kind of housing currently available. The blend of multi family housing with seniors is an
excellent concept as all generations, young and old, all benefit from closer interaction.
Affordability factor is becoming increasingly an issue for young families and this project
tries to address this problem. In summary, there are many levels upon which to we
support this development proposal and look forward to the community benefit that will
be obtained as it goes forward. Sincerely. Doctor Jim Bovard.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Trudy Hubbard and then David Welsford.

Ms. Trudy Hubbard, 3-234 West 17th Street, North Vancouver
Your Worship and Council members. I stand before you tonight as a citizen of the City
of North Vancouver for over 40 years. I raised my family here and I continue to give
back to the community through this jewel of a city. I sit on the Board of the Kiwanis
Seniors Homes Limited and I‟m the former president of the North Vancouver Kiwanis
Club. The first lady president. I am a community activist in the best sense of the word.
You may remember me with the presentation but I felt I had a little bit more to say if you
don‟t mind. My husband and I have been activity involved in a number of community
endeavors including hundreds and thousands of residents over the years such as North
Shore Winter Club, Lions Gate Hospital, Girl Guides of Canada and the Royal Canadian
Legion and Federal and Provincial politics. So we take a big concern over the City.
There seems to be one recurring theme that resonates with all of us as we go through
volunteering in the City. We will do everything in our power to maintain the quality of life
and community that so many others we have shaped over the years. How do we do
this? Sometimes we have to put aside our personal petty concerns and think about the
whole picture. Perhaps affordability means a little more density than we knew years
ago. More traffic will undoubtedly factor in as more people choose to live here. Maybe
we have to make a special effort to get to know the new neighbours as the complexion
of our streets change but the trade-offs are enormous.

City of North Vancouver                Page 12 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
By addressing the need for affordability below market seniors rental housing and
multiple family housing in St. Andrew‟s we are in essence saying, we care about the
diversity in our community and we want to embrace it. We hold our seniors in high
regard. We‟re all getting there. And when all these facts are considered we expect
your approval will be a positive approach to our community. We have a vision for our
future and ask you, as our elective officials, to act in the best interest of the broader
community and support the application before you this evening. Thank you.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. David Welsford and then Nicole Sharma.

Mr. David Welsford, 841 Walnut Crescent
Your Worship, Mayor Sharp, Councillors of the City of North Vancouver. I‟m David
Welsford. I‟m the Vice-Chairman of the Kiwanis Senior Citizens Housing Board. In the
time allotted tonight I want to make three points why I believe you should support this
project. You should support solid projects where developers with non-profit groups
such as Kiwanis in this situation to improve the City. There is Federal and provincial
funding before affordable housing dries up. Corporations with a conscience need to
step up to the plate. The donation of land at St. Andrews to Kiwanis is critical. Without
it we couldn‟t proceed. We need to recognize the amount of public participation that
went into this application. This will be the way of the future in applications as more and
more citizens want their say in the future of their community. St. Andrew‟s Project
Team has set a high bar and should be recommended for this. The third and final item.
Understand the critical need to approve this project soon. Time is not a friend of
seniors. Some have been waiting a very long time for a project such as this. You will
honour our seniors by approving a project without further delay. Thank you for your

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Nicole Sharman and then Linda Wallen.

Delhas Solihei in behalf of Ms. Nicole Sharma, 832 East 7 th Avenue, North
Good evening Your Worship and members of Council. My name is Delhas Solihei and
I‟ve been asked to read this letter on behalf of Nicole Sharma. She was unable to make
it this evening. Dear Mayor and Council. As you move towards the October 24 th Public
Hearing for the St. Andrew‟s Project please be mindful of the young emerging leaders of
this community who want to remain in the City of North Vancouver. My husband and I
were fortunate to purchase our home on East 7 th Street almost 2 ½ years ago. When
choosing an area to live we were both drawn to Grand Boulevard because of
neighbourhood and surrounding parks. This beautiful area is both quite and convenient,
only minutes away from amenities, nature and our respect places of work.

City of North Vancouver                Page 13 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Many of our friends have not been quite so fortunate. Having both grown up on the
North Shore my husband and I were determined to settle and buy a home here. Very
few of our friends, however, can afford a single family home in this neighbourhood.
With North Vancouver having so much to offer young professionals who would like the
opportunity to live close to downtown rather than actually having to live in the downtown
city or move towards the Valley as so many of our friends are doing. The St. Andrew‟s
Project is a great way of offering new apartments and townhouses for young singles
and couples without having to leave the City of North Vancouver to find it. Both my
husband and I were former teachers in the North Vancouver School District. We soon
became aware that in order to have a healthy school we need to provide a healthy mix
of housing options in order to attract and keep young families in the local schools. It is
imperative that we provide affordable options for young professionals looking to settle
permanently in North Vancouver in order to sustain our community. Thank you for your
interest and attention. Nicole Sharma.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Linda Wallen. Anybody outside named Linda Waller? Was it Sheila?
There is no Wallen. Frances Stirling and it looks Phyllis Watson is next after that. Is
there a Frances Stirling? Oh, is that Shelia. If there is anybody else, if you have a
struggle like that we will bring the microphone to you. Anybody else who needs that,
please let us know ahead of time. We need to know that from you so when I call your
name, you can let me know and I‟ll have one of the staff members take the microphone
up to you to that‟s more comfortable. Please go ahead. If you want to sit down that‟s
okay. If you would rather sit and more comfortable to sit, then please go ahead.

Ms. Sheila Waller, 1406 – 2535 Whiteley Court, North Vancouver
Your Worship. I moved from Burnaby to Kiwanis in Whitely Court over three years ago.
But my family came from England 48 years ago. We came as ……….. immigrants and
then we became citizens. I brought one boy was 7 years old and the other one was
eleven. They went to the schools here in Vancouver. They love it here. They wouldn‟t
live anywhere else. So we settled here. I spent sometime in Toronto and then came
back, Penticton, Chilliwack, Burnaby and I find this is one of the most wonderful places
to live, where I live, and I think Kiwanis have just got a wonderful spirit. So much has
been said in favour. I really can‟t add anything more. Thank you very much Your

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Frances Stirling is where? Then Phyllis Watson.

City of North Vancouver                Page 14 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Ms. Frances Stirling, 2555 Whiteley Court, North Vancouver
I live in the corner of the Lynn Manor and it‟s a wonderful place to live. But I‟m speaking
for the baby boomers that are coming along. A lot of you in here are baby boomers and
you are going to need a place to live in a few years. I have a son-in-law who will be 60
this year and he‟s freaking out. But we definitely need new places to live. As John said,
the Kiwanis, we have a waiting list there and all the senior places have waiting lists.
Just the thought of a new place being built is encouraging. It‟s alright to think, oh I‟m
going to save my money, I‟ll be alright. I have a house. I can sell it off and I‟ll have lots
of money. With the price of gas!! Forty years ago I didn‟t think I‟d ever end up in a
senior‟s place. My husband and I had a house and I had my health and I thought it
would be fine. My husband died and I had a stroke and I‟m in a senior place and I love
it. I have a nice apartment and lots of friends so I encourage you because I‟ve spoken
to some of you. I‟ve had the privilege of speaking to Mayor‟s office and some of the
Councilors‟ office and I was disappointed to here that some of them weren‟t for it. They
didn‟t think it was necessary. What do you think. You think that all of you young people
are going to die off before you need a place to live. That‟s not a way to go about it. No,
we definitely need this project. I‟m for it 100%. Thank you very much Your Worship.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Phyllis Watson is next and then John Cruickshank will be after Phyllis.

Ms. Phyllis Watson, 2555 Whiteley Court, North Vancouver
Dear Mayor and members of Council. My name is Phyllis Watson. I have never done
this before and I‟m very nervous but I thought seventy-seven years big was a good time
to start. I was privileged to be born and raised in Vancouver and have lived on the
North Shore since 1935. Aren‟t we blessed to live here. I‟m also blessed to have been
allowed to live in Lynn Manor one of the wonderful apartment buildings run by the
Kiwanis. Some are not as fortunate as there is a growing shortage of affordable, rental
senior housing in our community. Part of the solution is before you tonight. Please, I
urge you to approve the St. Andrew‟s application before you this evening. It will offer
peace of mind to more people like me and also a warm and welcoming neighbourhood
for the young people who want to remain in this beautiful area. Please use the authority
entrusted to you for the betterment of the people. Thank you so much for listening.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Then I have John Cruickshank and then Donna Stewart.

Mr. John Cruickshank, 250 West 6th Street, North Vancouver
These folks make it sound pretty good don‟t they. Being a senior. Your Worship and
Council on July 2nd of this year Council approved the Lower Lonsdale Social
Development Strategy and the formation of the Lower Lonsdale Community Services

City of North Vancouver                Page 15 of 36                           Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                           October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
The Network has been meeting throughout the summer and the fall and has meeting
with great success and continued cooperation as we‟ve seen over the last 3 years.
Tonight I stand before you for the first time as a Chairman of the Lower Lonsdale
Community Services Network, a group of 34 front-line agencies in Lower Lonsdale and
you may say, well what are you doing here. This isn‟t in Lower Lonsdale. Well as you
remember our major priority was affordable housing so when John Neule asked that we
be here tonight to show support for the St. Andrew‟s Project we couldn‟t say no. Our
affordable housing sub-committee is very creative, very active, see all the flowers. I‟m
sure that‟s part of it. They are all in the Chamber tonight and the Network supports
them 100% and sees this as a very well thought out project. Thank you very much Your

Mayor Sharp
Thank you and I did see Donna. After Donna I have Peter Lister.

Ms. Donna Stewart, 1406 -155 West 1st Street, North Vancouver
Your Worship and Council. I‟m Donna Stewart. I live at 155 West 1st Street and I have
been a home owner in North Vancouver since 1982 and that doesn‟t sound like
anything when I listen to these other people. I think I could have stayed home because
you really don‟t need our support from the Community Housing Action Committee but I
wouldn‟t have missed this for anything. You know that the Community Housing Action
Committee is an advocacy group which sprang out of the Poverty Forum which this
Council supported in 2002. We‟re hosted by the Community Resources Society. Last
year we produced a report called “Staying Power” on the increasing need for below
market housing in North Vancouver City and I think you all received a copy of that report
and you heard it today from the people who are looking for that kind of housing. So, I
just wanted to take this chance to honour Council for the work that you do with staff to
preserve our City as a complete community open to all despite the fact that senior
governments are making it very difficult to add additional below market units. We
appreciated the unanimous support you gave to the recommendations in the Lions View
Housing Report on the need of seniors just a few weeks ago. So, you won‟t be
surprised to know that I‟m here to support Bylaws 7724 and 7725, the St. Andrew‟s
Project. We wish there were more seniors units but by our calculations we have
probably a fraction of what we need in the City and I think Vivian Christianson will speak
to the kinds of needs that she sees at Seniors One Stop. The 27 units is better than
none and since the property for the seniors units is an outright gift to Kiwanis Seniors
Citizens Homes we‟re hoping that eventually that will lead to more units. We know that
Kiwanis will work with B.C. Housing to ensure that the rental units remain affordable for
seniors because the Society has a long and credible history of working for the most
vulnerable seniors on the North Shore so we‟re really glad to support this project and
we‟re grateful that it accommodates other groups as well, the whole overall project.
Lots of us want to resist change. We always want things to remain the same. We hope
we won‟t get older but we do.

City of North Vancouver                Page 16 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
So, we need to pay attention to the needs of people who can‟t stay in their own homes
or can‟t afford rising rents. As far as we can tell the developers have done everything
possible to meet neighbours concerns and there has been a very respectful public
process on the part of developers and the City so we‟re happy to support the results
and the proposal before you now. Thank you for your time.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Peter Lister.

Letter read by Mike Cunning for Mr. Peter Lister, 408 East 14 th Street, North
Your Worship and members of Council. My name is Mike Cunning and I‟m reading a
letter for Peter Lister. Dear Mayor and Members of Council. My name is Peter Lister
and I‟m a resident of the 400 Block of East 14 th Street adjacent to the St. Andrew‟s
Project. I want to add my support for the St. Andrew‟s Project. I have actively
participated in the consultation process since its beginning in January 2005. Being a
busy professional with a young family time is a precious commodity. Our efforts to
wards providing meaningful input to the project team were well spent. Initially I was
concerned with certain aspects of the project specifically increased traffic on East 14 th,
density and the transition between the development and the single-family homes, lack
of improvements to Boulevard Park and streetscape along 14 th. My input was carefully
considered along with others and address to my satisfactions specifically by the closure
and greening of East 14th including a children‟s play area and enhanced landscaping.
The reduction in the number of units and in building heights, the transition of the
proposed buildings along East 14th and 15th from duplex to town home to apartment
blending more naturally with the existing neighbourhood. Applying contribution of
$20,000 by the developer to Boulevard Park over and above the City‟s anticipated
improvements. We were given ample opportunity to provide input and the applicant
listened to us. The project as it stands today will enhance our neighbourhood and the
City of North Vancouver as it provides a creative mix of housing opportunities for all
ages. Sincerely, Peter Lister.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Is there anybody from 170 West 2 nd Street. I don‟t see anybody maybe
they had to leave. Pasquale Pucci and then following that Lisa Ryan.

Mr. Pasquale Pucci, 620 East 14th Street, North Vancouver
Good evening, Your Worship and Council members. My name is Pasquale Pucci and
I‟m speaking on behalf of my father Luciano Pucci. My father is the owner of 328-330
East 14th Street. He has owned the property for approximately 20 years. His property
is situated in the middle of this development. Currently we are not pleased with the
proposal to close both the street and the laneway of East 14 th. By examining the
proposed lane closure I‟ve been able to identify three main concerns.

City of North Vancouver                Page 17 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
One of which the current drawing we do not have enough turning radius to park a
vehicle to the west side of our property and after looking on the screen this can be
indicated in the color red. The red spot there is a parking pad that there is no longer a
sufficient turning radius. Secondly, with the proposed turnaround easement in the lane
which is this easement right here you‟ll notice that there is a blue line. Now, that blue
line represents a fence which in my mind there is a high probability that this fence will
be knocked down repeatedly. My question is who will be responsible for the constant
repair of this fence. To solve this issue I would prefer to see a through lane. The
closure of the lane would create added inconvenience not only for myself but my
tenants. I would have never imagined to see a lane closed. We always thought that
once a lane was created it then becomes grandfathered, meaning that no one is able to
take this lane away. Thirdly, we are not pleased to see the garage situated on the east
side of the property which is marked in the green marker so close to the building. This
in itself raises areas of concern. The proposal of the garage will eliminate the sun
exposure to my backyard. Currently my tenants enjoy planting fruits and vegetables.
The proposal of this garage will prohibit this from occurring and will eliminate the direct
sunlight available. Secondly, in regard to the closure of 14th Street I‟m not impressed.
We purchased this property due to the fact that there was access, due to the fact that
there was easy access to both 14th Street and the laneway. This made it attractive for
ourselves as well as our tenants. The proposal of the road closure would have
significant inconvenience for both myself and my tenants as well I would never ever
thought that anyone would have the power to close this road. In my mind as well I
thought this road would become grandfathered. By examining the proposed street
closure in itself I have identified a few problems. One of which currently at 1350 St.
Andrew‟s there is a driveway which enters and exits onto 14th Street. The proposal
does not take this driveway into consideration. My question is how will the access be
granted at 1350 St. Andrew‟s. Secondly, as far as I understand the traffic study which
was conducted by Bunt & Associates determined that the 300 Block of East 14th and the
laneway was not considered a high traffic volume area.

So my question to you why are we closing 14 th Street and the laneway. Currently the
road closure has no real benefit to my particular building. I would like to see the road
remain open however, if the prefer to close it I would like to see the road closure further
east to my building at approximately 332 East 14th Street and east towards Ridgeway
with a proper cul-de-sac radius. This will allow for ample parking for myself and my
tenants and other residents of East 14th Street. Due to the current proposal they have
allowed for two parking stalls in front of my building. As a result I feel this is insufficient
for myself and my tenants due to the fact that the tenants will be parking at the end of
the street. When drivers attempting to complete the 3 point turn I can almost guarantee
that parked cars will be repeatedly hit by drivers trying to complete a 3 point turn. The
area that is outlined seems to be a little too tight in my mind. In order to solve this I
have outlined two options.

City of North Vancouver                Page 18 of 36                             Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                             October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
One is to remain 300 Block a through road or to move the road closure further east of
my building. I am not in support of the hammerhead but rather of a full cul de sac.
Thank you Your Worship.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you and Lisa Ryan .

Letter read by Melina Scholfield for Lisa Ryan, 408 East 14 th Street, North
Good evening Mayor and Council. My name is Melina Scholfield and I‟m reading a
letter on behalf of my neighbour Lisa Ryan who lives at 408 East 14 th Street. Dear
Mayor and members of Council. I‟m writing in support of the St. Andrew‟s Project. I‟ve
been an active participant in the Public consultation process over the past 8 months. I
have found that through the course of this process the majority of my community‟s initial
concerns have been met; reducing the apartment building from four storeys to three
storeys, the traffic improvements based on a community workshop with the applicants
and the traffic consultant and the contribution to Boulevard Park are all appreciated. I
believe the project, as it is presented today, will be a benefit to the community at large
as there need to be well thought through projects that integrate into existing
neighbourhood. While there are some who actively oppose the project I believe you will
find the majority of my neighbours feel neutral or favourable as a result of the many
changes incorporated over the past month. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Lisa

Mayor Sharp
Okay. Then Robyn Hilliard and Ryan King and then I have Vivian Christianson next
after that.

Ms. Robyn Hilliard & Ryan King, 3107 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
Good evening Mayor Sharp and members of Council. My name is Robyn Hilliard and
this is Ryan King and I live at 3107 Lonsdale Avenue. Both of us in support of this
proposed development project on the Lions Gate Hospital and this is why. I‟ve been
living on the North Shore all my life. I‟m a young manager in the hospitality industry and
I have recently rented an apartment on Lonsdale close to where I grew up and also is
close to where I work. This is a practical, if you don‟t have the sustainability, to be able
to live and work close and create community. (Ryan King) One day, Robyn and I hope
to purchase our own place and its likely going to start with an apartment similar to one
in the project. If we can somehow manage to stay on the North Shore it gives us a
better chance of raising a family and remaining here the rest of our days. (Robyn
Hilliard) This is especially important to me because my family lives on the North Shore
and I want to be close as they grow older so I can help out with them. If children are in
my future I‟d love for them to be able to find a good school in this community.

City of North Vancouver                Page 19 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
With declining enrolment in elementary school is very scary and we can only fight that
by allowing more housing choices for suitable growing families. Please keep our area
vibrant by addressing the concerns and voting in favour of allowing this great
opportunity to create great new neighbourhoods and strengthen our community. Not
only do I agree with this but a lot of my colleagues and co-workers agree with this, that
we‟re scared that we will not have enough money to support and have a life style that
we‟ve always grown up with living here on the North Shore. I thank you.

Mayor Sharp
Vivian Christison and then I have Arash Rezai.

Ms. Vivian Christison, 254 East Keith Road, North Vancouver
Good evening Your Worship and members of Council. My name is Vivian Christison
and I live at 254 East Keith Road. I‟m here wearing a couple of hats. The first is as one
of the coordinators at the Seniors Non-Stop Information Line. I answer questions from
seniors on a variety of issues and the most difficult questions I receive have to do with
housing and affordable housing. I can‟t tell you how heart sinking it is to hear from a
senior who is at risk of homelessness or is homeless on the North Shore. Think what
happens if we have these waiting lists somebody at the end of that list has run out of a
place to live. And so I really strongly support the creation of these 27 units. I also just
want to note in passing, not too much has been made of the issue of affordable. I think
John said that these units would run for something like $650 a month. I‟d like to find out
that a senior on old age security and guaranteed income supplement is earning just
over a thousand, so affordable is already over 50% of income. I want to support this
project also because it is a public/private partnership. We know that the senior
governments have not been so forthcoming with funding as we would wish and this
does seem to be the way to go and I really hope that this one works. I‟m also wearing
the hat of a citizen of North Vancouver. I‟m delighted to live in the 200 Block east of
Lonsdale in a Block where there is a variety of housing needs being met. I enjoy where
there are seniors, sort of aging boomers like myself and kids that have just managed to
buy in, can‟t afford a second car, are somehow are hanging on to that mortgage. But
it‟s a great area to live in. And finally a complete change of subject, I‟ve been here a
couple of times in the last eighteen months. Perhaps this is the last time before the
election and I want to thank you all very much, all of you, for listening as much as you
have and for being a great Council. Thank you.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. I have, is it Arash Rezai. All I know is that the Mayor of Surrey has an even
greater difficulty than I have in saying names.

City of North Vancouver                Page 20 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mr. Arash Rezai, 1345 West 17th Street, North Vancouver
Good evening Mayor and Council. My name is Arash Rezai and I live at 1345 West 17 th
Street. I‟ve been a resident of North Vancouver for almost 15 years. Essentially I‟ve
grown up in the neighbourhood where this development is taking place. I‟m here before
you tonight to lend my full support for this project. Over the last few years there has
been a huge revitalization happening here in North Vancouver which is great to see.
Lower Lonsdale is becoming a great community of its own and Marine Drive hopefully
will go through that phase soon. Myself, my friends and my family are all excited at the
friendly neighbourhood tone North Vancouver has been transplanting all over the City.
My point is that this location where this development is taking place is in need of
revitalization. When I drive up and down 13th and 15th Streets, two major streets, I see
so many run down homes that just have not been properly cared for. There are a few
new homes on those streets which are great to see but we need more. We need to
clean it up a bit. Currently I live on Marine Drive in the District of North Vancouver with
my parents and my younger sister. I‟ve been meaning to move out on my own but it
has become extremely difficult for a young individual attending school and working part
time to afford anything with today‟s housing prices. I don‟t want to rent as I really don‟t
see the point. On average new condos these days are going for something in the high
300‟s. Now how is someone my age with my level of income able to afford something
like that. Simply I can‟t. If I were able to afford a down payment I would still not be
approved for a mortgage. We need more affordable living here in North Vancouver. I
love this community and I would like one day to raise my family here. I don‟t want to
move to Abbotsford or Cloverdale just to be able to afford something nice. A mixed
development of the sort proposed here not only helps young singles and families but
also the elderly. As we all know the baby boomers of our generation are nearing
retirement and as a community we need to acknowledge that. The more affordable
housing for seniors is needed. In closing I truly believe this project before us today will
not only make our community neighbourhood a better place but also add benefits for the
City helping young people like myself and older people simultaneously to co-exist in
affordable living spaces without having to relocate to other areas of the Lower Mainland.
I‟d like to thank you for your time and for listening to my comments and I also wish
yourself, Your Worship and all the rest of the Councillors all the best in the coming

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Now I‟m going to ask if there is anybody that wished they had put their
name on the list and didn‟t. Would you like us to come up there. No. Okay. Could I
have you please, when you come down to the microphone give us your name and
address for the record because it is a Public Hearing.

City of North Vancouver                Page 21 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mr. Ron Burnham, Kiwanis, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver
Your Worship and Council. My name is Ron Burnham and I live at Kiwanis, Lynn Manor
in Lynn Valley. I came over to North Vancouver in 1953. I raised my family here and at
one time I had to leave my construction job and take on a job of apartment block
manager. I went to Kiwanis. I got the job there. I was 50 years old. We figured we‟d
stay there for five years. I‟m now 78 years old and I‟m still there. I couldn‟t find a better
place and I don‟t think anybody else could either. Young people have to consider the
fact that sooner or later they are going to get old and it‟s our heritage that our young
people stay around with the families that are here and work together with the seniors
and help them out. I have worked with young people as a Scout Master, baseball, and I
know what its like to work with kids. I know what its like to work with seniors and we
need the help.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. There was a gentleman up here. Could you please come down to the

Mr. Allan Burgon, 240 East 18th Street, North Vancouver
Thank you Your Worship. My name is Allan Burgon. I have property at 240 East 18 th.
I‟d just like to speak in favour of the project. I think it will be a great addition to the City.
It‟s a good looking project. I‟m generally in favour of low density in the Central Lonsdale
area to give people more housing choices especially older people down-sizing. We
have a declining school population generally so more affordable accommodation would
help support our schools. I just feel we need more housing choices. Thank you Your

Mayor Sharp
The young lady there.

Ms. Enza Eppich, 358 East 14th Street, North Vancouver
Hi, my name is Enza Eppich and I‟m here in representation of myself and my husband.
I live at 358 East 14th and I‟m not in support of the development. I want to commend the
developers for the good job that they‟ve done and they‟ve listened very closely to the
needs of the community however, I feel that we have to look at the real issues here and
that is the Official Community Plan and I‟m all for senior housing. I want to see more
senior housing on the North Shore in the designated areas for that close to the hospital.
There are a number of neighbours that are in support of this. There are a number of
neighbours that are against. The developers have done their job in getting their
statistics together however I feel that the Council‟s job is to see what the community
needs are and the Council here and this community set standards for our community
and set up an Official Community Plan and I built a home on this block of going by the
Official Community Plan.

City of North Vancouver                Page 22 of 36                              Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                              October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
It‟s a single family residential home. I was not allowed to have extra double the square
footage to house my aging parents or my aging in-laws who live on the North Shore. It
wasn‟t even an option and I feel that you cannot just change what is there in black and
white and accommodate for 25 senior housing. The 75 other units, half a million, six
hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand, is that going to be a reasonable affordable
housing for a young couple. I don‟t think so. Most of my friends that have not been
able to stay in the community had to move to out. I‟ve driven up 13th and 15th and the
houses look terrible. Well, the developers own those houses and they should clean
them up. They are rental units. Before that the hospital. They are poor landlords.
That‟s the bottom line. They should clean up their housing. The houses that are owned
privately are kept very well in that neighbourhood. In fact some of the most historical
and heritage homes are in our block. So I laugh a little bit at that. I also believe the
density is still too high. I feel the developers have really worked hard to bring it down,
it‟s just not low enough. Twenty-five houses, they still have 75 plus other units that are
going into the remainder of 10 or 11 lots that are there.

Regarding schools, Queensbury is full; they are converting the gym into classrooms, so
it‟s not about young families moving out of this community. They are still staying here,
struggling to stay here, but they are staying here. I‟m a little perplexed that nobody has
addressed the properties owned by the hospital across the street. We are looking at
this kind of density possibly happening right there and this hospital owns the other 16
lots across the street or something like that. What if something similar happens and
don‟t tell me that Lions Gate Hospital isn‟t going to take $10 million for those properties
and build more to their hospital. We have developments happening on every corner
there. We have it on 13th and St. Andrew‟s, a five storey building going onto the
hospital land, we have a 10 unit building going on 15th and St. George‟s for the hospital
and now we‟re adding all these units. That is huge density for one square block in our
City. So I think the Council members here today have to stand by the community. An
election is happening and I personally will not vote for anybody who votes for this
proposition and we live in the City, and I know a number of people who feel the same
way. So, I do think you need to look at what the rules all and you cannot just break
them arbitrarily because what are you going to do the next time six or eight properties
come up together in another area. Are you just going to buy off with senior housing.
Give those senior housing their designated amounts in the areas they need. We need
to have that done in the red zone not in residential family area. Thank you for your time.

Mayor Sharp
Then next speaker.

City of North Vancouver                Page 23 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mr. Catalin Comsia, 339 East 11th Street, North Vancouver
Good evening Mayor Sharp, members of Council, staff and the audience. I hope you will
forgive us for the fact that we disagree with the bunch right here. So, I first want to
make very clear that I‟m speaking on behalf of my wife and my kids at 339 East 11 th.
My name is Catalin Comsia. We want clearly to be understood by the Mayor and the
Council and the people in the audience that we support the idea of affordable senior
housing in the City of North Vancouver and is not the recent support has been there for
many years. We worked as volunteers during the Official Community Plan 2002 and we
supported the provisions in the Official Community Plan that ………………. where
density bonuses and density exclusions are allowed. In this case both developers and
residents know where the additional density can come. Those areas are clear defined
on your Official Community Plan map as medium to high density. The land discussed
today is currently zoned single family zoning. We are asking you again to please
respect the Official Community Plan. This proposal is not ready for prime time yet.
There are two clear violations of the Official Community Plan . One is paragraph 574
page 18 that says, to maintain the City single-family neighbourhoods and the second
one is paragraph 512 page 25 that says exactly, where this development has to go, in
medium and high density areas. This is a bad deal also for the seniors and here is why.
The fundamental question that has not been answered by the developer is to provide
the public and the Council with a clear financial analysis that shows why they need 80
apartments and townhomes in order to donate only 2 lots of land for the affordable
rental housing. Why all this density for the developer profit for only 2 lots out of 13 for
the seniors. My family believes this gift of the developers has not been justified by any
financial analysis. So we are asking you Mayor and Council to ask for a financial
justification for the additional density that the developer gets in the market housing part
of the project over the single family zoning before you proceed with this application.
Our Grand Boulevard Ridgeway neighbourhood (tape change) private with developers.
We as a community we need to share the gains equally. In consequence we are asking
you that half of the additional density over the current single family zoning to be donated
to the affordable rental housing for seniors. Not only two lots. These lands have already
been paid by these community charitable contributions when they were acquired by the
Lions Gate Foundation.

Please, Mayor Sharp and Councillors, if you really want to make a fair deal between the
City, our neighbourhood and the developers, please make it fair. Do not allow that more
than 90% of the profits to go only to the developers pockets. We are asking you for a
fair 50/50. Fifty percent of the profits to go for affordable senior housing, 50 percent
equal profit. If we have to put up with the traffic, with the density, we‟re asking you to
give the seniors 50% of the additional density over the single family allowed. The
developer knew when he bought these lots for $6.2 million; he bought this with an
existing Official Community Plan. You buy the lots for $6.2 million. You buy the Official
Community Plan. They want more; let‟s make a deal of 50/50. Thank you very much.

City of North Vancouver                Page 24 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mayor Sharp
Is there anybody else who wishes to say something?

Mr. Mike Cunning, 365 East 14th Street, North Vancouver
My name is Mike Cunning. I live at 365 East 14th Street right smack dab on the end of
the project zone. Your Worship and members of Council. I‟m happy to announce that
the Kiwanis has its first paying customer for their meal service and cleaning service
which they will be offering to the community. We‟re signing up. I came before you in
the spring of this year asking you to delay any approvals to Palladium Grosvenor until a
formal and comprehensive public process had been undertaken. Since then I‟m pleased
to see that the process that has occurred has completely exceeded my expectations.
Council is faced with a decision tonight that will choose between two solitudes. You can
accept the status quo and vote down this project as such you will be ignoring the
groundswell of public support which you see before you tonight. Or you can choose to
support this project under its current form which my opinion is the best choice, not only
for neighbourhood, but for the City and the entire North Shore. As a resident of the
project area I have had to look beyond my own selfish self interests and ask myself
what is better for the entire community not just my own backyard. Although the sale of
the lands was controversial in the first place and some people would prefer to see the
lands remain for future hospital expansion or for public use the fact remains these lands
have been sold.

We are fortunate to have two companies such as Palladium and Grosvenor which are
as committed to the public process as they have been and as such I commend them.
They have done a fantastic job. If these lands are to be held in private ownership and
development I believe that the current proposal is the best one for the neighbourhood,
the City and the North Shore. As a resident of the project area I feel that this project is
sensitive to the transition between single family and higher densities, will help to reduce
car dependence, provide much needed senior and assisted living units, have
underground parking, of course 14th Street greenway, which is my personal favorite and
will improve the area. On the issue of density; some people say this project is too
dense and it does not conform to the Official Community Plan. I say that this current
project is reduction in density to what is contemplated under the current Official
Community Plan. The Official Community Plan designation is for public and institutional
which allow up to a 4.0 FSR and as such would contemplate a building up to 8 storeys
high. I don‟t know if you‟d ever approve it but under the current Official Community Plan
we could get something bigger than what we‟re going to get tonight. That is in a single
family neighbourhood so I feel that this project though significantly is much better than
what we could have. We bought in this area knowing that the lands were zoned public
institutional and that they were reserved for hospital expansion or some other use. It is
always been suspected that the hospital didn‟t have the money for such an expansion
and as such something other than the institutional use would be contemplated. I have
no problem with this project, in fact, I endorse it.

City of North Vancouver                Page 25 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Others however believe a level density such as a duplex is more appropriate for the
site. Such a strategy would result in the loss of community amenities such as senior
housing, underground parking, the lane closure, the greening of 14th Street, and among
others. Additionally, this is just kind of my personal wish list, I‟d like to see the 3 point
turn as a trial period during construction to see how it works and if necessary it could be
modified if it doesn‟t work out. On a final note we have yet to address the issue of
resident only parking along 14th Street and Ridgeway Avenues. The residents of this
area suffer from free parkers, mainly from the hospital, and I hope Councillor Fearnley
has talked to his wife about this. Earlier this year, I submitted a letter and a petition to
Council from residents of 14th Street asking for resident only parking this year in this
area. The two hour limit currently in place is proving to be too difficult to enforce. If
resident only cannot be obtained then I would suggest 15 minute parking. Thank you
very much and I urge you to vote in favour of this project.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Then the gentleman here.

Mr. Kevin Middleton, 144 East 19th Street, North Vancouver
Good evening Your Worship and Council. My name is Kevin Middleton. I live in the
100 block, 144 East 19th. I also work in the 100 Block of East 15th and two years ago
this past Saturday I moved from Toronto to the 400 Block of 13 th so this was the
neighbourhood I‟ve been living in for the past two years since I‟ve arrived in North

I‟ve been following this process since I heard the hospital lands had been sold. Since
this property is very unique in that there was one person that owned the 13 lots. There
are not a lot of properties around anywhere where there is that many lots that are
owned by one person and they were sold by the hospital. I know Council has
addressed this in the past and the fact is it‟s now owned by Floyd and Lynn Grosvenor.
I‟ve been working as a property manager for over 15 years now and one of things that
I‟ve found in this type of development is that it will be largely catering, especially in the
building portion, will be largely catering to seniors. You know, the empty nesters, even
the townhouse, a lot of people will moving into that. There will be the family factor will
come in but I manage many properties on the North Shore and one of the things that
I‟ve found is that a lot of the townhouses and a lot of the apartment buildings are
catering to seniors. They are selling their larger homes and they are moving into a
smaller property so it gives them the investment of the capital of the property but it also
gives them a nice place to live. The location being near the hospital and being near the
Lonsdale corridor, on the bus routes, the underground parking, I think is a major factor
as well. I do believe this development the approval of Council.

City of North Vancouver                Page 26 of 36                           Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                           October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
I think the benefit to the community will be very great and I think the addition of the
seniors aspect to the community will be a great addition to the North Shore and I think
the developer has addressed the concerns to most of the meetings that were held
leading up to this proposal and I do feel they have looked at what the community has
said and they have done their best to try and address it. I do believe you look at
approving this and I thank you for your time.

Mayor Sharp
Thank you. Is there anybody else? Please come down to the microphone. We want to
take your name and address for the record.

Ms. Donna Patrick, 1617 Grand Boulevard, North Vancouver
My name is Donna Patrick. I live at 1617 Grand Boulevard. I just want to express my
concern to Mayor and Council since the sale of the Lions Gate lands that actually it
serves about a 100,000 people from Deep Cove to Whistler. I‟m really concerned that
the City is not addressing the issue of seniors assisted living. These homes that we‟re
talking about building are for seniors that can still take care of themselves. We don‟t
have anywhere in the City other than Evergreen where people are packed four to a
room, where they don‟t have space to enjoy their life and live out their life when they
have diseases such as alzimers. My mother is currently being put into Sunrise in Lynn
Valley. It is currently costing my family $75,000 every year for her to be there. I am
wondering where I am going to go. I have no pension. I‟m wondering where you‟re
going to go. We don‟t have anywhere here. I am asking or telling the Council that I am
definitely in favour of some kind of housing like this for seniors but I think we need to
make smaller, more affordable houses. I don‟t think that $650 a month is affordable for
any senior. I would ask that Mayor and Council please address the developer with
plans that somehow look at assisted living in there. Thank you.

Mayor Sharp
Is there anybody else that has any comments?

Ms. Melina Scholfield, 365 East 14th Street, North Vancouver
Hello Mayor Sharp and Council members. My name is Melina Scholfield and I live at
365 East 14th Street in the same block as this project and I would like to urge you to
please support this project. I really think that it forwards this City from a sustainable
from a sustainable point of view. I‟m interested in a social sustainability aspect. I‟m
really a big supporter of the seniors housing. I hope to become a senior myself one
day. I‟m also very supportive of the high level of adaptable units. In our family we have
members who are wheelchair bound and we know what a challenge it was for them to
find high quality housing so that to me is also another thing that I feel is very important.
From an environmental sustainability point of view I really am happy about the location.
I can‟t think of a better place in North Vancouver to concentrate more people. It‟s right
on the 240 bus route, one of the best services on the North Shore.

City of North Vancouver                Page 27 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
It‟s within a couple of blocks of Lonsdale for people to walk. They might not walk all the
time but even if they walk more often then that‟s going to be doing us good in helping
limit car trips in the City. I also am really commending the developer on the car sharing
or car co-op provision in this project. I think that‟s a real innovative idea. Vancouver
has been embracing it recently and I would encourage Council to see that in other
developments as well and it makes it so much more feasible for people to be either a
one car or a no car family. The few points that I wanted to make is that this is going to
be a big parcel here for change and as my husband, Mike, said before, we knew that
there was going to a institution in there and we quite frankly probably didn‟t expect it to
be quite as nice looking and as nice fit as what I think the developer has come up with.
In the beginning I was mostly concerned with the procedural aspect of the process. It
felt like as a neighbourhood that things were going ahead and people in the community
didn‟t know about it. Things were getting approved. Certain options were being
selected and I want to comment the developer on the public process because I think
they did a huge turn-around. I think a lot of the fear and angst within our community
came from not knowing and feeling that they were losing that opportunity to provide
input. And even once the public meetings, even after a couple of meetings, I noticed a
big change around when the developer started to really listen to what the neighbours
were saying. When I think about all the different comments my neighbours and I have
been talking about a majority I feel have been integrated into the project. I strongly
support the greenway idea and the traffic calming, the pedestrian improvements, both at
14th and St. Andrew‟s as well as St. Andrew‟s and 15th. I think that‟s going to be a real
important benefit not only for the development but for other local residents and also, I
guess, on the community plan, the changes, a lot of people seem to be quite concerned
about that which I understand to a degree, but as a resident I have to say that I would
much rather see a Council have discretion to modify things over time to fit what
emerging needs or creative solutions or ideas might come up to respond to the City
than have things absolutely cast in stone without any kind of change. I think the key, for
me as a citizen, is that there be a true and meaningful public consultation, opportunities
for input and so long as there is that opportunity, then I support discretionary changes to
the Official Community Plan.

I have one little concern about this project and although I support it wholeheartedly and
that is I‟m a little concerned about the format of the closure. I have some safety and
operational concerns with the 3 point turn configuration that is being proposed and I fully
support providing as much green space as possible but I‟m quite concerned with the
amount of traffic that we get on our street because of people trying to find parking for
the hospital that there is (a) possibility some issues just with the sort of the flow of things
on the street where people are doing all sort of three point turns and maybe making
funny maneuvers or going into one of our neighbours driveways cause they don‟t want
to wait till the end, but secondly, this is going to be a major magnet for kids in the
community and there are a lot of people who are in wheelchairs who use the street as
well as the sidewalk.

City of North Vancouver                Page 28 of 36                             Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                             October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
I‟m concerned about the safety for these people and the visibility of people making 3
point turns where they‟re having to do reverse maneuvers and that there is possibility
going to be a lot of sort of bizarre interactions between cars. So, I‟m absolutely open to
the idea that it could work successfully however I have fairly substantial safety concerns
about the operation due to the fact that we have a demand centre here. We‟re
generating trips to our neighbourhood for parking. We‟re not like other purely quiet local
streets. So I would urge you to do a trial and if it works, great, and I urge you to support
the project on the whole. I‟m a big supporter. Thank you.

Mayor Sharp
Is there anybody else out there that wants to speak?          Please come down to the

Mr. Simon Davy, Design Consultant for Kiwanis
Your Worship and Council my name is Simon Davy. I‟m a development consultant for
the Kiwanis and I just want to make one comment on the affordability comments that
have come up. The Kiwanis have stated that they are trying to bring their rents in for a
one-bedroom around $650 and I just want to comment that the Safer levels in
Vancouver which Safer being shelter rate for elderly residents is available for all seniors
who are paying more than 30% of their income and currently Safer has just been
increased from $520 to, here‟s where I‟m a little gray, because its just recently
happened, I think its $615 but it can be a little higher in urban centers and Kiwanis are
working with BC Housing to try to get their rents as close to Safer as possible, which
would mean that seniors would pay 30% of their income which is the Safer program.
So, in terms of affordability, it‟s a senior on $1000 wouldn‟t be paying $650 they would
eligible for Safer and they are going to try to get them as close to that threshold as
possible. That‟s all.

Mayor Sharp
Is there anybody else that has any comments or questions about the project. Nobody
else. Because the next thing I do is I will go to Council members for any questions that
they may have but just before I do that I do want to say from what I‟ve heard this
evening this new venture into the participation of the public with the development, I think
that as a developer you‟ve set a new bar for other developers to now come up to and I
think that‟s excellent. Regardless of what happens at least you‟ve had an excellent
participation from the public is what is appears. Secondly just a quick thing I want to
say is that I know everybody keeps saying well, you people, you know you are going to
get older too. I only can say that I certainly hope that I do because its beat the
alternative, right. So that‟s what we always talk about now. So I‟ll go to members of
Council for any comments at this point. Councillor Perrault!

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OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Councillor B.W. Perrault
Is staff here? Can we ask staff some questions Your Worship or the developer?

Mayor Sharp
We are not making comments we‟re just asking questions. Yes, you can ask staff.

Councillor Perrault
I have a question for Development Services staff. Mr. Penway, at the present time
these lots are zoned Institutional, correct?

Councillor Keating briefly left and returned to the meeting.

Mr. Penway
Your Worship, there are two land use controls in place. The Official Community Plan
designation is for School or Institutional which shows up as Blue on the Official
Community Plan. The current zoning is RS-1, One-family Residential.

Councillor Perrault
There is a zoning for all of it or just a portion of it.

Mr. Penway
All of the lots are currently zoned RS-1 and all of the lots currently have an Official
Community Plan designation of Institutional.

Councillor Perrault
So, when was it zoned Institutional? Can you explain that?

Mr. Penway
Your Worship, in the 1980 Official Community Plan, there was a designation for Level-2
Residential which would be duplex or low-density attached housing and townhouse type
form. In the 1990‟s Lions Gate Hospital approached the City with ideas for bringing in
Institutional Use over to those lands which they had been acquiring over quite a number
of years and at the time they did not have a specific plan that was far enough along to
take through in terms of a final rezoning and approval for construction but they had
ideas that they wanted to pursue at Institutional Use of those lands so they approached
the City with an application to amend the Official Community Plan and to put into place
an Institutional designation for their future ideas which would have been an application
for rezoning so we in the 1990‟s considered and approved an Official Community Plan
amendment changing those lands from Level-2 Residential to Institutional but there was
not a corresponding rezoning change. The Lions Gate Hospital never proceeded with
their plans. Funding as I understand it dropped away at the Provincial level so they
lacked the funding.

City of North Vancouver                  Page 30 of 36                     Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                       October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
There was a change in priorities Provincially in terms of whether to build more
institutions or spend money in other ways in the health care system so for a variety of
reasons whether they were they are beyond our control but they are in the jurisdiction of
both the Province and now the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. There was not
subsequent rezoning application to determine an actual institutional use so since the
1990‟s we‟ve had this situation of an Institution Designation on the lands with RS-1

Councillor Perrault
Now, if Lions Gate Hospital decided to pursue say that things don‟t happen here tonight,
and they decided to pursue the Institutional Use, what could they put on that land if it
was zoned Institutional.

Mr. Penway
Your Worship, the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority no longer owns the lands so
they would no longer have the option of proceeding but in previous times when they did
own the land they could have applied for a range of institutional type uses. If in the
1990‟s they were thinking about some kind of a residential seniors‟ centre of some kind
their needs change and get reassessed from time to time but basically if you look over
at the hospital precinct you will see a fairly substantial building it would have been
subject to Council‟s approval of a rezoning application to find some kind of institutional
use that Council felt comfortable approving. So, it‟s really speculation in terms of what
that eventually might have been. Other institutional uses come in all kinds of shapes
and sizes. They usually tend to be quite large in terms of their footprint. I guess
Evergreen House is an example of that. That is a fairly low-rise building however.
Other institutional uses are taller, like the Hospital itself, so, its speculation really. I
couldn‟t give you a definitive answer in terms of what they might have applied for. Our
P-1 Zoning I think is referenced as sort of an example of the kinds of things that might
be built under Public Use and Institutional Zoning and that has no floor space ratio
limitation and heights ranging from 60 to 90 feet depending on the use. Usually Council
would not grant a wide open P-1 Zone anymore but rather customize the zone for a
specific application.

Councillor Perrault
I guess my next question Mr. Penway, there seems to be thinking in the community that
somehow the Official Community Plan is written in stone. That it‟s never changed from
one ten-year, five-year period to the next. Could you as a Planner elaborate on what
the Official Community Plan, what in essence it is, and about the fact is it or is it not a
flexible document.

City of North Vancouver                Page 31 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mr. Penway
Your Worship, if I may, an Official Community Plan is not written in stone. In fact, any
actions of Council are adopted by Bylaw and there is some provision for amendments.
The Official Community Plan is a document that is not expected to be amended on a
regular basis but from time to time provision is made for amendments to the Official
Community Plan. There has to be a Public Hearing for that at a minimum which is
happening this evening. In addition to that Council normally would look for additional
Public opportunities for input. An Official Community Plan is intended to set out the long
range direction for lands and for the most part most of our development happens in
accordance with the Official Community Plan but through a rezoning process. In this
instance the Institutional Designation which was put in place at the request of the Lions
Gate Hospital in the 1990‟s is sitting there with an Institutional Designation on what are
now privately owned lands. So, we don‟t have any other situation where we designated
private lands for institutional uses so it‟s a situation that has been created through a
variety of steps and it has left us where we are. But in answer to your question in terms
of the Official Community Plan, can amendments be made; yes there are procedures for
it. It‟s not expected that changes will happen on an extremely frequent basis but there
is some provision for it. It‟s adopted by Council; it can be amended by Council.

Councillor Perrault
Thank you very much.

Mayor Sharp
Councillor Heywood!

Councillor R.N. Heywood
Thank you Your Worship. I have a question, first of all for the developer in terms of the
market housing. Can I get some idea as to the market value of the housing. You have
a range of housing included in here and I‟d just like to get from you some idea. I know
that it‟s not maybe a decision you make at this stage because they won‟t be on the
market for some time but can you give us an approximation of what the market value of
the houses will be covering the range of housing you‟re including in your project.

Mr. Tom Martin, on behalf of the developer
Your Worship, my name is Tom Martin and I‟m responding to the question on behalf of
the developer. To try to give you a short answer to your question I remember you
asking us this question some time ago. At the time I responded in a very different way
than I can tonight but it‟s because I think as everybody knows as we go through this
process and as time goes on prices keep rising. It‟s not something any of us are in
control over but I think the answers I gave you then, I can‟t remember whether it was in
December or whether it was in February of this year, wouldn‟t be the same as they
would be now. But I can tell you what our approach is in terms of affordability because
that was part of your question.

City of North Vancouver                Page 32 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
One of the things we‟ve tried to do is provide a range of sizes so that for example we
find that in the apartments there is a percentage of units 50% of them are between 650
and 850 square feet. Fifty percent of them are between 900 and 1100. So, if we look at
the prices as they were sold on the market today the prices for those 50% of the smaller
apartments from the low $200,000 to the low $300,000‟s. For the same idea for the
townhouses. One of the things we did was try to introduce a wide range of sizes so that
for example about a third of the townhouses are under 1300 square feet and that would
yield somewhere around $350,000 to start with and they would rise all the way as the
sizes got larger to up to $450,000 as a sale price. I hope that gives you some idea.

Councillor Heywood
Yes thank you very much. One more question of the developer, whichever one would
care to address this. An issue was raised tonight about the turning radius on 14 th and
also in the alley. Can anybody comment on the adequacy of those and whether or not
there is a problem there or is there something that can be done about it.

Mr. Peter Joyce, Bundt & Associates
Your Worship and member of Council. My name is Peter Joyce from Bundt &
Associates Engineering. Maybe just back up a little bit and say that the treatment of the
rear lane and the treatment of the 14th Street closure was the subject of two evenings of
public workshop discussion with the neighbourhood and those two measures were the
preferred treatment of both facilities. In terms of the adequacy of the design our firm
and we do this on a frequent basis, we get involved with the testing of the turning
requirements of different vehicle types in those facilities so for the rear lane for example
we wanted to make sure that we could turn a garbage truck in that hammerhead facility
at the end of the lane. In the diagram you saw this evening demonstrated the ability of
that vehicle to do that. On 14th Street again the 3 point turn treatment for the end of the
road was quite deliberate and it was chosen to maximize the green area at the end of
the street and to really bring out the full treatment of the greenway. There are other
municipalities, as the City of Vancouver that does similar techniques for street closures
where the 3 point turn is employed. What happens is that at the end of the street the
parking is restricted for a short distance to be sure the vehicles have that space to turn.
What we did just to be further sure that we had space to make that maneuver is that
we‟ve taken the street with as it exists today and added another meter and one half to it
just to be sure that vehicles can complete that turn without difficulty. The only other
measure I‟d add is that in the greenway design itself there is provision in that design for
emergency vehicles to travel beyond the closure right out to St. Andrew‟s through
removal bollards but again that would be for emergency vehicle traffic only.

Councillor Heywood
Thank you.

City of North Vancouver                Page 33 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Mayor Sharp
Councillor Fearnley!

Councillor R.J. Fearnley
I have a question of staff. I‟m particularly concerned about what was called a
hammerhead turn on the lane. Does it meet your requirements? Do you think it‟s safe?

Mayor Sharp
Ms. Mitic!

Ms. D. Mitic, Assistant City Engineer – Transportation
Your Worship, while this is a preliminary design and for the detail design stage by the
developer consultants they will have ensure that all safety operational concerns are
addressed for these turns in the lane and on the street as well.

Councillor Fearnley
Okay, but through the City‟s traffic expert and I‟m just wondering what experience
you‟ve had with these and whether in your experience they are a safe option.

Ms. Mitic
I think with the proposed ones there might be some safety operational concerns that will
have to be resolved as I said through the detailed design stage. There might be a little
more then what is proposed.

Councillor Fearnley
So my next question would be that the developer, given what is just said, I mean, is
there more room to work with this so we can work out the safety bugs or is this a done
deal on this.

Mr. Joyce
I guess as the City‟s Traffic Engineer‟s answered that subject to Council‟s desire to
proceed this project further that there would be further review of the design of the
proposed treatment. One option that has been put forward tonight is the consideration
of a trial possibly through the construction period. We‟ve approached staff about that
and staff have indicated that they are willing to consider that but again but I think what
they are looking for is just the will of Council this evening as well as some more detailed
designs. But, I think that there is an opportunity to test it and I guess the other
measure. I think that if the trial is not satisfactory and I have every reason to believe it
will be there are some other treatments that can be employed but again the style of
closure that is being contemplated here is definitely the one that maximizes the green
area at the end of the street so that‟s why it has been put forward.

City of North Vancouver                Page 34 of 36                          Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                          October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Councillor Fearnley
So whatever happens here at the end of this you can assure us that we‟re going to have
something that is save and workable.

Mr. Joyce
I can assure that, yes!

Mayor Sharp
Councillor Mussatto!

Councillor D.R. Mussatto
Thank you very much Your Worship. Just through you to staff if I could, just about the
public involvement process if we have. It seems to me that over the years we‟ve had
extensive public involvement but this seems to reach a new standard. I‟m just
wondering through you Your Worship if this has net and exceeded what we‟ve
requested in terms of public involvement.

Mayor Sharp
Mr. Penway!

Mr. Penway
Your Worship, I would say that they‟ve met Council‟s expectations for consulting with
the public in terms of applicant‟s ability to make changes and for those changes to
satisfy a lot of people in the area that expressed those concerns. That seems to have
been quite successful. There are people who still feel that they have concerns that
have not been met or in some cases that could not be met if it‟s going to be built in this
way. So, the applicants feel that they‟ve done as much as they can. It seems to have
responded to all of the concerns at least to some extent and to many people
satisfactorily. So at the staff level we‟re happy to have ventured out with things like the
new signs, the yellow signs on properties notifying people in advance of events
upcoming and the fact its an ongoing application. The workshop type formats seem to
be quite successful in terms of engaging people in a dialogue. The other events seem
to be well attended so it seems to have been effective in terms of providing people with
the input opportunities they wanted.

Councillor Mussatto
Thank you very much Your Worship!

Mayor Sharp
I don‟t see any other questions from members of Council and so I‟ll ask to move on Ms.

City of North Vancouver                Page 35 of 36                         Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                         October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership
Ms. Dowey
A motion Your Worship to conclude the Public Hearing.

Mayor Sharp
A motion to conclude the Public Hearing; Councillor Mussatto!

Councillor Mussatto
So moved.

Mayor Sharp
Councillor Fearnley!

Councillor Fearnley

Mayor Sharp
All those in favour, contrary, carried unanimously.

Moved by Councillor Mussatto, seconded by Councillor Fearnley

       THAT the Public Hearing conclude.

                                                         CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

The Public Hearing concluded at 9:12 p.m.

Certified a true and accurate transcript of the Public Hearing

                                       Original Signed by:

                                       Sandra E. Dowey
                                       City Clerk

                                       Date: November 2, 2005

City of North Vancouver                 Page 36 of 36                   Public Hearing
OCP Bylaw 7724 & Zoning Bylaw 7725                                    October 24, 2005
re: 300 blocks 14/15 Streets
at St. Andrew‟s Avenue
St. Andrew‟s Project Holdings Ltd/
Integra Architecture/PWL Partnership

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