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I want to express my heart felt thanks to you and Peter and all my very special FRIENDS who
were there for my wonderful retirement party the other day. It was so great to see everyone
again and the slide show was absolutely fantastic and brought back some really great
memories! Kudos to Berger for putting that together! Also, a special thank you goes out to our
resident artist, June for the great one-of-a-kind card, which I‟ll cherish. And what about the boys
in the band? That was a most pleasant surprise, one I‟ll never forget. We have a multi-talented
bunch of guys in IT!! Tom sure plays a mean garbage can doesn‟t he? Mike and Don just might
be the next Lennon and McCartney. And how does one top a duet with his daughter? Being
the ham I am, it‟s always fun to perform for people I know and love. Nothing beats the „home‟

Sorry it took me so long to get around to writing this letter, but I still have a bit of a struggle with
the keyboard and I tend to shy away from typing things that are more than a few words. Anyone
who knows me knows I‟m never short on words. Though it seemed like a I did a lot of talking,
there was a lot more I wanted to say in my “brief” speech last Friday, but my family was giving
me the “CUT” sign as I began to go on, as I tend to.

I just hope I didn‟t offend anyone as I rambled on before somebody stopped me! I was just
trying to keep it light, as I always do. I wanted to mention our beloved colleague and FRIEND,
Jim Bersig, who certainly had a very positive impact on my career (and my life). I know I share
that sentiment with many others.

It‟s not easy to sum up all the things you experience over 34 years with a truly amazing group of
people such as I have had the pleasure to be associated with at MBUSA.
Of course I‟d rather be still at work with all of you but sometimes our course is dictated by
circumstances beyond our control. Just to be able to write this makes me realize how very lucky
I am. To know that so many people care so much about you is just too overwhelming for words.
Esther and Jaime were almost in shock at the warmth and sincerity of everyone who came out
in my honor. Personally,I‟m amazed I was able to maintain my composure (until now)!

I don‟t know if I clearly expressed my gratitude to you, Joe, for all the good things you and I
have experienced over the years, culminating in the wonderful send-off the other day which
was, I believe, your idea. We were friends long before you became my manager and that will
never change. I also wanted to mention that in the relatively short time Peter has been our
Manager he has proven to be a real asset to IT while at the same time managing to remain the
genuine “good guy” that he is. To me, that‟s just as important as anything else. That is exactly
what always made working at MBUSA such a pleasure: the PEOPLE. Not many people can
truly say “l love my job” after 30-plus years. I can and still do. I will definitely have to come back
for an occasional visit if it‟s not too disruptive to the work day as long as I‟m welcome.

To all the good people I‟ve come to know as my Mercedes family, I wish you nothing but the



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