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					                       2011 Lilac Festival
                           Friday, May 13th- Sunday May 22nd
                                   10:30AM – 8:30PM

                 Service Standards Handbook
1. Safety - Nothing should ever be more important than the safety of our visitors,
   sponsors, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and staff.
2. Courtesy- Festival visitors are guests at our party and they must always be
   treated as such.
3. Quality- The outstanding quality of all our activities makes the Lilac Festival a
   very special family event.
4. Efficiency- Everyone who does his job quickly and well is helping to make the
   festival experience better for our visitors.
                      Beau Productions/LeBeau, Inc. Festival Staff
Name                     Title                                 Primary Responsibilities
Jim LeBeau               President                             Executive Director
Susan LeBeau             Vice President                        Merchandise, Arts/Crafts
Don Crowder              Event Operations Manager              Logistics, Food Vendors
Jill Morgan              Corporate Partners/Exhibitors         Exhibitors and Sponsorships

Jill Morgan              Communications                        Media
Norma Gimbert-Maier      Business Manager                      Financials, Payroll
Ed & Debra Schram        Parade Co-Chairs                      Parade, Security
Carl Labate              National & Local Entertainment        Booking Agent
Staci Makovich           Website Manager                       Website Development

                       Produced by Beau Productions
                       333 N Plymouth Ave, Rochester, NY 14608
                        Ph: (585) 325-4720  Fax: (585) 232-3453

                                    Table of Contents

1. Summary of General Responsibility for all Parties
      a. Summary
      b. Sales or Free Distribution of Food, Beverage or other items
      c. Finance

2. General Information
      a. Accessibility for People with Disabilities
      b. Vendor and Exhibitor Dress Code
      c. Lost and Found
      d. Maintenance/Clean-up/Recycling
      e. Youth Participation Policy
      f. Media Contact

3. Parking

4. Signs

5. Permanent Facilities
      a. Hand washing
      b. Water Fountains

6. Carts/Radio Operations
      a. Check out
      b. Check in
      c. Radio Operations
      d. Cart Operations

7. Security/Safety/Emergency Procedures
      a. Lilac Festival, Inc. Headquarters
      b. Emergency Procedures
      c. Overall Guidelines
      d. Specific Guidelines
      e. Weather Contingency Plans
      f. Overnight Security
      g. Safety

8. Fire Marshall Rules and Regulations

9. U-Box

10. Policies and Procedures

11. Confirmation Page – Sign off and Submit

1. Summary of General Responsibilities for all Parties
      a. All vendors, third-party contractors, exhibitors, and on-site sponsors:
              Must keep all displays, merchandise, etc., within the confines of the tent
              Must maintain a neat and clean area in and around the site.
              May not distribute literature to passers-by while standing outside of assigned
              May not hawk, peddle or sell outside of assigned area.
              May not distribute, display or sell products, literature, or other items from
                any business or organization, other than the one that has specifically
                contracted with LeBeau, Inc. to rent the booth or tent space.
              May not lease or sublet or reassign his or her booth/tent space.
              May not conduct activities or play music that may be disruptive to
                neighboring vendors, passersby, etc., or LeBeau, Inc. personnel. LeBeau, Inc.
                personnel reserve the right to make such determinations.
              Beverage Policy:
                      i. No drinking of alcoholic beverages while working
                     ii. No giving away beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to anyone at
                    iii. No trading beverages for food with any food vendors

       b. Sales or Free Distribution of Food, Beverage or other items
               Only vendors with permits, who have a contract with and have received prior
                  approval from LeBeau, Inc. will be allowed to sell or distribute food,
                  beverages, or other items on the grounds of the Lilac Festival. All others
                  should be reported to the Manager of Event Operations, who will see to
                  their removal.
               All food and non-food items to be sold, distributed free, or sampled must be
                  approved by LeBeau, Inc. prior to start of the festival.
               The sale or free distribution of balloons or stickers is strictly prohibited.

       c. Finance
              Vendors and exhibitors are responsible for handling their own cash
                 transactions, and providing their own start-up money at the beginning of
                 each day. Food vendors must turn copies of their cash register tapes to the
                 Festival Office at the end of the festival.

2. General Information
      a. Accessibility for People with Disabilities
              LeBeau, Inc. has taken numerous measures to ensure that the majority of the
                festival is accessible for people with disabilities. The exhibits and most of the
                food vendors are located in the Highland South area, which is relatively flat
                with gradual slopes. Wide paved paths wind throughout this area, and short
                lengths of curbs have been eliminated at intersections and most crosswalks.
              All vendors and exhibitors must have pads of paper and pencils or pens, to
                accommodate non-speaking visitors. The locations of handicapped
                restrooms and parking areas are indicated on the site map. Please inform the

           Manager of Event Operations or Executive Director of Event Operations of
           any improvements that could be made in this area.
          If you see a customer with a disability (e.g. wheelchair, crutches, white cane,
           sight or service dogs) not accompanied by an escort(s), and waiting in line for
           your booth, ask if he or she needs any assistance when it is his or her turn to
           be waited on.
          If possible, place your menus, prices, etc. (protected by waterproof
           transparencies) on countertops. Customers with speech impairments can
           point to items they wish to purchase.
          When interacting with customers with disabilities:
          If a customer has a visual impairment, read out loud the menu and/or
           merchandise items and prices to the customer.
          If a customer has a hearing impairment, speak slowly and clearly. Point to the
           menus/prices that you have placed on your countertop. Use a notepad and
           pen or pencil if necessary.
          If the customer has limited use of his or her arms ask if you can assist them
           with unwrapping an item, placing a straw in the beverage, etc.
          Most importantly, relax and be yourself!
          Be aware of emergency hand signals.

b. Vendor and Exhibitor Dress Code
       Proper attire is required (vendor shirt, no cut-offs)
       No open-toed shoes (Food and Beverage vendors!)
       All vendors and exhibitors must wear business attire or Lilac Festival shirts.
             o The shirts may be purchased from the festival's official apparel
                vendor, T-Shirt Express (T-Shirts: TBD, sweatshirts: TBD).
             o A vendor or exhibitor may have its logo and/or name placed on the
                Lilac Festival Shirts, at no charge, if the vendor or exhibitor supplies
                its own camera-ready artwork. Otherwise, a set-up charge will apply.
             o Order forms are available in the Lilac Festival office.

c. Lost and Found
       People who have lost items should be directed towards the information/lost
          & found booths. Likewise, all found items should be directed towards the
          information/lost & found booth. People who have lost people should be
          directed to the police command post, which is a large trailer located on
          Highland Avenue just west of the purple crosswalk. If the police command
          post is not on site, lost people should be directed to the nearest police officer
          or to the information booths.

d. Maintenance/Clean up/Recycling
       Each vendor is required to keep the area in and around his booth clean and
          free from litter and other debris. This encompasses an area of at least 20 feet
          surrounding the vendor or exhibitor's site. Trash should be handled as

                         i. CARDBOARD should be flattened and placed in a neat pile behind
                            each tent.
                        ii. GLASS should be placed in a cardboard or other sturdy container
                            and placed behind each tent.
                       iii. CANS should be placed in a cardboard or other sturdy container and
                            placed behind each tent.
                       iv. PLASTIC BOTTLES should be placed in a cardboard or other
                            sturdy container and placed behind each tent.
                  Recycling is mandatory in Monroe County. All soft drinks must be served in
                   plastic bottles; all other beverages must be served in paper cups or plastic #1
                   or #2. Drinks may not be retailed in cans, glass bottles, or Styrofoam.
                   Recycling bins for plastic bottles will be provided for customer use.
                  All other trash must be placed in sturdy trash bags and piled behind each
                  County Parks Department personnel and volunteers working with them are
                   responsible for collecting the above trash, emptying trash cans, and otherwise
                   keeping the park areas as clean as possible throughout the day. Any problems
                   with overflowing trash barrels, dirty areas, or maintenance personnel should
                   be reported to Don Crowder, Manager of Event Operations or the Festival
                   Office as soon as possible. A clean site is a priority.
                  All sites must be returned to their pre-festival condition at the end of the
                   festival. If repair and cleaning costs are incurred and the festival committee
                   determines the vendor is responsible, the cost of repairs will be deducted
                   from the vendor's damage and sanitation deposit.

       e. Youth Participation Policy
              Youth volunteers or employees shall not be placed in any position involving
                 alcohol sales or crowd management. All youth volunteers or employees are
                 required to have parental permission.

       f. Media Contact
              Due to the nature of the Lilac Festival, we request that contact with the
                 media be limited to the President of Beau Productions (Jim LeBeau) or the
                 Official Spokesperson (Jill Morgan). Should a media representative approach
                 you, call the Official Spokesperson either on the radio or by phone, if this is
                 not possible, direct the media representative to the Festival Office. If you are
                 asked for comments by the media, the questions should be referred to the
                 Official Spokesperson.

3. Parking
   Free on-site parking during festival hours is limited only to vehicles with vendor parking
   permits. These permits are available to designated vendors and exhibitors, and will be
   distributed by the Festival Officer prior to the start of the festival.

   All others should park as follows:

   ***On weekends, free parking is available at Monroe Community College (2-3 miles south of
   the festival on East Henrietta Road). Free lift-equipped shuttle buses will take you back and
   forth to the park. (A limited amount of paid parking is available on weekends in the two on-
   site lots listed below).

   We urge you NOT to park on the side streets surrounding the festival. Vehicles parked
   illegally WILL be ticketed and/or towed.

   For loading and unloading purposes, vehicles may be driven (on a paved path) up to a
   vendor or exhibitor's booth or tent only before 10:00AM or after 9:00PM. No vehicles (cars,
   trucks, trailers, etc.) of any type may be driven on the grass at any time. No vehicles of any
   type may be driven on the paved pathways or parked on or near a vendor or exhibitor's
   assigned location between 10:00PM and 9:00AM during the 10 days of the festival. Any
   vehicle on site during prohibited hours is subject to tow.

4. Signs
      a. All signs must be professionally done. Signs in the vendor's or exhibitor's name must
         be supplied as follows:
              International Food Court: 3'x10' sign
              All other food locations: 1'x8' sign
              All other exhibit booths or tents: maximum size of 2'x8' sign
      b. No hand-painted signs are allowed.
      c. Only one sign per tent or booth will be permitted.
      d. No self-adhesive stickers or signs may be placed on any part of any tent.
      e. Vendors must post product signs as directed by LeBeau, Inc.; all other products
         signs are prohibited except as permitted by LeBeau, Inc.
      f. No signs or banners for other organizations may be posted anywhere inside or
         outside any tent, without permission from LeBeau, Inc.
      g. LeBeau, Inc. reserved the right to remove all signs and banners that are not

5. Permanent Facilities
      a. Hand-Washing Facilities
         Hand-washing facilities are provided at each location where alcoholic beverages are
         sold. Such facilities shall consist of soap, paper towels, and a container equipped with
         a tap or spigot to produce a stream of water. Waste must be collected in a receptacle
         and disposed of in a sanitary manner.

       b. Water Fountains
          Water fountains are located at the Pansy Bed, and on the outside wall of the
          restroom building just south of the crosswalk on Highland Avenue.

6. Cart/Radio Operations
      a. Check Out
         All Beau Productions carts, cart-keys and event radios will be checked out at the
         Field Office located in the Vendor Parking Lot, beginning at 8am daily. Carts and
         radios will be issued only to those individuals who have been pre-approved by
         LeBeau Inc. The person making the request will be required to sign out the radio
         and/or cart on the pre-approved inventory sheet and will be held responsible for the
         equipment. Keys will be issued with the carts and must be returned with the cart.
         You will need a key in order to pick up a cart. The key must be given to the security
         personnel in the cart storage area who will issue the cart.

       b. Check In
          Carts, keys, and radios are to be returned to the Festival Office, located in the
          Vendor Parking Lot, and checked in by LeBeau Inc. personnel. If you do not check
          them in and sign that you have done so, you will retain liability for the equipment.

       c. Radio Operations
          Each user group has been assigned a radio channel based on the function of the
          group. The user should monitor this channel at all times.
          It is imperative that the radios be used for essential communications only. Keep the
          length of conversations to a minimum. If a long discussion is necessary, use your
          radio to make arrangements for a personal meeting. Before transmitting, listen for a
          few seconds to ensure that you do not "step on" someone else's conversation. Be
          considerate of others' needs to use the frequency. Never discuss sensitive manners
          on the radio. Do not monitor frequencies that you are not involved with.
          Please note that the radios are expensive equipment and should be properly secured.
          If yours is lost or stolen, you will be liable for it. Do not leave your radio on an
          unoccupied golf cart or otherwise unattended.

       d. Cart Operations
          Due to the large crowds that the Lilac Festival attracts, all carts must be used with
          extreme care. LeBeau Inc. has established the following rules for cart operation:
               Cart operators must obey Parks Department personnel at all times.
               Usage of all carts will be solely for purposes related to the effective
                 performance of event-related duties.
               All cart operators must be licensed drivers listed on the Manager of Event
                 Operation's registration form.
               SAFETY shall be the prime concern in all cart operations. Individuals and
                 operating companies not adhering to this basic rule will lose all cart
               In the event of an accident involving a cart, the operator is required to stay
                 on the scene until excused by the Manager of Event Operations or President
                 of Beau Productions.
               The LeBeau Inc. Management Staff has authority over all event safety. Cart
                 operators are required to adhere to instructions and requests made by these
               Carts must be driven at a reasonable speed at all times.

                  Keep in mind that pedestrians become very nervous and even angry when
                   they must make way for a golf cart; PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT-
                   OF-WAY AT ALL TIMES!!
                  Golf cart privileges may be suspended at any time, in any location due to
                   crowd size. In these instances, no cart traffic will be allowed in that particular
                   location until further notice.
                  The Manager of Event Operations and President of LeBeau, Inc. have the
                   right to withdraw cart privileges to any operator or operating company at any
                  Any cart operator suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or any
                   controlled substance shall have privileges revoked.
                  All carts shall be returned to the Festival Office located in the Vendor
                   Parking Lot each evening, and picked up there each morning.
                  When leaving your cart for ANY length of time, you must remove the key
                   and take it with you. Carts shall not be left unattended in public areas for
                   unreasonable periods of time. Carts shall not be left unattended in stage areas
                   during entertainment.
                  Carts are equipped with governors; no one is allowed to remove or alter the
                   governors, nor are they allowed to tamper with the carts in any way.
                  Each person listed on the registration form must sign LeBeau, Inc. Release
                   and Indemnification Agreement.
                  Carts are NOT ALLOWED to be driven on any street unless that street has
                   been closed to vehicular traffic by authorized police officers.
                  Carts may be driven ONLY on paved pathways, sidewalks, and closed street.
                          o If a path or sidewalk is crowded with pedestrians, the cart may be
                              driven on the grass around the pedestrians. This must be done at
                              the lowest rate of speed possible, to prevent damage to the grass.
                          o NEVER take shortcuts through the grass.
                          o If there is no alternative to driving on the grass, DO NOT drive in
                              any area that is muddy or has muddy tracks.
                          o No carts may be driven on private property (including St. John's
                              Home) whether grass or paved under any circumstances. The
                              exception would be a public sidewalk in front of private property.

7. Security/Safety/Emergency Procedures
   All on-site personnel are encouraged to constantly be alert for potential hazards to public
   safety. Exposed wires, holes in the ground, excessively wet areas, and other such hazards
   should be reported to Manager of Event Operations, Don Crowder immediately. The area
   should be protected until the problem has been corrected.

       a. Lilac Festival, Inc. Headquarters
          The LeBeau Inc./Lilac Festival Field Office for the Festival will be located in the
          Vendor Parking Lot.

       b. Emergency Procedures
          LeBeau, Inc. requests that you recognize emergencies both quickly and accurately.
          When handling an emergency situation, it is important first to categorize the problem

and then report it clearly and accurately to the proper authority. Any serious injury
should be immediately relayed to the Police Command Post, who will contact the
EMS units. The information should then be reported to the Manager of Event
Operations or the President of LeBeau, Inc. via radio. Do not attempt to move an
injured person unless absolutely necessary. For emergencies of a police or security
nature, immediately radio the Police Command Post and the Manager of Event

**The Rochester Police Department will have its Command Post on site and staffed
during the following hours of the festival:

WEEKDAYS:                       4:00pm TO 8:30pm
WEEKENDS:                       9:00am TO 9:00pm

To reach the Command Post during its operational hours, call: 442-0755.
During the Lilac Parade (The First Saturday of the Lilac Festival from 12:30 to
1:00pm) the Command Post will be located on Reservoir Avenue. At all other times
of operation, the Command Post will be stationed on Highland Avenue, just west of
the purple crosswalk.

Basic Principals

In the event of any type of life threatening emergency to Lilac Festival visitors, the
directions of the appropriate professional authority (i.e. Police Department, Fire
Department) shall take precedence. Lilac Festival procedures are designed to provide
a basic model to follow in emergencies, but not to take priority over professional "on
the scene" control of specific situations.

Partial or Total Evacuation of Site Due to Emergency - Basic Principle - Safety of

   Procedure
       o In event of emergency - CODE RED will be broadcast over event
       o This will be a signal for all non-emergency transmissions to cease
           immediately, and all personnel will await further instruction by radio.
       o No non-emergency radio transmissions are allowed during CODE RED.
       o Normal radio procedures will resume after announcement of CODE

Specific Situations

   Isolation/Partial Event
        o Take action to isolate specific area.
        o Personnel maintain normal operations unless specifically directed
        o Professional authorities have priority control.

      Standard Evacuation
           o Closure of event site prior to regular closing hours that is non-emergency
           o All personnel close their areas
           o Festival Management Staff routes patrons out of the area.
           o Announcements will be made on the stages and PA system after proper
              authorizations are verified.

      Sudden Evacuation
          o Occurs without warning
          o Involves immediate threat to festival patrons
          o Festival Management Staff directs patrons to designated shelters
                  North - St. John's Home
                  South - Al Sigl Center
                  East - The Divinity School
                  West - Cooperative Extension Building
          o Festival Management Staff is in authority at shelters until the emergency
             is concluded with CODE GREEN transmission.

c. Overall Guidelines
       Area Boundaries
               All Lilac Festival Security procedures are enforceable within the area
                  of the festival site.
               Via permit agreement with the City of Rochester and the County of
                  Monroe, the public property off-site boundaries for the Lilac Festival
                  are as follows:
                      o Robinson Drive at Mt. Hope Avenue East to South Avenue
                      o Alpine Drive to Mt. Vernon Avenue North on Mt. Vernon
                          Avenue to Rockingham Street
                      o East on Rockingham Street to South Goodman Street
                      o South on South Goodman Street to Elmwood Avenue
                      o West on Elmwood Avenue to Mt. Hope Avenue
                      o North on Mt. Hope Avenue to Robinson Drive.
               No business may distribute items, printed material, or display signs
                  on public property in these areas. All Lilac Festival security policies
                  are enforceable on public property within this area.

          Chain of Command
               Non-emergency security issues should be directed towards the
                  Manager of Event operations.
               Observed emergencies should be directed to a police officer or the
                  Police Command Post and the Manager of Event Operations. (See
                  EMERGENCY-GENERAL above for location and phone number
                  of Command Post).

                                    - 10 -
                  Security issues relating to police or paid security personnel should be
                   directed towards Caesar “C” Carbonell, Lilac Security at 781-4798.

          Enforcement Priorities
               The priority for all sworn officers on the site shall be the
                  enforcement of applicable city ordinances and police standards in
                  regard to crowd management.
               The priority for all paid security and volunteer paid LeBeau, Inc.
                  personnel shall be the enforcement of the organizational security
               Sworn officers shall assist LeBeau, Inc. Personnel in the enforcement
                  of Lilac Festival guidelines as they become or are made aware of
                  specific situations of violation.

d. Specific Guidelines
       Alcohol- No persons shall carry or consume alcohol outside of the Beer and
           Wine gardens in the remainder of Highland Park.
       Corporate Hospitality Tents- Highland and South - Access is by separate
           ticket only (A different ticket is necessary for each tent).
       Distribution of Printed Material - Only printed material that is authorized by
           the Lilac Festival may be distributed on the event site or within the off-site
           control boundaries. Any person distributing unauthorized material will be
           asked to dispose of it, under supervision. Any person not complying shall be
           escorted from the event control boundaries. Anyone engaged in distributing
           unauthorized material should be reported immediately to the Manager of
           Event Operations or other of the LeBeau, Inc. Management Staff.
       Free Public Admission

e. Weather Contingency Plans
   The reaction of LeBeau Inc. personnel to weather will be categorized by intensity
   according to the following schedule:

   Class I: Light Rain, Short Duration, Wind Less Than 20 MPH
   No major action, possible covering of special equipment, observe conditions.
   Class II: Light Rain, Long Duration (Confirmed), Winds Less Than 25 MPH
   Covering of special equipment, printed materials.
   Site manager and Operations Staff begin to evaluate level of moisture on affected
   electrical equipment.

   Class III: Moderate Rain, Moderate Duration (Confirmed), Wind Less Than 25 MPH
   Covering of special equipment.
   Continuous monitoring of electrical equipment and possible need for level of
   moisture and possible need for item or area shutdowns.
   LeBeau Inc. management staff to monitor crowds for movement information.
   Possible crowd disbursement from exhibit and concession areas.

   Class IV: Heavy Rain, Moderate Duration (Confirmed), Wind 26 to 40 MPH

                                    - 11 -
              All items in Class III, with concentrated effort for electrical and similarly affected
              items. LeBeau Inc. Staff and Operations Staff to check all tents for hazardous
              conditions; secure tents and tie down possible hazards immediately. LeBeau Inc.
              Management Staff to monitor crowds for movement information. Possible crowd
              disbursement from exhibit and concession areas. Meeting of LeBeau Inc.
              Management Staff and Police Administration to determine whether or not to shut

              Class V: Heavy Rain, Long Duration, High Winds, Possible Hail, Tornadoes,
              Thunder and Lightning.
              All items in Class III and IV and probable site shut down. Position LeBeau Inc. Staff
              and police personnel for orderly exit of the public from the festival site. Upon
              completion of site exiting, all available personnel assist with site equipment

          f. Overnight Security
             While ample overnight security is provided, it is not a guarantee against theft.
             Everything in your booth or tent should be locked up, secured or removed
             overnight. Do not leave anything out where someone could pick it up or walk off
             with it. All sponsors, vendors, exhibitors, and artists should be reminded of this.
             LeBeau, Inc. will not accept responsibility for any theft or vandalism.

          g. Safety
             The primary purpose of the Lilac Festival Security Guidelines is to provide a safe and
             high quality experience for festival attendees. All actions taken in regard to the
             enforcement of these guidelines will be done with that goal in mind.

8. Fire Marshall Rules and Regulations

                                 General Rules For Festival Sites

   1)     All vendor's booths, tents, propane tanks, portable generators, charcoal grills, electrical
          appliances, fire extinguishers or any other festival structure equipment must be inspected
          and approved by the Fire Marshal's office prior to the start of the event.

   2)     Electrical cords and wiring shall not be placed directly on the ground unless they are
          properly protected from physical damage, and shall be placed so as not to cause a
          tripping hazard. Electrical cords can be buried upon receiving the permission of the Fire
          Marshal or his designee.

   3)     Electrical receptacles shall be ground fault protected.

   4)     Booths shall be placed to provide access to fire hydrants for Fire Department vehicles,
          and provide unobstructed ways of travel at all times to permit prompt escape from any
          point of danger in case of fire.

   5)     A Certificate of Fire Retardancy shall be provided to each tent structure.

                                                - 12 -
 6)   Cooking booths shall have a minimum 20 BC rated fire extinguisher. Cooking booths
      that have a Deep Fryer must also have a "K" rated extinguisher. Fire extinguishers shall
      show proof of inspection within the last twelve (12) months and contain sodium
      bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate.

 7)   Cooking appliances shall be isolated from the public by at least four (4) feet or a suitable
      barrier placed between the cooking device and the public. Cooking appliances shall be
      installed per the manufacturers instructions. Non U.L. listed appliances shall have
      clearances of not less than thirty-six (36) inches at the back sides, and forty-eight (48)
      inches at the front.



 1)   All propane tanks must be inspected by the City of Rochester Fire Department. Failure
      to do so may result in the issuance of a citation (ticket) and immediate shut down of the
      propane tanks.

 2)   A. Propane tanks shall be places outside of tent/structure and must be secured to
      prevent the propane tank from being tipped or knocked over, and there shall be suitable
      fencing installed around the propane tanks.

      B. The propane tanks hose and fittings shall be free from leaks and are subject to
      testing by Fire Department personnel.

 3)   A. Only rubber hose stamped "Approval for L.P. Gas", or rigid black pipe shall be used
      to transport gas from tank to appliance. Copper piping cannot be used. Rubber hose
      must be kept off the ground and protected from damage.

      B. Propane hoses can be buried upon receiving permission from the Fire Marshal or his

 4)   Propane tanks shall be shut off whenever the booth is shut down.


 1)   Charcoal appliances shall be placed in an open area, outside of tent or structure.

 2)   Charcoal appliances shall be properly supported and protected so that people will not
      come into contact with the charcoal appliance.

 3)   Only approved charcoal lighter fluid shall be used to start the fire, and once fire is
      ignited, lighter fluid shall be removed from the booth and stored properly.

                                            - 13 -


 1)   All portable generators shall be U.L. listed or equivalent. Vendors shall have the
      manufacture's written specifications for each portable generator, which is to be made
      available for inspection by the Fire Marshal or his designee.

 2)   A. Once started, portable generators shall be capable of running continuously, without
      refueling, for the entire length of the event. Refueling a hot portable generator, or the
      storage of fuel on site, will not be allowed.

      B. Whenever portable generators are to be used at an event, a Fire Inspector shall be
      on-site during the entire length of the event.

      C. If any of this time falls outside of normal working hours (Monday through Friday,
      from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM) there shall be a charge as is provided for under 54-12 (f) of
      the Municipal Code, for the services of the Fire Inspector.

 3)   An approved fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 20 B.C., shall be close by the
      portable generator. The approved fire extinguisher must have been commercially
      serviced within the last twelve (12) months. Proof of same must be provided.

 4)   A barrier shall be installed around every portable generator so as to prevent persons
      from tampering with electrical cords, and prevent persons from coming in contact with
      hot equipment.

 5)   Power cords shall be the 3-wire type and be of sufficient gauge to operate the
      equipment. (At a minimum, the power cord shall be the same gauge as the equipment it
      is supplying).

 6)   Power cords shall be protected from physical damage and from becoming a tripping
      hazard. Power cords shall be installed overhead or buried, and run through a PVC
      conduit. Power cord locations and type shall be approved by the Fire Marshal at the time
      of installation.

 7)   The portable generator shall be located away from the public and the public way.

 8)   Each portable generator shall be inspected and approved by the Fire Marshal or his
      designee before the event and before it may be started and used.


                                          - 14 -

 1)    Proof of inspection of all booths, tents, propane tanks, portable generators, charcoal
       grills, electrical appliances, fire extinguishers and any other festival structure or
 2)    Placement and inspection of booths, tents and other festival structures to assure that
       they provide the following:
       a) Access for Fire Department and other emergency vehicles.
       b) Access to fire hydrants.
       c) Unobstructed public ways at all times to permit prompt escape.
       d) Means of egress from the booths, tents, or other festival structure.
       e) Fire safe operating environment.

 3)    Certificate of all Fire Retardancy for all tent structures shall be provided.

 4)    Fire extinguishers with at least a 20 B.C. rating and an up to date inspection sticker.

 5)    Proper clearances between cooking appliances and the public and public way.

 6)    Inspection of the manufacturer's specifications for cooking appliances installations.

 7)    U.L. listed and Non U.L. listed appliances, power cords etc.; check for wear.

 8)    Inspection of propane tanks to assure that they provide the following:
       a) Propane hoses are appropriate for L.P. Gas
       b) Hoses and fittings are free from leaks.
       c) Propane tanks are properly secured and fenced.
       d) Inspection of propane tank for current hydrostatic test.

 9)    Inspection of portable generators to assure they provide the following:
       a) Assure portable generator is U.L. listed or equivalent.
       b) Location and barrier installation to keep public way clear.
       c) Assure power cords are the 3-wire type.
       d) Assure power cords are not causing a tripping hazard.
       e) Assure that the fuel is stored properly.
       f) A 20 B.C. fire extinguisher is located near the portable generator.

 10)   Assure that all vendors are familiar with the festival site rules.

                                             - 15 -
                      NOTICE TO VENDORS








                           City of Rochester
                           Fire Department
                         Fire Marshall's Office
                         Public Safety building
                    185 Exchange Blvd.  Suite 670-2
                         Rochester, NY 14614

                        Office                    Fax
                  (585) 428-3686            (585) 428-6785

                                   - 16 -
9. U-Box

Over the past several years the Lilac Festival Souvenir Tents have used portable storage units from
U-Box. We found these units to be weather tight, secure and convenient for tracking our inventory
levels and replenishing our tents. As an added benefit to our vendors, we have negotiated special
pricing for these storage units that U-Box will extend to you. As a Lilac Festival vendor you may
take advantage of one of the following services.
                 Weatherproof storage unit delivered to the commissary area (or adjacent to your
                     booth provided your location will permit) at the festival. This vault can be used
                     to store excess inventory during the festival saving you from car trips back and
                     forth to your place of business to reload. The special Lilac Festival rate for this
                     service is $143.95 plus tax.
                 Ship your inventory directly to U-Box and have them load it into your storage
                     unit and deliver it to the festival in time for set-up. The special rate for this
                     service is $289.00.

We encourage you take advantage of these special offers to help you better manage your inventory
during the festival. Please be prepared to transport your inventory from the commissary area with a
cart or dolly as we are not always available with a golf cart to help you. To reserve a unit or for
further information, please contact David Rice at (585) 272-8912 or (866) 977-8269.

(See following page for preview)

                                                  - 17 -
Contact us at 866.977.8269 or 585.272.8912 or

                            - 18 -
10. Policies and Procedures

             Policies and Procedures for Exhibitors and Third-Party Contractors

1.     Only one business or organization may operate in each exhibit space, sharing of booth space
       with other businesses or organizations is prohibited. Booth/tent space may not be
       reassigned or sublet. Exhibitors may not distribute, display, or sell products, literature, or
       other items from any business or organization other than the one specifically contracted with
       LeBeau, Inc. to rent the booth or tent space.

2.     LeBeau, Inc. (Producer of Lilac Festival) will determine locations of all booths and display
       tents. An official Lilac Festival tent vendor will provide and install all tenting for the Lilac
       Festival, unless prior arrangements have been made with LeBeau, Inc.

3.     Items and products:
       a. An Exhibitor Contract must be completed including a full list of all items or products to
           be sold, distributed free or sampled which must be approved by LeBeau, Inc., prior to
           the start of the festival.
       b. The sale or free distribution of balloons, stickers, t-shirts, or posters is strictly prohibited.

4.     Each Exhibitor must supply its own signs as follows:
       a. Only one sign or banner (size must be approved by LeBeau, Inc.) is allowed on the
           outside of each tent
        b. This sign or banner can contain only the name of the exhibitor
       c. This sign or banner must be professionally done; no hand-lettered signs are allowed
       d. Only signs listing prices can be posted inside the tent
       e. No signs or banners for other products or organizations may be posted anywhere inside
           or outside the tent, without permission from LeBeau, Inc.
       f. No self-adhesive stickers or signs may be attached to any part of the tent
       g. LeBeau, Inc. reserves the right to remove all signs and banners that are not acceptable

5.     General Rules for Exhibitors:
       a. Exhibitors must provide their own shelves, display racks, etc.
       b. Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for transport of their products,
          equipment, etc. to and from their exhibit spaces; festival personnel are not available to
          assist, and the festival cannot provide storage space for product, equipment, literature,
          etc. for exhibitors.
       c. Exhibitors must take full responsibility for set-up and other display materials; LeBeau,
          Inc. will establish set-up and takedown times.
       d. Exhibitors must have personnel present and in their booths at all times during the
          official operating hours of the festival: 10:30am to 8:30pm daily.
       e. Exhibitors may not open or close earlier or later than the official operating hours,
          without express permission of LeBeau, Inc. management.
       f. Exhibitors must keep all displays, merchandise, etc. within the confines of the tent or
          space it self.
       g. Exhibitors must provide table covers and draping for tables; must keep boxes and
          cartons out of sight.
       h. Exhibitors must maintain a neat and clean area in and around the site.

                                                  - 19 -
     i.   Exhibitors may not hawk, peddle, sell, or advertise outside the assigned area.
     j.   Exhibitors may not distribute literature or other items to passers-by while standing
          outside of the assigned area.
     k.   Exhibitors may not have music or conduct activities that may be disruptive to
          neighboring exhibitors, passers-by, or LeBeau, Inc. personnel; LeBeau, Inc. reserves the
          right to make such determinations.
     l.   Exhibitors must return the areas to their pre-festival condition (if repair and cleaning
          costs are incurred and LeBeau, Inc. determines Exhibitor is responsible, the Exhibitor
          will be billed for the cost of the repair.)
     m.   Exhibitors must comply with the festival’s parking regulations.
     n.   No vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers, etc.) of any type may be driven on the grass or
          sidewalks or parked on or near exhibitor’s assigned location between 9:30am and
          9:30pm during the 10 days of the festival.
     o.   Exhibitors must ensure their on-site personnel read and follow the provisions in the
          “Service Standards Handbook for On-Site Personnel” (to be distributed to all vendors
          prior to the start of the festival). This handbook includes the festival dress code, which
          stipulates all Exhibitors’ on-site personnel must wear business attire or Lilac festival
     p.   Exhibitors must operate their business in a professional manner. At the discretion of the
          Lilac Festival Committee, all Exhibitors who do not conduct him or herself, his or her
          argents, or his or her employees in a professional manner and according to the policies
          contained herein and in the Service Standards Handbook may be subject to a fine
          and/or be expelled from the festival.

6.   Permits/Certificates:
     a. Exhibitors are solely responsible for collecting and paying all New York State sales taxes
        and shall properly display their New York State Sales Tax Certificate.
     b. Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining and displaying any health or other permits as
        required, and operating within any local, state, or federal guidelines or laws.

7.   Exhibitor is solely liable for equipment (installation, operation, and teardown), and any other
     personal property at the festival. Exhibitor represents he or she has insurance coverage for
     said items to cover loss due to vandalism, theft, or any other casualty. Security is provided at
     specific designated times; however, any losses due to fire, theft, damage, or injury is the sole
     responsibility of the Exhibitor. It is specifically agreed that Lilac Festival Inc., LeBeau, Inc.,
     Sparkle Plenty & Co, Inc., the City of Rochester, New York; Monroe Ambulance; the
     County of Monroe, New York; and the Visit Rochester shall be held harmless for any claim
     of theft, vandalism, casualty, or loss.

8.   Exhibitor agrees to defend and indemnify Lilac Festival Inc., LeBeau, Inc., Sparkle Plenty &
     Co., Inc., the City of Rochester, New York; the County of Monroe, New York; and Visit
     Rochester, their agents and employees, against any and all losses, expenses, claims, suits,
     damages, or causes of action whatsoever arising out of granting of the Exhibitor Contract,
     and against any order of decrees or judgments which may be entered therein, due to any
     injury to any person and/or property or loss of life sustained in or about the Festival Sites
     and the buildings, tents, and improvements thereon, or associated with the event during the

                                               - 20 -
     term of this agreement, caused by the negligence or wrongful, intentional acts of Exhibitor,
     its employees or agents.

9.   Exhibitor will submit a certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the
     following as additional insured: Lilac Festival Inc., LeBeau, Inc., Sparkle Plenty & Co, Inc.;
     the City of Rochester, New York; the County of Monroe, New York; Monroe Ambulance
     and Visit Rochester. LeBeau, Inc. must receive this certificate no later than April 1,
     2011. The Exhibitor may opt to be listed as additional insured on LeBeau, Inc.’s insurance
     policy, for an additional fee.

                                              - 21 -