Annual Water Quality Report

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					Annual Water Quality Report
A Water Quality Report presented to the citizens of Rockdale County by the                     May 2009
Department of Water Resources.

Este Informe contiene información muy importante – Favor de buscar ayuda de un amigo para que se lo interprete en Español.

                                                 Rockdale Continues to Earn State Approval on
 Annual Report Contains
 Important Information                           Relaxed Outdoor Watering Restrictions
 Water Resources Newsletter                      The County successfully petitioned         The water in Rockdale’s
 contains valuable information about             the Georgia Environmental                  reservoir comes from the
 the water you consume, including                Protection Division (EPD) in 2008          Middle Ocmulgee basin,
 where it comes from, what water
 quality tests indicate and what you
                                                 to allow for modified, less stringent      which is not
 should know about contaminants.                 water use restrictions. With a few         experiencing the
 We hope that you will take the time             exceptions, all outdoor water uses         same shortage as
 to read this report.                            will continue to be allowed in             the Middle
                                                 Rockdale on an odd/even basis,             Chattahoochee basin that fills Lake
 Rockdale Water Resources                        three days per week between                Lanier. At full pool, the reservoir
 operators at the County’s water
                                                 midnight and 10 a.m. Residents             holds just under 5.1 billion gallons
 treatment plant conduct more than
 85,440 analysis per year to insure              with odd numbered addresses may            and is designed to have a safe yield
 the quality of water delivered to the           water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and           35 million gallons per day (mgd).
 customers tap.                                  Sundays, and those with even               Actual usage last month averaged
                                                 numbered addresses may water on            284.1 million gallons.
 Water Resources also maintains a                Mondays, Wednesdays and
 Drinking Water Contract with the                Saturdays.                            Outdoor water use still prohibited
 State of Georgia to monitor
 compliance with the Environmental                                                     under Level IVc includes washing
 Protection Agency Safe Drinking                 The EPD granted Rockdale              hard surfaces, such as streets,
 Water Regulations. The department               approval of “Level IVc drought        gutters, sidewalks and driveways
 also is proud to announce that the              response modification,” the least     except when necessary for public
 Georgia Environmental Protection                stringent of the levels being allowed health and safety. Also, it is
 Division considers our laboratory a             in North Georgia.                     prohibited to use hydrants for any
 “Laboratory of Excellence.”
                                                                                       purpose other than firefighting,
 This Annual Report marks the tenth              Prior to receiving the letter,        flushing and for other public health
 year that Rockdale Water                        Rockdale County was mandated by or safety reasons. More information
 Resources has sent out a summary                EPD to enforce Level IV drought       on water use restrictions can be
 of what is in the system’s drinking             restrictions, the same level the      found at
 water to all of our customers. If you           state imposed on North Georgia
 have questions regarding water
                                                 counties that rely on Lake Lanier to
 quality that are not addressed in this
 newsletter, please do not hesitate to           meet their demands. Rockdale
 contact the Rockdale Water                      County has its own water supply
 Resources laboratory at 770-278-                reservoir, Randy Poynter Lake on
 7473.                                           Big Haynes Creek, which is
                                                 currently at capacity.
How to Read This Report
ACRONYM                                                            DEFINITION
PPM and           PPM is parts per million and PPB is parts per billion. PPM corresponds to one penny in $10,000 or one minute in
                  two years. PPB corresponds to one penny in $10,000,000 or one minute in 2,000 years.
MCLG              Maximum Contaminant Level Goal – The level of a known contaminant in drinking water below which there is no
                  known or expected risk to health. MCLGs allow for a margin of safety.
MCL               Maximum Contaminant Level – The highest level of contaminant that is allowed in drinking water. MCLs are set as
                  close to the MCLGs as feasible using the best available treatment technology.
AL                Action Level – The concentration of a contaminant, which, if exceeded, triggers a treatment or other requirement,
                  which a water system must follow.
NTU               Nephelometric Turbidity Units – A measure of suspended material in water. Turbidity is measured by shining a
                  beam of light through water and measuring the angle at which the light is scattered by the suspended material. An
                  instrument called a Turbidimeter is used for this purpose.
TT                Treatment Technique – A requirement process intended to reduce the level of a contaminant in drinking water.

Notes About Contaminants . . .
The sources of drinking water (both tap     Radioactive contaminants, which can       health care providers. EPA/CDC
and bottled water) include rivers, lakes,   be naturally occurring or be the result   guidelines on appropriate means to
streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs,        of oil and gas production and mining      lessen the risk of infection by
and wells. As water travels over the        activities.                               Cryptosporidium and other microbial
surface of the land or through the                                                    contaminants are available from the
ground, it dissolves naturally occurring    In order to ensure that tap water is safe Safe Drinking Water Hotline.
minerals and, in some cases,                to drink, EPA prescribes regulations
radioactive material, and can pick up       which limit the amount of certain         What is Cryptosporidium?
substances resulting from the presence      contaminants in water provided by         Cryptosporidium (Crypto) is a one-
of animals or from human activity.          public water systems. Food and Drug       celled parasitic protozoan, which is
Contaminants that may be present in         Administration regulations establish      often found in water sources that
source water include the following:         limits for contaminants in bottled water, receive runoff from animal waste.
                                            which must provide the same               Crypto can infect humans and have
Microbial contaminants, such as             protection for public health.             severe impacts on certain people
viruses and bacteria, which may come                                                  including organ transplant recipients,
from sewage treatment plants, septic        Contaminants and Health Risk . . .        immunocompromised persons, young
systems, agricultural love stock            Drinking Water, including bottled water, children and persons undergoing
operations, and wildlife.                   may contain at least small amounts of     cancer treatment. Rockdale uses
                                            some contaminants. The presence of        “Ozone” to address this concern.
Inorganic contaminants, such as             contaminants does not necessarily
salts and metals, which can be              indicate that water poses a health risk. A Note About Lead . . .
naturally occurring or result from urban    More information about contaminants       Infants and young children are typically
storm runoff, industrial or domestic        and potential health effects can be       more vulnerable to lead in drinking
wastewater discharges, oil and gas          obtained by calling the EPA’s Safe        water than the general population. It is
production, mining, or farming.             Drinking Water Hotline (1-800-426-        possible that lead levels at your home
                                            4791).                                    may be higher than at other homes in
Pesticides and herbicides, which                                                      your community as a result of materials
may come from a variety of sources          Important Health Information . . .        used in your homes plumbing. If you
such as agriculture, urban stormwater       Some people may be more vulnerable are concerned about elevated lead
runoff, and residential uses.               to contaminants in drinking water than levels in your home’s water, you may
                                            the general population.                   wish to have your water tested. You
Organic chemical contaminants,              Immunocompromised persons such as may also flush your tap water for 30
including synthetic and volatile organic    persons with cancer undergoing            seconds to two minutes before using it.
chemicals, which are by-products of         chemotherapy, persons who have            Additional information is available from
industrial processes and petroleum          undergone organ transplants, people       the Safe Drinking Water Hotline. In
production, and can also, come from         with HIV/AIDS or other immune system order to ensure that tap water is safe to
gas stations, urban stormwater runoff,      disorders, some elderly, and infants      drink, the EPA prescribes regulations
and septic systems.                         can be particularly at risk from          which limit the amount of certain
                                            infections. These people should seek      contaminants in water provided by
                                            advice about drinking water from their    public water systems.
 Rockdale Water Resources
 Detected Contaminants Table for Year 2008

 Water System ID# 2470000 – Surface Water Sources; Big Haynes Creek, Randy Poynter Lake, Little Haynes Creek

Detected Inorganic Contaminants

          Parameter                Units   MCL     MCLG                 Detected Range                Violation         Typical Source

          Fluoride                 PPM      4.0     4.0                  0.70 – 0.90                     No

     Nitrate/Nitrite               PPM     10.0     0                      0- 0.31                      No          Runoff from Fertilizer

           Iron*                   PPM     0.30     0                      0- 0.07                       No          Naturally Occurring

      Manganese*                   PPM     0.05     0                      0- 0.01                       No          Naturally Occurring

                                                                                                                    Corrosion of household
            Lead                     PPB   AL 15    0                      0- 13                         No
                                                                                                                      plumbing systems
                                            AL                                                                      Corrosion of household
          Copper                     PPB            0                      0- 470                        No
                                           1300                                                                       plumbing systems

Microbiological Contaminants

                                                                                                                         Health Effects
                                                      Highest % or              Lowest % of samples
 Parameter           Units      MCL        MCLG                                                         Violation      Language or Typical
                                                    exceeding limits              meeting limits

                                                                                                                     Coliforms are bacteria
                                                                                                                       that are naturally
                                 5% of
                                                                                                                          present in the
   Total                                                                                                              environment and are
                      P/A      samples       0                0                        100                 No
 Coliforms                                                                                                            used as an indicator
                               tested as
                                                                                                                     that other; potentially-
                                                                                                                     harmful, bacteria may
                                                                                                                           be present.

   Fecal                                                                                                              Human and Animal
                      P/A            0       0                0                        100                 No
 Coliforms                                                                                                                Waste

 Turbidity           NTU           TT      N/A     Highest value 0.10                  100                 No             Soil Runoff

 “Turbidity is a good measurement of the cloudiness of water. We monitor turbidity because it is a
 good indicator of the effectiveness of the filtration system.”

Disinfection By-Products
                                                                                        Range of
    Parameter                Units         MCL          MCLG           Average          Detected       Violation        Typical Source
                                                                                                                    By-Product of drinking
Trihalomethanes              PPB            80            0              52.9           32.7 –73.2        No
                                                                                                                      water chlorination

Total Haloacetic                                                                                                    By-Product of drinking
                             PPB            60            0              21.4          12.8 – 30.1        No
 Acids (THAA)                                                                                                         water chlorination

      •      Secondary Contaminant (Aesthetic Issue Only)
Important Information Regarding Drinking Water
                                                                   period. This program requires precise coordination with the
Monitoring Requirements Not Met for Lead and Copper                customers, the water department and the state lab. In 2009,
Rockdale Water Resources (RWR) water system violated a             for the next round of sampling, RWR will start notifying
drinking water reporting standard for the monitoring of lead       participants in the month of May, to assure that this
and copper over the past compliance period. The violation          requirement for compliance is met for the sampling period.
was not associated with actual test results that indicated the
presence of harmful levels that could have resulted in health      For more information, contact Mr. Lee Pope, Water Plant
emergencies. The follow is actions taken by RWR to correct         Manager, at 770-278- 7473.
the situation:
                                                                   Please share this information with anyone who drinks this
RWR is required to monitor the drinking water for specific         system’s water, especially those who may not have received
contaminants on a regular basis. Results of regular monitoring     this notice directly (for example, people in apartments,
are an indicator of whether or not the drinking water meets        nursing homes, schools, and businesses).
health standards. During the monitoring period June 1, 2006
to September 30, 2006, RWR did not monitor properly for lead       State Water System ID#: GA2470000.
and copper, and cannot be sure of the quality of the drinking
water during that time. Although samples were taken during
the sampling period year, they were collected late during the       Important Notice to Residents of
months of October and November 2006.
                                                                    Thornwood Subdivision
What Should Citizens Do?                                            Located in southeast Rockdale County, the
There is no action residents need to take at this time.             Thornwood subdivision is not connected to
                                                                    Rockdale’s water system. Rockdale Water
The table below lists the contaminant(s) RWR did not properly       Resources purchases water from Newton County
test for during the last year testing was required, how often       through a master meter, and water is resold to the
samples for this contaminant should be taken, how many              residents of Thornwood. The sources are Lake
samples are taken, how many samples were actually taken,            Varner and the Alcovy River, which are both surface
when samples should have been taken, and the date on which          supplies.
follow-up samples were (or will be) taken.
Contaminant     Required    Number    When all    When
                                                                    Jack Turner Dam at Randy Poynter Lake
                sampling    of        samples     samples
                frequency   samples   should      were or will      The Rockdale County reservoir was constructed as a
                            taken     have been   be taken          water supply reservoir for the Conyers-Rockdale Big
                                                                    Haynes Impoundment Authority. The Authority was
Lead / Copper   Once        30                    10/2006 &         created in 1987 by the General Assembly of the
                every 3               6/1/2006-   11/2006           State of Georgia for the purpose of constructing the
                years                             (taken late)      water supply reservoir for Rockdale County. The
                                                                    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a permit to
                                                                    build the lake in 1992. The land was acquired and in
What Happened and What is Being Done?                               November 1994 and ground was broken for the
RWR is required to conduct the sampling of lead and copper          project.
once every three years or triennial monitoring in the months of
either June, July, August and /or September of the specific         In April of 1998, the lake and dam were dedicated in
year. In 2006, the last year the sampling was performed, RWR        a ceremony. Two years later, in April of 2000, the
failed to comply with the monitoring requirement timeframe of       lake was open to the public for recreational use. In
sampling during the summer months. Although the sampling            2002 the county began using the reservoir as its
was conducted during October and November with no results           water supply.
exceeding the 90th percentile action level, the system was
charged with a Public Notice Citation for sampling outside the      In May of 2003, the reservoir was officially renamed
prescribed timeframe. This sampling program was delayed             after the late County Commission Chairman, Randy
due to the logistics of replacing sampling sites and program        Poynter.
participants that were no longer available during the evaluation