December iss of the Brave Talk by zhangyun


									                                                          The Brave Talk
By: Hannah Pendergrass

 I interviewed a very important                                                                        December 2007
person at TJH. That person                                                                             Tioga Junior High School
would be our very own school                                                                           Home of the Braves
officer, Officer Constance. I
asked him a few questions and
here is the story.

Hannah: Do you like your job?        previous bomb threat. It was a joint effort with all faculty,   students were better behaved and
Why or why not?                      but it was a very tense situation and had to handled very       structured.
Officer Constance: I do like my      quickly.
job. I enjoy working with the        Hannah: If you weren’t an officer, what do you think you        Hannah: Do you plan on staying at TJH
kids in school. As an officer, I     would be?                                                       until it’s time for you to retire?
like trying to make a difference                                                                     Officer Constance: As good as that
in people’s lives. I do my best to   Officer Constance: I really can’t see myself doing              sounds, I doubt that will be possible. As
enforce the laws, “rules.”           anything else, but I would probably be in the military or       my career advances, I will most likely go
                                     something similar. I’ve done several jobs before that were      to different divisions for more experience.
Hannah: What is the hardest          not enforcement related, but this is my favorite.               Also, when you advance in rank, your
thing you have ever done at          Hannah: What made you want to become an officer at              responsibilities will increase with the
school?                              TJH?                                                            position.
Officer Constance: I would
                                     Officer Constance: After working at several schools
have to say it was probably                                                                          Hannah: What are some things that you
                                     before coming here, I felt that this was the best school in
trying to evacuate and secure the
                                     my opinion. The faculty worked well together and the            don’t mind sharing with people that most
entire school building during a                                                                      of us don’t know about you?
                                                                                                                             (Continue on page 4)

Cans, Cans, Cans                                 won’t be doing another food drive for them,
By: Allie Hornsby
                                                 but we will and still are doing the toy drive.
                                                 They found this location from Mrs. Bryant.
You remember when we collected all those
                                                 Finally, we want to tell all you who brought
                                                 cans “Thank you” and don’t forget to bring
                                                                                                          Mrs. Berlin!!!
cans? Do you know how many we
                                                 stuffed animals and toys!
collected? We collected 2416 cans. All these                                                           Mrs. Dianne Berlin has been
cans went to a special place where women
                                                                                                          awarded by the state of
and children could find refuge.
Congratulations to Coach Griffin for winning                                                             Louisiana as Louisiana’s
first place, Coach Heard in second place, and                                                         Assistant Principal for Middle
Mrs. Hyatt in third place. We would also like                                                        Schools of the Year. She is now
to spend a special shout out to Chase                                                                    in competition with other
Youngblood and Kyle Thorne for bringing
                                                                                                      assistant principals from all the
the most cans. Do you wonder how all of
those cans get to the shelter? Mrs. Hyatt,                                                              other states in the national
Officer Constance, and Mrs. Hyatt’s all                                                               competition. Congratulations,
loaded up their cars and trucks and dropped it                                                       Mrs. Berlin! We are extremely
off at the shelter. Mrs. Hyatt says that we                                                                    proud of you!
                                                                                                            The Brave Talk

                                                                                     December Dynamos
Could You See Your Teachers on TV?                                                By: Ashley Hawkins
By: Allie Hornsby

1. Mrs.Yoist                          A. Extreme Home Makeover
                                                                                  Diligent- Robert Newman, Kayla Simmons
                                                                                  Elegant- Raven Valier, Rudy Hermendez
2. Mrs. Collins                       B. Deal or no deal
3. Mr. Hale                           C. CSI                                      Confident-Kirsten Jones, Arkendrious Duncan
4. Coach Heard                        D. Ghost Hunters                            Expressionistic- Shaquonsa Daniels, Donald McKinney
5. Mr. Racine                         E. The Singing Bee                          Magnanimous- Ti’Angela Byrd, Kentrell Silas
6. Mrs. Santos                        F. Design Star                              Benevolent-Quonteshia Daniels, Trey Gordon
7. Mrs. Bryant                        G. Heroes                                   Energetic- Adrean Haney, Cortez Bouges
8. Mrs. Trapp                         H. King Of Queens                           Reactionary- Brittany Pierre, Stephen Reed
9. Coach Griffin                      I. Saturday Night Live
10. Mrs. Griffin                      J. Chuck                                    Demure- Qurshea Decoste, Demond Gordon
11. Mrs. Hyatt                        K. Trading Spaces
                                                                                  Yare- Yatesha Bradely, Timothy Stewart
12. Mrs. Barron                       L. NUMB3RS
13. Mrs. Leuder                       M. Boston Public                            Nimble- Quayante Jones, Robert Cobb
14. Mrs. Carlisle                     N. The Weakest Link                         Angelic- Emily Hollen, Harley Davis
15. Mr. Hollingsworth                 O. host of digging for the truth            Meek- Megan Cubbit, Kolt Malcomb
                                              (History channel)                   Optimistic- Kelsey Smith, Malcolm Johnson
             The choices for the TV shows can and will be used twice.
                                                                                  Solemn- Erika James, James Dearborne
                     The answers will appear in our next issue.

                                                                        Future Authors of Today!
                                                                  By; Brittain Davidson     they should. Students work will
                                                                                            be published in future school
                                                        I have interviewed Mrs. Brou and papers!” I also asked her if she
                                                        asked her a few questions about     thought that this could have
                                                        the Young Authors Contest. I        opened up a door for some of
                                                        asked her what the inspiration of our students to become future
                                                        putting our school in that          writers and she said, “If they
 Basketball                                             competition and she replied, ”The won in the school-wide contest,
                                                        Louisiana Reading Association has they will go on to the District
 Sweethearts                                            it every year, and Mr. Crook        Contest. Those winners will go
                                                        wanted us to win this year and      on to state. State winners will
By: Chandler Chambers
                                                        we have many talented students      be published in Les Jeunes
  Who are the Basketball Sweethearts? The               and I thought this would be a       Ecrivains. These students will
Basketball Sweethearts are a court made up of           great way to show our stuff!” I     then be published and will have
the six top basketball season ticket sellers who        also asked her if there was a
this year are: Brooke Davidson, Brittain                                                    a future as a writer.” The
Davidson, Kaycee Jolly, Rebecca Beers,                  certain theme on what they had      judges were Mr. Hollingsworth,
Jakara Jiles, and Darlene White.                        to write about and she said,        Mrs. Bergeron, and Mrs.
  When I interviewed Mrs. Griffin about the             “They had total freedom!”           Bryant (Mr. Crooks helped
girls she said, “They are the top ticket sellers.”      She thinks the participants         break the tie!)The winners of
When I asked her if she had high hopes for
                                                        overall did very well and she was this contest were…Poetry: First
them this year she replied, “Yes, my high
hopes for them were to sell tickets to make             pleasantly surprised at their       Place: Nicole Duncan- If Love;
money for the basketball team.” The                     work! Her favorite entry was        Second Place: There was a tie
Basketball Sweethearts will be presented                poetry! Then I asked her if she     between an unknown student-…
during the 8th grade half-time on January 17th,         thought that some of the writers
2007. This year is the first year of Basketball
                                                        that didn’t place, later on in life (continue on page 4)
Sweethearts, and we’re hoping it will be the
best!                                                   should still try and publish one of                                 2
                                                        their stories and she said, “Yes
                                                                                                                  The Brave Talk

                                                                                                Q #3 How long have you been teaching?
                                                                                                A #3 23 years

                                                                                                Q#4 What do you do for FUN
By: Justin Duarte’
                                                                                                A#4 going to the movies, spending time
                                                                                                with family, and friends reading and
Q #1 Who/What inspired you to become a                   Q #2 Where else Have you been
                                                                                                watching LSU sports.
teacher?                                                 teaching?
A #1 When I was in High School my                        A #2 I have taught at Baker High
                                                                                                Q#5 Where were you born?
Favorite class was PE and I played sports so             School-Baton Rouge, Ruby Wise
                                                                                                A#5 Alexandria, Louisiana
I wanted to be a PE teacher and coach and I              Elementary, North Wood High
did until I tore my ACL and got certified in             School, and Brame Jr. High.
                                                                                                Q#6 What is your favorite grade to teach?
                                                                                                A#6 I enjoy all grades but my favorite grade
                                                                                                to teach is physical science (ninth grade

                                                                                                Q#7 What were grades in school?
                                                                                                A#7 A/B Honor Roll

                                                                      The Gifted
 By Justin Duarte’
Below is my interview with Coach Yoist:

Q#1 What was your purpose for going there?
A#1 We studied colonial life earlier in the year. This gave the       Class
students a chance to see a colonial fort and what life was like
during that time period.

Q#2 What was your class studying?
A#2 The American Revolution.                                          By:Britny Fuglaar

Q#3 Why did you choose that place?                                      The Gifted classes taught by Mr.
A#3 I had been there before with Mr. Spear’s class. It’s very         Timothy Hollingsworth and Mrs.
interesting. People dress like colonial times and demonstrate         Tammi Carlisle took a walking
things like making musket balls over an open fire and
                                                                      tour of the city of Alexandria.
showing how food was prepared.
                                                                      They stopped at numerous
Q#4 How do enjoy teaching this year?                                  destinations such as Mount Olive
A#4 It’s been a great year.                                           Chapel, the Rapides Cemetery,
                                                                      Louisiana History Museum, and
                                                                      Museum of Art, viewing the Hotel
Q#5 Why did the chicken cross the road?
A#5 Because chickens do that some times.                              Bentley, and eating at the Sentry
                                                                      Drug Diner. There were three
                                                                      specific areas that they were
                                                                      looking at: First, they had a walk      be a lot of fun and hopefully we
         Tioga’s Very Own                                             through the cemetery to learn how       can make it an annual event.”
                                                                                                              The students and the fieldtrip
    By Kathleen Hendrix                                               to use clues to make historical
                                                                      connections. Then they talked           were very successful and they
                                                                      about the role of historical            even landed their pictures and
              Ms. Lueder and Ms. Santos are Tioga’s very own.
    They both went here when they were our ages. Ms. Santos           preservations in urban planning         an article in the The Town Talk
    went to the junior high in 1975 and the high school in 1977-      and development. Finally, the           newspaper. From the noble
    1980. Ms. Lueder went to the high school during the “Dark         main goal was to introduce the          words of Timothy
    Ages.”                                                            characteristics of various              Hollingsworth, “Students need
          When asked what was different about schools today,          architectural styles and compare        to understand that real history
    Ms Santos said that when she went here 7th and 8th graders        and contrast those found in our         is about everyday individuals,
    didn’t mingle.                                                    community. “It will be an active        not just about the famous ones.
    Ms Lueder said that when she went here, they actually wore
                                                                      fieldtrip, but I think everyone will    The way we live our lives
    their pants rather than holding them up with their hands.                                                 affects those who are destined
              After all those years here Ms. Santos still doesn’t     have a great time!” Mr.
                                                                      Hollingsworth said. “I think it’ll      to follow us.”
    believe in the school’s ghosts. However, Ms Lueder does.                                                                                     3
                                                                                                    The Brave Talk
 Officer Constance                              Future Authors of Today!                       Iron Chef: Tioga
                                                                                              By: Jerrica Franklin and Qurshea Decoste
 (continue from page 1)                         (continued from page 2)
 Officer Constance: Well, I’m pretty
 open with most people’s questions, so I                                                       Mrs. Bryant held a competition among
 don’t know how much most people                The Unwanted Child and Joelle                 her six classes. She chose one group out
 know about me. On my personal time, I                                                        of each class to compete in the Iron Chef,
 enjoy hunting, motorcycle riding, four         Moorman- That Fatal Night, but                  which took place during her planning
 wheeler riding and, most of all,               the unknown student had not                    period. These are the questions you all
                                                                                                 were dying to know the answers to:
 shooting. The more time I can spend on         given a name on the poem so no
 the firing range, the happier I am, not to
 mention, more proficient in shooting.          one knew who wrote it. Mr.                      Q: Why did you become a teacher in
                                                Crooks broke the tie and Joelle                                 home ec?
                                                                                               A: Home Ec was my favorite class in high
 Hannah: Do you enjoy working with all          Moorman won. Fiction: First
 the faculty and staff?                                                                                          school.
 Officer Constance: The faculty and             Place: Aaron Brown-Cut Off;                   Q: Why do you enjoy teaching home ec?
 staff here work very well together and         Second Place: Emma Aycock-                    A: I love to cook and to teach others how to
 when everyone works together it makes          Adrianna’s Nigh. Non-Fiction:
 the day go smoother. To answer the
 question, yes, I do enjoy working with         First Place: Frank Abott-                      Q: What gave you the idea to have Iron
 all of them.                                   Untitled; Second Place: Troy                                 Chef tioga?
                                                                                                A: One of my students recommended it.
                                                Normant- Things Happen. I
 Hannah: Do you like working around
 all of the students at TJH?                    myself got the pleasure of                     Q: Will you be the only one judging the
 Officer Constance: I do like working           reading some of these stories                                 competition?
 with the students here. There are some                                                          A: No, I will have other teachers and
                                                and they were very good! The                           administration helping me.
 students that make it tough at times due
 to their attitudes, but that’s what makes      people who won will represent our
 up our society today. There are                school wonderfully!                           Q: What will you be judging the students
 individuals that care a lot and some that                                                              on in the competition?
 don’t care at all. We just have to deal                                                      A: Taste, appearance, team work, clean up,
                                                                                                              and attitude.
 with each of them and make the best of
 our own lives.
                                                Guess Who the Teacher Is!
                                               The Answers By: Rebecca Westbrook                      Q: How will you choose?
 That’s a little about our wonderful                                                              A: The judges will use score sheets.
                                                  1.  I love classical music. I am Mr.
 Officer Constance. He is appreciated
                                                      Langston.                               Q: Do you have any idea of who you are
 very, very much so whenever you see
                                                  2. I was a Tioga Junior High                            going to choose?
 him, just give him a little pat on the back
                                                      cheerleader, captain of the Tioga       A: I have several groups who are running in
 or a thanks just to let him know how
                                                      High Danceline, and I was on the            each class, it will be hard to choose.
 important he is to our school. WE
                                                      junior high state champion girls’
                                                      basketball team the year of 1972-
                                                      1973. I am Mrs. Collins.
                                                  3. I won the biggest loser last year, I
                                                                                                11. I was a trainer for the 1984
                                                      lost 50 pounds. I am Mr. Hale.
                                                                                                     -1984 LSU Tigers football team.
                                                  4. I met Eminem in person. I am Mr.
Our TJH Braves                                                                                        I wrapped the ankles of
                                                                                                       running backs Dalton Hillard
                                                  5. I am afraid of water. I am Mr.
                                                                                                      and Herman Fontenot, who
By: Allie Hornsby                                     Racine.
                                                                                                      later played football for the
                                                  6. I was in a play called “Happily Ever
                                                                                                      NFL. I am Mrs. Santos.
We asked are fellow student Brandon                   After”. I was Red Riding Hood. I am
                                                                                                12. I played the drums and the
Wright some questions about his personal              Mrs. Carlisle.
                                                                                                      clarinet in my high school
life and he said that he has been playing         7. I won Mrs. Cotton Queen at the
                                                                                                      band. I am Mrs. Mixon.
football for nine years. His positions this           Cotton Festival in 1973. I am Mrs.
                                                                                                13. I met my husband because of
year have been wide receiver, quarterback,            Owens.
                                                                                                      Hurricane Katrina. I was living in
and corner back. The TJH football team            8. I played two years of semi-
                                                                                                      a house in New Orleans that
practiced long and hard for three days and            professional football in Baton
                                                                                                      had been flooded and he was
on weekends for two hours each time they              Rouge. I am Coach Yoist.
                                                                                                      there with the National Guard.
practiced. Brandon also says that he              9. I have worked for a hockey team. I
                                                                                                      I am Mrs. Michot.
played for the love of the game, and for the          am Mrs. Hyatt.
                                                                                                14. As a teenager I competed I
competition. In his free time he watches          10. I have driven a standard pick-up
                                                                                                       rodeos with real horses. I even
high school, college, and pro football to             truck with a 48 foot trailer attached
                                                                                                      have trophies and ribbons to
improve his skills. He plans to go to                 with 21 round bales of hay. I have
                                                                                                      prove this. I am Mr. Richards.
spring training and try out next year and             also driven a Frito Lay truck,
                                                                                                15. I was a tomboy growing up. I
hope for the best. We asked Blake Arrant              motorcycle, a tractor with hay
                                                                                                       rode motorcycles, camped,
some of the same questions like what do               bales attached to the front and
                                                                                                      hunted, and fished with my
you do in your free time? And he said he              back. I would like to drive an 18
                                                                                                      dad. I am Mrs. Bryant.
loved to ride four-wheelers. Blake is one             wheeler, and a train. I am Mrs.
                                                                                                16. I can do a back flip. I am      4
of the TJH managers. Blake also said that             Barron.
he just played the game for the fun of it.                                                            Mrs. Yoist.
                                                                                            The Brave Talk

         Baby Think it Over
                                                                                    We’re Working
                                                                                By: Ashley Hawkins

                                                                                          4-H is young people preparing to
                                                                                be future leaders. It is a community of
 By: Britny Fuglaar                   if it is a new baby, it will have to be   young people across America who are
                                      rocked until it stops crying.             learning leadership, citizenship and
 In Mrs.Tonya Bryant’s Home           The students are very excited about       community service. Young people 4th -12th
 economics class, each student        this project. Brittain Davidson says      grade have the opportunity to learn about
 will get a chance to nurture         “From having the baby over the            activities they are interested in.
                                                                                          What some people don’t know is
 and mother a fake baby over          weekend, we learn to appreciate what
                                                                                that 4-H also has officers. I interviewed
 the weekend in a program             our parents have done for us and          Mrs. Bryant to see who were the officers of
 called “The Baby Think It            what we will do in the future. Also,      the 07-08 TJH 4-H Club. The officers are
 Over Program.” Each baby has         we learned that a baby is a huge          President-Rebecca Beers, Vice President-
 a small computer in its back         responsibility that we can’t take it on   Kevin Neck, Secretary-Kirsten Jones,
 that records the times it cries,     right now!” Emily Hollen says, “The       Treasurer-       Stephen        Reed,  and
 how long it cries, and if it is an   babies are a fun way to get a taste of    Parliamentarian- Ashley Hawkins.
 abuse or neglect. When the           what being an adult feels like.” All                On October 16, 2007, I
 baby starts to cry you either        the students seem to have fun with        interviewed Mrs. Bryant (sponsor) about
 have to put a key that is            the babies and seem to really             their field trip on October 11, 2007. Our
                                                                                group had to wear red spirit shirts and
 attached to your wrist into the      appreciate the privilege of this fun
                                                                                khaki school pants. We went to the
 slot in the back of the baby, or     project!                                  Rapides Parish Fair. However, we were not
                                                                                there to ride on the rides and have fun.
                                                                                Rather, we were there to WORK!!!! Some
                                                                                of us worked inside doing activities with
                                                                                children who were on field trips with their
                                                                                schools, and the rest of us worked outside
                                                                                in the barn to learn all about the
                                                                                responsibilities of raising farm animals.
                                                                                Some members of my team said the
                                                                                experience was fun and challenging, but
Tioga Braves Got Some Big Time History!                                         everyone had a good time.

 By:Asiana Brevelle
                                          underclassmen the Braves.
 Our school as we know of
 today isn’t just any ordinary            Have you ever heard the
 school. No, the Tioga Braves             stories about the Indians or           Top Christmas Songs
 got some big time history. The           about the ghost that lurks
 Tioga our 7th and 8th grade              around Tioga? Well some of            By: Karen Deville
 students are familiar with               them are true. Some teachers
 hasn’t always been just 7th and          say that on nights when they                In 1st place-“Reindeer Rap”
 8th grade. The first Tioga was           stay after school hours, they               In 2nd place-“Jingle Bells”
 built in 1897 as a one room              can hear screaming or foot                  In 3rd place-“Jingle Bell Rock”
 school and later improved to a           steps behind them and turn                  In 4th place-“Rudolph the Red
 k-12th grade school in 1915.             around to see that there’s                                Nosed Reindeer”
 The new Tioga was built in               nothing there. Some students                In 5th place (a 4 way tie)-
                                                                                         “Angels We Have Heard on High,”
 1969 because of too many                 say they have witnessed a rush                 “Away in a Manger,”
 students attending the school.           of wind go by them or felt                     “Noelle,” and
 The original parts of the                something or someone tap                       “Up on the Housetop”
 building are the boys’ gym, the          them while lurking the halls
 library, and the cafeteria. We           alone. There have been myths
 are considered to be the Braves          about our school sitting on an
 because the high school is the           Indian grave burial site. But,
 Indians, which would make the            who knows?                                                                     5
                                                                                                  The Brave Talk
Second Six Weeks’
Honor Roll
By: Karen Deville

Principal’s List (A Honor Roll)
7th grade
Holly Berg, Kelly Bordelon, Victoria Burch,
Jamaile Burton, Samantha Cifelli, Erica Coody,
Andrew Corley, Caitlin Dean, Hope Dixon,
Alyssa Fontenot, Dalton Gadway, Michelle
Haney, Caleb Howell, Juliana Hudson, Danielle
Luxemburg, Katherine Mashburn, Shelby
McGlothlan, Emily McCain, Tavonta Miller,
Tony Nugent, Heather Poche’, Haley Pooser,
Ashlee Price, Mathew Shockley, Alexandria
Siddle, Austin Sober, Michelle Spillman, Emilie
Stephens, Rachel Thompson, Kaitlyn Townley,
Mark Trapp
8th grade
Brandi Borland, Karen Deville, Austin Engen,
Katherine Garrett, Katy Harris, Emily Hollen,
Kolt Malcomb, Haley McDaniel, Joelle Moorman,
Amy Short, Kyle Thorne, Jade Wiggins

A/B Honor Roll
7th grade
Christian Arrant, Zane Barrios, Brelan Baudin,
Minley Bell, Maigon Bladel, Kendra Buckner,
Joseph Burkett, Cheyenne Carderara, Logan
Carter, Jamarcus Ceasar, Caitlin Coates, Emily
Coates, Stevie Collins, Austin Corley, Hannah
Cormier, Antonio Cortez, Khirstina Coutee,
Cameron Delrie, Casie Deshotel, Jashalt Dorsey,
Rachel Downs, Logan Durand, Richard Edwards,
Dale Edwards Jr, Jeffery Feazell, Donald Garrett,
Kiandre Gaston, Ashlyn Gore, John Goulart, Ivy
Guilliot, Kathleen Hendrix, Alexandria Hornsby,
Amber James, Corey Johnson, Alexis Lamoine,
Courtney Lavasseur, Cameron Little, David Love,
Caleb Malone, Zachary Mclaren, Mia Miles,

                                                    Lindsey Morrison, Wesley Munsterman, Kaitlin Neal, Joshua Newton, Brandon
                                                    Nichols, Sydney Parker, Laikin Perkins, Ryan Pierce, Robert Piercey, Hope
                                                    Roshto, Dylan Roy, Brittan Russem, Miranda Scofield, Tymekia Shaw, Cursten
                                                    Smith, Sidnethia Starks, Landon Stockton, Conley Tassin, Joseph Tate, Austin
                                                    Taylor, Lauren Thiels, Dylan Thompson, Reagan Wagoner, Darlene White, Keltric
                                                    Williams, Jessica Winslow, Caleb Wug, Gabrielle Zavaleta
                                                    8th grade
                                                    Jessica Alexander, Danielle Allen, Jennifer Ayala, Karlisa Banks, Garrett Basco,
                                                    Shelley Brazil, Asiana Brevelle, Korey Brown, Danielle Carter, Dylan Carter,
                                                    Samantha Carter, Anthony Charrier, Kelley Chellette, Courtney Cox, Brittain
                                                    Davidson, Brooke Davidson, Waylon Davis, Michael Delgadillo, Lauren Duarte,
                                                    Nichole Duncan, Ruth Dupont, Joshua Fontenot, Megan Force, Britny Fuglaar,
                                                    Shawn Fuller, Jordan Gauthier, Krista Gillette, Samantha Guillory, Adrean Haney,
                                                    Kentrell Hayes, Zachary Lavallie, Ashley Marler, Dalton McVay, Ballie Moore,
                                                    Marissa Murphy, Kevin Neck, Robert Newman, Jolee Orr, Jasmine Overgaard,
                                                    Jonathan Perkins, Brittany Pierre, Payton Pilgrim, Tyler Ponthieux, Haley
                                                    Proveaux, Dalton Rachel, Hailey Reed, AJ Rothermel, Allyson Shelton, Breanna
                                                    Smart, Elizabeth Smith, Daniel Stellwagon, Lauren Sutton, Kaycee Thompson,
                                                    Ashlee Walker, Alivia Watkins, Chase Youngblood

                                                                                                        The Brave Talk
         The Holidays and You                                                                     Rapides Junior
    The holiday season can be fun and even
exciting time for some. But for others it can be
stressful or even a sad time. When parents are                                                     Turkey Trot
separated or divorced, it may be hard to split your
time between them. Or when money is a little
“tight,” parents may be stressed and arguing with                                                       Girls-12
you or each other. You may be wishing for a                                                   1st Place: Krysten Lamkin
particular video game, four wheeler, special outfit,
etc. And you’re positive that your friends will be
                                                                                              11th Place: Caitlin Coates
getting what they asked for. Does any of this
sound familiar? I bet you could think of a lot more                                                  Boys-13
things to make your holidays stressful or sad.                                               nd
                                                                                           2 Place: Chase Youngblood
However, why not stop for a moment and
remember what the holiday season is about:
                                                                                             4th Place: Austin Engen
Christ’s birthday. All the rest are “man-made”
stressors. Try to enjoy those you can spend                                                             Boys-14
Christmas with. If money is “tight,” adjust your                                                   st
                                                                                                  1 Place: Kyle Thorne
expectations accordingly and remember that
Christmas is about giving as well as receiving.
You are the only one who can control your
attitude! Make it the best holiday season you
possibly can!
                 Happy Holidays
  From your School Based Health Center Staff!!!!!!!
                                                       Teacher of the Year
                                                       By: Rebecca Westbrook

  Top Song of TJH!                                                  This year’s teacher of the year is
  By: Brittany Pierre                                   Mrs. Leuder. That is a very influential title!
                                                        At the end of last year, all of the teachers
                                                       voted for the teacher they thought deserved
  We surveyed 1st lunch shift as well
                                                        this title. Mrs. Leuder says she is very happy she was voted for teacher of
  as 2nd, and these are the results that               the year. She was a little surprised when she found out. She says Mrs.
  we came up with.                                     Curry should’ve won! That’s who she voted for! Mrs. Leuder teaches 7th-
  Thank you to everyone who voted                      grade English and Reading here at Tioga Junior High. Mrs. Leuder’s
  and remember the student body                        present and lots of her past students have told me she is a very fun and
  means something to the TJH                           passionate teacher! That sort of thing comes in handy when you’re
  newspaper staff!!!!                                  teaching young students. Last year’s Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Carlisle,
                                                       gladly passes the title to Mrs. Leuder and says she deserved it! Mrs.
  1st place----Kiss Kiss: Chris Brown                  Leuder is happy she won the title and loves teaching here at Tioga Junior
                                                       High School!
  2nd place—Crank Dat Soulja Boy:
  Soulja Boy

  3rd place---Watch My Shoes: 3D                             Rapides Junior
                                                           MONSTER MASH!!!

                                                            1 Place Krysten Lamkin
                                                            11thPlace Caitlin Coates

  Congrats go to Chris Brown for                                  Boys-12
  having the top song in TJH!                           1stPlace Wesley Munsterman

       Don’t forget his new album                                  Boys-13
        exclusive in stores now!!!                            rd
                                                             3 Place Austin Engen
                                                                                                        The Brave Talk

By: Ashlee Price

October’s student of the month is Katlyn Michelle
Townley. Katlyn is in the 7th grade. She is involved in
Beta and F.C.S. How did Katlyn become student of
the month? Well, for one she was really good in Mr.
Snyder’s class. Katyln’s favorite subject is science.
She is a very good role model for our students here at
T.J.H. She has good grades and model behavior.
Katlyn believes that after this year she will continue to
be a great student. We asked Katlyn what she thought
the hardest part about school was, and she answered
that the hardest part was just students trying to fit in.
Her advice to this was not to worry about fights,
gossip, and what other people think about you because
if you do then eventually you’ll stray away from your
schoolwork. Thanks, Katlyn and Congratulations on
being October’s Student of the Month.

       Coming Soon:
       The Dear CindyLou Column

                                                                         STUDENT OF THE MONTH
                                                            By: Reagan Wagoner

                                                                      Our November of the Month is Haley Brooke McDaniel. Haley is in
                                                            the 8th grade. How did Haley become student of the month? Well, she makes
                                                            all A's and she pays attention in class. Haley is involved in many extra-
                                                            curricular activities such as FCA, cheerleading, Beta and Student Council
                                                            president, and she is in Environmental Braves. We asked Haley if she was
                                                            involved in any sports and if so how does she juggle both sports and school.
                                                            Haley's response was that she is in sports such as gymnastics and
                                                            cheerleading, but school always comes first. Haley's favorite subject is
                                                            science, and her teacher is Mrs.Bergeron. Haley's hardest part about school
                                                            is Monday morning tests. She said that it was hard to try to remember to
                                                            study over the weekend. We asked Haley if she thought she was a good role-
                                                            model for the school, and her response was that she thinks she is because
                                                            she gives 110% in everything she does. Haley said that she will continue
                                                            working hard after this year because she wants to keep her 4.0. Her advice to
                                                            her fellow students is to take the school year day by day because it flies by.
                                                            Congratulations, Haley McDaniel on making TJH Student of the Month!

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