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Self Esteem

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					How we feel are the most important factor in determining our happiness.
Our self-image determines how much we really love the world and how we
live in it, but also determines how much we achieve in life. This is a
project that is exactly how it intended to conduct the election to be our
partner, we are friends and avoid.

Many of us live, without knowing in a picture of our experiences,
successes and failures, thoughts that have taken upon ourselves and how
others react to us created. The other negative images can be deeply
embedded in, for example, a person can be a disaster in a particular
task, if you succeed in this task will say at once, it was an accident,
or if they do not say: "I'm desperate to show. " Some people see a good
self-esteem, as the equivalent of selfish, they are in fact completely
the opposite, do people with healthy self-esteem comfortable things that
add quality and beauty of life. It also means that you do not feel the
need to justify another, for example, why we stay up late, or why you
bought this dress, or just relax and be pampered time to time.

Our behavior and our subconscious programming subconscious mind are
interwoven with our self-understanding, how we feel. When we feel bad for
ourselves, we tend to blame ourselves, sometimes in the form of junk-food
binges, accidents, disease, excess alcohol or drugs, overeating at meals,
and if we go on and on. Evidence that even people who have car accidents
are often a poor sense of self is at the time of the accident and in part
an unconscious punishment.

It is imperative that we   had everything we can to think positive
thoughts, if possible to   do. Some people are sabotaging their own
happiness, when they say   that they deserve, or if the opportunity arises
is to find one reason or   conscious or unconscious reasons why they can
not afford.

Try your own image a boost:

Surround yourself with good people
Learn to accept and receive praise
You are constantly in my head images of your ideal life
Congratulations also speak of themselves
Let people know how you expect to be treated

And finally and most importantly, to treat your body good to be thin,
flexible and strong, and given the opportunity, this fundamental question
of self-esteem address.

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