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  -- The Solution is a C-level Planning and Budgeting Tool Providing Customizable, Forward-
             Looking Insight to Make Targeted, Strategic T&E Cost Reductions --

New York, NY – October 13, 2009 – As most C-level executives look to gain greater control of
travel program spend moving into the 2010 budgeting season, American Express Business
Travel, a global industry leader in business travel management, today announced cXo planning
dashboard (cXo). A new, customizable budgeting and planning tool, cXo planning dashboard is
specifically designed to help C-level executives make informed, targeted decisions that support
revenue generating activities within cost reduction parameters rather than implementing
sweeping, across-the-board cuts. With a patent currently pending, cXo is a global offering that
enhances consulting activities and expands upon the current reporting and dashboard solutions
which exist today.

“Looking ahead to 2010, companies will need to remain competitive in their respective
marketplaces, and challenge the status quo to identify more opportunities for savings,” said
Frank Schnur, vice president, Advisory Services, American Express Business Travel. “Through
the cXo planning dashboard, companies can gain increased transparency into corporate travel
spend as well as foresight into T&E program changes that enable them to make targeted,
strategic T&E cost reductions. This can help remove excess expenditures and minimize the risk
of cutting into revenue-generating travel that could hamper return-on-travel-investment over

As the first dashboard of its kind, cXo integrates travel, card, expense and HR data and
selected key performance indicators (KPIs) into one source while utilizing American Express
Business Travel’s benchmarking to perform in-depth opportunity analysis. Executives can
weigh potential compliance and policy changes and gather insight in an interactive format by
benchmarking their program against best-in-class travel programs to project maximum savings.

Delivered monthly or quarterly, cXo planning dashboard can be customized within the following

      Budgeting- Provides executives with both a graphical and numerical representation of
       the company’s current travel spend. Here CXOs are able to gain greater visibility into
       business reasons for travel by business unit and view opportunities for reducing travel

      Optimization- Executives move sliders to see how change in behavior for their own
       customized KPIs, such as preferred usage as well as other behaviors like online
       adoption or advance purchases, are impacted when compared to those within best-in-
       class. Dashboard dials report the change in savings based on these behavior changes
       for total company as well as within a division, such as merchant services, for example.

      Procurement- Consultants work with clients to evaluate supplier negotiated contracts,
       benchmark against best–in-class programs and identify adjustments that could be made
       in order to optimize effectiveness of the contracts. Executives can use the dashboard to
       test how different changes would make an impact, in turn, revealing how to best
       strengthen contract performance and obtain increased savings potentials

“Being able to accurately assess data and use it to project the impact of change to corporate
travel programs will enable executives to achieve a level of precision and control that was not
possible before,” continued Mr. Schnur. “As we move toward economic recovery, companies
will continue to look to be more resourceful when it comes to their T&E spending. Innovative
technology tools such as cXo that can efficiently capture current and future spend and savings
opportunities will play an essential role in driving ROI.”

Before designing a company’s customized cXo planning dashboard, American Express
Business Travel’s consultants sit down with senior executives to first understand the current
status of the program as well as goals and objectives. Consultants then evaluate the culture,
business purpose, procurement strategy and current policy in order to select critical KPIs,
business units, and other data to ensure the dashboard’s projections align with a company’s
unique business needs and project the most accurate view into T&E program changes.

About American Express Business Travel
American Express Business Travel (, a division of
American Express Company, is committed to helping its clients maximize the greatest return on their
travel investment through increased cost savings, world-class customer service and greater
spending control. With clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations, American
Express Business Travel provides a combination of industry-leading technology, travel management
consulting, strategic sourcing and supplier negotiation support, alongside global customer service
available online and offline. The Company also provides a dynamic online community
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travel industry offering a variety of perspectives, best practices, current research and industry news.

American Express operates one of the world’s largest travel agency networks with locations in over
140 countries worldwide. Total travel sales volume in 2008 was $29.1 billion, including proprietary
volume, volume processed through joint ventures, and American Express branded volume
processed through its partner network.

American Express Company ( is a leading global payments, network
and travel company founded in 1850.


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