Breakup Recovery - Taking Out the Digital Trash (Social Media)

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					A few years ago when someone broke the end of their photos and would make
every effort to avoid their calls. But now, the social media and digital
technologies is a cornerstone of our reality. You probably have a
Facebook account, a Twitter account, and instant messaging, at least, all
of whom are very satisfied with her ex involved. This creates a dangerous
situation, it is very tempting to keep these accounts linked so that you
can observe from time to time and see what your ex is doing.

These communication methods Flick also a digital space where you and your
ex, can communicate without actually talking. For example, you can tweet
a simple or write a message such as Facebook. "I moved with my life the
past behind," "I met a wonderful person in the supermarket ... WOW" or

They are very bad ideas.

As a passive-aggressive, or talk to your ex about the media are the
pitfalls to be avoided at all costs. Although it feels good at the time
of publication and emotional support from other members of the network,
which almost always comes back to bite you in the ass. As easy as sending
something, you can also ex. Stand before the nightmare of seeing your ex,
the new lifestyle will be your reality.

The first thing you do is block, not a friend, and quit after your former
All social media platforms. These include removal from the list of chat,
they do not want to be reminded of it every time you

It is quite possible that there   is a network of mutual friends in common
or by the media. The last thing   we need now is a picture of his former
published a photo of a person's   body to see half-dressed. Delete, delete,
you get all the toxic materials   out of sight, and eliminate all forms to
get your way.

The goal is not to go wild and eliminate all of their accounts, which
would only create additional drama. You can also keep some mutual
friends, all for the future. The best strategy is to create a media
blackout. Wait, before you freak out on me to remember this is only
temporary and may return within 30 days. Most if not all social media
accounts to temporarily cancel. Basically what you do is turn it off. You
can always go back and reactivate at a later date.

Once you have all the old media accounts removed and temporarily disable
your bills, you need to clean the phone. Images, texts and their social
networks in other smartphone are still trap the trap, again and again.
Part of the social cleansing is to decouple the media all the versions of
the media on the phone. This usually happens if you deactivate your
account, but to reactivate the temptation to remove all signs and reduce

Online dating has become a part of the reality of each. Maybe your ex met
on an online dating site. Or perhaps your goal is to return to the market
and back into the world of online dating. Until today, or until the time
an issue is discussed in a later chapter, but for now, a word of warning:
If you find your ex online, there is a good chance that their paths would
cross. Only this time the person away from the images it is! Or worse,
you can update your profile is the fact that they are looking for someone
with completely opposite to them. This can be a very painful and
involuntary search of the most difficult to be emotional and sensitive.
So be careful and step lightly. In fact, I encourage you to not return to
this area until you are sure you can handle the battle with his ex are.

Then we went to digital images. Think sexy sent to the bathroom mirror of
your ex? Yes, go to that. All digital images on your phone, and nowhere
else will you have quick access to be eliminated. You do not have to be
removed can be burned to a disc or flash drive and bury them in the
highest levels of the garage. Better yet, find someone you trust for

The next step is to remove the last of the fingerprint of the ex for
existence is to remove all the old saved text into the history file. It
will not be used for the old text, confirms how much you want and how
sexy you are. You do not need that crap. Simply remove the whole story.

The final step is to remove the image of his contact with the old name
and your phone number. This simple measure is very powerful. If I take my
break, which lived read his name ever changed. Every time you call or
text, I remembered how I was and needed to avoid a return to a
malfunction in all circumstances. As time passed and I spent the first 30
days and had developed new habits, which changed its name to the devil.
Now every time she calls or texts, I remember that I lived with her in my
personal hell. These simple reminders set the tone and correct my
thinking. And as we have seen, our thoughts control our actions, habits
and ultimately our lives.

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