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					                              2008 Annual Report

American Humanics®
Preparing Next Generation Nonprofit Leaders
                                Since 1948
                                                                2008 Annual Report
American Humanics
                With bipartisan support, President Barack Obama signed the Serve America
                  Act into law on April 21, 2009. As nonprofit organizations face concurrent
                  increases in demand for services and competition for funding, public service is
                  an essential component of economic recovery. American Humanics has been
                  preparing professionals for public service since 1948, and remains the only
                  national nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, preparing, and
                  certifying the next generation of nonprofit leaders. American Humanics
                  continued to advance its network of academic and nonprofit partners in 2008,
                  securing scholarship funds and drawing attention to the need for strong
                  academic programs in nonprofit leadership and management.

                  Kala M. Stroup                 William H. Bentley
                  President                      Board Chair, American Humanics
                  American Humanics              President & CEO, Voices for America's Children

Organizational Highlights: AHMI
 American Humanics kicked off its 60th Anniversary year with the 2008
 Management/ Leadership Institute (AHMI) in Kansas City, Mo. Presenters
 included Kathy Cloninger, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA and Bob Regnier,
 president & CEO of the Bank of Blue Valley. Kansas City Host Committee
 Co-Chairs Kay Barnes, former mayor of Kansas City, Mo., Don Munce,
 president of NRCCUA, and David Sallee, president of William Jewell College,
 assisted in the planning, organizing, and fundraising for AHMI 2008. Major
 sponsors included Bank of America, Bank of Blue Valley, DST, EMBARQ,
 Hallmark Cards, Inc., Mutual of America, My College Options, Sprint Foundation, State Street
 Corporation, Trozzolo Communications Group, UPS Foundation, and Sunderland Foundation.

 More than 1,000 AHMI 2009 attendees experienced “The Power of Stories: Passion from the inside
 out.” Students, alumni, faculty, nonprofit and corporate leaders shared their stories at AHMI 2009 in
 Indianapolis, In., including Robert Egger, founder & president of DC Central Kitchen, Martha
 Lamkin, former president, CEO & board member of Lumina Foundation for Education, and Willis
 Bright, Jr., director of youth programs for the Lilly Endowment. Dr. Eugene Tempel, president of the
 Indiana Univ. Foundation and former director of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana Univ. and Jim
 Morris, president of Pacers Sports & Entertainment and former executive director for the U.N. World
 Food Programme served as AHMI 2009 Co-Chairs. The Eli Lilly & Company Foundation, Lilly
 Endowment, Mutual of America, Sprint Foundation, Lumina Foundation for Education, and American
 Express Company all played a major role in supporting AHMI 2009 financially.

 The University of Northern Iowa was recognized as the 2008 Sprint Foundation AH Program
 Excellence Award winner at AHMI 08, while William Jewell College received the award in 2009.
 Jane Massey, executive vice president and COO, March of Dimes, received the 2008 Mutual of
 America AH Nonprofit Partner Award and in 2009, Dr. Robert F. Long, former vice president of
 programs for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, received the award.
                                                                                2008 Annual Report
American Humanics
  (Continued) A Call to Serve
  A Call to Serve is held annually in conjunction with the AH Management/ Leadership Institute. This one-day,
  interactive workshop on nonprofit careers is designed for career services professionals, faculty advisors, and others who
  provide career counseling. The 2008 A Call to Serve workshop featured local and national experts who provided an
  overview of the nonprofit sector, the range of career opportunities in it, and concrete strategies to help connect students
  to great first nonprofit jobs. There was a significant jump in participation in the workshop at AHMI
  2009, and AH looks forward to an even higher attendance at AHMI 2010 in Phoenix.

                                                                Nonprofit Internships
  Next Generation Nonprofit Leaders Program (NextGen)
  Underwritten by a generous grant from The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, NextGen is designed to help a
  racially and ethnically diverse group of students with demonstrated leadership potential complete their
  AH certification requirements, specifically the minimum 300-hour nonprofit internship. NextGen
  Leaders earn a scholarship of $4,500 from AH during their internship, along with access to and support
  from a network of nonprofit leaders who serve as Career Coaches. In the 2008 Fiscal Year, NextGen
  Leaders completed 54,600 hours of internship service. To date, over 400 nonprofit organizations have
  hosted NextGen interns, and of the 464 NextGen Leaders recognized thus far, over 43 percent are              NextGen Leader Roni
  students of color.                                                                                          Flakes shares her story
                                                                                                                  at AHMI 2009
  AmeriCorps*ProCorps is an AmeriCorps initiative administered by American Humanics that places AH students and
  alumni in paid AmeriCorps positions as volunteer coordinators and/or at-risk youth workers. AH ProCorps members can
  earn an AmeriCorps Education Award of up to $4,725, and organizations that serve as Host Sites for AH ProCorps
  members can benefit from the opportunity to employ AH students and alumni with the passion, skills and knowledge to
  work in the nonprofit sector. 952 AH students and graduates have served as AmeriCorps members through the ProCorps
  program, totaling over 553,000 hours of service to their communities.

                   Stationed at one of the five AmeriCorps*NCCC campuses in Colorado, California, Maryland,
                   Mississippi, and Iowa, *NCCC members spend much of their ten-month term of service working with
                   nonprofit organizations across the country. Because their experience is closely linked to the AH
                   internship and certification competencies, *NCCC alumni have already met most of the requirements for
                   American Humanics certification in nonprofit management and leadership. The AH certification
                   program is available to about 1,000 *NCCC alumni each year. In 2008, 52 *NCCC alumni were
                   registered with AH; that number has more than doubled already in 2009. AH is developing additional
                   partnerships to ensure that all AmeriCorps members have opportunity to earn AH certification.

The Nonprofit Career Guide
  In the spring of 2008, American Humanics released its newest resource, The Nonprofit Career Guide: How to land a job
  that makes a difference. Earning a silver medal in the business/career category of the 2009 Independent Publisher Book
  Awards, the Career Guide has received favorable reviews in a variety of circles within the nonprofit sector, including
  peer reviews in the journal of the National Association of Academic Advisors. The Nonprofit Career Guide remains
  among publisher Fieldstone Alliance’s top three sellers, a testament to the book’s popularity and longevity.

  Today the American Humanics program is offered on 65 colleges and universities nationwide. AH also partners with 70
  national nonprofit organizations that help educate and hire American Humanics graduates to work in their local agencies.
  There were 3,392 college students enrolled in American Humanics programs during the 2007-2008 academic year. Over
  35% of these students are self-identified as minorities. ■
                                                                                 2008 Annual Report
American Humanics
Financial Statement (for year ending June 30)
                   BALANCE SHEET                                              STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES
 Assets                                 2007          2008    Public support & revenues                  2007              2008
 Cash & cash equivalents          $ 2,003,978   $ 1,539,261   Contributions                        $ 1,248,636         $ 428,713
 Investments                        4,322,456     4,583,338   Kellogg grant                                  -         1,015,000
 Receivables                          206,806        82,954   AHMI registration fees                   222,365           208,195
 Prepaid expenses &
                                       9,453        10,591    Academic affiliate fees                  464,000           481,000
 other assets
 Beneficial interest in                                       Nonprofit membership fees                 62,500            64,000
                                     195,414       192,289
 perpetual trust                                              AmeriCorps*ProCorps grant                 85,500           150,000
 Loans to students                    22,302         7,989
                                                              Net investment income                    203,477           230,779
 Equipment, less
                                       9,425         2,202    Other income                               2,060            11,911
 Total assets                      6,769,834     6,418,624    Net gain on sale of investments          231,758           225,597
                                                              Net gain (loss) on investments           308,336          (508,343)
 Liabilities & Net Assets               2007          2008    Total public support & revenues        2,828,632         2,307,763
 Accounts payable                    345,589       479,802    Program services                           2007              2008
 Accrued expenses                          -             -    National office operations               200,170           119,176
 Deferred revenue                    120,000        68,000    Campus expansion                          46,928            72,413
 Total liabilities                   465,589       547,802    Academic partnerships                    355,747           382,083
 Net Assets                                                   AmeriCorps*ProCorps grant                108,508           162,806
 Total unrestricted                  199,160     1,942,210    Development & communications             192,392           175,255
 Temporarily restricted            1,914,362     1,732,157    Nonprofit partnerships                    65,595            67,870
 Permanently restricted            2,399,723     2,196,455    Initiative for Nonprofit Careers         188,998           254,921
 Total net assets                   6,304,245     5,870,822   AHMI                                     486,267           524,947
 Total liabilities & net assets   $ 6,769,834   $ 6,418,624   NextGen scholarships awarded             450,685           940,236
                                                              Other scholarships awarded                16,000            18,750
                                                              Other                                     30,485            21,818
                                                              Total program services                 2,141,775         2,740,275
 2008 & 2009: $2.65 Million Direct Benefit to
               AH Campuses                                    Change in net assets                       2007               2008
                                                              Unrestricted net assets                   18,272           (47,950)
                                                              Temporarily restricted net assets        352,875          (182,205)
                                                              Permanently restr. net assets            315,710          (203,268)
                                                              Net assets - beginning of year         5,617,388          6,304,245
                                                              Net assets - end of year             $ 6,304,245        $ 5,870,822

                                                                       Charity Navigator gave American Humanics a 4-Star
                                                                      Rating out of a possible four stars indicating that AH is
                                                                          effective and efficient in managing its finances.

                 American Humanics, Inc. • 1100 Walnut Street, Suite 1900 • Kansas City, MO 64106
                                  561-                   531-
                            (816) 561 - 6415 • Fax (816) 531 - 3527 • www.humanics.org
Financial Partners                                                          2008 Annual Report
The individuals and organizations listed below are financial partners of American Humanics, helping to insure that the or-
ganization has adequate resources to maintain its position at the forefront of nonprofit management and leadership education.
This list reflects contributions received during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008.
AH Alumni                       Elizabeth Cryer                Corporations and                Rockhurst Univ.
Richard D. Ball                 Robert R. Cryer                    Foundations                 Ronald McDonald House
Catherine Barry                 Robert A. Cunningham           American Century Foundation     Rositzky Trust
Donald F. Blacker               Constantine W. Curris          American Express                RubinBrown
Carl C. Christensen             Norman A. Dolch                American Red Cross of Greater   Saint Luke's Health System
William and Barbara Christian   Michelle Davis                     Kansas City                 Sprint Foundation
Jack F. Clarke                  John Dillingham                Bank of America                 State Street
Michael Cruz                    Matt Dunne                     Boy Scouts of America           Sunderland Foundation
Robert J. Dyer                  Al Falcone                     Camp Fire USA                   Ten Ten Foundation
O. Dan Ferguson                 Mrs. Andy L. Fordemwalt        The Chronicle of Philanthropy   Tomcinoh Fund of The Greater
Richard J. Feura                Vernon Gantt                   Jeannette and Jerome Cohen         Cincinnati Foundation
Carl F. Gott                    Ken Gladish                        Foundation                  Trozzolo Communications
Donald R. Hall                  George M. Goldman              Commongood Careers                 Group
Phil Hanson                     Peggy Gordon Miller            DST Systems, Inc.               Truman Heartland Community
Linda Hartel +                  Sheryl Guffey                  Dunn Construction Company          Foundation
Gary L. Hemby                   Don & Adele Hall               Embarq                          UMB Bank
Randy J. Hermance               Matt A. Jendian                Frueauff Foundation, Inc.       Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City
Marshall W. Hollingsworth       Cindy Jones                    Fund for American Studies       The UPS Foundation
Gordon L. Imlay                 Jack Kosakowski                Gach Consulting Services        Westin Crown Center
Kent D. Knee                    Suzanne Luke                   Girl Scouts of the USA          Willamette Univ.
Carol Koelle                    Mary Rose Main                 The Hall Family Foundation      William Jewell College
Carl Leukefeld                  Jane Massey                    Hallmark Cards, Inc.            YMCA of Greater Kansas City
Velma Richards Lindsay          Lori McQueen & Ron Mott        Hartsook Companies
William Massoth                 David Mercer                   Harvesters                      Academic Affiliates
Robert F. Meinholtz             Don Munce                      Heart of America Council –      Arizona State Univ.
Philip E. Melberg               Ben Nemenoff                       Boy Scouts of America       Auburn Univ. at Montgomery
Walter E. Pearson               James G. Nussbaum              James A. Macdonald              Baruch College
James L. Roberts                William F. O'Boyle                 Foundation                  California State Univ., Fresno
Anthony F. Shop                 John Pardee                    Jeffrey P. Reich Family         Claflin Univ.
Dennis C. Spellmann +           James H. Pendleton                 Foundation                  Coppin State College
Clyde M. Strassner              Joseph Pereles                 Jewish Heritage Foundation      Eastern Connecticut State
Richard A. Szymanski            William Pollard                Kansas City Power & Light          Univ.
Dean E. Tooley                  Richard M. Potter                  Company                     Eastern Michigan Univ.
David A. Wharff                 Thomas M. Powers               KPMG                            Georgia College & State Univ.
Chandra Williams                Fred & Shirley Pryor           Learning for Life               Georgia State Univ.
David H. Williams               David & Jane Ross*             Lilly Endowment, Inc.           Grand Valley State Univ.
Quincy B. Williams              Wade D. Rubick                 Lumina Foundation               High Point Univ.
                                Frank D. Rugo                  Midwest Airlines                Howard Univ.
Friends of AH (Including        David & Mary Sallee            Miller Nichols Charitable       Indiana State Univ.
Board and Trustees)             Jimmie T. Stark                    Foundation                  Indiana Univ.-Purdue Univ.
Kirk & Jean Alliman             Michael Stern                  Missouri Valley College            Indianapolis
John D. Armstrong               SueAnn Strom                   My College Options              Indiana Univ. at Bloomington
Kay Barnes                      Kala M. Stroup                 Mutual of America               Kansas State Univ.
Stephen Bauer                   Norman & Darlene Swails*       National Association of         Kennesaw State Univ.
Bill Bentley                    Linda Hood Talbott                 Intercollegiate Athletics   Lakeland College
Walter J. Bublitz               James L. Tarr                  Office Team                     LeMoyne-Owen College
John Budd                       Sandy Taylor                   Douglas & Marian Pardee         Lindenwood Univ.
George F. Cahill                Phyllis Wallace                    Foundation                  Louisiana State Univ. in
James Carr                      Roger Weis                     Hoyt & Viorica Pardee              Shreveport
Jack F. Clarke                  John D. Welty                      Foundation                  Maryville College
Kathy Cloninger                 Michael H. Woods               People to People, Inc.          Missouri Valley College
Halsey D. Cory                  Brad Ziegler                   L.E. Phillips Family            Murray State Univ.
C. Richard Cryer                                                   Foundation                  North Park Univ.
C. Michelle Cryer                                              Victor & Helen Regnier Fund     Pepperdine Univ.
Financial Partners continued
Robert Morris Univ.             Feeding America                 Compasspoint Nonprofit              Nonprofit Research
Rockhurst Univ.                 Girl Scouts                         Services                      UPS Foundation
San Francisco State Univ.       Girls Inc.                      Congressional Hispanic            Voices for America's Children
San Jose State Univ.            Guidestar                           Caucus Institute              Volunteers of America
Savannah State Univ.            Humane Society of the US        Echoing Green                     YMCA of the USA
Seton Hall Univ.                Jr. Achievement Worldwide       Emerging Practitioners in         Young Nonprofit Professionals
Slippery Rock Univ.             March of Dimes                      Philanthropy                    Network
South Dakota State Univ.        National 4-H Council            Feeding America
Southern Adventist Univ.        National Lung Association of    Freeman Philanthropic             The Legacy Society
Southern Oregon Univ.               the Central States              Services                      The Legacy Society recognizes
Stephens College                National Urban League           Girl Scouts                       individuals and families who
SUNY College at Buffalo         HandsOn Network                 Girls Inc.                        have made commitments to
Tennessee State Univ.           United Way of America           Grand Valley State Univ.,         American Humanics in their
The Univ. of Memphis            Volunteers of America               Center for Philanthropy and   estate plans. These gifts create
The Univ. of Montana            YMCA of the USA                     Nonprofit Leadership          a financial base that helps
Univ. of Arkansas at Little                                     Guidestar                         ensure the future and
    Rock                        Nonprofit Workforce             Humane Society of the US          continuing success of the AH
Univ. of Baltimore              Coalition                       Independent Sector                nonprofit leadership &
Univ. of Central Florida        Action Without Borders/         Jr. Achievement Worldwide         management programs.
Univ. of Houston                   Idealist.org                 Kellogg Foundation                Kirk & Jean Alliman
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City   African American Nonprofit      Learning for Life                 Miss Evelyn V. Andrade+
Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha         Network                      Louisiana State Univ. in          John D. Armstrong
Univ. of North Dakota           Alliance for Nonprofit              Shreveport, Institute for     James Baranowski*
Univ. of North Texas               Management                       Human Services and Public     Alex L. Calderon*
Univ. of Northern Iowa          American Association of State       Policy                        James Chandler
Univ. of Oklahoma                  Colleges and Universities    March of Dimes                    Marilyn J. Collmer*
Univ. of San Diego              American Express                National 4-H Council              Larry Coppock
Univ. of South Carolina         American Lung Association of National Council of Nonprofits       W.R. Cumerford +
    Upstate                        the Central States           National Human Services           Constantine W. Curris
Univ. of Southern Mississippi   American Red Cross                  Assembly / National           Robert L. Denlinger*
Univ. of Texas at San Antonio   AmeriCorps/ Corporation for         Collaboration for Youth       William & Margaret Eck*
Univ. of the District of           National and Community       National Research Center for      Andy+ & Florence Fordemwalt
    Columbia                       Service                          College and Univ.             Bettie Hall
Western Illinois Univ.          Annie E. Casey Foundation           Admissions                    W. Patrick Haun*
Western Kentucky Univ.          Arizona State Univ., Center for National Urban League             Andrew M. Hoffman*
Western Michigan Univ.             Nonprofit Leadership &       Nonprofit HR Solutions            Rosalind Kephart
William Jewell College             Management                   OpportunityKnocks                 James M. Lipscomb II*
Winston-Salem State Univ.       Association for Research on     Points of Light Foundation &      Marvin & Dina Lowe
Wright State Univ.                 Nonprofit Organizations          Volunteer Center National     Edward E. McArthur*
Xavier Univ. of Louisiana          and Voluntary Actions            Network                       Philip E. Melberg*
Youngstown State Univ.          Association of Fundraising      Project on Student Debt           David & Joyce Mercer
AmeriCorps*NCCC Campuses           Professionals                Public Allies                     Tammy L. Moloy*
Sacramento, CA                  Axelson Center for Nonprofit RFK Children's Action Corps          James & Helen Nussbaum
Denver, CO                         Management, North Park       Robert Morris Univ., Bayer        Barbara J. Pendleton +
Vinton, IA                         Univ.                            Center for Nonprofit          James & Carol Pendleton
Perry Point, MD                 Baruch College Center for           Management                    Terrance F. Pointer*
Hattiesburg, MS                    Nonprofit Strategy and       The Arc of the USA                Catherine & Earnest Price+
                                   Management                   The Bridgespan Group              Harvey Price +
National Nonprofit Partners     Big Brothers Big Sisters of     The Center on Philanthropy at     Joseph B. Quick +
American Red Cross                 America                          Indiana Univ.                 Simon & Monya Rositzky+
AmeriCorps/ Corporation for     Boy Scouts of America           Transition Guides                 Frank Rugo
   National & Community         Boys & Girls Clubs of           United Way of America             Dennis+ & Sue Spellmann*
   Service                         America                      Univ. of Connecticut              Norman & Darleen Swails*
Big Brothers Big Sisters of     Building Movement Project       Univ. of Missouri - Kansas        Jimmy Bartle Taylor +
   America                      Camp Fire USA                       City, Midwest Center for      Sandy Taylor
Boy Scouts of America           Center for Community Change         Nonprofit Leadership          Walter & Suzanne Weaver*
Camp Adventure                  Child Welfare League            Univ. of San Diego Caster         David F. Wooledge*
Camp Fire USA                   Commongood Careers                  Family Center for                 * AH Alum +Deceased