Bottom Up Generation of Core and Related Concepts in the Ontology

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					          Bottom Up Generation of Core and Related Concepts in the Ontology Domain

This exercise is a proof of concept for one dimension in the Ontolog ontology. The methodology is
described below. The concept lists is presented started on page two. Concepts are presented in simple
alphabetical format.

    o   Began working with content from the Ontolog wiki – selective representation from the content
        inventory for proof of concept
    o   Ran concept extraction for noun phrases against the test corpus of about 150 objects
    o   Generated raw list of about 17,000 concepts
    o   Reviewed the raw list of concepts – applied standard filter to remove low-value term (stop word list
    o   Identified logical groupings of concepts and defined a set of domain classes
    o   Reviewed the set of classes for (1) core classes and (2) related classes
    o   Returned to the list and identified/validated core concepts and related concepts
    o   Assigned the concepts to the classes
    o   Built categorization profile for classes using concepts

Preliminary list of core and related classes is presented in Attachment #2 below.

Sample list of associated core concepts is presented in Attachment #3 below.
abbreviation list                      academic initiatives                  accurate interchange
abbreviations                          academic institutions                 information
abbreviations in concept               academic life                         accurate internal
names                                  academic network                      representation
abnormality detection                  academic papers                       Acoustic Model Combinations
absolutes                              academic participants                 Acquisition Task Adaptation
abstract base class                    academic partners                     acronyms
abstract Business Component            acceleration of knowledge             action descriptions
abstract categories                    diffusion                             actionable input
abstract class                         access management                     actionable models
abstract classes                       access management policy              actionable semantics
abstract concept                       access mechanisms                     actions
abstract concepts                      access patterns                       Active Content Technologies
abstract entity                        access requirements                   Council
abstract framework                     access to data assets                 Active Preference Learning
abstract information                   access to healthcare                  Active research
abstract keys                          information                           Active Use
abstract level                         Access to Resources                   active user community
abstract mapping layer                 accessible infrastructure             activities
abstract model                         accessible registry                   activity
abstract model concept                 account                               Activity Diagram
abstract models                        Account Executive                     Activity recognition
abstract nature                        Account with Account Owner            Activity Report
abstract specification                 accountability                        activity reports
abstract specification of              Accountability Act                    Activity Statement
commitments                            accountable standards                 actor
abstract syntax                        Accounting Domain Ontology            actualization
abstract type Template                 Accounting Information                Actualization Phase
abstraction layer                      Systems                               acute care hospitals
abstractions                           Accounting Office                     acute care settings
academic discipline                    accurate exchange of                  adaptation
academic disciplines                   information                           Adaptive Adversary
Adaptive Algorithms             Aerospace Parts                  Agreement in Figure
adaptive capabilities           aerospace research               Agreement Partner
Adaptive Cognitive Orthotics    aesthetics                       Agreement Regulator
Adaptive Information            Affinity Domain                  Agreement Specification
adaptive interoperability       affordable solution              Agreement Type
Address Book                    agency analysis                  Agreements
Address Dictionary              agency data management           AI/Expert Systems
address directory               agency deal                      aids
Address entity                  agency enterprise architecture   Air Base
address ids                     agency executives                Air Operations
Address Line                    agency fund innovation           Air Operations Center
address lines                   agency goals                     Air Operations Database
address mapping                 agency information               Air Traffic Control airspace
Address Representation term     Agency Level of Detail           Air Transport Association
Address security                Agency Name                      air travel
Address Type                    agency-by-agency view            air-traffic control messaging
Address Type Code               agenda item                      Aircraft Equipment
administrative data             agenda items                     aircraft Industry specific
administrative entities         Agent                            aircraft part
administrative ontology         Agent Framework                  Aircraft Registration Number
administrative organizations    Agent Logic                      airline customer plus
Administrative Simplification   Agent Markup Language            Airline Hubs
administrative terminologies    Agent of Technology              airline industry
administrator                   Agent Program Phase              airspace
admissible message              Agent Programming                airspace categories
Adobe applications              agent systems                    airspace category
Adobe Reader                    Agent Technology                 airspace class
Adobe Systems                   Agent Type                       airspace control
adoption of ontologies          Aggregate Business               Airspace Control identification
adoption of standards           Information                      number
adoption Safe                   Aggregate Business               Airspace Control Order
adoption time                   Information Entities             airspace control order
advanced biomedical             Aggregate Business               identification number
ontologies                      Information Entity               airspace data
Advanced Computer               Aggregate Core Component         airspace database
Advanced Ideas                  Aggregate Core Components        airspace information
advanced information                                             airspace information being
technology                      aggregate data                   airspace mission operations
                                Aggregate Data Element           airspace name
advanced learning systems       aggregate information entities   airspace ontologies
advanced mechanisms             aggregate information entity     airspace ontology
Advanced Research               aggregates                       airspace shape
adverse reactions               Aggregation conflict             airspace type
Advertising Data                aggregation link                 airspace usages
Advised Shipping                aggregation of data              Algorithm Testing Service
advisory board                  aggregation of information       algorithmic transformation
advisory messages               resources                        algorithms
Advisory Systems                aggregation relation             Alpha Code
advocacy                        aggregations                     Alpha Code Semantics
Aerospace industry              Agile Framework                  Alpha versions
Aerospace Manufacturing         agility                          alphabetical display
Procurement                     agreed understanding             alphabetical keys
Aerospace Operations            agreement                        alphabetical list
alphanumeric characters         annotation of web pages          applied research
alternate expressions           annotations                      approval process
Alternate Methods               annotator                        arbitrary attributes
Alternative communication       annual medical records           Arbitrary Boolean
alternative definitions         answer                           combinations
alternative Scenarios           answers                          Arbitrary Relations
alternative tasks               anthropological problem          arbitrary structure
alternative ways                antonym typing                   archetypal solution
alternative work sharing        antonyms                         archetypes
amateur hobbyist                Apache Tomcat web server         architects
ambient noise                   Apache web server                architectural artifacts
ambiguity                       Application Architecture         architectural concept
ambiguous human languages       application area                 architectural design
ambiguous natural language      application capabilities         architectural diagrams
ambulatory care                 application centric              architectural efforts
ambulatory care facilities      perspectives                     architectural foundation for
ambulatory care respondents     application characteristics      data
ambulatory care system          application code                 architectural framework
amendments                      application developer            architectural issues
American Accounting             application development          architectural paradigm
Association                     application discovery            architectural pattern
American Association            application environment          architectural patterns
American health                 application function             Architectural Plans
American Health Information     application guidance             architectural principles
Committee                       application integration          architectural representation
American National Standards     application integration          architectural terms
American Pathologists           situation                        architectural views
American Science Institute of   application interoperability     architecture
Technology                      application message layer        Architecture & Infrastructure
analysis                        application of context to data   Committee
analysis of business            application ontologies           Architecture alignment
information                     application processing           architecture artifacts
analysis of problems            application program              Architecture environment
analysis techniques             application program interface    architecture frameworks
analysis work                   application program logic        architecture model
analyst access                  application programming          Architecture Query Manager
analysts                        interface                        Architecture Reference Model
analytic framework              application programming          Architecture Reference Model
analytic output                 interfaces                       Technical Committee
analytic studies                application scope                Architecture Service Layers
analytic tasks                  application semantics            Architecture Task Registry
analytic tools                  application servers              architectures
analytical brief                application systems              Archival Description
analytical databases            application-to-application       archival publications
analytical instruments          systems                          Archive
analytical model                applications                     Archive system
analytical predictions          applications development         Area of interest
analytical quadrants            applications of context          area of knowledge
anatomy ontologies              applications program interface   area of knowledge
                                application_context_element      representation
animate systems                 applied ontology                 area of responsibility
annotating                      Applied Ontology National        areas Goal
annotation                      Center                           areas of application
areas of data sharing             Association                    Attribute Value Typology
areas of expertise                association above              Numeric
areas of interest                 Association Business Entity    attribute values
areas of process                  Association Business           attributes
argument                          Information Entities           attributes of core components
arguments                         Association Business           Attributes Relationships
arguments other                   Information Entity             audience
armed forces                      Association Core Component     Audience Participation
Army CIO                          Association Core Component     Audiences
Army CIO Office                   Property term                  audit
Army Communications               Association Core Components    audit trial
Army Ground System                Association Core Components    Auditorium
Army Knowledge Management         Dictionary entry               Augmentation Approach
Conference                        Association id                 Augmentation Systems
Army Training                     Association instances          Framework
array                             Association Logic              Australian article
array data                        Association Type               authentication
arrays                            associations                   authentication by passwords
Articulate Software               Associations between           Author of Service Orient
artifact                          associations                   Authoritative Communities of
artifact utilization              associations between items     Practice
artifact-producing meetings       Associations between Object    authoritative data assets
artifacts                         Classes                        authoritative sources
Artificial addresses              associations between objects   Authoritativeness
Artificial Agent                  associations for objects       Authority Control
Artificial Intelligence           associative capabilities       authorization
Artificial Intelligence           associative data techniques    authorized data
Disciplines                       associative information        authorized users Semi
Artificial Intelligence Experts   associative relationships      authors
System Council                    associative structure          authors state
artificial language               assumptions                    autographic music
ASCII document                    Astronomical Instrument        automatic fashion
Assembler Utility                 Markup Language                automatic handling
assemblies of aggregates          Astronomical Markup            automatic identification
assembling Message                Language                       automatic import
Definitions                       Asymmetrical Binary            Automatic induction
assembly construct                Associations                   automatic processing
Assembly plant                    Asynchronous Communication     automatic reasoning
assembly specification            Performance                    Automatic Segmentation of
assertion block                   asynchronous platform          Tables
Assertion instance                atomic form of data            automatic storage
assertions                        atomic vocabulary              automation metrics
asset                             components                     automation opportunities
assignment of tags                Attribute Certificate          automobile-for-money
assistance of tools               attribute description          exchanges
assistance to domain experts      attribute extensions           autonomic information
Assistant Secretaries             Attribute Graph                Autonomous Driving
Assistant Secretary of Defense    attribute list declarations    Autonomous Navigation
for Networks                      Attribute Name                 System
Associate Director for            Attribute semantics            autonomous ontologies
Information Technology            attribute specification data   autonomous system
Associate Professor of            attribute Template             autonomous system sensing
Pathology                         Attribute value integrity      capabilities
Autonomous Systems             beneficial use                  biomedical terminologies
autonomous vehicle             beneficiary                     biomedical terminology
auxiliary data                 beneficiary portal              bit algorithm format
avian flu                      benefit                         bit character set
Aviation Authority             benefits for society            representation
Axiom Encoding                 benefits of ontologies          Biz Process
axiom schema of replacement    benefits of ontology mapping    blocks of text
axiom-defining capability      benefits of ontology matching   blueprints
Axiomatic Frame                benefits of ontology tools      body of information
axiomatic restriction                                          body of knowledge
axiomatic restrictions         benefits of reuse               body of work
axiomatic set theory           best practice                   Body Substance
Axiomatic systems              best practices                  book suppliers
axioms                         best practices committee        books
axioms Impedance               best practices committees       Boolean
Axioms Inference               beta spreadsheet                Boolean Combinations
axis invocation                beta spreadsheets               Boolean data
axis-place                     bibliographic catalogs          Boolean logic
back stage provider            bibliographic data              Bootstrap concepts
back-office systems            Bibliographic information       Bootstrap Vision
back-office‖ systems           bibliographical references      border constructions
backbone taxonomy              bibliography Exchange           border value
Backbone Taxonomy              Package                         borders
Assumption                     bidirectional translation       Bottom Up Strategy
background noise               bidirectional translator        breadboard validation
Base Names                     bilateral collaboration         brittle connective mechanisms
base protocols                 binary associations             Broadcast Hypertext Markup
baseline components            Binary Object                   Language
baseline version               Binary Object Character set     broader terms
Basic Attributes               binary predicate                brokers
basic classification           binary relation                 browse problems
Basic Classification           binary relations                browser views
Mechanisms                     binary values                   browsers
Basic Classification           binding points                  browsing
Mechanisms Classification      Binding Specification           bug fixing
basic classification methods   Translation Memory              Build definition
Basic Core Component           bio-ontologies                  Build-To-Order
Basic Core Components          Bio-Pathway ontologies          building identification
basic data elements            Biologic Function               business activities
basic entities                 biological findings             business actor
Basic Exchange Ontology        biological information          Business Actors
Basic knowledge                biological results              Business Administration
representation                 biological sciences             business agreements
basic ontological options      biological taxonomy             business analysis
basic premises                 Biomedical Communications       business applications
basic principles               biomedical decision support     business architecture
basic rule                     Biomedical Engineering in       Business Area
basic rules                    Pathology                       business area data views
basic semantics                Biomedical Library Review       business areas
basis for ontologies           Committee                       Business Associations
basis of interoperability      Biomedical literature           business capability
battle command map             biomedical ontologies           business capability growth
Bearing Point                  biomedical ontology             Business Case
business case justification       business equivalent             Business Object Information
process                           Business Event                  Content
Business Case Strategy            Business Events                 Business Object State
business cases                    business experts                business objective
Business Center                   business failure                business objectives
business challenges               business focus areas            Business Objects
Business characteristics          Business Framework              business ontologies
business collaboration            business function               business ontology
business collaboration            Business Function               Business Ontology
framework                         Categorization                  Management
business collaboration process    business functions              business operations
Business Collaboration            business fund university        business opportunities
Protocol                          business improvement            business organization
business collaboration protocol   Business incubators             business outcomes
activity                          business information            business owners
business collaborations           Business Information Analysis   Business Pattern Recognition
business communication            Overview                        Business Patterns
Business Communications           Business Information Context    Business Performance
business communities              Business Information Entities   Transformation
business community                Business Information Entity     Business Plan Taxonomies
Business Component                business information            Business Plans
Business Component                interoperability                business policy enforcement
corresponding                     Business Information Model      business practices
Business Components               Business information objects    business problem
business content                  business information            business problems
business context                  requirements                    business process
business contexts                 business information system     business process automation
business data                     business information systems    business process construct
business data entity attributes   Business Integration            business process definitions
business dialogue                 business intelligence           business process documents
business document                 business interactions           business process experts
business document design          business language               Business process
Business documents                business language standard      independence
Business Documents Examples       Business Lead Processes         Business Process indicators
business domain                   Business Line Focus             Business Process Modeling
Business Domain Ontology          Business Linkage                Business process modelling
Business Domain                   Business Location Link          Business Process Modelling
requirements                      business logic                  material
Business Domain View              Business Logic Technical        Business Process Phase
business domains                  Reference Model                 Candidate
business drive                    Business Logistics System       Business process
Business Driver                   Node                            reengineering
Business efficiency               business managers               business process repositories
Business Element                  business meaning                Business Process Role
Business Elements                 business message                business process semantics
Business Enterprises              Business Messages               business process tools
Business Entities                 business model                  business processes
                                  Business modelling              business properties
Business Entity                   business need                   business proposals
Business Entity Model             business needs                  Business Purpose
Business Entity properties        Business Object                 Business Reference Model
Business Entity States            business object connections     Business Reference Model
business environments                                             form
business relationship           business transformation       Capabilities Assessment
business relationship aspects   business unit                 capabilities in information
Business Reporting              business units                technology
business requirement            Business Use Case             Capabilities Manager
Business Requirements           business use services         Capabilities Manager Ontology
Business Resources              Business users                Model
business result                 Business Value                capabilities Market transition
Business Review                 Business Value Chain          capability
Business Role                   business value of ontology    Capability Example
Business Role diagram           business value of ontology    capability helps
Business Role participating     strategies                    Capability Purpose
Business Roles                  business value proposition    Stakeholders
Business Rule                   business vocabularies         capability transfer
business rule analysis          business vocabulary           capable tools
Business Rule Policies          business-specific modelling   Capacity Planning
business rules                  Business-to-Business          capital equipments industry
business scenario               Business-to-Business          capital investments
Business Scenario scope         Integration                   capital letter
document                        businesses                    capture knowledge
business scenarios              Cabinet level position        care
business scope documentation    calculated check sum digit    care providers
business semantics              calculated data               care-delivery entities
business service                Calculation price             career
Business Service View           calendar                      career opportunities
Business Services Slide Model   Calendar Assistant            cars
business signal                 Calendar Assistants           case of functions
business situations             Calendar Entry                case studies
Business Standardization        calendar expression           Case Study
Business Standards              Calendar Scheduling Agent     Case Tool Registries
business standpoint             Calendar Scheduling           Case Tool Repository
Business Strategist             Assistance                    Case-Base
business strategy               Calendar Scheduling           case-by-case basis
Business success                Assistants                    Catalog of Business Processes
Business System Model           Call center convergence       Catalog of Common Business
Business systems                call center responses         Processes
business taxonomies             Call Centers                  catalog publisher
business taxonomy               Call for Proposal             catalogs
business term                   Call Policy Markup Language   Catalogue of Core
business term name              Call Processing Language      Components
business term object class      Call to Action On July        catalyst
Business Term Object Class      calls                         Categorical structures
Qualifier                       cancer biology                categories
business terms                  Candidate Events              categories of core components
Business to Business            Candidate Recommendation      categories of elements
transactions                    candidate targets             categories of information
Business to Consumer            candidate upper ontologies    categories of photos
transactions                    canned queries                categorization
business transaction            canonical example             categorization capability
Business Transaction Activity   Canonical models              categorization of data
Business Transaction Activity   Canonical Models Software     categorization of government
Diagram                         Vendors                       information
Business Transaction View       canonical representation      categorization of information
Business Transactions           capabilities                  categorization rule
categorization scheme            Chief Enterprise Architect   class restrictions
categorization technology        Chief Scientist              Class Scheme
category                         child classes                class Sensor
category authentication          child elements               class specifications
category mapping                 child nodes                  class structure
category name                    child topic                  class term
causal chains                    children                     Class View
causal constraint                Choice Sets                  class window
causative agent                  chosen standards             Class windows
cconcept definition              CIO Council                  class-level relations
Centers for Disease Control      CIO Governance               classes
central repository               CIO Office                   classes of employees
central set of semantics         CIO Showcase of Excellence   Classical formulation
centrally understood             CIO team                     Classical Logics
semantics                        Citizen                      classification
Cerebra                          citizen access               Classification Formality
Cerebra client                   citizen e-Government         classification frameworks
Cerebra Client Design            citizen-centric government   Classification Hierarchies
Cerebra inference engine         claim form                   Classification Hierarchy
Cerebra Server                   Claims ontology              Classification instances
Cerebra Server application       clarification                classification mechanism
programming interface            clarity                      classification methods
Cerebra Server inference         class                        Classification Node
engine                           class changes                Classification Node tree
Cerebra Server version           class context                Classification Nodes
Certificate profile              Class Data                   Classification of Concepts
Certification Implementation     Class Definition             classification of data
Group                            Class Diagram                classification of diseases
certification of ontologies      class diagram with           classification of information
certification process            associations                 classification of information
chain of command                 Class Diagrams               entities
chain of people                  class elements               Classification of Meetings
change mechanisms                class expressions            Classification Organization
change operation                 Class Extraction             classification problem
Channel Definition Format        class hierarchies            classification restrictions
Chaos Study                      class hierarchy              classification scheme
chaos theory                     Class hierarchy taxonomies   Classification Simulation
Chapter Organization             class instances              classification system
character                        Class Intersection           classification systems
Character Code                   class Location               classifications
character sets                   class model                  Classifications Code List
character string                 class models                 classifications of illness
characteristics                  Class name                   Classifier
characteristics of information   Class names                  classifying
characteristics of objects       class of activity reports    Client Application
characters                       Class of Business            client applications
cheat sheet                      Class of Business Process    Client demand
Check digit                      class of data                client intensive
chemical domain ontologies       class of documents           client interface
Chief Architect                  class of Quantities          client presentations
Chief Architects                 class of relations           client productivity
Chief Architects Forum           class of text                Client Service Executive
chief beneficiary                class operators              client software
clients resources                Code Associations                Collaboration Partner
clinical accountability          code content                     Collaboration Partner
Clinical Affinity Domain         Code Index                       Agreement
Support                          Code List                        Collaboration Partner Profile
clinical affinity domains        Code List Agency                 Collaboration Partner Profile
clinical applications            Code List Agency Identifier      System
clinical care                    String                           collaboration partners
Clinical data                    Code List Agency Name            collaboration principles
clinical decision support        Code List Agency Name Text       collaboration space
Clinical Document Architecture   String                           collaboration specifications
clinical document sharing form   Code List Agency Scheme          collaboration support
clinical documents               Identifier String                collaboration technologies
Clinical Domain                  Code List Identification         collaboration tool
Clinical Domain Ontologies       Identifier String                collaboration tools
Clinical drugs                   Code List Name Text String       Collaboration-Protocol Profile
clinical efficiency              Code List Schema                 collaborative activities
clinical guidelines              code list scheme                 collaborative activity
clinical health information      Code List Version                collaborative agents
exchange                         Code List Version Identifier     collaborative business system
clinical information             String                           collaborative capabilities
clinical information systems     code maintenance                 collaborative capacity
clinical laboratory              Code Measure                     collaborative developments
clinical management              Code Quantity                    collaborative effort
clinical management              code systems                     Collaborative Expedition
infrastructure                   Code Text Associations           Workshop
clinical modification            code time                        Collaborative Expedition
Clinical Pathology               Code Value List                  Workshops
clinical practice                code values                      collaborative futures
Clinical Practice Centers        Code-Use                         collaborative inquiry
clinical practice guidelines     codes                            Collaborative Knowledge
clinical practitioners           Codes for Traffic Accidents      Gardening
clinical providers               codification                     collaborative management
clinical record architecture     Cognitive Agents                 collaborative ontologies
Clinical repositories            Cognitive Assistance             collaborative ontology
clinical research data           Cognitive Assistant              development
clinical specialty               Cognitive Engineering            collaborative ontology
clinical systems                 Cognitive Load                   development environment
clinical trial                   Cognitive Schema                 collaborative ontology
Clinical Trials                  cognitive science                development infrastructure
clinical vocabularies            Cognitive Science Economics      Collaborative Ontology
clinical workstation             cognitive sciences               Development Registry
applications                     Cold Fusion Markup Language      collaborative ontology
clinical workstations            collaboration                    development service
clinician operating capacity     collaboration among scientists   Collaborative Ontology
close proximity                  Collaboration Business Process   Development Service &
closed systems                   Collaboration Business           Infrastructure
Cluster Categories               Transaction                      Collaborative Ontology
Cluster view of properties       collaboration capabilities       Visualization
Clustering                       collaboration diagram            Collaborative Personal
Clusters                         Collaboration in Communities     Assistant
clusters of items                collaboration model              Collaborative potential
cmputer literacy                 collaboration models             collaborative practice
Coarse Grain elements            Collaboration Ontology           collaborative practice domain
collaborative practice domain   commercial information        Common Logic
ontology development            system                        common modeling pitfalls
collaborative process           Commercial Integration
Collaborative Product           Commercial modeling tools     common ontologies
Development                     commercial opportunity        common ontology
collaborative project           commercial organizations      Common Operating
collaborative projects          commercial overview           Environment
collaborative semantics         Commercial Participants       Common Query Language
collaborative service           Commercial product            common representation
collaborative services          commercial products           common semantic foundation
collaborative space             commercial purposes           common semantics
Collaborative Task              Commercial tools              common sense concepts
Management                      commercial transaction        common syntax
collaborative tools             commercial use                Common transaction reference
collaborative work              Commercial vendors            number
Collaborative Work              commercial versions           common understanding
Environment                     commission for health         common upper model
Collaborative Work              information technology        Common Upper Ontologies
Environments                    Committee Draft               common upper ontology
collaborative work methods      Committee Members             common vocabulary
collabortion                    committees                    common vocabulary standards
Collect data                    commodities                   common working vocabulary
collected information           commodity                     commonality in expression
collection management           commodity categorization      commonly known identifier
collection of data              Commodity Classification      commonly understood
collection of frames            Commodity Description         abbreviations
collection of information       common attribute set          commonly understood
collection of links             common Attributes             language
collection of objects           Common Business               commonly used concepts
collection of protocols         Acknowledgement               commonly used data
collection of standard          Common Business               commonly used functions
collection of Sub-Functions     Acknowledgement Principles    communication
collection of taxonomies                                      communication bandwidth
collections                     Common Business Library       communication of knowledge
collections of information      Common Content                communication requirements
collective data assets          common data elements          communication requirements
collective intelligence         common data entities          system
collective understanding        common data operations        communication standards
Combat Operations               common defining vocabulary    communication systems
combatant commander             common elementary objects     communicative principles
coming last                     common elements               communities
command                         common entities               communities of interest
command code                    common formal ontologies      communities of knowledge
Command Part                    common formal ontology        Communities of Practice
command post                    notations                     Communities of Practices
comment line                    common format                 communities of users
comment list                    common information model      community
comments                        common information models     community boundaries
commerce                        common information products   community coordination
Commerce Litigation             common infrastructure         community feedback
commercial company              common interpretation         community form
commercial databases            subsets                       community indicator
Commercial enterprises          common knowledge base         community of agents
Community of Interest           complex tasks involving       Component name
community of practice           multiple systems              component ontologies
community of users              complex type element          Component Overview
community perspectives          complex type level            Component Person
community practice              Complex Types                 component pieces
community semantics             complex workflow              Component Reference
community seminars              complexity                    Component Reference Model
Community Spectrum              complexity level              Component references
Community Statistical System    Complexity Management         Component Registries
comparison of concepts          Theory                        Component Registry
comparison of mappings          compliant documents           Component research
comparison of ontology          compliant message             component reuse
mapping                         compliant models              Component Services
Competencies                    compliant syntax              Component Structure
competency questions            component                     Component Supplemental
competitive intelligence        Component Account             Document
competitive market              Component Analysis            Component Technical
Complementarity                 Component Business Modeling   Specification
Complementary technologies      Component category            Component Technical
complementary technology        Component concepts            Specifications
complete hierarchy of terms     component construct           component type
complex associations            Component Currency            Component Types
Complex Business                Component Cycle Time          Component work
Performance Transformation      component definition          components
complex business to business    Component Description         composite applications
service                         Indicator                     composite structure
Complex business to business    Component Diagram             Composite Systems
services                        Component Dictionary          Composition Integration
Complex Carbohydrate            Component discovery           Negotiation Protocols
Research Center                 Component Discovery           composition of concepts
complex class constructor       Business                      compound objects
Complex Component               Component discovery process   comprehension of data
Complex Components              component framework           computable form
complex conflicts               Component Framework Data      computable language
complex correspondences         component harmonization       computable standards
complex data                    Component Harmonization       Computation Techniques
complex descriptions            working group                 computational biology
complex form of rule            Component Identification      computational completeness
attachment                      component identification      computational format
complex healthcare industry     process                       Computational Foundations
complex information             Component Information         computational guarantees
presentation                    Dictionary Standard           computational lexicon
complex information solutions   Component Information         computational linguistics
complex information systems     Standard                      computational linguists
complex integration             Component level               computational logic
complex kind of effort          Component Library             Computational Organization
complex machinery               Component Library Business    Theory
complex Message                 Process                       computational science
Complex Nodes                   Component Life Cycle          Computational services
complex reasoning               Component Life Cycle          computational tractability
complex relations               Approval Process              computations
complex relationships           Component methodology         computer
complex systems                 Component Model               computer application
computer files                 conceptual architecture          concrete syntactic elements
Computer Function              conceptual buckets               concrete syntax
computer literate              conceptual classification        representations
computer memory                conceptual data                  concurrences
computer population            conceptual data model            Condition of Order
computer program               conceptual discussion            Conference Access
computer reasoning             conceptual domain                conference call
Computer Science               conceptual domains               Conference call agendas
Computer Science Information   conceptual equivalent            conference call page
Science                        conceptual factorization         Conference call transcripts
computer science Successful    conceptual framework             Conference Calls
way                            Conceptual Framework Matrix      Conference Host
Computer Scientist             conceptual frameworks            Conference name
computer scientists            conceptual graph                 conference organizers
computer screen                Conceptual graphs                Conference Overview
computer system                conceptual information           Conference paper
computer systems               transfer                         conference talk
computer-interpretable         conceptual infrastructure        conferences
formalisms                     Conceptual Knowledge Markup      Confidential Charter Definition
Computer-to-computer           Languages                        Reference Model
exchange                       conceptual level                 Confidential Concept Map
concatenate                    conceptual model                 Confidential Core Concepts
concept                        Conceptual Model Capture         confidential data
Concept & Task Learning        Conceptual Model Links           Confidential References
concept exploration            conceptual models                Confidential Supplementary
concept extraction             conceptual navigation model      confidentiality issues
concept group                  conceptual part                  Confidentiality Policy
concept id                     conceptual primitives            configuration control
Concept Learning               Conceptual Primitives            Configuration Management
concept learning changes       Knowledge                        Configuration Management
concept level                  Conceptual Primitives            Data
concept map                    Knowledge Templates              Configuration Partner
concept map associations       conceptual process               Identification
concept map convention         conceptual queries               Confirmation Annotations
concept map notation           Conceptual Schema                confirmation of receipt
concept map relationships      conceptual scope                 conformance testing
Concept Maps                   Conceptual Semantics             Conformance Testing Services
Concept name                   conceptual space                 conformity assessment system
concept node                   conceptual specifications        Congenital malformations
concept of triples             conceptual stack                 Congressional committees
Concept Presentation           conceptual understandings        Congressional requirements
concept relations              Conceptualization                Congressional Stakeholders
concept relationships          conceptually similar groups of   conjunctive queries
concept system                 information                      conjunctive query
Concept Term                   concrete architectures           connected applications
Concept Typology               concrete components              connectedness
concepts                       Concrete domains                 connectedness among objects
concepts between ontologies    concrete implementation          connections
concepts in ontologies         concrete implementations         connections between items
concepts in text               concrete object                  connections between terms
Concepts maps                  concrete outputs                 connective variability
conceptual abstraction         concrete representation          connectivity to workflow
Conceptual analysis            concrete representations         connectors
considerations for simplicity    Consumer Identifier             content of plans
Consignment                      consumer interests              Content Organizations
consignment number               consumer perspective            content providers
Consignment Status Report        consumer products               content publishing tools
Consignment Status Request       consumer searching              content ready
consistency                      consumer view                   content registration
consistency checking             consumer vocabulary             content resources
Consistency Engine               Consumer-centric information    Content Search
consistency of code              consumers                       content specialists
consistency of information       consumers perspective           Content Standard
semantics                        Contact Class Definition        Content standards
consistent interpretation        Contact Information             Content Subcommittee Chair
consistent length                Content                         Content Syndication
consistent manner                content aggregation             content types
consistent meaning               Content Assets                  Content Users
consistent ontologies            Content Awareness               content validation
Consistent Ontology Evolution    content collection              content-rich ontologies
consistent representation        content collections             context
consistent semantics             Content Common Content          context artifact
consistent set of concepts       Content Component               context awareness
consistent standards             Content Components              context awareness service
Consortium                       Content Content Code Content    context categories
constant name                    Text String                     Context category
Constant Quantities              content creation                context characteristics
constant reprogramming           Content Data                    Context Classification Scheme
constant symbols                 Content Description             context classifications
constant tension                 Content Description Form        context constrained
Constants                        Content Description worksheet   information entity
constituent constructs           content domain                  Context Declaration
constituent parts                content elements                Mechanism
constituent service              Content Entity                  context descriptions
constitutional crisis            Content Exchange                Context Drivers
constrained domains              content experts                 context for emergence
Constrained Information          Content Formality               context for identifiers
Entities                         Content Framework               Context Framework
constrained subset               Content Integration             context information
constraint                       content licenses                context item
Constraint Causal                Content Line                    context items
Constraint Logic                                                 Context methodology
Constraint Optimization          Content Management              context modeling approaches
Constraint Optimization          content management              context modeling tools
Algorithms                       languages                       context parameters
Constraint Properties            content management system       Context Philosophy
constraints                      content management systems      Context Principles
constraints on data values       content management              context sensitive
constraints to property values   workflow process                context specific
construction                     Content Managers                Context Taxonomies
construction of elements         content model                   Context-awareness
constructs of owl                content model perspective       context-constrained
consumer                         content models                  information entities
Consumer Goods Industry          content network                 contexts
Classification                   content objects                 contextual awareness
Consumer ID                      content of knowledge            contextual information
Contextual Matrix            Core Components Library        Corporation Term vs
contextual search            Core Components                Corporation Thesaurus
contextual values            methodology                    Corporation Tightness
continuous data quality      Core Components methods        corrective action
measures                     Core Components model          corrective actions
continuous improvement       Core Components                correlations of interest
Continuous state             Specification                  correspondence to description
Contract formation process   Core Components                logics
contract languages           Supplementary Documents        correspondences
contract managers            Core Components Technical      corresponding Association
contract mechanisms          Specification                  Core Component
Contract number              Core Components Types          corresponding Business
Contract Partner             Core Components User’s         Component
contracting companies        Guide                          corresponding Core
Contractor Registration      Core Components Uses           Component
Contract_Document            Core Data                      corresponding Message
contradictions               core data elements             Component
Contraindications            core elements common           corrosion Rate Definition
Control Level                Core Enterprise                Cost of implementation
Control Structure Cycle      core language                  cost of software
control system               core languages                 Cost Qualifier term
control vocabulary           core ontology faculty          cost savings
control vocabulary source    core policies                  cost web servers
convention                   core premise                   costs for data development
convention for classes       core set                       Council Industry Advisory
conventions                  Core Taxonomy                  Council
conversion of data           core vocabulary                Council Showcase of
conversion utility           Core-Taxonomy                  Excellence Special Innovation
Cooperation between          corporate enterprise           Award
Registries                   Corporate Headquarters         Council’s Best Practices
Coordinate outreach          Corporation Abstract           Committee in March
Coordinating collaborator    Corporation Accessibility      Countable quantities Quantity
activities                   Corporation Agenda Semantic    Counter-offer
coordination                 Models                         counter-signatures
coordination activities      Corporation Axioms             Country code
coordination standards       Corporation Axioms Inference   country codes
Copy                         Corporation Center For Army    country Commodity code
Copy Editor                  Lessons                        Country Description
Copyright                    Corporation Contact            Country Identifier
core building blocks         Corporation E-commerce Area    Country Identifiers Context
core business processes      of Interest                    country Item identifier
core competencies            Corporation Example            Country name
Core Component               Corporation Information        country name Currency code
Core Component definitions   Semantics                      Country Name Data Element
Core Component Library       Corporation Logic Spectrum     country name Example of use
Core Component Methodology   Corporation Ontology           Country Sub-Division
Core Component Technical     Corporation Ontology           country x millions
Specification                Representation                 creating quality data
Core Component Type          Corporation Ontology           creation of extensions
Core Component Type Code     Spectrum                       creation of new Message
Core Component Types         Corporation Root Tree          Components
Core Components              Corporation Taxonomies         creation of Topic-Map
Core Components concepts     Corporation Taxonomy           Creative Commons
creatively support                Customer #                      data categories
creativity                        customer acting                 data categorization
credible agreements               Customer agreeing               data classes
credible intentions               customer complaint              data classification
credit                            management                      data classifications
credit card                       Customer Contact                data communications
credit card as physical carrier   Customer Customer Type          data component
credit card receipt               Customer Identification Code    harmonization
Credit Transfer                   customer location               data consistency
Criminal Investigation Special    Customer Order Number           Data Consortium
Agents                            Customer Party Identification   data consumers
                                  customer place of residence     data content
criminal record                   Customer Profile Exchange       Data Context
criminal wrongdoing               customer purchase order         Data Context Abstract Model
Criteria Negotiation              customer relationship           Data Context capabilities
critical assumptions              management                      Data Context chapter
critiques                         customers                       Data Context standardization
Cross Enterprise Document         Customer_ Identification        area
Sharing                           Customer_ Organisation          Data Context standardization
cross repository search           cyclical validity               areas
Cross Standard Semantics          Data about data                 Data Context Usage
Cross-agency                      data access                     Data Definition
cross-agency collaboration        data access methodologies       data definition language
Cross-Agency Information          data access services            data definitions
Cross-agency initiatives          Data Access Technologies        Data Description
cross-association of data         Data Access Working Group       Data Description Abstract
artifacts                         data accessibility              Model
cross-dependencies for fields     data accessibility procedures   Data Description Conceptual
Cross-Domain Assertion            data acquisition methods        Data
Mapping                           data across industries          data description examples
cross-domain semantic             data agreement                  data description problems
integration                       data airspace information       Data Description
Cross-Domain Semantic             data among federal              standardization
Interoperability                  data analysis                   Data Description
Cross-industry semantic           data architects                 standardization area
harmonization                     data architecture               Data Description
cross-industry semantic           data architecture initiatives   standardization areas
interoperability                  data architectures              Data Description Support
cross-organizational systems      data artifact                   Services
cross-reference mapping           data artifacts                  data development
cross-references                  data asset                      data dictionaries
cross-references to other         data asset context              data dictionary
cultural artefacts                Data Asset Entity               Data Dictionary Mapping
cultural change                   Data Asset Example              Matrices
cultural components               Data Asset Identifier           data discovery
cultural differences              Data Asset Security             data documentation facilities
cultural object                   Data Asset Taxonomy             Data Documentation Initiative
custom client                     data assets                     data domain
Custom Client Screen              data association                data element
Custom coding                     data associations               Data Element Concept
custom processes                  data attributes                 data element concepts
custom query                      data availability               Data Element Definition
customer                          DATA Builder                    data element definitions
Data Element Descriptions         Data Management Principles      data security policy
Data Element List                 Data Management Procedures      Data Semantics
Data Element Methodology          Data management staff           data sequence
Data Element Names                Data Management Strategy        data service
data elements                     data management tools           data service reuse
data engineering                  data maps                       data services
                                  Data Markup Language            data set
data entity                       data marts                      data sets
data entity definitions           data mediation                  data sharing agreements
Data Entity Harmonization         data messages                   Data Sharing Metrics
data entries                      data migration                  data sharing opportunities
data entry interface                                              Data sharing performance
Data Environment                  data mining approaches          metrics
data evolution                    data model                      data source
Data Exchange                     Data Model Example              data sources
Data exchange formats             data modelers                   data standard
Data Exchange Services            data modeling concepts          data standardization
data for data discovery           data modeling skills            data standards
data formats                      data modeling standardization   data standards for information
data fusion                       data models                     capture
data fusion areas                 Data Names                      Data Steward
data fusion communities           Data object                     Data Stewardship
data fusion techniques            data objects                    data storage
data fusion technologies          data privacy                    data storage libraries
Data Governance Process           data problems                   data stores
Data Groups                       Data Program Coordination       Data Structure Continuum
Data Harmonization                Data Program Manager            data structure formats
data holdings                     Data Property                   Data structure information
data identification               data provider                   data structures
data importation                  data quality                    data synchronization
data importation process          Data Quality Improvement        data system
data in transit                   Data Quality Management         Data Tables
data inconsistency                Data Query                      data taxonomies
data information                  Data Reference Model            data timeliness
data infrastructure               Data Reference Model            data transformation
data integration                  initiative                      data type
Data Integration Approach         Data Reference Model            Data Type Example
Data Integration Hub              Working Group                   Data Type Name
data integration language         data registries                 Data Type qualifier
Data Integration Problem          Data Registry                   Data Type Representation
data integrity                    Data Relationship               Data Type Requirements
data interchange                  data relationship diagram       Data Types
data interoperability             data relationships              data universal numbering
data islands                      data Relevance                  system
data length                       data repositories               data usability
data life cycle                   data repository                 data usability problem
data life cycle characteristics   Data Representation             data validation
data link                         data requirements               data value
data management                   Data Resource                   data value mapping
Data Management activities        Data Resource Data              Data Value Term
data management challenges        data resources                  data visualization
Data Management diagram           Data Schema                     data volume os
Data Management function          data Security                   data warehouses
data-driven approach            Decision Scenarios              delivery Carrier
data-related roles              Decision Science                Delivery configuration
data-serialization efforts      decision sharing                Delivery Date
database                        decision support                Delivery Date Time
database administrators         decision support services       Delivery instruction code
database applications           decision support system         delivery note
database backgrounds            Decision Tree Logic             Delivery Point
Database Catalog                decision-makers                 delivery point name
database design                 decision-making process         delivery requirements
Database entries                decision-support                Delivery Time
database industry               decisions                       Demand Driven Knowledge
database join                   declarations                    Management
database linkages               Declarative Conceptual          Demand for Services
database management             Primitives                      Demand Innovations
database management system      Declarative Extensions          demographic information
database management             declarative information         Department of Commerce
systems                         declarative knowledge           Department of Computer
database management utilities   representation                  Science
database mappings               declarative policies            Department of Defence
Database operations             declarative representation      Department of Defense
database Query                  declarative semantics           Department of Energy
database row                    Declarative Static Reasoning    Department of Health
database schema                 Decomposition                   Department of Homeland
database schema                 deduction                       Department of State
development                     deduction systems               Department of Veterans
Database schema evolution       deep knowledge                  Affairs
database schema Map             deep parser                     dependent interactions
database schema matching        default element                 Depiction Level
database schema Slide           defense industry                deployment
database schemata               Defense Modeling                deployment of computer
database server                 Defining Property               applications
database solution               Characteristics                 deployment strategies
Database Structure              definition                      depth discussion
Configurations                  definition of ontology          Deputy Chief Information
database system                 definition of subsystems        Officer
Database System Registries      definition of types of actors   derivative works
Database systems                definition stage                Description & Situation
database table                  definitions for data elements   extensions
database tables                 definitions of concepts         Description Code
database to database            definitions of data elements    description form
information sharing             definitions of diagnoses        Description Language
database transaction            definitions of information      description logic
database using                  entities                        description logic notations
databases                       Definitions of Services         Description Logic
date range                      degree of confidence            Programming
date ranges                     degree of equivalence           Description Logic Use
date time clock                 degree of formality             description logics
Date Type                       degree of precision             description terminologies
date-type                       degrees of structure            Description Typification
datum                           delays in implementation        descriptions
Dead End Standard               delivery acceptance             descriptions of enterprise
Decidable fragments             Delivery Access                 descriptive components
Decision Making                 Delivery business process       descriptive information
Descriptive Logic              development of knowledge           Digital Property Rights
Programming                    bases                              Language
descriptive objects            development of lines of            Digital Receipt Infrastructure
Descriptive Ontology           business                           Initiative
descriptive phrase             development of ontologies          digital rights
descriptive relationships      development of software            digital rights management
descriptive terms for data     systems                            Digital Rights Management
fields                         development of tools               Policy
design                         Development Process                Digital Signature
design approach                development projects               digital signatures
design considerations          development research               Digital spatial array
design decision                Development Strategies             Digital voice
design goal                    development work                   digital voice data
Design Methodology             device classification              dimensional axis
Design of Documents            device interoperability            dimensional format
design principles              Diagnostic Decision Support        dimensional intelligence
design process                 diagnostic services                dimensional matrix
design project                 diagram                            dimensional representation
Design Rules                   diagram complexity                 Dimensions of Interoperability
design theory                  diagrams                           dimensions of knowledge
Design Time                    Dialog Management                  Dimensions of similarities
design work                    Dialogue Structure                 Dimensions of Systems
design-time                    dictation                          Integration
design-time tools              Dictionary Data Elements           Directed Acyclic Graph
designators                    Dictionary Entry                   directed creativity
Designers Credentials          Dictionary Entry Name              Directed Cyclic Graph
designing Message              Dictionary Entry Names             Directed Cyclic Graph Node
Components                     dictionary name                    directed graph
designing ontologies           differences in syntax              directional association
desktop                        differential diagnosis             directional communications
desktop applications           differential diagnostic            directional relations
Desktop client                 differential questions             Directories
desktop users                  digit identifier                   Dirty Hierarchical Code
despatch advice                digital art ontology               disciplinary experts
Despatch Advice Business       digital camera                     discipline boundaries
Document                       digital certificates               discourse
Detail level                   digital container of information   Discourse annotation
Detailed Class Diagram         digital content                    Discourse Understanding
Detailed Core Component        Digital Data Resource              discovery
Identification                 Digital Data Resource              discovery analysis
Developing Message Building    Document                           discovery interface
development complexity         digital data resources             Discovery of Core Components
development contractors        digital dictation systems          discovery of data
development costs              digital images                     Discovery Process
development of abstracts       Digital Imaging                    discovery service
development of architectures   digital information                discovery time
development of classes         Digital Language                   Discovery Work Sheets
development of data sharing    Digital Library                    discrete event
agreements                     digital manifestation              discrete information
development of data            digital medium                     discrete problem set
standards                      digital photos                     discrete time
development of enterprise      digital property rights            Discriminative Criteria
architectures                                                     Discussion Forum
discussion session              Document Translation         domain-specific concepts
Discussion thread               Document Type                domain-specific ontologies
discussions                     Document Type Definition     domains
disjoint Categories             Document Type Definitions    domains of interest
disjoint classes                document-complexes           dominant logic
disjoint guarantees             document-template            dominant standards
disjoint indicators             documentation                draft specification
Disjoint Subclass               documents                    Draft specifications
Disjunctive Temporal            domain                       duality association
Problems                        domain analysis              duplicate instance
disparities in terminology      domain classifications       duplicate representation
display format                  Domain Components            duplicate terms
dispute resolution              domain concepts              dynamic evolution of service
dissemination of information    Domain conformance           networks
distinct logical entity         Domain content knowledge     dynamic ontological classes
distinct meanings               domain contexts              Dynamic Ontologies
distinct ontologies             domain data                  Dynamic Queries
distinct relations              Domain Data Harmonization    Dynamic resources
distinct versions               Strategy                     dynamic service behavior
distinctions                    domain expert                dynamic supply network
Distribution rules              domain expertise             dynamic system
divergence of models            domain experts               interoperability
diverse terminology             Domain facet                 Dynamics of knowledge value
Document Analysis               domain information           E Standard
Document Attribute              domain knowledge             e-business architecture
document author                 domain knowledge             e-Business Architecture
document authoring              representations              Technical Specification
quadrants                       domain library               e-Business Board
document authors                domain logic                 e-Business Glossary
Document class                  domain mapping               e-business process
document classifications        domain Modelers              e-business standards
document collections            domain modeling              E-Commerce
document content                domain models                e-commerce framework
Document Data                   domain of discourse          e-commerce integration
document database               domain of interest           e-commerce ontologies
Document Definition Markup      domain ontologies            E-Concert
Language                        domain ontology              E-Concert brief
Document Engineering            domain ontology developers   E-construct
document identification model   domain Organization          e-documents
Document Identifier             domain parent                E-E
Document Markup Language        domain predicate             E-Government
document markup standard        domain restriction           E-Government Act
Document Object                 Domain Service Type          E-Government Conference
Document Object Model           domain specialists           e-government managers
document ontologies             domain specific concepts     e-Health
Document Processing Code        Domain Taxonomy              e-mail
document processing type        Domain term list             e-mails
Document Purpose Code           domain theories              E-R
Document Repositories           domain-independent           E-R diagrams
document repository             domain-independent           early adopters
document structure              information extraction       Early semantic systems
document systems                Domain-spanning Knowledge    ease of access
document Transformations        Domain-specific Components   ease of integration
Ease of resource discovery       electronic information           Emerging Technology Life-
ease of use                      exchange                         Cycle Management Process
ease of utility                  Electronic information‖ on top   Emerging Technology
ease-of-use                      Electronic Interchange           Subcommittee
economic Agents                  electronic mail                  Emerging Vendor Landscape
Economic Claim Waiting           electronic marketplace           emerging web technologies
Economic Commitment              Electronic Marketplaces          Empirical frameworks
Economic Commitments             Electronic Markets               Empirical Links
Economic Contract                electronic medical record        empirical measures of quality
Economic Event Type              electronic medical records       for ontologies
economic Events                  Electronic Medical Records       Empirical tools
Editor Controller Filtering      functional requirements          empty structures
Efficient execution              electronic messages              encoding weak artifacts
Efficient Execution System for   electronic patient record        encryption
Software Agents                  electronic personal health       encryption of data
Efficient Service Discovery      record                           End of schema
electronic agents                electronic record keeping        end states
electronic business              electronic signature             end user
Electronic Business              electronic signature             end user data
Architecture                     mechanisms                       end user of changes
Electronic Business Card         electronic transmissions         End users
electronic business              electronic warfare equipment     end users in terms
collaborations                   imaging radar                    end value creation
electronic business data         element                          opportunities
Electronic Business Extensive    Element definitions              end-of-life
Markup Language                  element name                     end-user requirements
Electronic Channels              element nesting                  endless loop
Electronic Collaborations        element Template                 engine number
Brochure                         Elemental Substance              Engine type
Electronic Commerce              Documentation                    engineering design process
Electronic communication         elementary sentence              Engineering Repositories
electronic component             elements                         Engineering Techniques
Electronic Component             elements for synchronization     English definition
Information Exchange             elevator speech                  English Dictionary
electronic components            elimination of redundancy        English sentences
industry                         emergency care                   enough good philosophers
Electronic Content               emergency management             enterprise
electronic conversations         health information               enterprise applications
Electronic Data                  emergency medical care           Enterprise Architect
electronic definition            emergency medical service        Enterprise Architect Magazine
electronic discussions           units                            Enterprise Architect Summit
electronic document              Emergency Response               enterprise architects
Electronic Document              emergency response               enterprise architecture
Interchange                      information                      Enterprise Architecture
electronic exchange              emergency response training      Artificial intelligence
electronic filing                emergent properties              Enterprise Architecture
electronic form                  emergent standards               Conference
electronic health record         Emerging Technologies            Enterprise Architecture Is
electronic health record         Emerging Technology              Enterprise Architecture
systems                          Components Conference            Management
Electronic identification        Emerging Technology              Enterprise Architecture Special
Electronic Information           Innovations in Software          Interest Group Subcommittees
                                 Component Development
Enterprise Architecture           Enterprise Repository            Entity‖ concept
Working Group Principles          Enterprise Resource              entries
Enterprise architectures          Management Systems               entry & exit
enterprise business               enterprise resource planning     entry date
enterprise capability             Enterprise Resource Planning     enumeration of diseases
Enterprise Data                   packages                         enumeration value
enterprise data architecture      enterprise search technologies   Enumerative schemes
enterprise data assets            Enterprise Semantic              environment
Enterprise Data Integration —     Interoperability                 environment for ontologies
Identifying                       Enterprise Semantic              environment of data assets
enterprise data management        Interoperability Revision        environment Software
Enterprise Data Management        enterprise software company      Capabilities
Metrics                           enterprise software more         environmental bodies
enterprise data management        Enterprise Standardization       environmental cleanups
vision                            Enterprise Strategy              environmental contaminants
Enterprise data sets              Enterprise Supply Chain          environmental dangers
enterprise data                   Unique Items Product Data        environmental data
standardization strategy          enterprise system                environmental health
enterprise engineering            enterprise system                environmental health
Enterprise Engineering            architectures                    vocabularies
Program                           enterprise taxonomies            Environmental Information
enterprise events                 enterprise transformation        environmental protection
enterprise events Enterprise      Enterprise Understanding         Environmental Protection
Enterprise Framework              enterprise view                  Agency
Enterprise Glossary                                                environmental toxins
Enterprise Identifier             Enterprise Vocabulary            environments
enterprise Increase user          Enterprise vocabulary system     Episodic Memory
competencies                      enterprise – [Tools              epistemology of identity
Enterprise Information            enterprise-reference             equal terms
Architecture                      architectures                    equal weight
enterprise information            enterprise-wide data model       Equilateral triangle
integration                       enterprise-wide management       Equipment Codes
enterprise information            of data                          Equipment Identification
interoperability architecture     Enterprise-wide system           equipment number
Enterprise Information            interoperability problem         Equivalence of Schema
Systems                           Enterprise-Wide Taxonomy         Documents
enterprise integration            Enterprises                      equivalence relation
Enterprise Integration            Entity Asset Document            Equivalence Test of Schema
Portal/Data Exchange Network      entity class                     Documents
Pilot                             Entity concept                   equivalent Business Elements
enterprise knowledge              Entity Data                      equivalent class
enterprise level                  entity definitions               equivalent diagram
Enterprise Ontologies             entity extraction                equivalent terms
Enterprise Ontology               Entity for identification        equivalent ways
Enterprise Panel                  purposes                         equivalents
enterprise performance            Entity Relationship Diagram      error handling
enterprise performance over       entity types                     Esophagus Left Phrenic Nerve
time                              entity without identity          Heart
enterprise policies               Entity-Relation                  European Commission
enterprise process capabilities   entity-relation modeling         European Commission Project
Enterprise Profile                Entity-Relationship              European Conference
Development & Maintenance         entity-relationship diagram      European contribution
Enterprise                        entity-relationship diagrams     European countries
European Standard                 exchange of information           explanatory material
European tax                      Relevance                         explicit aggregation
European Union                    exchange of Messages              explicit application-level
European Union ―information       Exchange Ontology                 semantics
space                             Exchange Package                  explicit bi-lateral
Evaluating evaluation methods     Exchange Package Consumer         Explicit database
for generation                    exchange packages                 explicit declarations
evaluation criteria               Exchange Pattern                  explicit definition
evaluation findings               exchange protocol                 explicit documentation
Evaluation of application         Exchange Security                 explicit goals
interoperability                  Requirements                      explicit guidance
evaluation of health services     exchange standards                explicit knowledge
evaluation of price vs quantity   exchange terminologies            explicit ontology methodology
evaluation of redundancy          exchanges of information          explicit propositions
Evaluation of Transcription       exchanges of Messages             explicit recognition
event analysis                    exchanging business data          Explicit representation
Event Framework                   Executable Code                   explicit representation of
event info packages               Executing business operations     business semantics
Event ontology                    execution monitoring              explicit representation of
Event Planning                    execution of web services         relations
Event Scheduling                  execution timeline                explicit representations
Event Spiritual                   executive branch agencies         explicit semantics
event stream                      Executive Director                Explicit Semantics Thesaurus
event structures                  Executive Editors                 vs
Event Type                        Executive leadership              explicit specification
evidentiary requirements          executive level direction         explicit standards
Evolution & Design                Executive Order                   explicit through ontologies
Evolution of standards            Executive Orders                  explicit traceability
Exception Constraints             Executive Summary                 explicit traceability link
exception handling                Background                        exploitation requirements
exceptional cases                 Executive Summit                  exploratory activities
exchange                          Executive Summit portion          exploratory initiatives
exchange behavior in advance      exhaustive enumeration            explosion of knowledge
Exchange Business                 expanded concepts                 export facility
Exchange Common                   expanded inferences               export method
exchange component                expansion of partition            export phase
Exchange Customer Car             propositions relations            export program
exchange definitions              experimental approach             export routine
exchange duality                  Experimental Assessment           express anything
exchange file                     experimental critical functions   Expression Data
exchange information              experimental data                 expression of business rules
Exchange Language                 Experimental Economics            expression of Usage Rules
exchange model                    Experimentation Environment       expression Type
exchange of business data         Play                              expressive first-order logic
exchange of data                  experimentation strategy          representations
exchange of data transaction      experimentation using             expressive format
exchange of information           expert domain input               expressive language
exchange of information           expert staff                      expressive logics
following                         Expert System Typology Case       expressive meaning
exchange of information on        expert systems                    expressive model
medicine prescriptions Brief      expertise                         expressive notation
name                              Expiration Date                   expressive power
                                  Representation Term               expressive Problem
expressive Second Order Logic    faithful descriptions          federal information
expressive semantic models       fallibility                    management
expressiveness                   families of vocabularies       federal information security
Expressivity                     fault lines                    Federal Information Security
Expressivity Hubs                fault tolerance                Management Act
expressivity of languages        feasible model                 Federal information systems
Extended architecture            features                       federal level
extended enterprise              features of ontologies         Federal lines of business
Extended Keys                    features of speech acts        Federal operations
Extending Enterprise             Federal Aviation               Federal organizations
Ontologies                       Administration                 federal protégé
extensible elements              Federal Aviation               Federal Register
Extensible Enterprise            Administration Business        Federal Register Notice
Extensible Forms Description     Process Role Purchaser         Federal requirements
Language                         Federal Chief Information      federal roles
Extensible Log Format            Officer                        Federal Statistical Data
Extensible Markup Language       Federal CIO Council            federating ontologies
Extensible Markup Language       Federal Department             Federation of registries
Forum                            federal drug terminologies     Federation Requirements
extensible model-driven          Federal Employees Health       Federation Server Solution for
integration framework            Federal Enterprise             deployment
extensible product information   Architecture                   feedback administration
exchange protocol                Federal Enterprise             feedback for assessment
Extensible Protocol              Architecture Data              feedback loop
Extensible User Interface        Federal Enterprise             feedback Services
Language                         Architecture effort            Fetal Heart Medias
Extension Adaptation             Federal Enterprise             fidelity
extension attribute              Architecture Framework         field
extension base                   Federal Enterprise             field data
extension element                Architecture Management        field of mathematics
extension elements               System                         field of microeconomics
Extension Leverage               Federal Enterprise             field of semantics
extension methodology            Architecture Presentation      file
extension points                 Federal Enterprise             file containing
extension symbols                Architecture reference         file folder
Extensions                       Federal Enterprise             File Navigation
extensions of markup             Architecture Reference Model   file structure
language                         Ontology                       file system
Extensive Markup Language        Federal enterprise Moderator   file system directory structure
extensive semantics              Federal Enterprise Reference   file systems
external applications            Model Ontology                 File Tag
External Classification          Federal experience             file type
external entities                Federal Geographic Data        file-sharing workspace
external information             Committee                      files
External Liaisons                Federal Geographic Data        Filler Information
external material                Committee’s work               Filtering Applications
External Stakeholders            federal government             Filtering Engine Router
Extract nouns                    federal health architecture    Controller
Face Recognition                 federal health architecture    filtering mechanism
facet                            maturity taxonomy              filtering mechanisms
facts                            federal health information     financial applications
failure recovery                 systems                        financial arbitrage
failure tracking                 federal information            financial arrangements
financial incentives              flight anomalies                formal vocabulary
financial industry                flow of communications          formalism
financial information             flow of critical knowledge      formalisms
financial institutes              assets                          Formality
financial institutions            flow of data                    formalization
financial instrument              flow of goods                   formalization efforts
Financial Management              food aid                        formalization for extensions
financial management systems      Food Aid Example Delivery       formalization of ontologies
financial model                   food chain                      formalizations
Financial Products Markup         Foreign Clearance Guide         formally model domains
Language                          foreign keys                    formally registered equivalents
financial resources               form of subject                 format file
financial services                form of taxonomy                format for submissions
Financial Transaction             form of text                    format ontology
financing                         Formal agreement                format specification
Fine-grain access                 formal annotations              format specifications
finite set                        formal approval process         format-conversion program
finite time                       formal classification           formats
Fire Airspaces                    formal common upper             formats for keys
Fire Areas                        ontology                        forms of abstraction
Fire Operations Areas             formal deep ontologies          forms of access
Firm delivery instruction code    formal language                 Forms of Data
firmware upgrades                 Formal Language for Business    forms of expertise
first argument                    Communication                   forms of knowledge
first class elements              formal language for terms       representation
first class entities              Formal Languages                forms of messages
First Order                       formal linguistic structure     forms of models
First Order Logic                 formal logic                    forms of ontology to ontology
first order logic semantics       formal logic systems            mapping
first order logical inference     formal methods                  forms of words
first order logical language      formal ontologies               formulation of constraints
First Order Predicate Calculus    Formal Ontology                 formulation of data definitions
first-order axioms                formal ontology analysis        Forward-Looking Standards
first-order logic                 formal ontology analysis        foundation concepts
first-order logic semantics       techniques                      foundational concepts
first-order machine searching     formal ontology of properties   foundational models
first-order ontology notation     Formal Ontology of Relations    foundational ontologies
fixed form expressions            formal principles               foundational ontology
Flat File Format                  formal properties               foundational principles
flat lists                        formal publication              Fourth Layer of Containment
Flexible Associations             formal relationship             fragmented semantic dispersal
flexible data                     formal relationships between    framework
flexible data connections         topics                          Framework Description
flexible discovery                Formal Rigidity                 Indicator
flexible exchange of              Formal Role Attribution         Framework for Ontology
information                       formal semantics                Registration
flexible framework                formal specification            framework for performance
flexible implementations          Formal syntax                   measurement
flexible information              Formal Taxonomies               free flow of information
flexible mechanism                Formal unambiguous concept      free form
flexible methods                  definitions                     free text Index
flexible models of associations   Formal Upper Ontologies         free text search
flexible representations          formal upper ontology           friendly fire
Friendly Fire scenario        gene product associations      Geographic Information
Front stage activities        gene products                  geographic locations
front stage scope             gene sequences                 Geographic navigation
front stage variance          Genealogical Data              geographic regions
Fulbright Foundation          generic class diagram          geographical region
Fellowship                    Generic classification         assignment
full first-order logic        Generic classifier with        geographically Information-
full implementation           feedback                       intensive
Full text                     Generic Common Knowledge       geometric entity
Full-text                     generic component              geometric knowledge
Full-text search              generic Core Component         geopolitical region
Function of scale             generic Core Components        global business
Functional Annotation         generic data                   Global Business Collaboration
functional architecture       generic definitions            global code list
requirements                  generic entities               global commerce
functional arguments          generic framework              global communications
functional definition         generic level of abstraction   global competition
functional deviations         generic Message Component      global economy
functional domain             generic Message Framework      global electronic marketplace
functional elements           generic model                  global element
functional identifier         Generic models                 global identifier
Functional Identifier         generic part relation          global identifiers
Intersection                  generic planning matrix        global information
functional identifiers        generic principles             global information grid
functional model              Generic Process Pattern        Global Justice
functional ontology concept   generic process pattern        Global Justice Information
functional property           context agent                  Sharing Initiative
Functional reference          generic representations of     global scale
functional relationships      information                    global security
functional requirements       generic rule                   Global Services
functional role               generic statements             Global Specification
functional scope                                             global trade
functional set                generic syntax                 Global Trade Identification
functional terms              generic taxonomy               global trade identifier
functionalities               generic types of data          global value chain
functionality                 generic typing                 Glossary
functions                     Generic user interface         Governance Components
fuzzy muddle                  genetic algorithms             governance framework
Fuzzy Sets                    genetic code-bearing           governance of data artifacts
G Standard                    sequence                       governance process
G to B                        Genetic knowledge bases        Governance Reference Model
G to C                        genitourinary system           Overview
G to E                        Genome annotations             governance strategies
G to G                        Genome Body Space              Governance Structure
Game Theory                                                  Governance Subcommittee
Gap Analysis                  genomic data                   governance topic
gap analysis report           genomic makeup                 government
Garden of Eden design         Geographic Area of Interest    government agencies
approach                      Geographic Area of Interest    government agency
Gemini Infrastructure         Ontology                       government business areas
Intelligence Portal           Geographic Area of Interest    Government code
gene expression               Reference Ontology             Government Communities of
gene product                  geographic areas               Practice
government community            graphical knowledge             Health Care Competitive
Government Data                 representation notations        Strategies
Government domains              graphical knowledge             health care continuum
government employees            representations                 Health Care Draft Working
government enterprise           graphical notation              Paper
architecture                    graphical notations             Health Care Enterprise
Government Enterprise           graphical presentation          health care information
Architecture Framework          graphical representation        health care information
government enterprise           graphical simplification        technology standards
architecture to things          graphical user interface        Health Care Infrastructure
government enterprises          Graphics                        health care organizations
government funding agencies     Graphics Markup Language        health care providers
Government information          grass roots                     Health Care Technology
government information          grassroots mode                 health care value chain raise
indexing                        Grid Computing                  Health concept representation
Government information          Grid Services                   health data
sharing                         Grid Table                      health data standards
Government Information          Grid View                       health delivery areas Scenario
Working Group                   grind information               health domain ontologies
Government Line of Business     Ground Rules                    health enterprises
                                group certification             health group
government lines of business    group health insurance          health information
government officials            program                         health information exchange
government operations           Group meeting                   health information exchange
government operators            group members                   architecture
government organizations        group participation             health information exchange
government person               Group registry                  interoperability
Government perspective          groups                          health information exchange
government role                 growth in ontology              projects
government sector               development                     health information
government solutions            guidelines                      infrastructure
government sponsors             HCBC                            health information network
government work                 Handbook on Ontologies          Health Information strategies
governmental activities         hard-coded software             health information systems
Governmental Organisations      development                     Health Information
gradient tree boosting          harmonization of procedures     Technology
graduate program                harmonization of standards      Health Information
graduate study                  Harmonization of synonyms       Technology Framework
grammatical elements            hash algorithms                 health information technology
grant proposals                 Hazardous Item                  initiatives
grants management               header                          health information technology
Granularity Message Modelling   Header Batch Detail Summary     market
Guidelines                      header identification           health information technology
granularity of contents         Header Message Identification   policy
Graph Format                    Header Message Identification   health information technology
Graphic Communications          Batch                           standards
Association                     health                          Health information technology
graphical browsers              Health Administration           standards initiatives
graphical depiction             Health Administration           health infrastructure
graphical elements              Information Resource            Health initiative
Graphical Game                  health care                     health insurance
graphical interaction modes     Health Care Brief name          Health Insurance Portability
graphical interface             health care community           health ontologies
                                healthcare providers             high level Class diagram
health ontology information     healthcare public key            high level design
health ontology project         infrastructure                   high level of trust
health providers                healthcare record                high level structure
health risks                    healthcare record                High normalization
health standards                communication                    High Performance Knowledge
Health Statistics               healthcare services              Bases
health status                   healthcare standards             high performance processing
health status monitoring        healthcare supply-demand         high quality ontologies
health terminology              chain                            high quality software libraries
Health Thesaurus                healthcare system                high semantic value
health vocabulary standards     healthcare systems               High Syntactic Interoperability
health-care system for          healthcare works                 high throughput techniques
purposes                        heavily used ontologies          high-level categories
health-care workers in          heavy transport vehicle          higher normalization
guideline-directed therapy      heterogeneous data               higher order form
healthcare administrative       Heterogeneous database           higher order languages
information                     problem                          Higher Order Logic
healthcare communication        heterogeneous information        higher order processing
healthcare community            heterogeneous sources            higher order role
Healthcare Delivery             hierarchical arrangement         Higher Semantics
Healthcare Document             hierarchical classification of   hmanufacturing supply chain
Healthcare document format      things                           home healthcare
healthcare documentation        hierarchical code                homeland security
healthcare documents            hierarchical database            Homeland Security
healthcare domain               modeling                         Intelligence Operations
Healthcare domain specific      hierarchical databases           Horizontal expansion
semantics                       hierarchical description         horizontal linkages
healthcare enterprise           hierarchical directory listing   horizontal service areas
healthcare enterprise program   hierarchical messages            horizontal swim-lane
healthcare enterprises          hierarchical nature              Hospital
healthcare environments         hierarchical ordering            hospital information systems
healthcare findings             hierarchical parent-child        Hub
healthcare framework            relationship                     hub ontology
Healthcare Identifier           hierarchical reasoning           hubs
healthcare industry             hierarchical relations           human accessibility
healthcare information          hierarchical relationships       human aggregation of
Healthcare Information          hierarchical sequence            information
Framework                       Hierarchical structure           human artifacts
Healthcare Information          hierarchical structure of        human assistance
System Architecture             relationships                    human behavior
healthcare information          hierarchical structures          human brain
systems                         hierarchical taxonomy            Human Capital
healthcare institutions         hierarchies                      Human Capital Management
healthcare messaging system     Hierarchy                        human coding steps
healthcare multimedia report    hierarchy of abstractions        human cognitive schema
systems                         hierarchy of classes             human communication
Healthcare ontologies           hierarchy of information         human comprehension
Healthcare operations           hierarchy of ontologies          human concept level
healthcare organization         hierarchy of things              human conceptual level
healthcare organizations        high fidelity data               Human dialog
healthcare provider             High Impact Flexibility          human dialogue
organization                    high level architecture          human editors
human effort                      Identifier Identification         implementation requirements
Human expressiveness              Scheme                            Implementation Strategies
Human Factors                     Identifier Identification         implementation strategy
human filtering                   Scheme Data                       Implementation Support
human genes                       Identifier Indicator              implementations
human genome                      Identifier Item                   implicit action
Human Genome Project              Identifier Language               implicit assumptions
human input                       Identifier Location               implicit definitions of terms
Human Interface Architecture      Identifier Organisation           implicit knowledge
human interpretation              Identifier String                 implicit meanings
human intervention                Identifier Table                  implicit terminology
human language                    identifier uniqueness             implied form
human languages                   Identifiers                       implied inferences
human level interaction           Identity criteria                 implied semantics
Human Organization                Identity documents                import function
human reasoning                   Identity Management               import method
Human Resource                    identity number                   import program
Human Resource Management         Identity Reference Reference      import routine
Human Resource Ontology           identity theft                    importance of ontologies
Fragment                          illness classification ontology   importance of ontology
human semantic interpretation     illness classification ontology   importation
human semantic level              system                            importation process
interaction                       Illocutionary forces              importation program
human semantics                   image                             incentive systems
Human Services                    Image Annotation Tool             incompatible ontologies
human supervision                 image files                       incompatible upper level
human understanding               image information                 concepts
human users                       Image searches                    inconsistency in data
Human-Computer Interaction        immune disorder tree              definitions
Hybrid Expert Systems             immune mechanism                  inconsistent financial
hybrid model                      Impact Factor                     transactions
Hybrid Reasoning System           Impact of Enterprise              inconsistent implementation of
hybrid reasoning systems          Architecture                      standards
iconic knowledge                  Impact of Enterprise              inconsistent information
ID Number                         Governance                        systems
identifiable health information   impact on privacy                 independent hypothesis
identification data               impacts                           generation
identification number             implementation                    Independent Syntax
Identification of Domains         implementation approach           Index Terms
identification of Messages        implementation certifications     indexes
Identification Phase              Implementation Conventions        Indications
Identification Principals         implementation delays             indicator C
identification purposes           implementation experience         Indicator Measure
identification tag                implementation flexibility        Indicator Priority Associations
Identifier                        Implementation guidance           indicator specifying
Identifier Code                   implementation guidelines         Indicator Transport
Identifier Code List              implementation of policy          indicators
Identifier Code List Scheme       implementation of security        Indicators Measures Security
Identifier Customer_ Party        implementation of semantics       & Privacy Context
Identifier Date Time              Implementation Phase              indices
Identifier Description            implementation process            Industrial Engineering
Identifier Equipment              implementation                    industrial groups
                                  recommendations                   industrial partners
industrial revolution             informal taxonomies             information models
industrial software               informal taxonomy               information network
conformance                       informal templates              Information Objects
industrial standard               information                     information organization
industries                        information access              information overload
industry                          information access privileges   information perspective
Industry Classification           information aggregation         information presentation
industry classification systems   information analysis            Information Products
Industry Context                  information arbitrating         Information Reference Model
Industry Context Definition       information arbitration         Information registration
industry data sets                Information Architecture        information relevance
industry grouping                 information asset               Information Repositories
Industry Initiative               information assets              Information Request
industry interoperability         information base                information requirement
industry organisations            information cataloging          information requirements
industry partners                 information categories          information resident
industry registries               information class               information resources
industry sector                   information classes             Information Retrieval
industry sectors                  information collection          information retrieval systems
Industry Segment                  Information Communities         Information Science
industry standards                information components          information science
industry term                     information consumer            perspective
industry terminology              information content             information sciences
standards                         Information Discovery           information scientists
industry to industry              information domains             Information Security
infections                        information engineering         Information Semantics
inference                         information engineering tool    Information Services
inference among concepts          information entities            information sharing
inference capabilities            information entity              information sharing capacities
inference closure                 information exchange            Information Sharing
inference engine                  Information Exchange Data       Framework
Inference engines                 information exchange            information sharing
inference for facts               methods                         governance
inference layer                   information exchange            Information sharing
Inference Modeling                standards                       requirements
inference rules                   information exchangers          Information Sharing Support
inference techniques              information exchanges           information similarities
inferences                        Information Extraction          information source
inferences about relationships    Information flow                information space
inferences on topic matters       Information Fusion              Information Standards
inferring transitive              Information harvesting          information stewardship
relationships                     information hierarchy           information structures
Inferring Transportation          Information Infrastructure      information suppliers
Routines                          information infrastructures     information system
inflection points                 information integration         information systems
informal classification           information interchange         information technologies
informal classification methods   information interoperability    Information Technology
informal description              Information looping             information technology
informal hierarchies              information management          professionals
informal knowledge-               information managers            information technology
representation system                                             strategies
informal ontologies               information model               information theories
informal ontology                 information modeler             information theory
Information warfare               instance parent                   Intellectual Asset Resource
infrastructure                    instance proposition              Class
infrastructure capability         instance relations                Intellectual Asset Value
Infrastructure Committee          instance-level assertions         intellectual assets
infrastructure components         Instance-level propositions       intellectual capital
infrastructure development        instances                         intellectual content
infrastructure for health         instances of classes              intellectual properties
information technology            Instant Messenger                 intellectual property
infrastructure                    Associations                      intellectual property rights
interdependencies                 Institute for Systems Research    intellectual thread
infrastructure investments        Institute of Enterprise           intelligence
Infrastructure Management         Transformation                    Intelligence Agency
infrastructure platform           Institute of Medicine             intelligence analysts
Infrastructure Product            institutional biases              Intelligence Area of Interest
Infrastructure Software           institutional incentives          intelligence areas of interest
Engineering Modeling                                                Intelligence Community
Infrastructure Support            institutional systems             intelligence data
infrastructures                   Instructional Management          intelligence database
inheritable relation              Systems                           Intelligence databases
inheritable relations             insurance claim                   Intelligence discipline
Inheritance                       insurance coverage                Intelligence domains
Inheritance of features           Insurance Industry                intelligence information
inheritance of instance           insurance providers               intelligence organization
relations                         integrating repositories          Intelligence Targeting Guide
inheritance of properties         integration activities            intelligent agent capabilities
initial ontology                  integration approach              intelligent agent
Initiative Process                integration complexity            interoperability
Representation                    integration Component             intelligent agents
initiatives                       integration Data Integration      intelligent behavior
Innovation diffusion              integration efforts               intelligent computer systems
Innovation Pipeline               integration engineer              Intelligent Control
Innovation policy                 integration framework             Intelligent Domain
input                             Integration Hub                   intelligent entities
input arguments                   Integration Interoperability      intelligent handling of
input file                        Data                              information
input process                     Integration Interoperability      intelligent information
inside firms                      Scale                             discovery systems
inside participation              integration modes                 Intelligent Information
insight                           integration of business           Management
insightful quote                  systems                           Intelligent Information Use
insights into market directions   Integration of information        Intelligent Knowledge
insistence of Mike                integration of systems            Management Techniques
instance                          integration of topic maps         intelligent matching
instance data                     integration semantics             Intelligent Meeting Recording
instance data constraint          Integration Specification         intelligent part number
checking                          integration standards             intelligent phone number
instance declaration              Integration Support               intelligent queries
instance declaration block        Integration Support Contract      intelligent query
instance design                   integration technologies          intelligent reasoning
instance frame                    integrative terminology           intelligent reasoning
instance instance                 integrity constraints             capabilities
Instance Network Inspector        integrity of clinician practice   intelligent search
instance pane                     integrity of data                 intelligent search techniques
Intelligent searches             internal classes                  International Symposium
Intelligent semantic             internal control specification    international text processing
information retrieval & search   internal data schema              standard
Intelligent Systems              internal database                 international trade
Intelligent Views                Internal Functions Business       international transactions
intended meaning                 Areas Line Processes              International Workshop
intended meanings                internal Lines of Business        interoperability
intended semantics               internal logic                    Interoperability across
intent                           Internal Medicine                 systems
intentional agents               internal model                    interoperability architecture
Interaction Model                internal operations               interoperability errors
Interaction Ontology             internal reasoning                Interoperability Framework
Interactive Discussion Session   internal reasoning capability     Interoperability Framework
Interactive Financial Exchange   internal representation           Specification
Interagency Committee on         Internal Revenue Service          interoperability goals
Government Information           Internal Subject Matter           interoperability in health
interagency discovery            Experts                           systems
Interagency Report               internal tasking                  interoperability mapping
interchange agreements           International Affairs             interoperability of health
Interchange Format               international approach            information technologies
interchange of information       International Classification      Interoperability opportunities
interchange of knowledge         international classification of   interoperability problem
interchange syntax               diseases                          interoperability problems
interconnecting domain           International Collaborative       interoperability requirements
ontologies                       R&D                               interoperability standards
Interest Group                   international community           Interoperability Testing
interface                        international conference          Services
interface activities             international currency code       interpretable form
Interface Definition Language    International Development         interpretable representation of
Interface Developers             Markup Language                   knowledge
Interface Model                  international governments         interpretable semantics
interface paradigms              International Health              interpretable structural
Interface Service Discovery      Continuum                         convention
Universal Description            International List of Causes of   interpretation
interfaces                       Death                             Interpretation Continuum
interfaces to data               International Protégé             interpretations of intent
intergovernmental                community                         interrelated taxonomies
collaboration                    International Protégé             interrelationships between
Intergovernmental Committee      Conference                        entities
on Government Information        international semantic            interval of time
Intergovernmental Data           standardization                   Intuitive Filters Taxonomy
intergovernmental exchange       international standard            invariant rules
of data                          International Standard            invariant structure
Intergovernmental Services       Industrial Classification         invariants
Emergence                        International Standardization     inventory constraints
Intergovernmental settings       Organization                      inventory item attribute
Intergovernmental Solutions      international standards           Inventory Matrix
Interim Meeting                  International Standards           inventory of recreation assets
intermediate data                Organization                      inverse function
intermediate Query Point         International Statistical         inverse properties
Intermittently Connected         Congress                          inverse relation
Devices                          International Statistical         investigative bodies
internal binary formats          Institute                         invoice
invoice amount                 keyword searches               Knowledge Interchange
Invoice Header                 keywords                       Format
Item Detail                    KIF                            knowledge languages
Item Details                   killer application             Knowledge level cookie
item identifier                knowledge                      shipment commitment
item information               Knowledge Acquisition          Knowledge Machine
item level                     knowledge across domains       knowledge maintenance tools
Item Markings                  knowledge among members        knowledge management
Item Number                    knowledge architecture         knowledge management
item Part                      knowledge artifacts            community
item price discount            knowledge availability         Knowledge Management
item specifications            knowledge base                 Human Capital Management
Item Summary                   knowledge base development     Knowledge Management
items                          knowledge bases                Information
iteration                      knowledge capabilities         Knowledge Management
iterative decision             knowledge capture              Linking
jar file                       Knowledge Capture              knowledge management
jargon                         Knowledge                      professionals
Java                           Knowledge Capture Most tools   Knowledge Management
Java class                     Knowledge Classification       simulators
Java code                      knowledge classification       knowledge management
Java Data Base Connectivity    systems                        statistics
Java framework                 knowledge classifications      knowledge management
Java jar file                  Knowledge Classifications      systems
Java objects                   Systems                        knowledge management work
Java programming language      Knowledge Collection           Knowledge Management
Java Server                    knowledge currency             Working Group
Jet Propulsion Laboratory      Knowledge design intent        Knowledge map
job assignments                Knowledge Discovery            knowledge maps
job description                Knowledge Discovery            knowledge mining
job Face recognition           Intelligent Agents             Knowledge modelers
Joint Action Model             Knowledge Discovery Machine    knowledge network
Joint Action Part of System    Learning                       knowledge performance
Joint Action System            knowledge domain               support systems
Joint Actions                  knowledge domain space         knowledge processing
joint agreements               knowledge domains              Knowledge Provenance
joint air operations           knowledge elements             knowledge repositories
Joint Air Operations mission   knowledge elicitation          knowledge repository
joint funding                  Knowledge Engineering          knowledge representation
joint initiative               knowledge engineering for      Knowledge Representation
joint outcome                  domains                        Characteristics
Joint Tactics                  Knowledge Engineering          Knowledge Representation
Joint target                   Review                         Dimensions
Joint Target List              knowledge engineers            knowledge representation
Joint Terrorism Task Force     Knowledge exploitation         language
Joint Workshop                 knowledge exploration          knowledge representation
Journals Enterprise Profile    knowledge flow metrics         model
Creation                       knowledge flows                knowledge representation
K base                         knowledge gardening            notations
K classes                      Knowledge Hierarchy            Knowledge Representation
key objectives                 knowledge hoarding             Numeric
Keyword List                   Knowledge Infrastructure       knowledge representation
Keyword Search                                                primitives
knowledge representation     Language Ontology                  level of Message Constructs
principles                   language parsers                   level of software readiness
knowledge representation     Language Representation            level of trust
standards                    language technology                levels of abstraction
knowledge representation     languages                          levels of aggregation
systems                      large ontologies
knowledge representation     large scale ontologies             levels of alignment
techniques                   Large Scale Ontology               levels of containment
knowledge representation     large scale ontology initiatives   Levels of Interoperability
technologies                 Large scale ontology project       Lexical resources
knowledge representations    Large Scale Ontology Projects      lexical semantics
Knowledge Share Knowledge    large-scale interoperability       Lexical tools
knowledge sharing            lateral association                Lexical Variant Generation
Knowledge Source Server      law enforcement                    Lexical Variant Generation
knowledge sources            law enforcement organization       program
knowledge structuring        laws of inference                  lexical variants
relations                    layering ontology                  lexical variation
Knowledge Systems            layout conventions                 lexicons
knowledge techniques         learning                           Library card catalogs
knowledge technologies       learning integration               library card catalogue schema
knowledge technology         framework                          library of components
communities                  learning management systems        Library of Congress
knowledge test               learning problem                   classification system
Knowledge Transformation     learning research                  library of core components
knowledge utilization        legacy data                        library of ontologies
Koala Bean Markup Language   legacy data sources                life cycle management
lab test results             legacy database                    life-cycle management
label                        legacy database schema             Light Weight Directory Access
label value                  legacy databases                   Protocol
laboratory environment       legacy elements                    light-weight
laboratory findings          legacy mining                      limitations in ontology tools
laboratory information       legacy systems                     Limited Information Exchange
laboratory information       legacy taxonomies                  Domains
systems                      legal acceptability                Limited organizational utility
laboratory integration of    Legal Considerations               Line of Business
software components          legal context                      linear logic
laboratory interventions     legal documents                    Lines of Business
Laboratory Medicine          legal domains                      Lines of Businesses
laboratory messages          legal entities                     Linguistic Data
laboratory perspective       legal implications                 linguistics
laboratory subset            legal issues                       linguists
laboratory technicians       legal jurisdiction                 Link Analysis
Laboratory test order        legal language                     Linkage Ontologies
Laboratory test result       legal meaning                      linkages
language                     legal ontologies                   Linkages between Topics
language design              legal reasons                      Linnaean taxonomic nodes
Language Development         legal relations                    Lister Hill National Center
language differences         legal risk                         Lite Class Axioms
language expressivity        Level of Authoritativeness         Literal Predicate
Language Formality           level of formality                 literal string
Language Identifier          level of interoperability          literal strings
language independence        level of maturity                  Liturgical Markup Language
language level mismatches    level of Message Components        Live content Indications
local government                  logical migration                   Machine learning framework
local government business         logical model                       machine learning techniques
local governments                 logical models                      machine manipulation
Local Interaction Model           logical names                       Machine Manufacturing
Local Search                      Logical Observation Identifiers     machine processing
Local Semantic Expressivity                                           machine rigor
Location Identification           logical ontology structure          machine translation
location identification code      Logical Operators                   machine usability
Location Information              logical problems                    Machine-Methodology
Transactions                      logical relation                    machine-readable sources
logarithmic portions              logical relations                   machine-understandable
Logic                             logical relationships               documents
Logic language                    logical relationships of entities   machines
logic languages                   logical representation              Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Logic Mappings                    logical restrictions                Mail Address Line
logic of relations                logical rules                       mail application
logic programming                 logical set                         Mail delivery Sub Location
Logic Spectrum                                                        mail messages
logic statement                   logical structure                   mail relay
logical axioms                    logical structures                  mail relay component
logical categories                logical system                      mail retention
logical communication             logical systems                     mail systems
problems                          logical theories                    mailing list
logical communication             logical theory                      mailing list highlighting
requirements                      Logical Theory Thesaurus            main stream applications
Logical Connectives               logical transformations             main stream organizational
logical constructs                logically sound ontologies          form
logical data                      logistic unit                       mainstream delivery of care
Logical Data Model                Logistical Trust                    mainstream delivery of health
Logical Design                    longevity of investments            care
Logical Design activities         loose connections                   mainstream ontologies
Logical Entity Flow               loose coupling                      maintainable ontologies
logical entity level              loosely coupled ontologies          maintenance of data elements
logical equivalent                loosely related terms               maintenance of data security
logical errors                    looseness                           manageable level of detail
logical expression                Lower Levels of Framework           management context
Logical expressions               lower ontologies                    management improvement
logical extension                 Lower Ontology                      initiatives
logical formality                 lower order data models             Management Information
logical foundation                M Funding                           Sciences
logical grouping of goods         M-M                                 Management Of Complexity
logical grouping of information   machine inference                   management of data
logical groupings                 Machine Inference Permission        Management of Government
logical implications              machine interaction                 Resources
logical inference                 machine interpretable               management of information
logical inferences                information                         assets
logical information               machine interpretable               Management of Information
logical inheritance               properties of concepts              Systems
logical language                  machine interpretable               Management of Innovation
logical languages                 semantics                           Management of Semantics
logical list                      machine interpretation              management of services
logical manner                    Machine Learning                    management process
logical meanings                  machine learning algorithms         Management Review
Management Scenarios             market innovation              mechanical-device
Management Science               market insights                media
management services              market opportunities           media channel
Management Strategy              Market outcome                 media coverage
Management Support               Market Practice                media independent
management tool                  Market Practice independent    media programs
management tools                 Message                        Mediate Interactions
manifests                        market recognition             Mediation engines
manual aggregation               markup                         Mediation of Information
manual analysis                  Markup for web pages           mediation servers
manual modification              Markup Language                medical application
manually replicate               markup language constructs     medical care
manually tag                     markup language                medical care crisis
Manufacturer Code                development                    medical care delivery system
Manufacturer Enterprise          markup languages               Medical Center
Manufacturer of goods            markup structure               medical claims
Manufacturer Party               markup syntax                  medical community
Identification                   markup tools                   Medical Decision Support
Manufacturer Seller Language     master data                    Systems
manufacturers identification     master data dictionary         medical delivery system
Manufacturing Interoperability   material handling devices      Medical device communication
Research                         materialization                Medical Device
mapping                          Materialization of Claims      Communications
mapping across data              mathematical logic             Medical device interoperability
mapping domain ontologies        Mathematical Markup            medical devices
Mapping Engine                   Language                       Medical Enterprise Ontologies
Mapping Language                 mathematical subset relation   medical environment
Expressivity                     mathematical tools             medical errors
mapping multiple ontologies      mature ontologies              medical image interchange
mapping of concepts across       Maturity Knowledge             Brief name
domains                          Maturity Methodologies         medical image management
mapping of ontologies            maturity of business           devices
mapping ontologies               ontologies                     medical images with security
mapping performance              maximum expressiveness         medical information
Mapping Performance              maximum interoperability       Medical Information Bus
Characteristics                  maximum re-use                 Standards
mapping project                  meaning of concepts            medical information exchange
Mapping Relations                meaning of data                medical information system
mapping representations          Meaning Pragmatics             medical information systems
mapping upper ontologies         meaning requirement            medical insignia
mappings                         meanings                       medical insurance
mappings of data elements        meanings of concepts           Medical Knowledge Systems
marine transportation            meanings of data               Medical Language System
market                           meanings of terms              medical ontologies
market adoption                  meanings of things             Medical Ontology Research
Market conditions                meanings over time             medical participants
Market Design                    measures                       medical percentage
Market Engineering               measures of quality            medical practice
Market Engineering System        measures of quality for        Medical Practitioners
Market Engineering               ontologies                     medical procedure
Workbench                        measures of uncertainty        medical providers
market exchanges                 mechanical devices             Medical Record
market infrastructure            mechanical gears
Medical Record Information    Message granularity             methods Industrialization -
Communication                 Message header M                Services
Medical Record Information    Message Header Message          methods of classification
Institute of Medicine         Identification                  methods of information
medical records               message hierarchy               collection
medical research              message information             methods of operation
medical school                identification                  metrical maps
medical student               message interchange             metrics
medical system                message level                   metrics for harmonization
Medical Systems               message M                       metrics for ontology selection
medical transcription         Message Map B                   Middle ontologies
medical use case              message model                   Middle Ontology
medicine                      Message Modelling               middle tier
Meeting Ontology              Message Modelling Principles    migration path
                              Message Modelling Principles    migration plan
Meeting Recording             Version                         military capability
meetings                      message models                  military context
meetings minutes              Message name                    military domain
Member Participants           Message Office Ontology         military domains
Member Researchers            Extension                       military environment
Member Roles                  Message re-usability            military intelligence analysts
Message                       Message representations         Military Intelligence Database
Message Activity              Message Rule                    military ontologies
message as default currency   Message Rules                   military operations
Message Assembly              message Search List             military perspective
message component             Message Service Specification   military research
Message Components            message set                     military significance
Message Concept Dictionary    message sets                    military technology superiority
Item                          Message Specification           Millennium Project
Message Concepts              Message Specifications          minimum information
Message Construct             Message Standard                capabilities
Message containing            message standards               mismatches
message content               message stream                  mismatches in syntax
message context               message structure               missing data entities
message converter             Message Syntax                  Missing Domain
Message Definition            Message trailer M               mission effectiveness
Message Definition Diagram    Message Type                    Mission Focus
Message Definitions           Message versions                Mission Folder creation
Message Design                Messages                        mission operations
Message Design Guidelines     Metal working machinery         mission perspective
Message Design phase          metal-milling equipment         mission problem
Message Element               metal-turning equipment         mission requirements
Message Element name          metaphors                       Mission Statement
Message Elements              metastatic disease              Mission Success
Message Flow                  Method Code Payment             mission support capabilities
Message Flow Diagram          Method Code Transport           Mission Systems
Message Flows                 method for ontology mapping     mission test case
Message Format                method of classification        mission use case
Message Framework             method of shipment              mission use case
Message Frameworks            method of transport             implementation
Message function code         methodologies                   mission-critical technology
Purchase Order_ Document      methodology                     missions
Message Functionality         methodology for extensibility   mobile access
mobile authentication          Multidisciplinary Design          National Coordinator for
modal interaction              framework                         Health Information
modal logic                    Multilateral Interoperability     Technology
Modal operators                multilingual support              national Coordinator of Health
Modal Policies                 multimedia capabilities           Information Technology
Modal Policies Application     multimedia communications         National Defense Research
Modal Propositional Logic      systems                           Institute
Modal                          multimedia files                  national health information
Mode of Delivery               multimedia information            infrastructure
model                          exchange                          National Health Information
model centric perspectives     Multimedia Integration            Network
model concepts                 Language                          National Health Information
model construct                multimedia presentation           Network Ontology
model constructs               planning                          national health information
Model Data                     multiparty business               policy
Model Definition               multiparty collaborations         National Health Information
model domains                  Multiparty collaborations often   Technology Coordinator
Model Driven Architecture      benefits                          National Indicator System
Model Dynamics                 multiple forms of syntax          National Infrastructure
model entries                  multiple hierarchies              National Library of Medicine
model exhibits                 multiple inheritance              national mapping project
model for registration         multiple languages                National Park Service
model for representation of    multiple layers of redundancy     National Patient Safety
information                    multiple Message Components       Network
Model Keys                     multiple parents                  National Science Foundation
model library                  multiple registries               national security
model management               Multiple Steps                    National Security Conference
Model Mapping                  multiple systems                  national system creating
Model Ontology                 Multiple Taxonomies               Nationwide Health Information
model quantification           multiple trees                    Network
Model Representation           Multiple Types                    native context
Model Service                  multiple upper ontologies         native databases
model standards                Mutual Disambiguation             native graphical modeler
Model Subsets                  mutual interdependencies          native language
Model Syntax                   mutual understanding              native procedure call
model validation               mutually binding interaction      native processes
modeling                       N-B                               native repository
modeling language              Name Agreement                    native system
modeling language annotation   Name Interoperability             native systems
modeling languages             Name Management                   natural language
modeling tools                 Name Specification                natural language interaction
Modelling Methodology          names of classes                  Natural Language Processing
models                         Names of Concepts                 natural language
modularity                     Names of relationships            representations
Module declarations            between classes                   Natural Language
modules                        narrower term                     Understanding
monolithic ontology            narrower term reference           natural language
monotonic logic                narrower terms                    understanding analysis
Monster plans                  National Cancer Institute         Natural Language
Mortgage Bankers Association   national center for ontological   Understanding Analysis
movement trajectories          research                          Methods
Multidisciplinary design       National Coordination Office      natural science ontology
                               National Coordinator              Natural Taxonomies
Natural Taxonomy                  normal classes                  Object Server
natural-languages                 Normalization                   object structure
naval operations                  normative list of business      object with parts
Naval Postgraduate School         processes                       objective measure
Navigation Functionality          normative Mappings              objectives
navigation planning               Normative Ontology              obsolete knowledge
Negotiating agreements            Normative Primitives            Occurrence Constraints
Negotiation Phase                 normative schema language       Occurrent Continuant
Net Architecture                  normative-form schema           occurrent objects
net wars                          design                          OCR
Net-Centric Warfare               notation                        office applications
netcentric approach               notation for taxonomy           office components
netcentric defense capabilities   categories                      Office Core Ontology
netcentric environment            notation system                 Office domain
netcentric outputs                notations                       office environment
netcentric policies               Notional Ontology               Office of Technology
Network Architecture              notions                         Assessment
Network Dynamics Laboratory       noun                            office with printouts of
Network Inference                 noun entity extraction          thousands of web pages
Network Inference queries         noun phrase extractors          Official Constraint
Network Inference query           nuanced statement               Official constraints
capabilities                      Numeric Associations            official data
Network Inference tool set        numeric characters              official seals
Network Inference tools           Numeric Code                    official stamps
Network interoperability          numeric conformance             offsets
network protocol                  Numeric Value                   Omnidirectional Video
network storage vendors           Object Access Protocol          One Stop information
networks                          object attribute facet method   One Stop initiative
networks of concepts              object attribute facet value    Online Geometric Optimization
networks of connections           object attribute value          Online Query Relaxation
networks of relations             object class                    Ontological Analysis
neutral interoperability          object class associations       ontological approach
neutral languages                 Object Class List               ontological choices
neutral service                   Object Class Property Term      ontological class instance
neutral services                  object class qualifier          ontological commitment
neutral standards                 Object class term               ontological commitments
news distribution channels        Object classes                  ontological completeness
news headlines                    Object Communication            ontological components
News Industry Text Format         Object Computing Conference     ontological concepts
Next Generation architecture      Object Constraint Language      ontological data
next generation architectures     object database                 ontological decisions
node                              Object Definition Language      ontological development
node breaks                       Object Facility                 ontological distinctions
node core taxonomy                object flow line                ontological diversity
node documentation                object identifier Remark        ontological elements
node name                         Object Management Group         ontological engineering
Node Relationship                 Object Management Group         ontological engineering
node type                         offers                          approach
node value                        Object Methods                  ontological engineering
nodes                             Object Modeling                 community
nomenclature                      Object parts                    ontological engineering effort
nonstandard knowledge-            object pattern                  ontological engineering
representation system             object properties               methodologies
ontological engineering           ontology creation               ontology linking
product                           ontology data                   ontology maintenance
ontological foundation            ontology decisions              ontology management
ontological foundations           ontology definition             ontology management system
ontological foundations of        ontology definitions            ontology mapping
commitments                       ontology design                 ontology mapping approaches
ontological information           ontology design time            ontology mapping
ontological misalignments         ontology designers              practitioners
ontological models                ontology developers             ontology matching
ontological perspective           ontology development            ontology matching
ontological reasoning             ontology development            practitioners
ontological registries            environment                     ontology merging
ontological relations             ontology development            ontology methodology
ontological research              methodologies                   ontology metrics
ontological research national     ontology development project    ontology misalignments
center                            ontology development system     ontology model
ontological structures            ontology directories            ontology modeling
ontological work                  ontology discussions            ontology modeling tools
ontologically sound               ontology distinctions           ontology models
infrastructure                    ontology diversity              ontology names
ontologie                         ontology editing tools          ontology notation
ontologies                        ontology editor                 ontology of classes
ontologies for data integration   ontology editors                ontology of documents
ontologies in medicine            ontology elements               ontology of names
ontologists                       ontology engineering            ontology of obstacles
ontologjies                       ontology engineering            ontology of properties
ontology                          approach                        ontology of relations
ontology analysis                 ontology engineering            ontology of time
Ontology Application              community                       ontology perspective
Ontology Applications             ontology engineering effort     ontology perspectives
ontology approach                 ontology engineering            ontology policies
ontology architecture             methodologies                   ontology processes
ontology browsers                 ontology engineering products   ontology project
ontology builders                 ontology engineers              ontology prototype
ontology building                 ontology entities               ontology provenance
ontology building tools           ontology evaluation criteria    ontology query
ontology business                 ontology evolution              ontology R&D
ontology categories               ontology extensions             ontology reasoning
ontology category                 ontology extraction             ontology references
ontology choices                  ontology federation             ontology registration
ontology class instance           ontology formation              ontology registries
ontology collaboration model      ontology foundation             ontology registry
ontology commitment               ontology hub                    ontology relations
ontology communities              ontology inference layer        ontology replenishment
ontology community                ontology information            ontology representation
ontology completeness             ontology infrastructure         ontology representation
Ontology Components               ontology integration            languages
ontology composition              ontology language               ontology research
ontology concepts                 ontology language services      ontology research and
ontology conceptual model         ontology language use           development
Ontology Consortium               ontology languages              Ontology Research Group
ontology content                  ontology libraries              ontology reuse
ontology context                  ontology library                ontology software
ontology source connectors      open source                       Order Acknowledgement
ontology sources                open source approach              Order Change
ontology specification          open source collaboration         Order Date
language                        open source development           order document
ontology standards              open source developments          order entry
ontology strategies             open source model                 order form
ontology structures             open source ontologies            Order Header
ontology techniques             open source ontology              order information
ontology to ontology mapping    development                       Order Line Reference
ontology tool                   open source ontology tools        Order Management System
ontology tools                  Open Source Project               order processing type
ontology training               open source software              Order Reference
ontology updates                open source technology            Order Response
ontology usage                  open source tools                 order transaction
ontology user                   open source work                  Order Transaction Code
ontology users                  open standards                    order transmission
ontology validation             open standards development        Ordering System
ontology visualization          Open Trading Protocol             organization
ontology work                   open virtual enterprise           organization competencies
ontology-definition languages   Open World Assumption             organization context
ontology-development            open-source software              organization controlling
open applications               open-source technology            organization hierarchy
open architecture               open-source work                  Organization Name
open architectures              operation element                 Organization Science
open biological ontologies      operational database              organization to organization
Open Biomedical Ontologies      operational database schema       services
Consortium                      operational databases             organizational agents
Open Catalog Protocol           operational domains               organizational boundaries
open collaboration              operational efficacy              Organizational chart
open collaboration approach     operational environment           organizational construct
open collaboration model        operational improvement           Organizational Coordinate
open communities                operational need                  Organizational costs
open consensus integration      operational needs                 organizational data
standards                       operational representation        Organizational Documents
open content license            operational show stopper          Organizational Form
open content syndication        operational test                  organizational hierarchies
open data standards             operational usage                 organizational history
open directories                operational use                   organizational interactions
Open Directory Project          operational ―information map      organizational level
Open Financial Exchange         operationally experienced         organizational mechanisms
Open Information Model          experts                           organizational obstacles
Open International Forum on     opportunities for collaboration   organizational performance
Business Ontology               opportunities for reuse           organizational policy
open knowledge base             opportunity for extensibility     Organizational Relationships
Open Knowledge Base             Optical Character Recognition     organizational structure
Connectivity Language           optical supplies                  organizational structures
open knowledge base             Optional Code List                organizational utility
connectivity protocol           Optional Code List Scheme         organizational value
open ontologies                 Optional elements                 organizations
Open Settlement Protocol        Optional Language                 outbound relationships
open software                   Oracle data classes               outcomes
Open Software Description       Orchestration Ontology            Outcomes for Consumers
Format                          order                             outcomes management
output                          part number assignment           patient care
output actions                  part number using                patient care delivery
Output Technologies             Part of e                        patient connected devices
overhead cost of data           part of government               Patient Doctor
inconsistency                   part of Interaction              patient encounters
overloading subsumption         Part of speech Grammar rules     patient health
OWL                             Context                          patient identification
ownership of codes              Part of System                   management
                                Part Ordering System             Patient identifiers
package level                   part orders                      patient illnesses
Package type description code   part predicate                   patient medical record
packages                        Part Product Globally Unique     information
Packaging Code                  Identifier                       patient problems
Packaging Information Price     Part Product Manufacturer        patient quality
Summary                         part relationships               patient record
Packaging Instruction Code      Part Spare Part Item             patient record system
Aircraft                        Part Spare Part Item             patient record systems
Packaging Instruction Code      Packaging                        Patient Referral
Packaging                       part specifications              Patient Safety
pairs of concepts               partial functional flow          patient safety quality of care
Panel Discussion                partial integration              patient safety standards
Panel Members                   partial knowledge                patient suits
                                Partial Object class term        patient visit
panel of speakers               partial path                     patient-centric systems
Panel Session                   partial solution                 patients
Panel-Discussion                partial temporal ordering        pattern matching
paper form                      Participant Interaction          pattern matching rules
paper records                   Modeling                         Pattern Recognition
paper-based information         participants                     patterns
workflow                        participation                    patterns of similarity
Parametric knowledge            Particle Accelerator             Pay for performance
parasitic diseases              parties                          pay-for-performance
parent class                    partition proposition            Payer Alliance
parent entity                   Partner Implementation           Payload Definition
parent hierarchy topics         partner roles                    Payload Definition Identifier
parent message component        partner selling merchandise      payloads
parent nodes                    Partner Service Component        payment card
parent object                   Reference Model                  Payment Card Property Term
parent relation                 partnership involving data       payment instructions
parent restriction              parts                            payment labor
parent term                     Parts Procurement System         payment method
parent topic                    Party Contact Class Definition   Payment System
parent type                     Party Details                    Payment Systems
parent-child                    Party Quote                      Peer-to-peer N-Tier
parent-child pair               Party selling merchandise        Architecture
parent-child relationship       Party selling spare              people
parent-child relationships      party solutions                  performance
parser                          party types                      performance accountability
parsing                         Patent & Trademark Office        performance area
Part and Whole                  patent protection                performance areas
part hierarchy                  patenting service                performance artifacts
part name                       Pathologic Function              performance attributes
Part Number                     patient
performance characteristics of   Personnel Management            pilots
data                             pervasive relationship in       pivot table
performance goal                 ontologies                      place
performance improvements         pervasive representations       place holder
performance issues               Petroleum Factory               Place of Event
Performance Measurement          Phantom Works                   Place of receipt
performance objectives           pharmaceutical companies        Place Order
performance of business          pharmaceutical research         Place Order Process
processes                        pharmacodynamics                planning
performance of speech acts       phenotypic expression           planning technologies
Performance Reference Model      Philosophers                    platform independent
performance standards            Philosophical Notions           Platform neutral
Performance Support Systems      philosophy                      plug-ins
Periodic mappings                Phone Books                     point in time
periodic updates                 phone line                      point of care
permanent identifiers            phone line level taxation       point of entry
persistent assistant             phone number                    point of impact
Persistent Meeting Assistant     phones on mute                  point of need
Persistent Objects               photo-tagging capabilities      point of use
persistent semantic web          physical airspace               Point-of-care
person                           physical airspaces              point-of-view
Person data                      physical basis                  Point-to-point
Person Description               physical carrier                point-to-point data
Person ID                        Physical Categories             police
Person identifier                physical characteristic         Police Chief
person name                      physical characteristics        Police Investigator
Person Property term             physical data                   Police Officer
Person Qualifier term            physical data representation    police report
person searching                 physical data stores            policy
Personal Assistant               physical entities               policy attention
personal assistant agents        physical evidence               policy barrier
Personal Assistant Domains       physical implementation         policy board
Personal Assistants              physical management             Policy Challenge
Personal Briefing Assistant      physical models                 policy changes
Personal Cognitive Assistant     Physical Object                 Policy Content
personal computer                physical objects                policy decision support tool
Personal Health                  physical programming            policy developments
personal health care decisions   physical property               policy language
personal health information      Physical Quantities             policy level debates
Personal Health Information      physical reality                policy makers
Exchange                         physical representation         Policy management
personal health information      physical separation             policy proposals
systems                          physical space                  policy requirements
personal health records          physical-parts                  policy setting
personal information             physicians                      policy statement
Personal Information             pilot                           Policy Statistics
Integration                      pilot application with source   policy-makers
personal network of friends      code using                      political boundaries
Personal Preferences             pilot program                   political campaigns
Personal relationships           Pilot Program Elements          Political Context
personal taxonomies              pilot programs                  political ideas
personal view                    Pilot Project                   political movements
Personnel changes                pilot projects                  political’ pressures
poly-hierarchy                   Presentation Architecture         private   industry
poor content aggregation         presentation customization        private   investment
Portable Ontologies              Presentation Goals                private   keys
Portable Ontology                Presentation Models               private   organizations
Specifications                   presentation syntax               Private   ownership
Portable Process Language        President’s Information           private   parties
Portal Markup Language           Technology Advisory               private   partnership
Position Paper                   Committee                         private   research institutions
Positive existential subset      President’s Management            private   sector
Positron Emission Tomography     Agenda                            private   sector competition
Post Code                        Price Amount                      private   sector efforts
Post Code identification         price break information           private   sector stakeholders
Post Office Box max              Price Break Quantity range        private   sectors
Post-Actualization               price deflation
Post-conditions                  price erosion                     Probabilistic Models
power user expectation           price list                        problem areas
power users                      Primary adrenocortical            Problem Categories
practical analysis               insufficiency                     problem context
practical applications           primary care                      problem domain
practical knowledge              primary care physicians           Problem List
practical knowledge              primary classes of data           problem spaces
representation                   Primary Contact                   problem statement
practical meaning                Primary Contributors              Problem Statements
practical steps                  primary functions                 problem-solving processes
practical use                    primary physician                 problematic logical structures
practice                         primary present interest          problematic structures
practitioners                    Primary Representation            problems
precedence rating                primary representation term       Procedural Agent Realization
precise meaning                  primary role                      Procedural attachment
precise reasoning                primary types of classification   procedural attachments
Precise specification of rules   primary users                     procedural code
precise understanding            Primer                            procedural code of programs
precision                        primitive concepts                Procedural Conceptual
precision recall                 primitive data                    Primitives
precondition name                primitive type                    Procedural Dynamic
Preconditions                    Primitive Type Card               Knowledge
predicate                        Principal Investigator            Procedural Markup Language
Predicate Calculus               principles of knowledge           procedural programming
Predicate Logic                  representation                    techniques
Predicate look                   Priority Code                     Procedural representation
Predicate Method Assertion       Priority predictor                procedural specifications
Predicates                       priority tasks                    procedures
predictable structures           privacy                           Process Activity Diagram
Predictive Model Markup          privacy concerns                  process algebra
Language                         privacy considerations            Process Analysis
Predictive Process Engineering   privacy differences               Process Attributes
predictors                       privacy implications              process blueprint
Preprocessing techniques         privacy issues                    process boundaries
prescription                     Privacy Loss                      process boundary
Prescription Drug                privacy policies                  Process Classifications
prescription Rx                  Privacy Profile                   Process Concept Classification
prescriptive components          privacy requirements              process context
Present Generation Capability    Privacy Security                  Process data
process decomposition          Process Use Case Description     professional roles
process definition             processes                        professional societies
process development            Processing Cycle Time            profiles
Process diagram                Processing indicator             program brief
process engineering            description code                 program code
Process Entity                 Processing Priority Code         Program Element
Process execution              processors                       Program Elements
process flow                   procurement action               Program Management
process flow diagrams          procurement activities           Program Manager
process group                  Procurement Data                 program managers
Process Groupings              Procurement Discount             program scope
process information            producer                         programmatic infrastructure
process innovation             product                          programmatic models
Process integration            product catalog                  Programming Language
Process Interchange Format     product categorization           programming languages
process knowledge              product classification           programs
Process Knowledge              product classification systems   progressive disclosure
Integration                    product code                     project
Process languages              Product Context Definition       Project Accomplishments
process leads                  Product Data Definition          project administrator
Process Level                  product data information         Project Architects
process Linking                Product Data Integration         project association
Process Management             product data standard            Project Goals
Process Management             Product Definition Exchange      Project ID
Standard                       Product Description              Project Library
Process maturity               Product Design                   Project Manager
process method                 Product ID                       project roles
Process Methodology            product identification           project scope
Process Model                  product information exchange     project status
Process Modeler                protocol                         projects
process modeling               product label                    proliferation of data standards
process modelling              Product Labeling                 proliferation of vocabularies
process models                 product number                   promotional material
Process Ontology               product positioning              Pronoun Resolution
Process Optimization           Product Requirements             Proof Exchange
process outcome                product solution                 Proof Language
Process Planner                product source information       Proof Markup Language
Process representation         Product Specification            proof of concept
process representations        Product Specifications           proof of concept‖ application
Process Role                   Product Triangle Components      proof of delivery
process specialists            Product Triangle Draft           proof specifications
Process Specification          Product Triangle model           Proof Using Inference Rule
Language                       productivity paradox             Proof-of-concepts
Process Specification Schema   products                         proofs
Process Standards Committee    professional activity            proper names
integration                    professional associations        properties
process steps                  Professional Conference          Properties of classes
Process Structure              Professional Conference          properties of Object Classes
process time                   representation                   properties of subjects
Process Tools                  professional knowledge           properties of time
process transformation         professional ontologists         Property
process Translations           Professional Reasoning           property change
Process Use Case               Enhancements Systems             property characteristics
Property Dependence             provable query                    publication function
property name                   provenance data                   publication languages
Property names                  provenance information            publicly available code list
property term                   provenance of documents           publicly available format
Property Term Noun              provenance ontology               publicly available knowledge
Property Term Qualifier         Provider firms                    classification systems
Property Terms                  Provider information              publicly available ontologies
property-relations              provider-client                   publicly available search
Propositional Logic             proxies                           publicly available tools
propositions                    Proximate genera                  public’s question
Proprietary Activity            proxy author                      publishing industry initiative
proprietary approaches          Proxy Class                       developing
proprietary bias                Proxy Properties                  Purchase Order
Proprietary Conclusions         public access                     Purchase Order Class Diagram
proprietary data                public awareness                  purchases
proprietary data files          public benefit                    purposes
Proprietary Demo                Public Comment                    purposes of categorization
proprietary electronic health   public databases                  purposes of clarity
record                          public discussion                 purposes of retrieval
Proprietary Filtering           public domain                     purposes of search
Proprietary Formal Annotation   Public Domain Databases           purposes of simplicity
Proprietary Formalization       Public Domain Knowledge           Quadrant
Proprietary Generating          Bank                              quadrants
Semantic Annotation             Public domain‖ Document           qualified segment
Proprietary Implementation      Public Forum                      qualified segments
Proprietary Informal            public forums                     qualifier
Annotation                      Public Goods Creation             qualifier term
Proprietary Issues              public health                     qualifier terms
proprietary knowledge-          public health agencies            qualifiers
representation system           public health data                Quality accountability
Proprietary Machine             public health information         quality assessments
Proprietary Modeling            public health officials           Quality assurance
proprietary ontologies          Public Health Ontology            quality assurance program
proprietary protocols           Public health surveillance        quality care
proprietary solution            public health surveillance        quality concerns
proprietary solutions           architectures                     quality environment
Protégé                         public information                Quality erosion
Protégé capabilities            public interest                   quality management
Protégé community               public interest organizations     quality measures
Protégé Conference              Public key infrastructure         quality norms
Protégé effort                  public knowledge classification   quality of dialogue
Protégé family of design        systems                           Quality of Knowledge
Protégé format                  Public Licence                    quality of service
Protégé ontology                public ontologies                 quality requirements
Protégé project                 public policy objectives          quality screening
Protégé system                  public release                    quality-of-service
protocols                       public sector                     quality-of-service conflicts
prototype demonstration         public sectors                    Quantitative Framework
Prototype Ontology              public service preparedness       quantitative measurements
Development                     portal                            quantitative relationships
prototype software              Public Services                   Quantities
prototype system                public-private-academic           quantities of time
provable queries                partnership                       quasi-menu system
queries                     real ontologists              recurrent design problem
query                       Real Time Enterprise Site     recurrent time interval
query ease                  Maps                          recurring data
query facilities            real time understanding       Recurring time intervals
query facility              real world applications       recursive integration
query interface             real world business concept   Red Hat
query language              real world entities           reduction of errors
query languages             real world referent           Reduction of variability
Query Manager               real-time chat session        redundancy
Query Planning              real-time e-Health systems    redundancy inferences
Query Point                 real-time self-awareness      redundancy of representation
Query Point access          representations               redundant definition
query points                real-time system              redundant efforts
query refinement            real-world situations         redundant terminological
query result                real-world use                inconsistencies
Query scripts               reason                        redundant words
query selection criteria    reasonable inferences         reference
query statement             reasoning                     Reference Architectures
Query Support               reasoning capabilities        Reference currency
R&D                         reasoning components          Reference Domains
R diagram                   reasoning expert systems      Reference Information
R model                     Reasoning Mechanism           Reference Information Model
R models                    Reasoning Mechanisms          reference library
R&D                         Reasoning Object Methods      Reference Model
R-R                         reasoning performance         Reference model name
random order                metrics                       reference model tiers
random topics               reasoning power               reference models
range                       reasoning routines            Reference ontologies
range constructs            reasoning systems             reference ontology
range of contexts           Reasoning Thesauri            reference sources
range of values             reasons                       Reference terminologies
ranking algorithms          Receiver Party                reference terminology model
rapid confirmation          Receiving Advice Business     reference vocabulary
rapid coordination          Document                      referential integrity
rapid debugging             Receiving Advice Business     Region Categorization
rapid learning              Document Figure               Region Identification
Rapid release cycle         Receiving Advice Message      regional collaborations
rapid testing               addressing                    Regional Context
rate of adoption            reciprocal axiom              Regional context classification
rational use                recon activity                regional health information
Raw Data                    record field                  exchange projects
raw facts                   records management            Regional Health Information
raw materials               Records Retention             Organizations
re-occurring transactions   requiremens                   regional health information
re-purpose                  recreation area               simulation
re-use                      recreation functions          regional stakeholders
re-use of data              Recreation Information        Registered Entry
re-use of information       Database                      registered objects
readable information        Recreation Inventory          Registration Authority
readable knowledge          Recreation Markup Language    registration identifier
Readiness Test              Recreational Resource         registration identity
Real Estate Transaction     Recreational Resource sub-    Registration Indicator
Markup Language             function                      registration number
registration of algorithms      relational calculus             relationships between
registration of information     relational data access          components
objects                         relational database             Relationships between
registration of terms                                           concepts
registries                      relational database             relationships between data
Registries Common Content       information                     relationships between data
Registries standard             relational database model       elements
registry                        relational database of test     relationships between data
Registry Applications           data                            entities
Information Exchange Security   relational database system      relationships between data
& Privacy                       relational databases            values
Registry architecture           Relational Model                relationships between entities
registry contents               relational model of user        relationships between
registry editors                Relational Normalization        properties
Registry Implementation         relational query                relationships between topics
Registry Information Model      relational rules                relationships of Data
registry object instances       relational schema               release control
registry objects                Relational Taxonomies           Release Date
Registry of ontologies          relational terms                Releases Concept learning
registry of standards           relations                       relevance
                                relations among concepts        relevance of information
Registry Profile                relations between concepts      relevant concepts
Registry Semantics              relations between elements      relevant descriptions
Registry Source                 relations between entities      relevant documents
Registry specification          relations between nodes         relevant information
Registry standard               relations between Object        Reliability of software
Registry Support                Classes                         ensemble
Registry Transaction            Relations between symbols       reliable interoperability
Registry Vendors                Relations Language              reliable knowledge
regular expressions             relationship                    remote attachments
regulatory agreements           Relationship Association        remote audience
Regulatory compliance           relationship between entities   remote control
Regulatory Guidance             relationship between            repeatable consistent
Regulatory Guidance             organizations                   exchange
mechanisms                      relationship between            repeatable process
Regulatory Incentives           sentences                       repeatable technical pattern
Regulatory Liaison              relationship between topics     repetitive tasks
regulatory policies             relationship indicator          replication of data
regulatory requirements         relationship indicators         Replication Protocol
regulatory standards            relationship information        Reporting Markup Language
Related Term                    relationship may                reports
Related topics                  Relationship Model              repository
relation                        relationship name               Repository Access
relation between ontologies     relationship names              repository approach
Relation Hub Ontology           relationship of data assets     Repository Graphics
relation Influence              Relationship Performance        repository integration
Relation Model                  Reference Model                 repository model
Relation Pair                   relationship standards          repository of data attributes
Relation Subsumption            relationship structure          repository quadrants
Relation Symbol                 relationships                   Repository Search
relation type                   Relationships across data       Repository Table
relational behavior             classes                         Repository Tables
Relational binary relations     Relationships among people      Repository Taxonomy
Repository Tools                 Resource Description            reusable ontologies
repository using                 Resource Description            reusable patterns
Repository Working Group         Framework                       Reusable pieces
representation                   resource discovery              reusable terms
Representation Definition        Resource Event Agent            reuse issue
representation formalism         resource for purposes           reuse of applications
representation format            Resource Identifier             reuse of business components
representation language          resource instances              reuse of data
representation languages         resource management             reuse of domain models
representation of data           functions                       reuse of ontologies
representation of information    resource registration           reverse engineering
representation of relations      Resource Type                   reverse transformation
Representation of Strings        resource vectoring              reverse translator
Representation systems           resource-allocation decisions   rich common semantics
representation terms             Resource-Event-Agent            rich data
representation type              resources                       rich description
Representational                 response document               Rich Human-Agent Interaction
sophistication                   Response Productivity           rich knowledge representation
representations of time          restricted data                 languages
request extension                Restricted Operations           rich mapping mechanisms
Request For Information          Restricted Operations Areas     Rich model
request response message         Restricted target               rich semantic content
request-response Negotiation     Restricted Target List          rich semantic models
Requests for data services       Restricted targets              rich semantics
Requirements                     restriction mechanism           rights languages
Requirements Analysis            restrictions                    Rights management
Requirements Analysis            restrictive ontology language   rights of individuals
activities                       Restrictiveness of business     rigid properties
Requirements Analysis activity   rules                           rigid property
Requirements Analysis phase      results                         rigidity
requirements of persons          results during demonstrations   Rigidity Constraint
requirements of software         results sets                    rigor
users                            Retail business area            rigor in data standards
Requirements Organization        Retail Delivery Example         rigorous business case
Requirements Specification       Retail delivery process         rigorous logical tools
Requirements Use Case            retail sales                    Rigorous ontology
research                         retail supply chain             development methodologies
research area                    retail transaction              ring formation
research budget                  retention schedules             road map
Research Center                  retrieval by users              Robotics competition
research collaboration           retrieval of documents          robust categorization
research community               retrieval of machine-readable   techniques
research databases               information                     robust classification
Research Directions              retrieval system                robust data management
research efforts                 return value                    Robust description
research experience              returns                         robust description capabilities
Research group                   reusable component              robust description of data
Research Policy                  reusable data management        Role Context Roles
research project                 infrastructure                  Role Discovery
researchers                      reusable Dictionary             roles
Resource Allocation              reusable Dictionary Item        roles of entities
Resource availability            reusable Message                roles of government
resource conservation            Components                      root cause analysis diagram
root causes                    Schema Management               secure connectivity
root class                     Validation                      secure data
root node                      Schema Module                   secure environment
rote search processes          schema naming                   secure infrastructure
Router Controller Filtering    schema of axioms                secure movement of health
Server                         schema representation           information
Routine performance            Schema Requirements             secure systems
rule attachment                Schema Security & Privacy       Secure User Identifications
Rule Design                    Interoperability Standards      security
Rule Language                  Schema Specification            Security & Identity
Rule specification             Schema specifications           security & privacy
rule validation                schema transformation           security applications
rules                          Schema translation              Security Architecture
rules engine                   Schema‖ Query Point             security categories
rules for application user     schemes                         security categorization
interfaces                     scientific data                 Security certificates
rules for use                  scientific methods              security classification
rules of inference             scientific models               security concerns
run-time inference             scientists                      security considerations
Safer Health System            scope                           Security Digital
safety culture                 scope document                  Security Environment
Sales Conditions               Scope statements                security framework
Salesperson                    screen appearance               Security Glossary
Sample Ontology                Seamark software                security issues
Sandpiper Software             Seamark tool                    security measures
sanitary data                  search                          security of authentication
Scalable integration           search accuracy                 security of dictation
scalable service knowledge     search broadening               Security Profile
capture                        search capabilities             Security Protection
scale information extraction   Search Challenge                Security requirements
scenario                       search engine                   Security Standards
scenario information           search engine technology        seed funding
scenarios                      Search Engine Watch             seed ontology
schema                         search engines                  Seedling funding
Schema business document       search precision                Segment group
Schema Classification          search results                  segment match
techniques                     search site                     segment structure
schema customizations          search string                   Segment-Qualifier
Schema Data                    Search system                   segments
Schema Definition              Search technology               self diagnostics
schema documentation           search utilities                self service
Handling code                  searchable identifiers          self-awareness
Schema Evolution               searches                        self-awareness values
Schema Features                Searching                       self-describing systems
Schema File                    searching technology            Self-integrating systems
Schema Form                    secondary inference             self-registration
schema fragment                secondary representation        Seller Identification
schema fragments               secondary representation term   Seller Language
schema generation              secondary representation        semantic alignment
schema header                  terms                           semantic ambiguity
schema integration             Secretary of Defense            Semantic analysis
schema languages               Sector Categorization           Semantic Annotation
                               Sector Content                  Semantic Annotation Activity
semantic annotations           semantic filters            semantic network
semantic approach              Semantic Formalization      Semantic Network Ontology
semantic approaches            semantic framework          Base
semantic architecture          Semantic Frameworks         Semantic Network relations
semantic association           Semantic Gap Analysis       Semantic network
semantic associations          Semantic Grid               relationships
Semantic Brokers               semantic groups             semantic networks
semantic business meaning      semantic harmonization      Semantic Object layer
Semantic business process      Semantic Heterogeneity      semantic objects
model                          Discovery                   Semantic Office Environment
Semantic Challenge Attribute   semantic implementation     semantic primes
semantic chunks                semantic indices            Semantic Primitives
semantic clarity               semantic information        semantic problems
semantic concepts              semantic integration        Semantic products
Semantic conceptual            semantic interoperability   semantic properties
factorization                  semantic interoperability   semantic properties of data
semantic conflict              across domains              semantic registries
Semantic Conflict Mapping      Semantic Interoperability   semantic relations
semantic conflict resolution   Architecture Pilot          semantic relationship
Semantic Conflicts             Semantic Interoperability   semantic relationships
Semantic Constructs            between Registries          semantic relationships
semantic content               Semantic Interoperability   between terms
Semantic Continuum Pump        Community of Practice       semantic representation
semantic corpus                Semantic Interoperability   semantic representation
semantic corpus annotation     Conceptual Primitives       language
semantic data                  Semantic interoperability   semantic representation
Semantic data consistency      frameworks                  languages
semantic data integration      semantic interoperability   semantic research
semantic definitions           techniques                  Semantic Resolution
Semantic Description           semantic interpretation     semantic richness
semantic desktop               Semantic Issues             semantic search
Semantic Desktop               semantic layer              semantic search engines
Demonstration                  semantic layers             semantic solutions
semantic differences           semantic level              semantic technologies
semantic discovery             semantic levels             Semantic Technology
semantic distance              semantic management         Semantic Technology
semantic distance workshop     semantic mapping            Languages
semantic distinctions          semantic mapping using      Semantic Tools
semantic domain                ontologies                  semantic types
semantic engine                Semantic Mappings           semantic understanding
semantic engineering           semantic mappings between   semantic understanding of
semantic entities              ontologies                  data
semantic equivalence           semantic markers            semantic uniqueness
Semantic Equivalence Metrics   Semantic Markup             semantic units
semantic equivalence Systems   Semantic Markup Language    semantic value
Semantic Equivalence test      semantic match              semantic views
semantic equivalencies         semantic meaning            semantic vocabulary standard
Semantic Equivalency           Semantic Mediation          semantic web
Semantic Explicitness          Semantic Model              semantic web languages
semantic expressiveness        Semantic Models             semantic web research
                               Semantic Navigator          semantic web sense
Semantic Expressivity          Semantic Net                semantic web technologies
semantic extension             semantic nets
semantically arbitrary parent-   service industries               services revolution
child term                       service initiation               Services Sciences
semantically rich domain         service innovation               Services Services
ontology                         service innovation pioneer       Services systems
semantically rich markup         service innovation process       set of constraints
languages                        Service Innovations              set of triples
Semantically similar concepts    service interaction              set operations
semantically unique              Service Interface                set policies
semantics                        Service Level                    set theory
semantics developers             service levels                   sets
Semantics Interoperability       Service management               sets of triples
Community of Practice            Service Marketing                Shadow ontology
semantics management             Service Modeling Ontology        shallow parsing
semantics of data                Service Modelling Ontology       shape characteristics
semantics of primitives          service offering matching        share data
semantics standard               service offerings                share information
semantics technology             Service Ontologies               share programs
semi-automation of ontology      service operation                shipment destination
development                      Service Operations               shipment information
sensitive information            service productivity             Shipping Date
sensitivity of information       service providers                Shopping basket
sentence                         Service provisioning             Sigma ontology development
sentences                        Service Requests                 Sigma Ontology Development
Sequence                         Service Research                 Environment
Sequence Diagram                 service research organizations   simple taxonomies
sequence diagrams                Service research pioneer         simplification of business
Sequence Markup Language         Service research pioneers        processes
sequences                        service satisfaction             simplification of rules
sequential transactions          Service schema                   simplification of transactions
serial format                    service sciences                 single-payer
serial number                    service scientist                single-point specification
service                          Service Scientists               single-value hierarchy
Service Association              service sector                   situation theory
service business                 service sector innovations       situation-action
Service capability               service sectors                  Situation-Temporal
service category                 Service Semantics                situations
Service Characteristics          service solutions                Smaller Business Events
Service Choreography             Service Sourcing                 smart data
Interface                        Service Standard                 Smart Data Continuum
Service Code                     Service Standards                Smart Data Enterprise
Service Component                service system                   Smart-Data Enterprise
Service Components               Service system dynamics          Social Complexity
Service Computing                Service systems                  Social components
service consumer                 Service-to-Service               social interactions
service context                  services                         social knowledge
Service Data Exchange Service    Services Administration          social memory
service delivery                 services Agreements among        Social networking
Service Description              companies                        social networking system
Service discovery                Services Classification          Social networking systems
Service Engineering              services Component               social networking tools
Service Grid                     services for citizens            social networks
Service implementation           services industry                social ontology
Service industrialization        Services Management              social practices
social processes                  source of instance information      spontaneous categories
Social Reality                    source of intelligence              spreadsheet
social relations                  information                         spreadsheet formula
Social Security Administration    source of ontologies                spreadsheet model
social security number            Source Registry Object              Stack Architecture
Social Services                   source taxonomy                     Stack Network
social systems                    Source transparency                 Stacked Sequential Learning
social tools                      Source Vocabularies                 stakeholder
societal impact                   Source-to-Target Matrix             stakeholder benefit
software                          Sources for Classification          stakeholder drawing
software application              Sources for Classifications         Stakeholder roles
software application              space character                     stakeholders
interoperability                  Space Infrared Telescope            Stakeholders Data
software applications             Facility                            stakeholders Industry
software applications within      space limitations                   Initiatives
services                          spare part                          Stakeholders Roles
software architecture             spare part item                     standard
software community                Spare Part Item Package             Standard Abstractions
                                  Spare Part Seller                   standard acronym
software component                Spare parts                         standard axioms
Software Component Registry       Spare Part_ Item                    standard axioms for ontologies
software components               Spare Part_ Seller                  standard business
software crisis                   Sparse Visual Data                  Standard Business
Software deficiencies             Spatial Cognition                   Acknowledgement
software deficiency reports       spatial geometry                    standard businesses
Software developers               Spatial knowledge                   standard categories
software development              spatial parts                       standard classification method
software development kit          Spatial reasoning Format            Standard Communication
software elements                 spatial region                      Protocol
Software Engineering Institute    Special Award for Innovation        standard data syntax
software engineering              Special Interest Group              standard definitions
modeling                          special operations                  standard description
software improvement              special purpose languages           standard form message
software libraries                special purpose ontology            standard formal
Software model                    Special Requirements                representation languages
Software Modeling Languages       Extension Points                    standard format
software providers                Requirements                        standard framework
Software Readiness Level          specification                       Standard guide for description
Description                       specification envelope              Standard guide for
Software releases                 Specification Object                identification
Software support structure        Management Group                    Standard Guide for Properties
software system                   Specification of constraints        Standard guide for user
software testing                  specification of control policies   authentication
software testing infrastructure   specification of messages           standard identity
software tools                    Specification of Values             standard interchange format
software vendors                  specifications                      standard interfaces
solid semantics                   Speech                              Standard International Units
sophisticated inference           speech act                          standard knowledge-
Source Application Program        speech acts                         representation systems
Interface                         speech-act interpretation           standard language
source code                       Spinal stenosis                     standard models
source document                   spoken dialog systems               standard of representation
source language                   sponsor conference                  standard ontology provenance
standard Point ontology         Standards Data Reference          statistical relevance of
standard practices              Model                             keywords
standard processes              Standards developers              statisticians
standard proposal               standards development             status code
standard provenance             standards development             status monitoring
information                     community                         status of authenticity
standard relational schema      Standards Development             Status Report
standard search techniques      Organizations                     statute of incorporation proxy
standard semantics              Standards Development             Stealth aircraft
standard stock-flow             process                           Steel Industry Procurement
participation                   Standards development work        stereotype
standard syntax                 standards Enabling capabilities   stereotype component
standard system of              Standards for information         stereotype information entities
terminology                     technology                        Stereotypical description of
standard targets integration    standards for knowledge           characteristics
standard technology             representation                    Sterling Commerce
standard templates              standards for rules               stewardship responsibilities
standard terminology            standards groups                  stock-flow duality
standard terms for concepts     standards initiatives             Storage Capacity
Standard Time Duration          Standards Management              storage mechanism
standard Time ontology          Standards Organisations           storage of data
standard upper ontologies       standards organization            storage of information
standard upper ontology         standards organizations           Storage Requirements
standard upper ontology         standards process                 stovepipe systems
developers                      standards specifications          strategic alliances
standard upper ontology         Standards Track Practitioner      strategic assumptions
initiatives                     standards working groups          Strategic Designer
standard upper ontology         state governments                 Strategic Framework
investigation                   state legislatures                Strategic Framework for
Standard Upper Ontology         State Machine Diagram             Action
Working Group                   state of practice                 Strategic Framework for
Standard Vocabularies           State Postal Code Country         Change
standard vocabulary             State University Electronic       Strategic Framework Goal
standardization efforts         Court Filing Project              Strategic Framework Goals
Standardization landscape       State University Ontology         strategic goal
Standardization of Data         State University Ontology         Strategic Information Delivery
Elements                        extensions                        strategic outcomes
standardization of technology   state variables                   Strategic Plan
standardization of web          State-alignment                   strategic plans
services                        Statement Header                  strategic processes
Standardization Policy          statement of accounts             strategic value
standardizing semantics         statements                        strategies
standards                       states                            street map
Standards Adoption              static address                    street name
Standards Adoption Process      static link                       strict hierarchy
standards Application           static resources                  strict logical inheritance rule
standards authorities           static symbolic representation    string
Standards Committee             of knowledge                      String object
standards community             stationary object                 string of words
Standards Consortium            statistical data                  strings
Standards Convergence           statistical decision making       strong ontologies
Standards Convergence Forum     statistical recognition           strong ontology
Standards Council                                                 strong semantics
strong taxonomies               Subject Area Super Type           super domain
Strong taxonomy                 subject areas                     super domain ontologies
stronger ontology               Subject Areas Information         super domain ontology
Structural Awareness            Exchange Data
Structural Context              subject areas of interest         super domains
structural differences          Subject Categories                super type
structural element              subject heading list              Super-ontologies
structural heterogeneities      Subject Identity                  Super-Types
structural inferences           subject identity properties       supplier code
structural integrity            Subject Identity Relationships    Supplier ID
structural interoperability     Subject Identity Summary          Supplier Quotation_
structural representations      Properties                        Identification
structural rules                Subject Map                       suppliers resources
Structural Semantic             Subject Maps                      supplies
Community                       subject matter experts            Supply
structure                       subject order                     supply chain
structure information           Subject Property                  supply chain continuum
structure of business           subject proxies                   supply chain marketplace
information                     subject quotation                 continuum
structure of data               subject sameness                  supply chain messages
structures                      subjective domain                 Supply Chain project
Student Knowledge               subjective parameter              supply of goods
student resources               subjects                          Supreme genus
sub-domains                     Subordinate genera                Surveillance
sub-element structure           subscription option               Sustainable Intergovernmental
sub-function                    subscription service              Network Exchange
sub-function topic              subscription to changes           swim lane
Sub-functions                   subset                            Swim Lanes
sub-headings                    subset of Message Elements        Symbol Action Object
sub-industry                    subset relation                   symbolic artificial intelligence
sub-organizations               Substance Registry System         symbolic form
sub-regions                     substantive work                  Symbolic Format
sub-situation                   substitutable dictionaries        Symbolic knowledge
sub-step                        Substitute Information            Symbolic Knowledge
sub-systems                     Substitute information entities   Representation
sub-title                       Substructural Logics              Symbolic relations
subclass                        subsuming property                symbolic representation of
subclass of concept relations   subsumption                       knowledge
Subclass of Is Disjoint         subsumption hierarchy             Symbolic Value
Subclass                        subsumption reasoning             symmetric outcomes
subclass of parent              subtypes                          symmetric property
Subclass Of Part                Subversion Checkout               symmetrical association
subclass of Quantity            subversion repository             Symmetrical Binary
subclass of relation            Subversion server & client        Associations
subclass of Target              success stories                   symptoms
subclass relation               success story                     Synchronous Interaction
subclass relationship           Success Strategy                  Syndication
subclass reuse                  successful development            Synonym
subclass structure              Summarization Assistant           Synonym Ring
subclass window                 summarizers                       Synonym Term Relations
subclasses                      summary                           synonymous concept
subject                         Sumo proxy                        synonymous terms
subject area                    super classes                     synonyms
syntactic conflicts            system type                       target validation tool
syntactic formalisms           system Use                        target validation tools
syntactic format               system vendors                    target validation use case
syntactic freedom              systems                           Targets
syntactic information          Systems Analysis                  Task Analysis
syntactic interoperability     systems development               task composition
Syntactic Restriction          Systems Development Life          task dependencies
syntactic standards            Cycle methodology                 task execution
syntactic transformations      Systems Integration               Task Interface Registry
syntactical point of view      systems integration division      Task knowledge
syntax                         systems integrators               Task Learning
syntax for business            T Series                          Task Manage
syntax neutral                 T-Architecture                    Task Performance
syntax neutral core            T-B                               task specifications
components                     T-C                               Taxonomic Constraints
syntax representation          T-S                               Taxonomic Definition
syntax representations         Table Assignments                 taxonomic instances
syntax rules                   table cell                        taxonomic nodes
syntax specific expressions    table columns                     taxonomic queries
Syntax Specification           table containing                  taxonomic query
syntax standards               tables                            Taxonomic Query Table
syntax-neutral                 tacit knowledge                   taxonomic reasoning
syntaxes                       tag                               taxonomic relations
synthesis                      Tag Names                         Taxonomic Representation
system                         tailored semantic views           taxonomic schema
system administration System   tangible assets                   taxonomic standard
Administrators                 tangible object                   taxonomic structures
system architecture            tangible things                   taxonomies
System Architecture Node       target                            taxonomy
system behavior                Target analysis                   taxonomy agreement
system capabilities            target application                taxonomy Application
System Catalogs                target architecture               Taxonomy Basics
system data                    Target Audience                   Taxonomy building
System Design                  Target class                      taxonomy concepts
system designers               target database                   taxonomy constraints
system developer               Target development                Taxonomy Coordinating
system developers              target enterprise architectures   Committee
system development             Target equipment                  Taxonomy Coordinating Work
System Evaluations             target information                Group
system integration             target integration capability     Taxonomy Coordinating
System Integrators             target language                   Working Group
System interoperability        Target List                       taxonomy definitions
system of classification       target lists                      taxonomy design
System Organization            target locations                  taxonomy development
system parameters              Target ontologies                 Taxonomy Development
system programmers             Target Ontology                   Framework
system prototype               Target Registry Object            taxonomy editor
System prototype               Target Repository                 Taxonomy Focus Group
demonstration                  target selection                  Taxonomy Hub
System software architecture   target validation                 taxonomy instances
System software architecture   target validation mission use     taxonomy integration
development                    case                              Taxonomy Mapping
system to system               target validation process
Taxonomy mapping              Technical papers             temporal analogue
framework                     Technical parameters         temporal gradients of intensity
taxonomy mining               technical problems           temporal inclusion
taxonomy nodes                Technical Progress           Temporal Location
taxonomy of subjects          technical properties         temporal object
taxonomy queries              Technical Reference Model    temporal objects
taxonomy query table          Technical Report             Temporal Part
taxonomy relations            Technical Report Server      temporal parts
Taxonomy Relationships        technical requirements       Temporal Planning
taxonomy representation       technical resources          temporal predicates
taxonomy Retention            technical rules              Temporal Problems
taxonomy schema               Technical Slides             temporal properties
Taxonomy Size                 Technical Solution           Temporal Reasoning
taxonomy software             technical solutions          temporal relationships
taxonomy standards            technical specification      term buckets
taxonomy stewardship          technical specifications     term classification index
taxonomy structure            technical standards          term expansion
taxonomy structures           Technical Systems            term mapping
Taxonomy Sub-classification   technical terminology        Term Property
Taxonomy Support              technical terms              Term Record
Taxonomy tax                  technical vision             Term Relationships
Taxonomy Taxonomies           technological artifacts      Term Representation
Taxonomy Value Space          technological barrier        term synonyms
Taxonomy view                 technological change         terminological data collections
team collaboration            technological devices        terminological inconsistencies
team workspaces               technological framework      terminological information
technical architecture        technological solutions      Terminological Markup
technical architectures       technologies                 Framework
technical assessment          Technology Applications      terminological markup
Technical challenges          technology areas             languages
technical committee           Technology barriers          terminologies
technical committees          technology capabilities      terminology
technical components          technology curve             terminology mappings
Technical Design              technology factors           Terminology of knowledge
technical detail              Technology Framework         bases
Technical Discussions         technology implementations   terminology reconciliation
Technical Elements            technology Incentives        terminology scope
Technical Exchange Meeting    Technology Managers          terminology standards
technical exchange meetings   technology neutral           terms
Technical Flow                technology officer           terms for concepts
technical framework           Technology Patents           terms in thesauri
technical frameworks          technology problem           terms of invocation
technical implementation      Technology Readiness         terrorism
technical information         Technology semantics         terrorist attacks
technical infrastructure      technology suppliers         Terrorist Plot
technical infrastructure      technology-neutral context   terrorist threat
component                     management architecture      test case
technical innovation          Tele-diagnostics             Test Collection
technical interdependencies   Telecommunications           test data
Technical Leadership          Interchange Markup           test database
Technical Manager             teleconferences              test databases
technical Message Element     Telephony Markup Language    Test Infrastructure
Technical Note                Template Type                test methods
test procedures               thesaurus terms              Top Term
test version                  third party authentication   top tier
Text Code List                thought-leaders              top-down
text content                  threats                      top-down approach
Text Element Identifiers      tight coupling between       Top-Level Categories
Text Encoding Initiative      ontologies                   Topic
text field                    time artefacts               Topic Categorization
text file                     time calculations            Topic classification
Text Format                   time categories              Topic Map
text generation               Time concepts                Topic Map Loom
Text Identification Scheme    Time data types              Topic Map Loom technology
Text Identification Scheme    time duration                Topic Map standard
Agency                        Time Identifier              Topic Maps
Text Identifier               Time Interval                Topic Maps Reference Model
Text Information              time intervals               Topic Name
Text Language                 time lag                     topic nodes
text markup                   time length specification    topic of interest
text markup language          time limits                  Topic research
Text Mining                   time line starting           topics
Text Quantity                 time location                topics areas
text string                   time locations               Tower of Babel
text strings                  time management              traceability
Text summarization            Time Management Assistant    traceability between Business
textual description           Time of Event                Element
Textual descriptions          Time Ontology                traceability between Message
textual name                  time ontology management     Elements
textual phrase                system                       traceability link
Theater Theater Battle        time period                  traceability principle
Management Information Core   time query                   traceable liability
Systems                       Time reversibility           Tractability
themes                        time sequences               tractable inference
Theological Markup Language   Time series                  tractable logic language
theorem prover                time-related concepts        traditional data modeling
theorem-prover                time-related expressions     techniques
theorems                      Timing Diagram Markup        trainable concept filtering
theoretical basis             Language                     Trainable sentence planning
theoretical conceptual        title                        training
structures                    tool integration             transaction
theoretical construct         Tool interoperability        Transaction Analysis
theoretical contexts          tool limitations             transaction chain
theoretical foundation        tool set                     Transaction Processing
Theoretical Foundations       tool suite                   transaction processing
Theoretical framework         tool upgrades                systems
theoretical issues            Tools for ontologies         transaction set
theoretical ontologies        top category                 transaction traceability
theoretical ontology          top down                     Transactional Class
theory                        top down control             transactional class diagram
thesauri                      top down strategies          Transactional Class Diagrams
Thesauri capability           top level framework          Transactional Databases
Thesaurus                     top level node               transactional decision
Thesaurus Ontology            Top level Segment            transactional integrity
thesaurus relationships       top node                     transactional performance
thesaurus technology          Top of relation lattice      transactional process
Transactional Services            triple facts                   underlying meaning
Transfer Format                   triples                        understanding
Transfer Learning                 Truncation rule                understanding Mental Models
Transfer Protocol                 Trust & Provenance             unfamiliar ontologies
transfer systems                  Trust Algorithms               Unicorn Solutions
transform data                    Trust version                  Uniform Code Council
transformation activities         Trusting Answers               uniform data standards
transformations                   Trustworthy translations       uniform model
Transition Intelligence           truth value                    uniform modeling conventions
Community                         Tutorial Markup Language       Uniform Resource
Transition Plan                   type code qualifier            Uniform Resource Identifier
Transition Strategy               Type Codes                     unilateral association
transitional data                 Type Connections for Control   unilateral associations
transitive properties             Type Identifiers               unintended semantics
transitivity property             type indicator                 unique characteristics
translation                       Type Indicator Measure         unique classes
Translation Approach              type knowledge creation        unique content
translation Concepts              Type labels                    Unique ID
Translation Leverage              Type Numeric                   unique identification
translation of ontologies         type of classification         unique identifier
translation of research           type of data                   unique identity
Translation Procedure             type of expert system          unique key
translation process               type of ontology               unique name
translation program               type of Taxonomy               Unique number
Translation tool                  type of term                   Unique Ontology Management
transparency                      type of topic                  unique semantic meaning
transport                         Types Management               unique string
Transport accidents               types of entities              uniqueness of terms
transport costs                   types of information           unit of semantics
transport costs original          types of knowledge             unit of thought
transport date                    types of knowledge             unit of work
Transport Equipment               representations                United Nations Center for
Transport Handling                Types of Properties            Trade Facilitation
transport mechanisms              types of queries               United Nations Economic
Transport mode name code          types of registries            Commission
transport of goods                types of relationships         United Nations Standard
transport ontologies              types of structures            International Trade
transport profile                 types of taxonomies            Classification
transport service                 Types of Taxonomy              United Nations Standard
transportation mode               types of topics                Product
transportation sector             ubiquitous network             United States Department of
tree data                         infrastructures                Health
tree number                       unambiguous context            United States Environmental
tree of authority                 unambiguous reference          Protection Agency
tree relationship                 unambiguous representation     United States with state lines
tree representation               unambiguous semantics          Unity Criteria
Tree Structure                    unauthorized access            universal access
tree structure with inheritance   unauthorized disclosure        universal agreement
Triangle of Signification         Uncertain relationships        Universal Business Language
Triangle of Signification         between terms                  Universal Business Language
Tightness                         uncertain semantics            Specification
triple                            unclassified sample data       universal character set
triple elements                   unclassified test data         universal concepts
Universal Data Element             Upper Ontology Summit             user ontologies
Framework                          Participants                      user task requirements
Universal Description              upper-level concepts              User Trust in Answers
universal health care identifier   usage of code list                user-specific interfaces
Universal Healthcare Identifier    usage of code lists               user-to-user
Brief name                         usage principles                  user-to-user communication
Universal Identifier Product       Usage Rules                       users
universal identifiers              usage scenarios                   users of ontologies
universal language                 usages                            utilities
Universal Numbering System         use                               utility ontologies
universal ontologies               use case                          utility ontology
Universal Product Code             use case activities               utility‖ ontologies
universal quantification           use case analysis                 Validation Implementation
universal query language           Use Case Diagram                  validation of targets
Universal Resource Identifier      Use Case Realization              validation process
Universal Resource Locator         Use Case Realization Diagram      validation rules
Universal Standard Products        Use Case Realizations             Validation stage
University Press                   Use case Scenarios                Valuation of Knowledge Assets
University Research                Use Case Specification            value
university research awards         Template                          value chain
University School of Medicine      use cases                         Value Chain advertising
unofficial standards               Use Intension Extension           service
Unregistered Domain                use of assertions                 value chain collaborations
Components                         Use of character sets             Value Chain Group Supports
Unrelated Nominal Ordinal          Use of concept extraction         Value Chain Operations
Unstructured data                  use of information exchange       value chain reference
Unstructured Data Asset            packages                          Value Chain responsiveness
Unstructured Data Resource         use of knowledge classification   value creation
Unstructured Data Resource         use of knowledge classification   value definitions
Data                               systems                           Value Domain
unstructured data worlds           use of knowledge technologies     value domains
Unstructured documents             use of ontologies                 Value Judgments
unstructured information           use of ontology tools             value meanings
unstructured text                  use of open-source ontology       value of knowledge
Unsupervised Record Linkage        development                       value proposition
upper boundary                     use of protocols                  value type
upper integration                  use of standards                  values
Upper level concepts               use of symbols                    variable
upper level ontologies             Use-case                          variable elements
upper model                        user                              variables
Upper Ontological Distinctions     user activities                   variant form
upper ontologies                   user authentication               variant interpretations
upper ontology                     user communities                  variants
upper ontology approach            user community                    variation
upper ontology concept             user experience                   Vector Markup Language
upper ontology custodians          User feedback                     vehicle ontology
upper ontology initiatives         user intent                       vendor community
Upper Ontology Reconciliation      user interaction                  Vendor Customer_ Party
Upper Ontology Summit Joint        user interests                    vendor independence
Communiqué                         user interface                    vendor perspectives
Upper Ontology Summit              User Interface Markup             vendors
Organizing Committee               Language                          Vendor_ Party
                                   user interfaces                   verb groups
verbal definitions               vocabulary standard             webs
verbal relations                 vocabulary standards            White House Conference
verbs Permission                 vocabulary standards            Center
verbs Remove redundancy          initiatives                     white paper
verification components          voice conferencing              White Paper Modules
version                          voice data files                White Paper Series
version control                  Voice response system           white papers
vertical industries              weak data quality               Wireless Markup Language
vertical industry                weak form                       word schema
Veterans Administration          Weak Inference                  words
Veterans Hospital                weak inference association      work environment
virtual architecture             Weak Ontologies                 work flow
Virtual Case Management          weak ontology                   Work Group
system                           weak semantics                  Work Handle all data
virtual communities              weak taxonomies                 work practices
virtual community of practice    Weak taxonomy                   work process
virtual enterprise                                               work processes
Virtual Enterprises              weak term relations             work products
Virtual Physical Data Property   weaker ontology                 work sharing
virtual presentation             Weapon System Product           work system
virtual presentations            Globally Unique Identifier      Workflow Access Protocol
Virtual Reality                  Weapon System Product           workflow efficiency
Virtual Reality Modeling         Manufacturer                    Workflow Management
Language                         Wearable Sensor Array           workflow management
virtual space                    Weather Observation             systems
virtual spaces for discourse     Definition Format               Workflow Ontologies
virtual teams                    web                             Workflow Performance
virtual worlds                   web application                 Reference Model
Virtuality Continuum             web commerce                    Workflow Reporting
visibility                       web content                     Working Group Taxonomy
vision                           web document                    working groups
visions                          web information                 working notes
visual compactness               web languages                   working procedures
visual display terminals         web page                        working trade
visual presentation              web page elements               Workshop
Visual Tracking                  web pages                       Workshop Event
visual view of taxonomy          web publishing                  Workshop on Ontologies
structure                        web redesign                    World Health Organization
visualization tools              web server                      World Trade Organization
vocabularies                     web service                     World Wide Web
vocabularies for qualifiers      web service implementations     World Wide Web community
vocabulary                       web service interface           World Wide Web Consortium
Vocabulary Control               Web Service Semantics           World Wide Web Consortium’s
vocabulary for core              web services                    World Wide Web protocols
components                       web site                        wormholes between
vocabulary hierarchy             Web Site Content                ontologies
vocabulary of terms              web site for results            Z formal specification
Vocabulary Recognition           Web site navigation interface   language
vocabulary registration          web space                       zip codes
vocabulary registration          web standards
authority                        web technologies
vocabulary server                web-authoring tools
vocabulary specific              web-scale knowledge base