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					        Cosmetic Surgery Today
 New techniques in Cosmetic Surgery can erase up to 10 Years in a day!
A little history and a pursuit of happiness…                   support a real and lasting cosmetic improvement.              with absorbable sutures in multiple layers, so there is no
Plastic surgery is not new. It was first practiced in India in Different types of threads are being developed as there are   need to return for suture removal.”
650 B.C. for nose reconstruction using skin from the fore- still many problems to be solved with this method. So to          “Our patients generally experience a very quick recovery
head. The word “plastic” in plastic surgery is derived from date, surgery still produces the most impressive and perma-      time and experience little or no pain. In fact, some people
a Greek word, plastikos, which means “form”. Like an                                                                                                 do not even require pain medica-
artist, a plastic surgeon designs or                                                                                                                 tion after the procedure and can
shapes a new form for an individ-                                                                                                                    often, by using a little cover-up
ual, taking into account the struc-                                                                                                                  makeup, return to work in a few
ture and function of the body.                                                                                                                       days.”
But, times have changed…
today‟s society is focused on the                                                                                                                    Who is a good a candidate
pursuit of happiness. People now                                                                                                                     for this procedure?
believe cosmetic surgery can help                                                                                                                  “Most people seeking this type of
their career with a fresher look                                                                                                                   procedure are between 45 and 75
possibly giving them an edge in a                                                                                                                  years of age. The procedure is
younger, more competitive mar-                                                                                                                     highly effective on both men and
ket. As well, individuals who                                                                                                                      women who have heavy jowls, a
have gone through a divorce or                                                                                                                     loose neck, or aging, sagging face
other significant life events may BEFORE                       AFTER                        BEFORE                       AFTER                     and neck skin” says Dr. Huq. He
simply desire a new start in life.                                                                                                                 adds, “It is also best to have any
                                                             nent results. However, some people feel that it is still too          medical conditions well controlled before undergo-
A conversation with Dr. Huq…                                 significant a commitment, and are faced with choosing less ing the procedure. Quit smoking, stabilize your weight, and
But why change at all? Dr. Huq responds “It‟s a good than ideal, temporary procedures…until now.”                           keep your blood pressure and blood sugar under control,”
question. All of us have different personal goals and moti-
vating factors. Sometimes we act and feel much younger So, there is an alternative?                                         Does the Institute offer other procedures
than we really are or appear to be. Plastic surgery is not a “In a word, yes…the OptimumLIFTTM mini facelift” Dr. and services?
solution for everyone; some people simply prefer to accept Huq responds. “Tens of thousands of men and women have “Yes, we offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical
aging as a natural part of life. Other people however are been thrilled by a recently developed type of facelift which services, some of the more popular being, along with the
self-conscious or perhaps embarrassed by certain physical is not a traditional facelift but rather a mini-facelift. At the OptimumLIFTTM, are full face and neck lifts, tummy tucks,
changes due to aging. At the Institute we understand this Institute we have further developed and refined this proce- liposuction, BOTOX®, breast reduction and eyelid lifts.”
and offer a wide range of specialized surgical and non- dure and have now established it as producing an almost Dr. Huq adds “But the heart of our philosophy is truly un-
surgical options tailored to individuals having concerns in immediate and permanent improvement with excellent long derstanding your unique goals and doing what is right for
this regard.”                                                -term results.” Dr. Huq adds “Because the approach of the you.”
Dr. Huq adds “We must, however, distinguish between mini facelift is so unique and requires no general (inhaled)
youth and beauty. Most people that we see at the Institute anesthesia there is a greatly reduced chance of complica-
generally have realistic goals and expectations. While some tions and significantly reduced recovery time or „down- About Dr. Huq...
seek to improve their natural beauty through specific im- time‟ as it is often called.”                                      Dr. Nasim S. Huq, M.D., FRCSC, M.Sc., FACS
provements such as the removal of a mole or a bump on the “The procedure is performed entirely in our offices and            performs all surgical procedures at N.I.C.E. He is a Fel-
nose, most simply want to „turn back the clock‟…and in takes only about an hour or so. Since you will not have to            low of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of
most cases we can help them with these goals”                step foot in the hospital your privacy and confidentiality      Canada. As a diplomate of the American Board of Plas-
                                                             are assured.” Dr. Huq also suggests “another great advan-       tic Surgery and Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery
What’s new in cosmetic surgery?                              tage of the OptimumLIFTTM is it‟s affordability, with the
Dr Huq replied “During the 1990‟s, a trend began in mini- cost generally being about half the cost of a full facelift.”      at McMaster University, Dr. Huq is committed to pro-
mally invasive procedures in plastic surgery. BOTOX®                                                                         viding the highest quality of care possible to his patients.
became very popular, but it tends to lasts only about three How does the OptimumLIFTTM work?                                 He has often been featured on television, most recently
to six months and can be quite expensive in the long run. Dr. Huq describes the procedure “very small incisions are          on the Life Network’s “Skin Deep” program on
Most wrinkle fillers are also temporary and somewhat along the hairline, inside and around the ear. The place-               which he performed a facelift for a Niagara resident. Dr.
costly. Lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments are ment of the incisions are planned to be very well hidden.       Huq is highly skilled in a broad range of leading-edge
an option; however they often require multiple visits which The deeper tissue structures are then released and re-           techniques in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, spe-
increases the total cost to gain what is often only modest suspended. The jaw line is usually lifted at least two or         cializing in those for the face, neck, eyelids, breasts,
results.                                                     three centimeters. The procedure also aids in tightening the    hands and body.
“New barbed threads were released, but years later, there is neck by improving the vertical bands to recapture a more
still no significant follow-up scientific data published to graceful, smooth, swan-like neck. The skin is then closed
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