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									Harrow to Beijing and Back
West Lodge First School – Curriculum Plans
1.   Rationale for the school to participate in the visit
      To further enhance our multi-cultural school.
      To encourage greater use of the Internet in teaching and learning at Key Stage One and Year 3.
      To develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world in which they live by providing them with a real life context.
2.   Theme of the visit:
   Theme       Participating    Participating           Key Learning objectives, activities and outcomes.                    Curriculum       Professional             How will the
 (and name      Teachers           Pupils                                                                                       links       development and             impact on
   of lead                                                                                                                                    pedagogical                 pupils’
  teacher)                                                                                                                                      research               standard be
 Comparing     Sarah Over      Two main              KS1 Geography – Barnaby Bear to visit Beijing to enable pupils to      Geography        To look at teaching       Informal
 and           and Michelle    classes to take       compare and contrast the cities of Beijing and London.                 QCA: unit –       and learning styles.       observation of
 contrasting   Richards.       part:                   Prior to visit:                                                     Where in the     To research                enthusiasm
 London with                   Green class – 30                                                                             World is                                     and
                                                         Green and Lilac classes take Barnaby Bear into Pinner and                           assessment done
 an overseas                   Year 2 pupils                                                                                Barnaby Bear?     and pro formas that        motivation by
                                                          London to create a simple book and power point presentation
 city –                        (ages 6 and 7)                                                                                                 are used.                  class
                                                          that can be given to pupils in Beijing.
 Beijing.                      Lilac class – 31                                                                                                                          teachers.
                                                         Children find out information about Beijing for Barnaby Bear                       To look at the
 Miss Sarah                    Year 3 pupils              and they write questions for him to find the answers to whilst                      learning                  Geography to
 Over                          (ages 7 and 8)                                                                                                 environment;               be assessed
                                                          he is abroad.
                                                                                                                                              displays, class and        against NC
                                                       Following Barnaby’s visit:                                                                                       level
                               General                                                                                                        school layout,
                                                         Children find out about what Beijing is like as a place and                                                    descriptors
                               involvement of                                                                                                 independence of
                                                          what the main similarities and differences are between Beijing                                                 and the
                               whole school.                                                                                                  pupils etc.
                                                          and London.                                                                                                    assessment
                               (Reception, Year                                                                                              Teachers taking part
                                                      Literacy – to provide children with a real life audience for their   Literacy                                     criteria
                               1, Year 2 and                                                                                                  are Literacy and ICT
                                                       writing.                                                                                                          outlined in the
                               Year 3) –                                                                                                      co-ordinators
                                                                                                                                                                         QCA unit of
                               approximately            - Whole school book-making day. All school involved in                               therefore both will be
                                                                                                                                                                         work for
                               360 pupils.                making simple books to be given to partner school.                                  interested in
                                                                                                                                                                         Barnaby Bear.
                                                        - Speaking and Listening - books to be read onto cassettes.                          focusing on their
                                                                                                                                              curriculum areas.         ICT skills
                               Ideally we would         - Letter writing                                                                                                assessment.
                               like to link with a                                                                                           To research
                                                      ICT – to use the Internet to research information about the two      ICT
                                                                                                                                              provision made for
                               class of 6, 7 or 8
                                                       cities.                                                                                Gifted and Talented
                               year old children
                               in Beijing.              To learn how to e-mail children in partner school in Beijing to                      pupils in Chinese
                                                          find out more information about Beijing.                                            Schools.
                                                        To use the computer to present work for children in Beijing.
3. School Context
         West Lodge First School is a multicultural school that prides itself on celebrating our children’s diverse background.
         Lots of parental involvement in the school.
         The school is very adaptable to new ideas and initiatives. New planning and assessment procedures were implemented in September 2004.
         ICT plays a large role in the school development plan. By Easter there will be six Interactive Whiteboards in school.
         We have an active school council.
         Our school is currently taking part in the healthy schools initiative.
4    Before the Visit – March 05
     1. Beijing Day in School that involves all of the school.
           Launch assembly by Sarah and Michelle that includes Barnaby Bear.
           A post box and simple display put up in main corridor. Children can post any information that they can find out for Barnaby Bear, e.g. what
              clothes he will need to take with him; questions for him to ask whilst in Beijing.
           During the day each class is responsible for recording a class book onto a tape recorder that can be given to the exchange school.
           Possible books for each class: Gold – Colours; Yellow – Numbers to 20 in English; Silver – The English Alphabet; Pink Class – five little
              ducks; Purple Class – Make a book about playtime at West Lodge First School; Red Class – Make a book about the clubs at West Lodge
              First School; Turquoise / Maroon – A day in the life of a child at West Lodge First School (digital camera diary); Green Class – Barnaby Bear
              visits Pinner; Lilac Class – Barnaby Bear visits West Lodge First School. (Books made by Lilac and Green class to be done on computer so
              they can be made into a power point presentation to be used in Beijing.
           During day have a chopstick challenge where children have to eat their fruit with chopsticks.
           Following week commended work assembly – showing our books that will be taken to Beijing.
     2. Ask the Friends of West Lodge School (FOWLS) if they will donate a Barnaby Bear that can be presented to host school in Beijing. Bear to wear
        school tie and cap. Children can make a photo album of Beijing Barnaby in England.
     3. Send letter out to parents about Beijing and ask if there are any parents who speak / write Mandarin who would be willing to come into school to
        translate books made by the children / any letters that we will be e-mailing.
     4. Ask for volunteer parents from Lilac and Green to take Barnaby into London for the day and photograph him by main sights / produce a book.
     5. Produce a video presentation introducing the school that can be put on school website – School Council involved.
5.   Sustainability – The project will be sustained by:
        Supportive and very enthusiastic Head Teacher.
        One teacher participating is on the Senior Management team – taking a whole school overview of the project.
        Both teachers participating teach in different year groups, therefore they aim to cascade ideas and work to their own year group.
        Both the governing body and parent association wish to be involved in the project.
        Enthusiastic and motivated pupils who wish to see the project through.
        Links will be made with other Harrow schools taking part in the exchange.
6.   Plans for publishing the project content on LGfL
      Scanned work.
      Video footage / digital photographs.
      Advice and support will be sought from Harrow advisory staff.
7.   Names of Teachers participating in the visit
      Sarah Over.
      Michelle Richards.

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