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                     CONSULTANT IN ORAL AND
                     MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY


C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc   1

Part One           General Information

                   Mid Essex NHS Trust                            4
                   Structure                                      5
                   Terms and Conditions of Service                5
                   Infection Control                              6
                   Leave                                          7
                   On Call Duties                                 7
                   Clinical Governance and Audit                  7
                   Continuing Professional Development            8
                   Teaching and Training                          8
                   Equal Opportunities                            8
                   Health and Safety                              8
                   Personal Data                                  8
                   Visiting                                       9

Part Two           Specialty Information

                   Department of Oral Surgery
                            & Maxillo Facial Surgery              10
                   Activity                                       10
                   Staffing                                       10

Part Three         Job Information

                   Duties of the Post                             11
                   Weekly provisional timetable                   12
                   Job plan review                                12
                   Additional Information                         12
                   Organisational Relationships                   12
                   Person Specification                           14

Part Four          Colchester Hospital University NHS
                   Foundation Trust                               17

                   Message from the Chief Executive               17
                   Colchester                                     18
                   Origins and composition of the Trust           18
                   Colchester General Hospital                    19
                   Specialist Surgery                             20
                   Proposed Timetable                             21
                   Duties and on-call rota                        21
                   Visits                                         22

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc        2
    Part One: Job Information


    In the first half of 2009 the Maxillofacial Surgery departments of Chelmsford, Southend,
    Basildon and Colchester will be formally linked in a standard hub and spoke
    arrangement with Chelmsford as the Hub.

    This will be the final stage of the centralization of Head and Neck services across
    Essex., in Broomfield.

    The IOG (Improved Outcomes Guidance) compliant Head and Neck Oncology Service
    for the population of over 1.3 million will consist of Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery
    which has been based at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford since 1998 and ENT
    Services since August 2008.

    Non Oncology Maxillofacial Services will be also be centralized at Broomfield with all
    major cases and emergencies managed at the Hub.

    This newly created post is to provide the maxillofacial oncology services between
    Chelmsford and Colchester. The appointee will be based at Broomfield and will work
    closely with his/her colleagues covering Basildon and Southend.

    The contract for this post will be held by Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

    Responsibilities and Duties of the Post

    Consultant medical staff are expected to be involved with the General Manager in the
    compilation, implementation and monitoring of the business plan for the Maxillofacial and
    Oral Surgery service. These are corporate responsibilities and he/she will share them
    equally with the Trust's other Consultants in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery.

    Consultant medical staff have responsibility for:

   providing both emergency and elective expertise for patients, and services for the
    prevention and diagnosis of illness referred to him/her.

   accepting personal responsibility for the total clinical care of the patients referred to
    him/her, including all administrative duties associated with patient care, proper record
    keeping and good communications maintained with patients and their general
    practitioners and dental practitioners.

   positive collaboration with colleagues to provide the effective clinical leadership for all
    the staff in the service. Multidisciplinary teamwork is envisaged as a key component of
    this post and will involve MDT discussion with other colleagues. He/she will participate in

    C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                            3
    out of hours consultant cover and in the cover arrangements during colleagues‟
    annual/study leave.

   undertaking regular ward rounds and outpatient clinics.

   Participate in clinical audit and in continuing professional education.

   supervision, teaching, training and professional development of the junior medical staff
    working in the service. This will include responsibility for arranging and monitoring junior
    staff whilst at work. The service is committed to achieving the full requirements for
    teaching junior hospital doctors, including protected teaching time. Consultants are fully
    involved in developing a high standard of teaching of junior medical staff, nurses, and
    medical students and in designing and contributing to the process for establishment and
    approval of training posts for junior medical staff.

   maintaining standards of care for his/her service to the Medical Director, the Chief
    Executive and Chairman and the Board of the Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

    Weekly provisional timetable

    WK         Monday              Tuesday             Wednesday      Thursday      Friday

    AM         Ward Round          Ward Round          Ward Round     Ward Round    Ward Round
               Clinic              Clinic              SPA/CPD        Head & Neck   Oncology MDT Clinic
               Colchester          St John‟s                          Oncology      Broomfield
                                                                      St John‟s

    PM         Operating           Theatre List        SPA            Clinic        SPA
               List (Main          St John‟s                          St John‟s

    WK         Monday              Tuesday             Wednesday      Thursday      Friday


               Ward Round          Ward Round          Ward Round     Ward Round,   Ward Round
    AM         Clinic              Head & Neck         Theatre        Broomfield    Oncology MDT Clinic
               Colchester          Oncology            Broomfield                   Broomfield

    PM         Operating           Teaching            Theatre        Clinic        SPA
               List (Main                              Broomfield     St John‟s

    C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                                       4
Duties and on-call rota

Duties of the post are primarily as the lead clinician in Maxillofacial Cancer services for
Colchester and Chelmsford. The appointee will contribute a proportionate share of the
general work of the department. There will also be a commitment to the teaching and
training programmes of the junior staff and other clinical staff and student staff. The on
call rota is shared between Colchester Chelmsford, Basildon and Southend with
Colchester and Chelmsford‟s emergency operating taking place at Broomfield hospital.
The rota is currently a one in four which will expand to one in six as the services
between these hospitals are developed.

Job plan review

The Job Plan will be reviewed annually, usually following an appraisal meeting. The Job
Plan will be a prospective agreement that sets out a consultant‟s duties, responsibilities
and objectives for the coming year. It should cover all aspects of a consultant‟s
professional practice including clinical work, teaching, research, education and
managerial responsibilities. It should provide a clear schedule of commitments, both
internal and external, including private practice. In addition, it should include personal
objectives, including details of their link to wider service objectives, and details of the
support required by the consultant to fulfill the job plan and the objectives.

Additional Information

The above is an outline only; it is not exhaustive and may be altered in line with the
needs of the service. The post holder will be required to be co-operative and flexible in
accordance with the needs of the service.

The post holder will be provided with the appropriate support staff, e.g. Secretarial and
Ancilliary support.

Organisational Relationships

           Responsible to:             The Chief Executive through the Clinical Director of
                                       Specialist Surgery.

           Manages:                    Junior and other medical staff in the speciality.

           Key internal                The Executive Directors of the Trust, to ensure positive
           relationships:              collaboration with all other medical colleagues, other
                                       clinical and non-clinical staff and to provide an effective
                                       professional clinical leadership of all staff working within
                                       the Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery service. Work closely
                                       with the General and Operational Managers and
                                       participate in the wider management and development of
                                       the service, and with colleagues in the Maxillofacial and
                                       Oral Surgery service.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                                  5
           Key external                The Consultant in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery will be
           relationships:              expected to liaise and co-ordinate service provision with
                                       General Practitioners and other            Primary Care

Part Two: Trust Information

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust


Broomfield Hospital about 3 miles north of Chelmsford, the expanding county town of
Essex and central within the county. The extensive hospital site is surrounded by open
countryside and there is good access to all parts of the region. There are excellent road
and rail links with London Liverpool Street station being about 35 minutes journey time
from Chelmsford station. There are many pleasant residential areas and rural villages
within easy reach of the hospital. There are attractive houses, excellent schools and
unspoilt countryside close by. The state grammar schools for both boys and girls are
regularly in the top echelon of the league tables. Local shopping facilities are good and
there are opportunities for a variety of sporting activities, including sailing, golf and flying.

The Trust

A major redevelopment of Broomfield Hospital, the main District General Hospital for Mid
Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust is underway and due for completion in 2010. This
will lead to a significant increase in the size and layout of the hospital and its roads and
parking facilities.

The redevelopment is progressing under the Government‟s Private Finance Initiative
(PFI) with the Bouygues Consortium as the Trust‟s development partner.

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust was established in November 1991, but plans to
centralise acute services in Chelmsford stretch back to the 1970‟s. These plans are now
becoming a reality via a major £170 million project, which, along with associated
modernisation of the way we provide services, will improve quality and efficiency and
ensure the NHS Plan aims and targets are met.

The main goal is creation of a single site District General Hospital. This will mean
increasing the size of Broomfield Hospital, and closing St. John‟s Hospital. The
objectives for this project are to:

   Fundamentally change the organisation and capacity of acute services so as to
    deliver the targets of the NHS Plan
   Remove the inefficiencies created by split site working across Broomfield and St.
    John‟s Hospitals
   Improve accessibility to acute services for the local population
   Increase the ability to recruit and retain the best staff
   Reduce the backlog of maintenance for the Trust‟s existing buildings.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                                6
The new hospital buildings will include

   A new Outpatients Department including Breast Unit
   A new Accident and Emergency Department
   New theatres for day surgery
   A combined Pathology Department
   A new Maternity Department
   Facilities for neo-natal intensive care
   A new Children‟s Department including external play area
   A rooftop helipad.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, as well as ENT Departments, are currently at St John‟s
Hospital and will relocate on to the main hospital site by 2010.


Executive Directors

Chief Executive                                                   - Ruth May
Chairman                                                          - Mike Malone-Lee
Director of Delivery                                              - Margaret Blackett
Medical Director                                                  - David Blainey
Director of Nursing and Quality                                   - Vacant
Director of Nursing                                               - Gwyneth Wilson
Director of Commercial Development and Marketing                  - David Morris
Director of Human Resources                                       - Amanda Lyes
Director of Finance and Information                               - Phillipa Lowe
Director of Hospital Redevelopment,
         Capital Projects and Estates                             - Paul Aitchison
Foundation Trust Director                                         - David Cheesman

Non-Executive Directors

Mike Adams
Stephen Foakes
Brian Goodwin
John Kotz (associate)
Brian Booker

Specialist Surgery:

Oral And Maxillo Facial Surgery

Service Director                                                  - Venkat Ramakrishnan
Divisional Manager                                                - Lynn Thomas
Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon                         - Denis Falconer
Consultant Orthodontist,                                          - Gary Howe
General Manager – Burns and Head & Neck Services                  - Karen Cook

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                           7
Matron and Clinical Nurse Specialist                              - Adele Wisbey
Department Manager and Senior Dental Nurse                        - Sue Biggs


Colchester is England‟s oldest recorded town dating back to pre-Roman times. In fact,
the Romans took full advantage of its location and easy trade routes to make it their first
capital. The town‟s current population stands at over 100,000 people and the catchment
population is 340,000 and because of its easy commuting distance to London is ever
expanding. Nevertheless, Colchester remains a pleasant thriving country town on the
Essex/Suffolk border surrounded by countryside that inspired John Constable in many of
his paintings.

The town itself has excellent shopping facilities, a wealth of history and all the usual
leisure amenities found in a town of this size i.e. swimming pool, rollerskating rink,
bowling alley, sports centre, theatre, cinema, night clubs etc. In the vicinity there are
good opportunities for rural pursuits, fishing and sailing.

Colchester‟s close proximity to the coast (approximately 20 minutes) and continent of
Europe has influenced the growth and history of the town. The town centre Dutch
quarter dating back to the arrival of Flemish weavers in the 16th century bears testament
to this. Indeed today, many tourists from Holland and the neighbouring countries of the
continent will be found in the town, especially at weekends.

Colchester can be reached from Central London in 90 minutes by road. The journey by
train from Liverpool Street Station takes approximately 55 minutes to Colchester and a
further 20 minutes to Clacton on Sea.

In easy reach of Colchester are a number of small villages which are favoured places for
consultants to live. Schools are generally of a high standard, with a number of well
sought after junior schools and both boys' and girls' grammar schools have excellent
national reputations. The Sixth Form College is both popular and educationally highly
successful. Private education at senior school level is available nearby in Ipswich and
Felsted. Colchester itself has several private schools for preparatory and senior
education up to GCSE. The University of Essex is located in Wivenhoe, on the outskirts
of Colchester, and the Colchester Institute in the centre of Colchester provides a wide
range of undergraduate educational opportunities.


Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, was previously known as Essex
Rivers Healthcare NHS Trust (ERH) which was established as a second wave NHS Trust
on 1st April 1992. It comprises the former Acute and Community Units of the North East
Essex Health Authority. On 1st April 1992 the other two Units of that Health Authority,
i.e., the Mental Handicap and Mental Health Units were established as the New
Possibilities and North East Essex Mental Health Services NHS Trusts respectively. On

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                          8
1st April 1993 the North East Essex Health Authority merged with the Mid Essex and
West Essex Health Authorities to form the North Essex Health Authority with
headquarters based in Witham, a small town midway between Colchester and
Chelmsford and in the former headquarters of the Essex Area Health Authority

There are four main towns in the Trust: the Roman town of Colchester, England's oldest
recorded town, Clacton on Sea, a seaside resort on the Tendering peninsula, Halstead, a
small market town and Harwich, a major port serving Holland, Germany and

The district has a population of approximately 340,000, with a high proportion of elderly
people concentrated in the coastal region. Both the total population and the proportion of
elderly people are increasing.

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust comprises a number of acute and
community hospitals:

   Colchester General Hospital
   Essex County Hospital
   Clacton and District Hospital
   Harwich and District Hospital
   Halstead Hospital
   Severalls Hospital

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust provides healthcare services to
people from Colchester and the surrounding area. The two main sites are Colchester
General Hospital, opened in 1984 and Essex County Hospital, opened in 1820. We are
funded mainly by North East Essex PCT Primary Care Trust. In 2006, the Trust had a
budget of £158.9m and 81% of the Trust's staff were directly involved in patient care.

The Trust provides acute services to a local population of about 340,000 in north east
Essex. In addition it provides radiotherapy and oncology services to a wider population
of about 670,000 across north and mid-Essex.

Our vision:

To be the provider of choice for the population of north east Essex in meeting health
care needs.

Our aims

                 To ensure the patient experience, their needs and their perspective are
                  reflected in everything we do.
                 Provide high-quality, effective, efficient and accessible acute secondary
                  health care.
                 Meet and exceed the Department of Health's Standards for Better Health.
                 Work towards achieving NHS Foundation Trust status.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                               9
Colchester General Hospital

Colchester General Hospital has 656 beds following the addition of two modern wings to
the existing 1985 structure. There is a 6 bedded CCU, a 22 bedded Stroke Unit and a
13 bedded ITU/critical care area. Coronary angiography is now performed on site from
the Elmstead Day Unit which also houses Day Surgery, Endoscopy and Haematology
Day Treatment.

Specialist Surgery

Specialist Surgery is a department of the Planned Care Division, along with the
departments of General Surgery/Trauma & Orthopaedics, Ambulatory Care,
Anaesthetics and Technical Services, Radiology and Therapies.
The clinical director is Miss Pauline Emery, ENT Consultant and the Service Manager is
Mr Julian Greaves.

Consultant Staff within specialist Surgery are:

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery                            Urology
Consultant post vacant                                    Mr John Corr
Mr Nadir Khan, Associate Specialist                       Mr Michael Lynch
                                                          Mr Gerald Rix

ENT                                                       Ophthalmology
Miss Pauline Emery                                        Mr Nissar Ahmad
Mr Duncan McRae                                           Mr Adrian Beckingsale
Mr Donald McFerran                                        Mr James Sheldrick
Mr Arcot Maheshwar                                        Miss Paula Gormley
                                                          Mr Gopan Ghosh
                                                          Miss Priya Pararajasageram

Orthodontics                                              Plastic Surgery
Mr Robert Chate                                           Mr Nandaguri Niranjan

The organisational management structure can be seen on the following links:

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                        10
Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

Message from the Chief Executive

The NHS may be 60 years old this year but there is a new arrival on the scene –
Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust. Monitor, the independent
regulator of NHS foundation trusts, authorised the Trust, previously known as Essex
Rivers Healthcare NHS Trust, to become an NHS foundation Trust from 1 May 2008.

This is the beginning of a journey as we are now better enabled to serve our local
population, through the new governance arrangements and the commitment the Trust
gains with this new status. Indeed, as well as a new name we have a new strapline –
„serving the people of north east Essex‟.

Our top priority has always been to provide the best possible clinical services. For our
Trust, it is about improved local healthcare services, not just the quality of the care but
the whole patient experience when people enter the healthcare system. Monitor has
shown that our Trust is well-managed and financially strong and is thus able to deliver
excellent healthcare for patients. But we know that as a Trust we will need to change
some of the ways we work, to bring about changes for the benefit of the patients. Some
improvements will take time to be established and we have outlined these in our five
year integrated business plan – available on our website: www.essexrivers.nhs.uk

Another priority is our staff. The Trust achieved “Practice Plus” status in 2006, the final
stage of accreditation under the nationally recognised Improving Working Lives scheme.
This status goes hand in hand with our Investors in People status.

We have excellent research and educational links with the University of Essex, Anglian
Ruskin University as well as the Eastern and London Deaneries and were granted
Associate University Hospital status in 2007 by the University of London; this is a
reflection of the high quality of teaching given to students by the hospital‟s senior
medical staff. Our formal association with Barts and The Royal London Medical School
underlines our commitment to the highest levels of patient care. It also means that the
extra research, education and training that university status gains us will provide
enhanced benefits to patients and staff.

What has been particularly heartening is that the Trust continues to deliver good patient
care in the face of very tough financial challenges. By paying back an historic debt of
£15.1m over the past two years and making a surplus of around £3m in 2007/08, the
new Trust has demonstrated its ability for good financial management. This stands us in
good stead to invest future surpluses, to enhance services locally. It also goes hand in
hand with the enormous strides the Trust has made in the past few years on enhancing
our clinical excellence, not to mention meeting all of the Healthcare Commission‟s
standards this year.

Renowned and recognised for its cancer centre, its minimally invasive surgery and
providing exemplary 24/7 emergency care, I remain convinced that Colchester Hospital

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                         11
University NHS Foundation Trust is an organisation that anyone joining can feel
confident about in the future.

Peter Murphy Chief Executive

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc             12
Part Three: Specialty Information

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


The Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery service provided for the people of Mid Essex and are
a key and integral part of the District General Hospital and are valued by the Consultants
in other specialities. Outpatient services are currently held at St Johns Hospital,
Chelmsford in a purpose built unit. The orthodontic service is also based in the same
unit. Inpatient and Day Case services are undertaken at Broomfield Hospital,

The Maxillofacial Unit provides a comprehensive range of services from minor oral
surgery through to Head and Neck oncology and including treatment of facial deformity
and trauma.


 EPISODES                                                         OUTPATIENT APPOINTMENTS
   Group     2006-07  2007-08                                         Attend Stat     2006-07      2007-08
 Daycase          552     855                                     1ST Attendances        2957         3346
 Elective         105     164                                     Follow ups             4928         4700
 Emergency         82     146                                     TOTAL ATTS             7885         8046

 TOTAL                      739           1165
                                                                  1ST DNA                  467         575
                                                                  Follow up DNAs           867         721
                                                                  TOTAL DNAs              1334        1296


The service consists of the following medical staff:

Consultant in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (Facial Deformity)             - Mr Denis Falconer
Consultant in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (Oncology)                     - vacant (this post)

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                                  13
Staffing (Cont.)

Associate Specialist (part time)                                    - Mr C Galise
Staff Grade (locum)                                                 - Mr Y Zanganah

3 training SHO posts

In addition the Trust has a Consultant Orthodontist,                - Mr G Howe


The Oral Surgery department is currently supervised by Mr Huw Davies, Maxillofacial
consultant based at Ipswich Hospital. With the appointment of this post the responsibility
for Colchester will move to the Chelmsford Consultants. The current staff establishment
at Colchester is:

Consultant post vacant

Mr Nadir Khan, Associate Specialist

Sessions are delivered on a visiting basis by staff from Ipswich, including:

Miss Erica Rapaport, Associate Specialist
Miss Claire Tyers, Staff Grade

Junior medical staff (x5 SHO are shared on a rota between Ipswich and Colchester)
(1.27 are part of the Colchester establishment)
There is .23WTE Dental Practitioner based at Colchester

Currently, outpatient and minor oral surgery sessions are delivered at Essex County
Hospital, which has two dedicated clinic rooms. There are daycase operating sessions
available on the Elmstad Day Unit with an inpatient facility in Main Theatres, both at
Colchester General Hospital. Cancer patients and facial deformity cases are treated at
Broomfield Hospital as part of the Head and Neck centralised service.

The contract with North Essex PCT for activity in 2007/8 currently stands as follows:

 Daycases                                  764
 Elective Inpatients                         2
 Non Elective Inpatients                     0
 Outpatients                             9,798

On 1st June 2008 the PCT established an oral surgery clinical assessment service which
is expected to reduce the number of referrals directed to secondary care. It is anticipated
that a number of referrals for minor oral treatment will be directed for treatment at the

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                         14
Flagstaff Clinic, operated by the PCT, although it is too early to evaluate the full extent of
this service on referrals to our service.

In addition, a number of Orthodontic referrals are received from the Orthodontic

With the joint appointment coming into effect, it is envisaged that links with be
strengthened with Mid Essex NHS Trust, whose Maxillofacial Surgery is delivered by
Denis Falconer

Terms and conditions of Service

The post is subject to the Terms and conditions of service of Hospital Medical and
Dental Staff (England and Wales) and to the NHS Pension Regulations. You will receive
the nationally agreed remuneration for Consultant Medical Staff in Hospital employment
and any changes to those rates that the Secretary of State for Health may authorise
from time to time.

The starting salary scale for consultants in 2008/09 is £73,403 per annum. Part time staff
will be paid pro rata to this scale.

The post holder will be required to live within 30 minutes travelling time from the base,
based on the requirements of the post and must be contactable by telephone.

As Mid Essex Hospitals is a multi-site Trust it is desirable for Consultants to have their
own transport.

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust is a non-smoking Trust. Smoking is not
permitted in the building or grounds.

Applicants should have an appropriate CST and be on the General Medical Council‟s
Register. Those who are within six months of obtaining their CST may apply.

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust has an Equal Opportunities policy. All
employees are expected to observe this Policy in their behaviour to the public and fellow

Short listed candidates will be required to complete a health statement and the Trust
may require an individual to pass a medical examination as a condition of appointment.
Before commencing he/she will be required to furnish us with proof of their Hepatitis B
immunity status and that you have not been exposed to Hepatitis C infection.
Certification is only acceptable if it is taken by an Occupational Health Service within the
UK, dated within 5 years of current date and shown to be an identified validated sample
(ie proof such as a passport or driving licence was provided to the Occupational Health
service at the time of providing the blood sample).

Satisfactory CRB clearance will also be required.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                            15
Due to the nature of the work in this post, it is exempt from the provision of section 4 (2)
of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders
Act 1974 (Exemption Order 1975).

Applicants are therefore not entitled to withhold information about convictions, including
those, which, for other purposes are “spent”, under the provisions of the Act, and are
required to disclose convictions, including those pending, to the Trust. Failure to disclose
such information may result in dismissal or disciplinary action.

Infection Control

The post holder is accountable and responsible for the prevention and control of
healthcare associated infections and must comply with the standards set by the Health
Act 2006: Code of practice fro the prevention and control of Healthcare Associated
infections (Revised January 2008).

All employees working at Mid Essex must:

         Ensure 100% compliance with hand hygiene and high impact intervention
         Demonstrate effective leadership by ensuring all clinical staff, whoever they may
          be, are aware of their responsibilities in relations to infection prevention and
         Be responsible for ensuring the highest possible standards of cleanliness within
          the ward clinical area and ensure all staff are familiar with escalation procedures
          for additional cleaning.


All staff are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for all patients, visitors and
other staff members. This includes the ensuring that all instrumentation and equipment
is decontaminated before use and the patient environment is clean and safe.


Annual leave entitlement is set out within the Terms and Conditions of Service for
hospital medical staff. The Trust‟s annual leave year for consultant staff has been
harmonised to the period 1st April – 31st March.

Study leave is available as provided for under the Terms and Conditions of Service for
Hospital Medical and Dental staff, subject to the approval of the Clinical Director.

On call Duties

The post holder will participate in the consultant rota and payment for on-call duties will
be in accordance with the national terms and conditions of service for hospital medical
staff. This maybe reviewed to meet the changing requirements of the service.
Consultants are expected to provide cover for each other during annual leave, study
leave and sick leave, including supervision of the junior staff, supporting them in patient

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc                            16
The post holder will be expected to join the on-call rota in a 1:4 rota which is expected to
become 1:6.

Clinical governance and audit

The post holder is expected to participate in the Trust‟s clinical effectiveness activities,
and to maintain and foster improvements in the quality and standards of clinical services.
The post-holder will lead the safeguarding of high standards of care by participating in
the creation of an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.

The post holder under the guidance of the Clinical Director will be expected to contribute
to the development and implementation of the directorates Clinical Governance
Strategy; including matter such as the production of a departmental annual clinical
governance plan and production of regular reports to ensure targets with in the plan are
met. This would allow for the adoption of evidence based practice including compliance
with government guidance, e.g. NICE and NSFs, the establishment and implementation
of a departmental clinical audit programme, completion of a risk assessment and
compliance with the Trust‟s risk management policies and strategies including controls
assurance standards. Other expectations would include ensuring, through the General
Manager, Unit Training Director, and the Clinical Tutor that Directorate staff meet the
education and training targets agreed within the Trust‟s annual plan. Timely and effective
complaints management including implementing action plans relating to individual
complaints would also be expected, as would contributing to work force planning to
ensure timely availability of appropriate clinical skills to maintain excellence in patient

Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Medical Education

The post holder under the direction of the Clinical Director will be responsible for
continued professional development and take part in continuing medical education
activities, in line with the requirements of the appropriate Royal College guidelines to
maintain standards of performance. The post-holder will be expected to be committed to
the concept of lifelong learning and produce and maintain a Personal Development Plan
in agreement with the Clinical Director.

Teaching and Training

The Trust is committed to sustaining and advancing the provision of medical, dental,
nursing and other professional education and to the delivery of high quality postgraduate
and undergraduate training.

The post-holder will be expected to develop and participate in undergraduate and
postgraduate teaching programmes and maybe be required to teach other staff across
and within the directorate. Under the guidance of the Sub Director this may involve
specific timetables and regular commitments in accordance with an agreed job plan.

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Equal Opportunities

The post holder must at all times carry out responsibilities and duties with due regard to
the Trust‟s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Health and Safety

The post holder is expected to undertake the appropriate management responsibilities,
and be aware of individual responsibilities in accordance with the Trust‟s Health and
Safety Policy and report as necessary, any untoward accident, incident or potentially
hazardous environment. The post holder will promote and implement the Health and
Safety Policy.

Personal Data

All Persons Identifiable Information (PII) must be held in the strictest confidence and
should be disclosed only to authorised people in accordance with NHS Confidentiality
Guidelines (Caldecott) and the Data Protection Act 1998 unless explicit written consent
has been given by the person identified; or where information sharing protocols exist.

The post holder is responsible for meeting the requirements of the Data Protection Act
1998 to ensure that PII is up to date, that data is timely and that information is securely
stored and safely disposed of when there is no continuing requirement for its retention.

All clinicians are responsible for ensuring that clinical information extracts or reports are
accurate prior to distribution.

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Person Specification

Mid Essex Hospital NHS Trust


REQUIREMENTS                                  ESSENTIAL           DESIRABLE     METHOD OF

Qualifications                 BDS, MBBS, FDS                     Further       A
                               FRCS in Maxillofacial or           post-
                               equivalent                         graduate

Professional                   Completion of an accredited        Fellowship    A/I
Experience                     training scheme leading to         in oncology
                               the award of a CST in Oral &
                               Maxillofacial surgery (or
                               equivalent training).

                               CST or equivalent or be
                               within six months of CST

                               Ability to develop and
                               maintain a sub-specialty

Communication                  Ability to communicate                           A/I
                               effectively with all levels of
                               staff, patients and relatives.
                               Shows understanding when
                               presented with difficult
                               situations and can build
                               strong effective relationships
                               with patients, families, and

                               Ability to work as part of a
                               multi-disciplinary team with
                               appropriate inter-personal
                               skills for effective team

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                               Ability to gain the trust and
                               confidence of colleagues and

                               Excellent IT skills.
                               Evidence of presentations.

Audit and Clinical             Interest in, and knowledge of,     A/I
Governance                     medical audit and
                               understands the principles of
                               evidence based audit.

                               An understanding of the
                               principles of Clinical
                               Evidence of audit

Education                      Interest in, and knowledge of,     A/I
                               advances in medical
                               education and training and
                               ability to operate within a
                               teaching/training culture.

                               Shows ability to encourage
                               on-going learning both in self
                               and others.

Management                     Commitment to effective
Ability                        departmental management
                               and management of a multi-
                               disciplinary group.

                               Possesses sound business

Standards                      High ethical/professional

Transport                      Ability to travel between          A/I
                               Trust sites.
                               Own transport.

Leadership Skills              Ability to motivate and

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b367c093-cdfb-4feb-a03a-63b97e9265dc.doc         20
                               develop junior medical and
                               other staff

Registration                   Full Registration with the         A/I
                               General Medical Council and
                               fulfill the criteria for full
                               registration with the General
                               Dental Council

Health                         Serologically tested for           A/I
                               Hepatitis B/C immunity

Methods of Assessment – Application Form (A), Interview (I)

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