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					    Dr. Cutler’s Lifelong Battle:
• ―I’m a real person whose life has been
  changed forever by a colon in crisis.‖

• Will this be your future?

• Indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and
  heartburn aren’t just inconveniences...they
  are warnings.

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Should I Be Concerned?

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     Untold Truth #1:

 Nearly 90% of All Degenerative
Disease Begins in the Digestive Tract

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  Nearly 90% of All Degenerative
Disease Begins in the Digestive Tract
                  • This is where all of your
                    waste in concentrated.
                  • When these toxins aren’t
                    eliminated quickly, they
                    begin to rot – literally.
                  • A dirty colon becomes a
                    breeding ground for
                    parasites yeast infections,
                    tumors and disease.

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          All of These
Conditions Lead to Inflammation
                 •   Heart disease
                 •   Diabetes
                 •   Insulin Resistance
                 •   Stroke
                 •   Cancer
                 •   Alzheimers disease
                 •   Depression
                 •   Panic attacks
                 •   Anxiety
                 •   Attention Deficit and more

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      Untold Truth #2:

Heartburn Isn’t Caused by Too Much Acid,
         But by Insufficient Acid!

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  What’s Wrong with Antacids?
• Americans spend more
  than $110 billion per
  year without treating the

• Most of your immune
  system is found in the
  gastrointestinal tract.

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  Untold Truth #3:

One Bowel Movement per Day
      Is Not Enough

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Why Elimination Is Important

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    Two Key Risks Associated with
       Infrequent Elimination
1. Stagnant toxins in waste material will be reabsorbed
   into your body, attacking your immune system and
   rendering you more vulnerable to disease.

2. Hard, packed waste that doesn’t quickly exit your
   system will damage your digestive tract, causing
   fissures, hemorrhoids, polyps and potentially,

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              Bowel Movements
              How Often is Ideal?
• Ideally you will eliminate 12-16 hours after
• An average American has 6-9 meals camped
  out in his colon.
• Suggestions to improve elimination
  – Drink ½ your body weight (in pounds) in ounces
    of water per day. (For example if you weight 150 pounds you would drink
    75 ounces of water daily)

  – Eat 35-40 grams of fiber - daily

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Is Disease Festering in Your Colon?
                  • You may be harboring
                    disease if you have the
                    following symptoms:
                     – Are your bowel
                       movements foul-
                     – Are your stools formed?
                     – Does your stool ―float‖
                       or appear greasy?
                     – Are your stools dark?

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     Untold Truth #4

Your Diet Determines Whether Your
Colon Is a Clean-Flowing Drain or an
           Infested Swamp

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    What Can I Do Differently?
• We eat too much.

• We don’t get enough fiber.

• We don’t get the nutrients we need.

• We rely on processed foods as the
  core of our diet.

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Americans are Starving Despite an
 Abundance of Healthful Food
               • Fast foods and snacks
                 drown us in empty
                 – Not just ―empty‖ they’re
               • Sugar, fatty, & refined
                 foods may actually block
                 nutrient absorption and
                 kill “probiotics.”

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     Untold Truth #5:

Your Colon Is Your ―Second Brain‖

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    Dr. Michael Gershorn’s Book
 “The Second Brain,” pioneers the
science of the brain-gut phenomena.
                  • Explains why anti-
                    fungal drugs improves
                  • Wheat can trigger
                  • ADD and ADHD begin
                    in the intestinal tract.

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The Brain and Gut Work Together
             • Many Alzheimer’s and
               Parkinson’s disease patients
               suffer from constipation.
             • Antibiotics have been
               associated with ADD.
             • The stomach is loaded with
               the neurotransmitter
               serotonin, the key to a
               healthy mood.

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    How They Are Connected
• The truth is our bodies do plenty of
  ―thinking‖ with our guts.

• There are more than 100 billion
  nerve cells in the gut.

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     Finally. The Answers.

Lifelong Colon Health the Natural Way

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Predictable Regularity with Natural
      Laxative Combination

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Natural Laxative Combination
Helps stimulate the production of digestive
 fluids and bile to promote peristaltic action
          and calming in the colon
      These and other herbs are key:
   • Cascara sagrada—Called ―sacred bark‖ by Spanish settlers in
     early western America. Known for its natural laxative effects.
   • Buckthorn—Increases bile flow, peristalsis and mucus secretion.
   • Licorice—Soothes mucous membranes and relaxes spasms.

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Start Fresh with Colon Cleanse

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   Colon Cleanse Combination
Designed to help cleanse and detoxify the body
       safely while increasing daily fiber

    • Psyllium hulls—A mild, bulk-forming laxative
    • Aloe vera juice—Contains aloin, which helps support
      intestinal muscle tone.
    • Chlorophyll—Helps fight off odors like halitosis and
      body odor.

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Fight ―Bad‖ Microorganisms with
 Parasite Cleansing Combination

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 Parasite Cleansing Combination
Designed to rid the body of parasites while
    improving digestion and absorption

 • Paw Paw—Has powerful anti-parasitic abilities.
 • Caprylic Acid—Helps relieve the symptoms of an
   overabundance of yeast.
 • Pumpkin Seed—Improves digestion while soothing
   inflamed tissue and fighting bacterial infections.

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Purify Your Colon Daily with
      Bowel Detoxifier

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       Bowel Detoxifier
Contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes
   and herbs to help with intestinal
      cleansing and maintenance
   • Pepsin—Key to digestion of dietary protein
   • Apple Pectin—Helps speed up bowel
     transit time.
   • Marshmallow—Helps soothe inflamed
   • Charcoal—Helps absorb toxins.

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Build Your System with Intestinal
     Soothing Combination

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Intestinal Soothing Combination
    Designed to soothe an inflamed
gastrointestinal tract and promote healing
 • Plantain herb—Soothes inflammation and absorbs
 • Rose hips—Rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C
 • Slippery elm bark—Helps reduce irritation.
 • Bugleweed herb—Helps control bleeding and
   tighten tissues.

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