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					       Minutes of Board Meeting held on 29 September 2010

1. Appointment of chairman of the meeting

       a. Maria Thonsgaard

2. Appointment of secretary to take the minutes

       a. Jeppe Thule

3. The Chairman of the Board informs

       a. Constructive meeting with the Chairman of the Joint Student Union (JSU)

               i. Positive atmosphere at JSU. Things are moving in the right direction.

               ii. Visual branding of JSU. High degree of visibility and nice brochure

              iii. Many new student unions on the way

              iv. JSU now has its own subpage on

               v. We intend to write a guide on creating student unions. The guide will be uploaded
                  on the JSU subpage on

       b. The Student Life Fair from 22 to 23 September was a huge success.

               i. An extremely good idea to have all business units represented.

               ii. 90 students were added to the list of potential candidates for SL jobs.

              iii. Positive response from the companies  It will be fairly easy to sell exhibition
                   stands in the future.

4. Financial review

       a. The current result of DKr 600,000 may fluctuate DKr 150,000 in either direction due to a
          series of factors, including entry dates.

       b. Strong cash position. Better than ever before.

       c. Klubben is doing well. The current result is DKr 300,000 better than last year's record

       d. Caféen is currently facing some challenges. Payroll costs of DKr 25,000 a month should be
          taken into account. There are still things we need to work on.

       e. Plug Inn  Compared with the opening hours, the revenues for September are better than
          last year.

               i. In financial terms, the new burger concept seems to be a success.

               ii. Peter Trolle will try out some new food concepts.

       Minutes of Board Meeting held on 29 September 2010

5. The Managing Director informs

       a. General update (burger bar, coffee vending machines etc)

               i. Sale of high-quality coffee in Klubben: Positive results. The last employees are
                  learning how to operate the machine.

              ii. Burger bar: A success. The employees will now try to renew the concept and use
                  seasonal products.

              iii. Coffee vending machines: The original agreement with ASB fell apart, but we
                   working on a compromise:

                      1. Offers on four coffee vending machines for which ASB will pay.

                      2. We consider investing in two super coffee machines for Caféen and Plug

                      3. We'll be responsible for maintaining the machines, so we should not have
                         too many.

       b. Introduction Week, Master Introduction Programme, and Introduction Trip

               i. A huge success. Record sales every day and a very good atmosphere among the

                      1. 2007 (old record year) and 2010 are extremely close.

       c. Cooperation with ASB

               i. The Managing Director had a good meeting with the Technical Manager at ASB
                  (Eigil Jensen).

              ii. The last details concerning the marketing activities at ASB need to fall into place.

       d. Charity Panel and SL

               i. The Charity Panel (an organisation which puts together a panel of questionnaire
                  respondents and donate money to charity for each questionnaire completed) has
                  asked if SL would be interested in a cooperation project. The question now is if the
                  project can be integrated into SL.

              ii. It has been decided that we appoint a committee which should work with the
                  Sustainable Developer at SL to prepare the strategy on sustainability. We should
                  also consider how the Charity Panel could become a part of SL.

                      1. Members of the committee: Kasper Wittrup and Jane Christensen.

        Minutes of Board Meeting held on 29 September 2010

6. Recruitment policy at SL

        a. The policy was reviewed and some changes were made.

        b. Important with a comprehensive recruitment policy which does not restrict SL.

7. Update on Commercial by the Commerciel Committee

        a. The committee appointed by the Board is temporarily responsible for the communication
           to reporters.

        b. Meeting for reporters is scheduled for Tuesday.

        c. The idea is to present the new editor-in-chief of Commerciel.

        d. Important not to postpone the deadline too much as this will slow down the process.

8. Decision on the name of the magazine

        a. Decision: The Board is open to the possibility of changing the name of the magazine.

9. Exemption to Michael Tilsted (movie job at SL)

        a. Decision: Exemption granted

10. SL Ski Trip 2011

        a. Over 100 students have now signed up for the trip, and there is a positive atmosphere
           among the participants.

        b. A lot of positive exposure on Facebook.

        c. We'll try to invite Morten Breum, Rune RK, Medina and a few comedians on the trip.

11. Business procedure – revised

        a. The Board agrees on how to work in the future.


        a. Appointment of committee

                 i. All board members will be on the committee.

                ii. The Chairman will convene a meeting where the different tasks are delegated.

        b. Survey + campaign

                 i. The Communications Manager at SL will write an exam paper on ASBSS branding in
                    partnership with his study group.

        Minutes of Board Meeting held on 29 September 2010

               ii. If the report is good enough, we will allocate money for a campaign to implement
                   the results from the report.

13. Approval of student unions

       a. Finance Lab

               i. No outline of profit sharing has been submitted.

                         1. The union will not be approved until this outline is satisfactory.

       b. Study-specific union for students of European Studies

               i. Student union approved

       c. ASB Løb [in English: ASB Run]

               i. No outline of board structure included in the by-laws.

               ii. The Board can't approve the union yet.

       d. Apple Union

               i. The Board can't approve the union as no by-laws have been submitted.

               ii. The by-laws should be ready at the next board meeting.

14. Next meeting

       a. Scheduled for 8 November at 17:30 in room C5

15. Any other business

       a. Decision: Caféen, Plug Inn and Catering will now be branded collectively as SL Food.
          However, the strong brands "Caféen" and "Plug Inn" will remain sub-brands.

       b. The Communications Committee continues working on the strategy map.

       c. The strategy map for Business Relations (BR) is ready and has been sent to our graphic

               i. The BR Committee will organise a meeting with BR in the near future.

       d. "Beyond budgeting" was discussed as a future financial control model.

               i. The Managing Director and the Chairman of the Board will give this idea some

       e. The Board is positive toward the Managing Director's idea of changing the white Golf car.