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English Placement Test Results
 English 101A/B
 English 105A/B
These are skill based courses that do not count
  toward your AA degree, BUT will help you
  be successful in the courses required for
  your degree and Transfer.
English Placement Test Scores
 English 51A or 51B – This English course
  is required for the Associate of Arts or
  Science Degree.
 It is not transferable (meaning it doesn’t
  count toward a 4-year college degree).
English Placement Test Scores
English 1A – Freshman Composition
Required for admission to a 4-year university
 and will also count toward your Associate
 of Arts Degree.

See the following flow chart…..
English Flow Chart
Math Placement Results
   Math 101 – does not count towards a degree
    but is a skill building course that helps you
    acquire the skills for the next level of math.
Math Placement Results
 Math 87 – Math for Life
This course satisfies the math requirement for
  the Associate’s Degree
 Math 61 – Elementary Algebra
This course is the first course in the sequence
  for transfer level math
 Math 63 – Intermediate Algebra
This course is the prerequisite to transfer math
Transfer Math Courses
You will be required to complete ONE
  transfer-level math course to be admitted to
  a university. If you are not transferring, go
  to the next slide…..
Transfer Math courses are:
Math 10A, 15, 25, 45, 1A, 1B
You will take a course pertaining to your
  major area of study. See flowchart next.
Math Flow Chart
Academic & Vocational Programs
Degrees & Certificates AA/AS/C
  Administration of Justice - Corrections
 Administration of Justice - Law Enforcement
     Agriculture Science Technology
         Business Administration
            Child Development
          Child Support Services
     Computer Information Systems
         Health science (General)
    Office Management & Technologies
              Performing Arts
            Physical Education
           Precision Agriculture
           Psychiatric Technician
               Social Science
                Social Work
Student Services
 Financial Aid
 Counseling and Advising
 Access to registration screens
 Transcripts
 Pay fees
 Referrals & Resources
                Financial Aid
 Financial Aid office hours:
   9:00am-5:00pm       Mon-Fri
   Walk-ins only
   Please call (559) 934-2214 for information
   Federal, State, Private, and Institutional aid
   Forms available
               FAFSA - apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov to cut processing time
               Loan forms - subsidized and unsubsidized
               GPA verification forms - for Cal Grant
               Work Study – forms available ONLINE
               West Hills College scholarship applications

Important deadlines:
        March 2nd – Cal Grant entitlement award program
(based on need)
        Sept. 2nd – Cal Grant competition award program
(based on grades)
   Short term training in a           Approx. 4 semesters
    specific field

   Complete 4-30+ units and           Minimum of 60 units in
    start working!                      Courses #1-99, comprised of
                                        major requirements, general
   27 Certificate Programs,            education and elective units
    including Child Development,
    Computer Information               24 majors to choose from!
    Systems and Business

    And/Or Transfer to a 4-year College or University
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Student Support Services Programs

 •There are many support programs
 available to students in addition to
 Financial Aid. The next slides will
 explain each program in a little more
 detail. You can spend as much time on
 them as you want.
                Extended Opportunity Programs & Services
                Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) is a
                state-funded program designed to help low-income and
                educationally disadvantaged students gain access to and
                successfully complete a program of higher education.

                                Eligibility and Admission
       1.   Complete the EOPS application
       2.   Be enrolled full-time (12 units or more)
       3.   Not have completed more than 70 units of degree-applicable
       4.   Qualify to receive a Board of Governors Grant based on income
            or public assistance criteria only
       5.   Must be attending West Hills College
       6.   Be educationally disadvantaged as determined by the EOPS staff

                           Services Provided to Students
-Book services and/or Grants (after 1st semester)     -Priority registration services
-Academic/personal/transfer/counseling services       -Student activities
Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS)
West Hills College is committed to providing equal access to education for
people with disabilities. The DSPS office provides services to persons with
             physical, learning and psychological disabilities.

These services include the following:
        Individual, academic & vocational counseling
        Accommodations
        Note takers/Readers
        Diagnostic assessment
        Alternative testing services
        Liaison with State Department of Rehabilitation & other agencies
        Priority registration

   Our Learning Skills Program provides individual and small group
instruction for students with learning disabilities in a new high-tech lab
 setting in the library. Computer-assisted instruction is available to all
                         students with disabilities.
   Student Support Services (SSS)
     One Step Beyond Program is a federally funded program
   under Title IV for the special population of low income, first-
   generation college students, and individuals with disabilities.
    Eligible students who demonstrate an academic need can
    benefit from the support services provided by the program.

Services for students:
    Counseling – priority registration, educational planning,
                    academic, career and personal counseling
    Financial Aid application assistance
    Field trips to universities, cultural activities and events
    Comprehensive study program; individual & group tutoring
    College, community, and social service referrals

                          Click logo for more info
   The CalWORKs program provides academic and vocational support to students receiving
    cash aid from any county welfare agency.

                                        Eligibility Criteria

             CalWORKs/TANF Recipient that has or is developing a Welfare to Work (W2W) Plan
             Self-Initiated Participants (SIPs)
             Enrolled at West Hills College
             Current Passport to Services/ CalWin
             Copy of Welfare to Work Plan

                                        Supportive Services

          -   Academic & Vocational Counseling                           - Paid Child Care
          -   Job Preparation Workshops (dates and time to be announced) - Paid Work Study
          -   Employment Services (dates and time to be announced)
    College Assistance Migrant Program
                   At West Hills College, CAMP provides academic services,
           support services and financial assistance to eligible migrant students who
          are enrolled full-time basis the first academic year. Students participating in
            this program will learn strategies to better Cope with lifestyle changes,
         adjustments and personal situations that can impair educational achievement
               within migrant families. Students will be mentored to improve their
           organizational, critical thinking and communication skills. Students will be
                   encouraged to set goals and develop leadership qualities.

Eligibility Criteria:
    Must have a G.P.A of 2.0 or higher
    Must be a migrant student or have seasonal farm work background (within the last two

Services Provided:
   Vision & Physical Exams
   Tutoring Services
   Textbooks
   School supplies
   Campus Visits to UC’s, CSU’s & Private Colleges
What Happens If…

   I want a refund of my fees?                                  Pg 8
   I want to challenge a prerequisite?                          Pg 13-14
   I get F’s in some of my classes or forget to drop a class?   Pg 15
   I get a letter in the mail that says I’m on Academic
    Probation/Dismissal?                                         Pg 15
   I want to withdraw totally from school?                      Pg 16
   I have Advanced Placement scores?                            Pg 19
   I need to file a grievance against a student/instructor?     Pg 23
   I drop below 12 units and I’m on financial aid?              Pg 28
Important Information
AB 1088 – Sexual Assault Education
AB 1088 stands for “Assembly Bill 1088” effective
   Jan 1, 2006 which provides mandatory
   information to incoming students during
   orientation about sexual assault and services
   available on campus or in the community.

    Orientation Sign Off Form
 Name:
 Birthdate:
 Sign off that you have participated in the
  West Hills College Coalinga new student
  orientation, and received information on
  the sexual assault policy and a catalog.

Sign Here

Please leave with the orientation staff person.

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