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									                                                                                                   IPMASTER/AUREKA CASE STUDY

          Honeywell: Lowering Costs, Increasing Productivity, and
                               Improving Services for IP Operations
                                              Using a combination of MicroPatent’s Aureka           the portfolio goes through near constant
                                              IP analysis and platform management software          changes as a result of new filings,
                                              with MDC’s IPMaster application provides              expired/abandoned patents, acquisitions,
                                              Honeywell International Inc. with the ability         divestitures, and in-licensing activities.
Size........................... $23 billion
                                              to lower IP operation costs, increase staff
HQ............................New Jersey      productivity within the centralized IP opera-         With over 10,000 technical employees across
                                              tions group, and deliver a valuable service to        the globe in four separate Strategic Business
NYSE symbol...................... HON         Honeywell’s technical employees worldwide.            Groups (each with their own level of IP
IP Lawyers............................. 25                                                          business processes and requirements), Hoiriis
                                              Honeywell Organization                                faces the daily challenge of providing IP services
Countries.............................. 95    Honeywell International is a $23 billion diversi-     to this community. In particular, the key
Size of Patent Portfolio......13,000
                                              fied technology and manufacturing leader,             business issues he and his team face include:
                                              serving customers worldwide with aerospace
                                              products and services; control technologies           • Providing his business units quickly and
                                              for buildings, homes and industry; automotive           easily with patent information that does not
                                              products; turbochargers; specialty chemicals;           appear on the face of the patent (such as the
                                              fibers; and electronic and advanced materials.          Honeywell Business Unit that is responsible
                                              Based in Morris Township, NJ, Honeywell’s               for maintaining that particular asset). As
                                              shares are traded on the New York, London,              Honeywell has grown through acquisition,
                                              Chicago, and Pacific Stock Exchanges. It is             along with licensing of patents, his business
                                              one of the 30 stocks that make up the Dow               units require accurate, up-to-date, and easily
                                              Jones Industrial Average and is also part of            accessible information regarding their portfo-
                                              the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.                        lios. Because a large number of Honeywell’s
                                                                                                      patents show an assignee other than
                                              The intellectual property activities of the organ-      Honeywell, no public database can list all
                                              ization are managed by 25 IP lawyers located            of Honeywell’s patents accurately.
                                              in various business units across the US, Europe,
                                              and Asia, with a central patent services staff        • Ensuring he and his team are focused on
                                              dedicated to managing the Honeywell docket              the primary activities that drive value for
                                              and coordinating international filings.                 Honeywell from managing the IP portfolio,
                                                                                                      while at the same time responding to
                                                                                                      consistent requests for patent information
                                              Business Issues                                         across the enterprise from the various busi-
                                              As the Chief IP Counsel, David Hoiriis faces            ness units. With limited resources, improv-
                                              the task of coordinating and managing roughly           ing productivity in managing his internal
                                              13,000 issued patents on a global basis. The            customer requests is a significant challenge.
                                              portfolio has grown over the years through
                                              both M&A activities, along with internal prod-        • With continued cost pressures across the
                                              uct development (the major acquisition was              organization, streamlining internal processes
                                              the combination of the Honeywell and Allied             throughout the IP management life cycle is
                                              Signal portfolios in 1999). Furthermore, with           critically important in order to improve pro-
                                              approximately 500 new USD patents per year,             ductivity, lower costs, and improve services.
                                                                                                                         IPMASTER/AUREKA CASE STUDY

                                MDC/MicroPatent Solution
                                Facing these issues, Hoiriis turned to the Aureka                                            similar requests for patent information from
                                IP management offering in combination with                                                   his business units. In addition, this has all been
“Implementing the               MDC’s PCMaster/IPMaster offering to provide a                                                accomplished without any incremental head-
 Aureka platform and            solution to meet his needs.                                                                  count within the IP legal group as MicroPatent’s
                                                                                                                             Professional Services organization has completely
 MicroPatent and MDC            In particular, the Aureka application provides                                               managed the implementation, integration,
 offerings has increased        Honeywell with the ability to quickly and easily                                             and rollout of the Aureka offering across the
 the productivity not only      integrate information from the in-house docket                                               Honeywell organization.
 of my own department,          management tool and provide global access
 but of all Honeywell           to this information across the enterprise in a                                               “Implementing the Aureka platform and
                                user-friendly interface. With Aureka’s web-based                                             MicroPatent and MDC offerings has increased
 users requiring access         architecture (minimizing the need for IT                                                     the productivity not only of my own depart-
 to patent information.         investment), Hoiriis is now able to provide his                                              ment, but of all Honeywell users requiring access
 As a result, we have           business units with current access to their own                                              to patent information. As a result, we have
 been able to continue to       portfolios, which include both Honeywell                                                     been able to continue to grow and expand our
                                patents as well as patents acquired from other                                               services without adding additional headcount,
 grow and expand our            organizations, in an easy to use interface that                                              resulting in cost savings across the company,”
 services without adding        is integrated with Honeywell’s IP intranet web                                               said Hoiriis. “Furthermore, MicroPatent has
 additional headcount,          pages. Furthermore, the tiered usage levels of                                               provided a complete one-stop enterprise
 resulting in cost savings      Aureka and flexible license management allows                                                wide solution to meet my needs by offering
 across the company.”           Hoiriis to cost effectively meet the needs of                                                the Aureka software platform, robust patent
                                his user community by providing global access                                                content information, and professional services
                                to the entire organization with Aureka bronze                                                including integration and education services,
 David Hoiriis                  licenses (particularly important to his R&D                                                  all combined within one simple and easy to
 Chief IP Counsel               community in managing the stage gate review                                                  manage contractual offering.”
 Honeywell International Inc.   processes), while providing his attorneys and
                                licensing executives with silver and gold licenses                                           Conclusion
                                which provide increased analysis and portfolio                                               “My responsibilities include ensuring I get the
                                management capabilities.                                                                     most value as possible from the effective man-
                                                                                                                             agement of the Honeywell patent portfolio.
                                Value to Honeywell                                                                           Partnering with MicroPatent and MDC has
                                As a result, Hoiriis is now able to have his staff                                           allowed me to focus on these key core compe-
                                focus on the value-add activities of managing                                                tencies, while they focus on their strengths in
                                the IP portfolio, versus responding to numerous                                              assisting me to grow our business,” said Hoiriis.

                                U.S. Headquarters                     European Headquarters             Japanese Headquarters                                MDC is a Thomson business
                                300 Franklin Center                   Holbrook House                    Palaceside Building 5F                               (NYSE: TOC; TSX: TOC).
                                29100 Northwestern Highway            14 Great Queen Street             1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku
                                Southfield, Michigan 48034-1095 USA   London WC2B 5DF                   Tokyo 100-0003, Japan                      
                                Telephone: +1.248.352.5810            Telephone: +44 (0) 20.7940.4598   Telephone: +81 (0) 3.5218.6516             
                                Fax: +1.248.352.0754                  Fax: +44 (0) 20.7407.7226         Fax: +81 (0) 3.5218.7840

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