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									      Hospital Guideline
   Self-Assessment Initiative

Transport Guideline Development
           for Website

         Ann Dacey, RN, BSN, CLS
              Nurse Coordinator
       West Virginia Perinatal Partnership
   Hospital Guideline
Self-Assessment Initiative
Self Assessment Project History:
• 2007 WV Perinatal Partnership Guidelines
  Committee recommended guidelines for
  all levels of hospital perinatal care in West
           Luis Bracero, MD, Chair
        Obstetric Guidelines Committee

          Janet Graeber, MD, Chair
        Neonatal Guidelines Committee
  Self Assessment Project History:
Recommendations of Guidelines Committee:

• A state perinatal office should be

• One of the functions of this office would
  be to assist hospitals achieve
  recommended guidelines
Self Assessment Project History:
• 2008 Central Advisory Committee
  recommended development of sets of
  checklists for hospital ob/newborn units
  based on Guidelines
Self Assessment Project History:
• The checklists were presented at annual
  November (2008) summit
• Then sent to hospital nurse-
  managers/directors for feedback early in
• Resent after very few responses
Purposes of the Self-Assessment
• Establish a consistent set of minimum
  expectations for each level of perinatal services.
• Enable each institution to provide the consumer
  with a consistent level and quality of perinatal
• Recognize the capabilities, commitment and
  resources of institutions that are beyond the
  minimum expectation for their level of perinatal
Dear Guidelines Committee member,
We are putting your recommendations into action and need your feedback. The
   West Virginia Perinatal Partnership is developing a series of checklists that
   West Virginia hospitals can use to self assess their perinatal services. These
   checklists were based on the guidelines that you helped write.
Can you help us by looking and the checklists and giving us your opinions?
   The materials are here: Hospital Guidelines and Levels of Care Self-Assessment
   We would like to know:
   What is your opinion about the process described on the webpage about how
   these checklists were developed?
   Are the forms clear or confusing?
   Are the forms too long?
   Did we miss anything?
   Do you see any errors
   For the time being, we are asking committee members and perinatal nurse
   managers to review the forms and submit questions or comments to me, Ann
   Dacey, RN or 304-293-8891.

The WV Perinatal Partnership is a non-regulatory body. The purpose of these
   checklists is to assist hospitals achieve national standards of care.

Thanks so much.
   We would like to know:
• What is your opinion about the process
  described on the webpage about how
  these checklists were developed?
• Are the forms clear or confusing?
• Are the forms too long?
• Did we miss anything?
• Do you see any errors
       Web page
Instructions for Hospital Self
         Advisement process
  Establish committee to review self
       Suggested Incentives:
• Easier access to outreach education
• Post names of hospitals that have self
  assessed on website
• Allow only hospitals that have self-
  assessed to publicly publish their levels of
• Present awards and certificates to
  hospitals designating their levels of care
Perinatal Transport and Outreach
      Education Committee
2007 West Virginia Perinatal Partnership

     Renee Domanico, MD, Chair
Complete Committee Report

      Available at website:
Two Surveys of Non-Tertiary
 Hospitals in West Virginia

   Perinatal Transport Survey
      71% Responded
   Perinatal Outreach Education Survey
      75% Responded
        Key Survey Findings
 90% of hospitals agreed that making a single call
  to a “Transport Call Center” would be desirable.

 90% of hospitals agreed that, even if there was a
  “Transport Call Center,” physicians needing
  immediate consultation with tertiary physicians
  should be accommodated quickly.
  13 Committee
    In handouts
Complete Committee Report

      Available at website:
   Recommendation #13
Plans for a perinatal transport summit,
inviting all stakeholders to discuss
implementation of the above
recommendations, should be made for
sometime early in 2008.
   Recommendation #2

West Virginia should investigate
the implementation of a single
call system for perinatal
  Characteristics of a Single Call
• Daily knowledge of all NICU and high
  risk maternal beds (Bedboard) available in
  the West Virginia and surrounding states

• Ability to immediately connect referring
  physicians with the appropriate neonatal
  or obstetrical specialists for consultation
  and care recommendations while awaiting
   Characteristics of a Single Call
• The ability to find available beds and
  arrange the transports of mothers or

• The ability to (whenever possible) arrange
  transports to tertiary centers closest to the
  homes of mothers and babies.
    Until a Single Call Center is
• A centrally maintained website with
  evidence-based guidelines for maternal-
  fetal and neonatal care including:
    • resuscitation, stabilization and transport
      guidelines for mothers and infants
    • general care for mothers and infants
    • development of these guidelines should take place
      in collaboration with perinatal care providers
      across West Virginia
What information/links should we
      have on our website?
•   How to arrange a transport
•   Checklists for maternal/infant transport
•   Resuscitation, stabilization and transport
    guidelines for mothers and infants
•   General care guidelines for mothers and
•   Daily Bedboard?
 California Maternal and
Neonatal Bed Availability
 Ongoing Committees Formed
1. Perinatal Education and Guideline
   development for website
2. Developing a single call system for
3. Guidelines for Reverse Transport
4. Interstate Hospital Transport Relations
5. Administrative and Reimbursement
   Issues/Finding Funding for perinatal
   Transport and Outreach Education
 Perinatal Outreach Education
and Guideline Development for
Committee working page

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