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                   W                ho We Are
                         Learn how we became an industry leader

                       Our Mission
                          At PhysioAge Medical Group, we believe that the goal of health
                          care ought to be exactly that—care of your health, not only
                          prevention and treatment of disease. Our mission, therefore, is
                          to provide the most advanced, scientifically-validated diagnos-
    Our Growth Story      tics and therapeutics available to help women and men feel
                          and look as healthy as possible as they grow older.

                       Our Vision
                          We will be the leading national network of age management
                          physicians with a focus on quality clinical patient manage-
                          ment. Rather than be the biggest, we’ll be the best. Our target
                          market is decidedly upscale and willing to pay more for the
                          PhysioAge brand. We will leverage our clinical and opera-
                          tional experience to ensure every Partner meets or exceeds
                          the highest standards of excellence.

                       Our Approach
                          Our approach to HRT can best be described as “Precision
                          Medicine”: each patient deserves a comprehensive evaluation
                          and an individually-tailored treatment regimen that must be
                          continually optimized. We don’t subscribe to the “one size fits
                          all” philosophy followed by most physicians when treating
                          hormonal imbalance. Every patient is different and everybody
                          responds differently to the same dosage. We believe the path
                          to optimized health consists of balanced bioidentical hormone
                          replacement, anti-oxidant therapy and proper nutrition &

                          Our next-generation physical exam is able to detect pre-clin-
                          ical disease states and measure an individual’s rate of aging.
                          Every patient gets a comprehensive assessment of the health
                          of each major physiological system—a PhysioAge®—and then
                          a tailored program of exercise, diet, nutritional supplements,
                          and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to slow, and
                          in some cases, reverse the decline in their physiological age.

Our History
  Our dream - 1994
  As primary care internists at Dartmouth Hitch-
  cock Clinic in New Hampshire, we were growing
  increasingly frustrated treating sickness instead of
  preventing it. We wanted to escape the insurance          CBS Evening News interview with Dr. Ron Livesey
  maze and be free to practice medicine in the best
  interest of the patient, not how the insurance com-
  pany dictates.                                          Our Principals
                                                            Ronald V. Livesey, MD
  Our opportunity - 1995                                    Dr. Livesey received his MD in 1972 from Tufts
  Shortly after HGH was approved for the treat-             University School of Medicine, completed his
  ment of AGHD, we started conducting research              residency at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital/Boston,
  in a new field called Anti-Aging Medicine. We             and was a member of the clinical faculty at
  quickly developed an intense passion for the field        Tufts Medical School. Dr. Livesey has been
  and became diplomats of the American Academy              featured in The CBS Evening News, The New
                                                            York Times, USA Today, Elle, and the 2002
  of Anti-Aging Medicine. We developed our own
                                                            Award Winning BBC Documentary: How To
  scientifically-based treatment programs after thor-       Build A Human: Part IV: Forever Young.
  oughly researching all of the available literature.
                                                            Joseph M. Raffaele, MD
  Making it happen - 1997                                   Dr. Raffaele received his MD from Hahnemann
  Once we realized this was the future of medicine,         University Medical School in 1989, completed
  we left our clinic in NH and moved to NYC to              his residency at The New York Hospital/
  start our own upscale practice on Central Park            Cornell University Medical Center, and was a
  South – the first of its kind on the East Coast.          clinical assistant professor of medicine at Dart-
                                                            mouth Medical School. Dr. Raffaele is board
  PhysioAge Medical Group opened its doors in
                                                            certified in internal medicine and is a diplomat
  1997 with a handful of patients and one employee.         of A4M. Dr. Raffaele has been featured in
  We started using our gold-standard clinical protocols     Newsday, ABC World News Tonight, NPR,
  in practice and began the long process of perfecting      The Today Show and The New York Times.
  them. The first few years were very slow.
                                                            Jerry Fortunato, COO
  Getting it right - 2002                                   Since joining PhysioAge in 2002, Jerry has been
  Jerry Fortunato joined the practice and put into          responsible for managing all business opera-
  place a comprehensive marketing program that              tions: business strategy, marketing & branding,
                                                            finance, product management, patient relation-
  resulted in a rapid expansion of the patient base
                                                            ship management, systems design & develop-
  from 200 to 800 patients. To accommodate this             ment and information technology support. Jerry
  rapid growth, Jerry developed a customized tech-          received his MBA from Rutgers Business School
  nology infrastructure and proprietary workflows,          and his BS in Finance from Rutgers College.
  policies and procedures to manage quality.
                                                            Jochen Kumm, PhD
  Building upon our success - 2009+                         Designed and developed the PhysioAge
  Today we are one of the most successful age manage-       SystemsTM software platform as well as the
                                                            algorithms used to calculate physiological ages
  ment practices in the Northeast. We have tested
                                                            and the overall PhysioAge®. Dr. Kumm holds a
  and refined our gold-standard clinical protocols          Physicum in Medicine from Heidelberg Univer-
  on more than 2,100 patients. Now we are ready             sity, a BA in Biology from Harvard University
  to leverage our experience to help other physi-           and a PhD in Biological Sciences from Stanford
  cians achieve the same level of success, without the      University. Dr. Kumm is the Director of Biom-
  learning curve.                                           athematics at the Stanford Genome Technology
                                                            Center in Palo Alto, CA.

        P            hysioAge Partner Network
                    Become the next PhysioAge Medical Group

    Learn how our industry-leading expertise and
    proven business model will:

          •   Build your patient base
          •   Develop your business
          •   Run your practice better
          •   Increase your revenues

    Without restricting your practice style
          You practice medicine as you see fit

    Exclusively for PhysioAge Partners:
          •   Shared local marketing budget
                •    We split the cost of local advertising with you
                •    We develop & manage a targeted local advertising campaign
                •    This benefit alone can offset the total cost of participation
          •   A special section on the PhysioAge website dedicated to your practice
                •    Optional call center support – we can take your calls
          •   One-on-One training on PhysioAge Clinical Protocols
                •    3 days face-to-face in our NYC practice
                •    Full Initial Consultation as a new patient
                •    Ongoing clinical support when you need it
          •   20% rebate on all non-prescription medications and
              supplements you prescribe
          •   White-glove prescription management service
                •    We handle patient medication requests for you
          •   Market exclusivity in your territory
          •   Access to our line of proprietary supplements & skin care products
          •   Discounts with our preferred partners: Quest, Labcorp, FedEx, etc.

        •   Next-Generation Patient Assessment
        •   Business & Operational Consulting & Support
        •   Practice Toolbox: Customized Forms, Letters &
            E-mail Templates

   The PhysioAge Partner Network is your opportunity to join
   our expanding team of select physicians nationwide. As a
   Partner, you’ll be able to fully leverage the clinical and opera-
   tional expertise we’ve attained over the past 15 years.
   First, we’ll discuss your business goals in depth to best un-
   derstand where you want to take your practice. Then we’ll
   develop a detailed business & marketing plan that takes into
   account everything we’ve learned and sets the course for
   growth. Finally, we’ll execute on those plans and continu-
   ally monitor your practice to make sure you’re meeting your
   goals. Along the way, we’ll provide unlimited business &
   operational support to you and your team.
   By leveraging our brand identity, you’ll be able project the
   same professional image we’ve carefully cultivated over the
   years. You’ll be listed on every page of our website as a
   member of our team, along with a special section dedicated
   to your practice and staff. We’ll design & manage a targeted
   local marketing campaign and split the cost with you. (This         Visit our Website at:
   benefit alone can completely offset the cost of participation.)       www.PhysioAge.com
   We’ll refer site visitors looking for an age management physi-
   cian in your area, and you’ll enjoy market exclusivity for the
   duration of your contract. If your practice does well, we’ll
   even waive your monthly installment payments and renew
   your license at no charge.
   You’ll learn how to use our clinical guidelines and proto-
   cols to deliver the very best in patient care through a 3-day
   training course here in our NYC office. While you’re here,
   we’ll take you through the PhysioAge new patient experience,
   including a full initial consultation. You’ll gain a deep under-
   standing of the intricacies of managing hormones in diverse
   patient cases by working directly with our physicians. As you
   encounter difficult cases in your clinical practice, you’ll be
   able to call on our expertise with ongoing clinical support.
   As a PhysioAge Partner, you’ll have a team of qualified
   professionals behind you to help in the day-to-day manage-
   ment of your patients and your practice. Your success is our

    Contact Jerry Fortunato, COO, at 877-888-3210 or
    Jerry @PhysioAgeSolutions.com for more information.

                               N               ext-Generation Physical Exam
                                              How well are your patients aging?

                          The first step to aging well is knowing how well
                          you’re aging
                               •   Increase patient retention
                               •   Monitor physiological age over time
                               •   Demonstrate the effects of your treatment
                               •   Reinforce the value you provide
                               •   Save time interpreting results
                             PhysioAge SystemsTM uses a battery of extensively-tested biomarkers of the
                             health of important physiological systems. We use them to establish a baseline of
                             where our patients are in the aging process, a “PhysioAge®”, and then to follow
                             over time how well their programs are working. This is the crux of the difference
                             between our approach to managing aging and that of most other practices.
                             We believe it’s important to measure the effect of our programs on the arteries,
                             brain, bones, skin, muscle, etc., and adjust therapy to optimize each system’s
                             function. After all, would you prescribe blood pressure medication without
                             checking blood pressure?
                             To collect the data needed to develop this system, we conducted an in-depth
                             study of 120 subjects over the past few years - the first study of its kind. Working
                             with a top Stanford University statistician, we analyzed correlations among
    Biomarkers of Aging      various biomarkers to develop the algorithms used in the calculation of the physi-
                             ological age of important organ systems. Then we developed the “PhysioAge®”
                             a weighted composite index of all underlying ages. Using the six biomarkers of
                             aging described below, the PhysioAge® is able to explain 84% of the variance
                             of the aging process. To our knowledge, no other system comes close to this
                             benchmark in measuring the physiological age of important organ systems.
                             Our advanced reports will objectively demonstrate the effects of your treatment
                             protocols on important organ systems in a way patients can easily understand.
                             Since the results of many of these biomarkers can be improved through the
                             proper use of age management therapies, your patients can potentially watch
                             their physiological age stabilize or even decrease over time.

                             Comprehensive Reports with overall “PhysioAge®”
                             Once all data has been entered into our proprietary web-based system, a com-
                             prehensive report will be available for downloading. This report will contain
                             the patient’s individual physiological ages as well as their overall “PhysioAge®”.
                             Future versions of this report will feature a detailed interpretive analysis of the
                             data in the context of the patient’s individual medical history. This “intelligent
                             report” will save you hours of time for each patient.

                             Access to the PhysioAge SystemsTM Web Portal
                             Your patients will have ongoing access to our proprietary web portal where
                             they can fill out questionnaires, browse their results and download reports.

                              Download our latest report at www.PhysioAgeSolutions.com

Biomarkers of Aging                                              Required Equipment
                                                                    SphygmoCor® CP by Atcor Medical
   CardioAge - Arterial Stiffness Testing with
               SphygmoCor® by Atcor Medical                           •   The gold standard in central blood
                                                                          pressure management
    •     Measures the suppleness of your arteries using
          pulse wave analysis                                         •   Used in more clinical studies than any
                                                                          other similar device
    •     Assesses your cardiovascular risk by measuring
          augmentation pressure                                       •   Takes a 10-second snapshot of the radial
                                                                          arterial pressure wave and derives the
   PulmoAge - Pulmonary Function Testing
                                                                          ascending aortic pressure wave
              with Midmark® Spirometer
                                                                      •   Adopted by The Mayo Clinic for use in
    •     Measures forced expiratory volume (FEV1/FCV),                   hypertension screening
          which is highly correlated with age
    •     Predicts all-cause mortality, not just from               MPA580 Cutometer® by C+K Electronics
          pulmonary disease
                                                                      •   The gold standard in dermatology to
   NeuroAgeTM - Cognitive Assessment Testing                              measure skin elasticity
                with CNS Vital Signs®                                 •   Uses gentle suction to draw the skin into
    •     Measures the most highly age-sensitive aspects                  the aperture of the probe, where penetration
          of cognitive function using a computerized battery              depth is determined by an optical measuring
          of tests                                                        system.

    •     Functions as an effective screen for mild congnitive        •   Displays the resistance of the skin to be
          impairment and Alzheimer’s disease                              sucked up by negative pressure (firmness)
                                                                          and its ability to return into its original
   CutoAge - Skin Elasticity Testing with                                 position (elasticity) as curves.
             C+K Cutometer®
    •     Assesses the elasticity of the skin with the same
                                                                    IQspiro by Midmark Diagnostics
          instrument used in numerous clinical trials of
                                                                      •   Combines a digital spirometer with
          OTC and pharmaceutical skin care products
                                                                          innovative software that makes it fast
    •     Determines the propensity to develop wrinkles                   and easy to capture, interpret and
          by measuring elasticity, firmness, and resistance               retrieve patient information.
          to stress
                                                                      •   Features real-time feedback and
   ImmunoAge     TM
                      - Immune Function Testing by                        coaching that ensures you collect
                                                                          consistent measurements every time.
                       UCLA School of Medicine (blood)
    •     Measures the health of the immune system using
          proprietary algorithms of standard immune subsets
                                                                    Biomarker Equipment Setup
                                                                    We can setup your equipment and
    •     Utilizes cutting-edge molecular markers for               provide training and ongoing
          senescent and naïve T-cells                               technical support.
   TelomerAge – Telomere Length Measurement
                by Repeat Diagnostics (blood)
    •     Measures the ends of the telomeres, the caps
          at the ends of your chromosomes that act as a
          molecular clock by shortening with every cell
    •     Telomere shortening is highly correlated in numerous
          studies with aging and many disease states

        C            onsulting & Support
                       Your success is our success

    Business advice to help build your practice;
    Clinical advice to help manage your patients
       If you’re like most doctors, you’ve focused your efforts on practicing good
       medicine instead of building and running your business. After all, they didn’t
       teach you how to run a business in medical school.
       That’s where we come in. As a PhysioAge Partner, you’ll get an in-depth
       operational audit of your practice and a customized action plan with detailed
       suggestions for improving workflows, policies, IT systems, etc. Then we’ll
       execute on that plan by implementing the agreed-upon changes and training
       you and your staff. It’s just one of the ways we ensure every PhysioAge Partner
       meets or exceeds our standards of excellence.

    Custom Business Plan
       Every successful business needs a plan. After conducting a detailed analysis of
       your current operation, we’ll develop a comprehensive Business Plan that pro-
       vides a step-by-step roadmap to building the practice you want. Your custom
       business plan will cover your:

         •   Goals
         •   Competitors
         •   Marketing strategy
         •   Financial plan

       Finally, your business plan will detail the best approach to successfully growing
       your practice in your market.

    Comprehensive Marketing Support &
    Campaign Management
       One of your greatest challenges is to build your patient base. How do you find
       more patients? PhysioAge can help by creating a comprehensive plan that
       includes all aspects of marketing your practice:

         •   Advertising strategy
         •   Social networking
         •   Seminar management
         •   Search engine optimization
         •   Pay-per-click advertising.

       Plus, you’ll get exclusive use of the PhysioAge brand and website for your

Clinical Protocols & Support
   In addition to complete one-on-one training with Drs. Livesey and Raffaele, Partners
   will receive a standardized Clinical Treatment Guide that details every aspect of the
   PhysioAge Protocols and captures their years of clinical experience. Furthermore, as
   questions arise in day-to-day patient management, we’ll be on call to provide treatment
   advice based on the specifics of the case at hand.

     •   Access to Drs. Livesey & Raffaele via forum, phone & e-mail
     •   Clinical case review and recommendations
     •   Interaction with other physicians via our Physician Forum

Focus on Quality: Operational Workflows & Procedures
   How do you make it all work flawlessly? You need standardized workflows and operational
   protocols that will guide your practice through the patient lifecycle without a hitch.
   As a PhysioAge Partner, you’ll be able to take advantage of the same operational pro-
   tocols we developed and refined over the years to become the most successful practice
   in the Northeast:

     •   New patient enrollment procedures
     •   Biomarker testing protocols
     •   Patient checkout workflow
     •   Followup management protocols
     •   Staff roles & responsibilities matrix

   In addition to providing customized forms and documentation, we’ll train your staff
   on how to use them in your practice.

Comprehensive ongoing Business &
Operational Support
   It doesn’t end there. After you’re up and running as a PhysioAge Partner, we’ll
   continue to provide ongoing support to make sure you succeed:

     •   Operational support
     •   Marketing support
     •   Business management support
     •   IT support

   As a PhysioAge Partner, you’ll have a team of qualified professionals behind you to
   help in the day-to-day management of your patients and your practice. Your success
   is our success.

        P          ractice Toolbox
               Don’t reinvent the wheel

     All the tools you need to succeed, customized
     for your practice
        As a PhysioAge Partner, you’ll gain access to a full range of forms, ques-
        tionnaires, letters and e-mail templates that we’ve developed and refined
        over the years.

          •   Eliminates the learning curve
          •   Customized to the way your practice operates
          •   Presents a professional practice image
          •   Provides a means to ensure quality

     Toolbox Includes:
        Chart Documents
          •   Flowsheet for medications and labs
          •   Physical exam
          •   Problem List
          •   Medical Questionnaires

        Policies & Procedures
          •   PhysioAge Clinical Protocols Treatment Guide
          •   Employee Handbook
          •   Biomarker Testing Manual

        Administrative Forms & Checklists
          •   Superbill with lab ordering
          •   Quality Assurance Checklist: Initial Visits
          •   Quality Assurance Checklist: Follow-ups
          •   Biomarker Testing Checklist
          •   Credit Card Authorization Form
          •   Medicare Opt-Out
          •   Staff Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

                  Patient Handouts
                    •   Treatment Programs & Pricing
                    •   Norditropin Handling, Storage & Use
                    •   Injection procedure
                    •   Treatment Program Instructions
                    •   Practice Policies & Procedures for patients
                    •   Signs & Symptoms of Estrogen & Progesterone Imbalance
                    •   Symptom Charts
                    •   Biomarker Testing Matrix
                    •   Shipments FAQ
                    •   Billing FAQ
                    •   Product brochures

                    •   Patient Travel Letters
                    •   Letters of Medical Necessity
                    •   Cutoff Letters
                    •   Fax coversheet with PHI disclaimer

                  E-mail Templates
                    •   New Patient Documents & Procedure
                    •   Thank you for your interest in our practice
                    •   Nutritionist Consult appt
                    •   Appt Confirmations
                    •   Follow-up management e-mail templates

                  Consent Forms
                    •   HRT Informed Consent
                    •   HRT Informed Consent for Patients with Hx
                        of Breast Cancer
                    •   HRT Informed Consent for Patients with Hx of
                        Prostate Cancer

                  Marketing Materials
                    •   A Guide to Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
                        for Men & Women
                    •   Brochures and brochure templates
                    •   Business card template
                    •   PhysioAge letterhead and stationary

                  HIPAA Forms
                    •   Notice of Privacy Practices
                    •   Authorization to Use or Disclose PHI
                    •   Authorization to Obtain PHI

                  Plus, your practice will have access to the
                  PhysioAge Wiki, our searchable online
                  repository of up-to-date forms and handouts.

PhysioAge® Wiki

         30 Central Park South
         New York, NY 10019

     For more information, Contact
         Jerry Fortunato, COO,
         Jerry @PhysioAge.com



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