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									                                      Honors English 10

Instructor:    Mrs. Shantazio                       Phone:     251-221-3084
Semester:      First Semester- 2009                 E-mail:    lsmith3@mcpss.com
               Planning 11:15 a.m. - 12:57 pm

Required Texts:
School Issue: Holt Elements of Literature Fifth Course: Volume 2
                 Language Network Fourth Course
Purchase: Webster’s Pocket English Dictionary
              MLA Modern Writer's Handbook: Seventh Edition

This course focuses on vocabulary development, reading and writing for various
purposes, research, English usage and mechanics, early American literature to 1900 and
related world literature. A variety of literary forms will be studied including biographies,
autobiographies, historical novels, short stories, poetry, and dramatic literature. Students
will further their study and research skills, cooperative learning skills, critical thinking skills,
and writing skills. Grammar studies are geared toward the Alabama High School
Graduation Exam and will include practice of the four modes of writing and grammar

Students enrolled in Honors English 10 must have successfully completed English 9 with a
passing grade.

Course Objectives:
    1. Demonstrate knowledge of language terminology and application of concepts
         such as capitalization, punctuation, and grammar usage.
    2. Learn different styles of writing and create original and creative compositions.
    3. Demonstrate a mastery of the ability to clarify and organize thoughts.
    4. Exhibit a mastery of paragraph structures.
    5. Learn strategies to interpret various types of reading materials.
    6. Improve vocabulary
    7. Exhibit familiarity with American literature to 1900 and related world literature.
    8. Recognize different writing styles in literature.
    9. Determine literary elements in literature.

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   10. Demonstrate listening skills during lecture and within cooperative learning groups.
   11. Examine oral, written, and visual presentations.
   12. Identify main ideas from non-fictional reading.
   13. Demonstrate proficiency in all steps of the research process.
   14. Obtain life-long study skills,
   15. Use the library, computer lab, and other technological sources.
   16. Prepare for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam

3-Ring Binder (For English Only)
Loose leaf paper
Composition Notebook
Blue/ Black Pens
Pack of tab dividers
Daily Planner (This is optional, but it will help students keep up with assignments)
At least 2 packs of 3x5 note cards

Course Requirements and Classroom Rules:

   1. All Mobile County Board of Education Rules will be enforced in my classroom, as
          well as those of Davidson High School.
   2. Bring all materials to class. No one will be allowed to leave once the tardy bell
          has run. Absolutely no eating or drinking in class! This means all food and drinks
          should be thrown away before entering the classroom.
   3. Be in your seat and reading to begin class when the tardy bell rings. Students out
          of their desks when the bell rings will be counted tardy.
   4. Go to the bathroom before or after class. You will be allowed only three
          bathroom passes during the semester, unless you bring me a doctor’s note.
   5. Follow directions the first time they are given.
   6. NO TALKING without permission.
   7. Stay in your seats unless instructed otherwise.
   8. Show respect to yourself and others.
   9. Work hard. This Alabama High School Graduation Exam will be given this
          semester. It is important that each student words hard in preparation for success.

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Attendance and Make-Up Policy:
Attendance is EXTREMELY important. We will be working EVERY day. One absence will set
you back. If you do miss class, you will have two days to bring an excuse in order to
make up your work. There is a two-day policy on make up work: if you do not talk to me
about missed work within two days, you will not be able to make it up. YOU are
responsible for making and keeping and appointment to take a missed test.

Tardy Policy:
No student will be admitted to class after the tardy bell unless the student has a pass
from an administrator. The following steps will be taken to deal with tardy students:
                Each tardy: Student is detained in tardy hall until the next class period,
                unless an administrator excuses the tardy.
                3rd tardy: Parent contact and/or after-school detention
                4th tardy: Student is assigned to RETRACT for 3 days
                5th tardy: Student is suspended from school for 3 days
Students who enter class with a tardy hall pass will not be able to make up quizzes or
work missed after the bell. They will receive an automatic zero on all such work.

Grading Policy:

Homework: 10 % of final grade
Daily work: 30 % of final grade
Tests and Projects: 60% of final grade

* All papers and major projects MUST be turned in on time. If they are not turned in at the
specified time and date, you will receive a zero regardless of the circumstances. NO
EXCUSE will be accepted for late papers. All essays and research papers will be
submitted to Turnitin.com. If you turn in a hard copy to me, but fail to submit your work to
Turnitin.com on time, you will receive a zero for the assignment. *

Grading will be determined by the following modes of assessment:
   1. Homework
   2. In- class Assignments
   3. Quizzes ( Announced and Unannounced)
   4. Writing assignments and essays
   5. Journals
   6. Projects ( This includes a Research project)
   7. Major Exams ( unit tests and EQT’s )

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Student Responsibilities:
    1. Complete homework and classroom assignments
    2. Keep an organized and complete notebook
    3. Follow directions
    4. Work effectively in pairs, small groups, or teams
    5. Prepare written assignments effectively
    6. Read and comprehend the texts and supplemental readings
    7. Actively participate in class discussion

Course Outline:
    1. Journal topics will be assigned every week
    2. AHGSE objectives will be covered daily
    3. Tests will be given after material is covered
    4. Writing assignments and essays will be assigned frequently

Proposed Course Content:

Major topics that will be covered in class include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sandra Cisneros- The House On Mango Street (Purchase)
Sharon Draper- Copper Sun (Purchase)
William Shakespeare- Julius Caesar
John Knowles- A Separate Peace ( Purchase)
Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 ( Purchase)
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter
Eds. Robert Atwan & Adam Gopnik Best American Essays 2008 (Purchase)

Parts of Speech, Parts of the Sentence, Subject-Verb Agreement, Pronoun-Antecedent
Agreement, Modifiers, Irregular Verbs, Capitalization, Punctuation, and Usage

Personal Writing and The Writing Process; Descriptive, Narrative, Expository, and
Persuasive Writing; Writing Styles; The Research Paper; and Special Projects.

Special Accommodations: Please let me know if there are any special accommodations
that you require in class.

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Course Schedule:
The following dates are subject to change depending on the pace of the class. I will
notify you in advance of the schedule changes.

Week                                        Topic                                        Required Reading
                                            Summer Reading Review
Weeks One- Two                                                                           The House on Mango Street
                                            and Assessment
Weeks Three- Five                           Historical Fiction                           Copper Sun
                                            Puritan Literature &
Weeks Five-Seven                                                                         The Scarlet Letter
                                            Literature of Early America
                                             19th Century American
Weeks Eight- Ten                                                                         Fahrenheit 451
Weeks Eleven- Thirteen                      American Romanticism                         A Separate Peace
                                                                                         The Tragedy of Julius
Weeks Fourteen -Sixteen
Weeks Seventeen-Nineteen                    Poetry and Prose                             Best American Essays

-------------------------------------------------Student/ Parent Contract: ------------------------------------------------------

Student: By signing this paper, I hereby certify that I have read and understood the
expectations and goals of Mrs. Shantazio’s Honors English class. I give my word to adhere
to the disciplinary and academic standards that are set forth in this syllabus.

If I cannot abide by the contract, I understand the consequences of my behavior may
result in my failing this class. I also understand that if I do not abide by the rules and
conditions of this class, I will be subject to the disciplinary actions set forth in Mrs.
Shantazio’s discipline plan, and the Davidson High School code of conduct.
Student Signature: _______________________________                            Date:__________________

Parent: By signing this letter, I hereby certify that I have read and understood the
expectations and goals of Mrs. Shantazio’s Honors English class. I understand what is
expected of my child, and I understand how my student will be graded.

I also know how to contact Mrs. Shantazio if I have any questions or concerns.

Parent Signature: _______________________ Date: ______________________

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