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AM PIChE Davao



April 16, 2010 – Friday

08:00 AM        Registration
                Undergraduate Research Competition            Engr. MARIBEL R. BLONES
                                                              Chair, Undergraduate Research Committee

10:45 AM        Opening Ceremony

                Doxology                                      University of Mindanao Chorale

                National Anthem                               University of Mindanao Chorale

                Welcome Address                               Engr. ALEXANDER YAP
                                                              PIChE National VP for Mindanao

                Opening Message                               Engr. ROGELIO J. LU
                                                              Forum Chairperson
                                                              President, PIChE Davao Chapter

                Opening Number                                University of Mindanao
                                                              Makabayan Dancers

                Introduction of the Keynote Speaker           Engr. MARIBEL R. BLONES
                                                              EVP, PIChE Davao Chapter

                Keynote Address                               Dr. MARIA NATALIA R. DIMAANO
                                                              Professor, Faculty of Engineering
                                                              University of SantoTomas

                Awarding of Certificate of Appreciation &
                 Presidential Citation

12:00 NN        Lunch

01:30 PM        Plenary 1:
                Use of Bioinformatics (Modeling Ecosystems)   Ms. DAMASA B. MAGCALE-MACANDOG
                  towards Sustainable Management              Director
                  of Natural Resources                        Institute of Biological Sciences
                                                              University of the Philippines Los Banos
                                                              College, Laguna

02:00 PM        Plenary 2:                                    Dr. JONATHAN L. SALVACION
                Current Trends in Philippine                  Office of the Dean
                  Engineering                                 School of Graduate Studies
                                                              Mapua Institute of Technology
02:30 PM         Technical Session 1 / Poster Presentations         Chair: Engr. AGNES FILOMENA S. ALOLOD

06:00 PM         Fellowship Night / Cocktails

April 17, 2010 – Saturday

08:30 AM         Plenary 3 / Special Technical Session:             Dr. RANDELL U. ESPINA
                 Development of Small-sized Vertical                Professor
                   Axis Wind Turbines for Power                     Engineering & Architecture Division
                   Generation in Southern Mindanao                  Ateneo de Davao University

09:00 AM         Technical Session 2                                Chair: Engr. GARDENIA B. BERAMO

12:00 NN         LUNCH

02:00 PM         Closing Ceremony

                 Message of Thanks                                  Dr. ALBERT B. JUBILO
                                                                    Chair, Technical Committee

                 Acknowledgement                                    Engr. MARIBEL R. BLONES
                                                                    EVP, PIChE Davao Chapter

                 Awarding of Certificates

                 Closing Message                                    Engr. ROGELIO J. LU
                                                                    Forum Chairperson
                                                                    President, PIChE Davao Chapter

                     Engr. DECIEN DEE T. FERRAREN & Engr. LAWRENCE A. LIMJUCO
                                           Masters of Ceremonies

                                                Technical Presentations

      Technical Session 1
      April 16, 2010           Chair: Engr. AGNES FILOMENA S. ALOLOD
      02:30 PM                 Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of       Mason Earles and Anthony Halog
                               Biofuel Produced in Two Forest             United States of America
                               Product Biorefineries with Gasoline
      02:50 PM                 Investigation on Azadirachtin content      Lida Jabbari
                               of neem Eco-types seed samples in          Iran
      03:10 PM                 Preferential Sorption of Pb, Cu and Fe   Dennis C. Ong, Maria Antonia N.
                               using Coco Peat as Sorbent Material      Tanchuling, and Augustus C.
                                                                        Philippines (UP Diliman)
      03:30 PM                                       Poster Presentations / Coffee Break

                               Coupling LCA and GIS for biodiversity assessments of forest resource based
                               bioethanol; by Binod Neupane and Anthony Halog, United States of America
                      Understanding Supply Chain Dynamics: An Integrated and Distributed
                      Architecture for Bio-fuels Sustainability Assessment; by Shashi Dhungel and
                      Anthony Halog, United States of America

                      Butanol Separation from Fermentation broth model mixture in Pervaporation
                      process using PDMS membrane; by Peeraniti Sombatpraiwan, Vorakan
                      Burapatana, Artiwan Shotipruk and Chirakarn Muangnapoh, Thailand

                      Development of Ultrasonic Fiber-PZT Sensors for Hydrogen Gas Detection;
                      Jung-Cheol Yoo, In-Chul Park, Chang-Doo Kee and Il-Kwon Oh, Korea
04:00 PM              Comparison of TCP and TCP/HA           P. Wongwitwichot, J. Kaewsrichan,
                      hybrid scaffolds                       C.K. Hui, and B.H. Ruszymah.
                      for osteoconduction capacity           Thailand
04:20 PM              Nutrient addition for toluene gas      D. B. Badilla, P. A. Gostomski, and M.
                      removal in a soil biofilter            L. P. Dalida
                                                             Philippines (UP Diliman)
04:40 PM              An Application of Ultrasonic Wave      Nasser Mehrdadi and Azadeh
                      Irradiation for Leachate Treatment     Aghajani
                      Compare with Other Treatment           Iran
05:00 PM              Nestlé's Corporate Social              Engr. Achilles Mondragon
                      Responsibility                         Vice President
                                                             Nestle - Cagayan De Oro Plant
Technical Session 2
April 17, 2010        Chair: Engr. GARDENIA B. BERAMO
09:00 AM              Preparation of -TCP/PCL composite        L. Kaewsichan, and J. Kaewsrichan
                      scaffolds with high content of            Thailand
                      inorganic phase and porosity without
                      loss of mechanical strength
09:20 AM              Agenda 21 on a Micro Scale –              Robert Kosik
                      Interpretation of Key Principles and      Austria
09:40 AM                                                 Coffee Break
10:10 AM              Synthesis and Characterization of 1,3-    Rey Y. Capangpangan, Florian R. del
                      MDA by Sequential “Two-Pot”               Mundo, Susan D. Arco, Jose S. Solis
                      Modified Hruby and Barstow Method         and Rofeamor P. Obena
                      as a Sensing Material for the             Philippines (UP Diliman)
                      Fabrication of Ion-Selective Sensor
10:30 AM              Potentiality of Citrus Pectin From        Aries A. Arcega, Virluz P. Laguerta,
                      Pomelo (Citrus Grandis) Waste in Cu+2 Lorrielyn P. Marquez, Elisa D.
                      Biosorption                               Gutierrez
                                                                Philippines (UP Diliman)
11:00 AM                                                   Synthesis

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