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									                             Guide Dogs of America
                        Open House Silent Auction - 2011

                                                        113                  Vintage Craftsman Drill Press
                                                        Vintage Craftsman drill press, model 103.23640,
100                                    Sailor Mate      circa 1950's. A reproduction of the original owner's
Handcrafted and hand painted Limited Edition            manual is included with the offering
Petigree Pets from the Merrymac Collection              114                 Vintage Craftsman Scroll Saw
101                                  Working Dogs       Vintage Craftsman scroll or jig saw, model
Collectors item stamp collection; Handmade              103.23150, circa 1940's. A reproduction of the
pillowcases; Dog bowl; Assorted dog toys                original owner's manual is included with the offering

102                             "Rocks at Laguna"       115                               Pet Bicycle Trailer
8"x10" oil "Rocks at Laguna" by Frances Pampeyan        Sport Wagon pet bicycle trailer

103                      "Golden Retriever Head"                              Sports
"Golden Retriever Head" by Robert Abbett (#377 of
750)                                                    200                                        Pure Gold
                                                        Best seat in the house - Dodger tickets in Row AA -
104                "Evening at Swanbrook Cottage"
                                                        Seats 1 & 2 (value $1200 if you can get them). The
"Evening at Swanbrook Cottage" by Thomas                tickets are for the Dodgers vs. the Padres on
Kinkaid with certificate of authenticity                Sunday, July 10, 2011 and include preferred
105                          "Dog Portraits" Quilt      parking; 2 Salm crystal beer steins
40"x54" "Dog Portraits" handmade quilt with rod         201                                       Go Kings!
pocket                                                  Four lower bowl Kings tickets to attend one mutually
106                                 Beautiful Birds     agreed upon LA Kings game at Staples Center; One
                                                        autographed Drew Doughty canvas with certificate
Hand created, hand enameled tile of birds on a
                                                        of authenticity; One autographed photo of Rogie
branch by M. Kemp ($1500 value)
                                                        Vachon; Two autographed Rogie Vachon mini-
107                   "Home Is Where the Heart Is"      jerseys; One autographed Rogie Vachon hockey
Elegantly framed lithograph of "Home Is Where the       puck; Anze Kopitar bobble head; Kings luggage tag;
Heart Is" by Thomas Kinkaid with certificate of         Kings hat
authenticity                                            202                                   Prime Dodgers
108                      German Shepherd Portrait       Four prime seats to see the Dodgers vs. the Phillies
Oil portrait of German Shepherd by A.B. Bonds           on Monday, August 8, 2011 at 7:10pm. Preferred
                                                        parking is included. Each ticket has a face value of
109                                "Love's Captive"     $120; Cooler; Large Dodger jersey; Water bottle;
"Love's Captive" serigraph hand-signed by the artist    Assorted Dodger gift items
Erté. Print # XXIX/CXXX with certificate of             203                                   Dodger Time
authenticity ($1500 value)
                                                        Two Dodger vs. Mets tickets for Wednesday, July 6,
110                                "Sleeping Beauty"    2011 at 7:10pm plus preferred parking; Dartboard
Limited edition giclee print "Sleeping Beauty" signed   clock
by the artist Kathy Hagerman (#232 of 700)              204                                 Angel Madness
111                               "Pick of the Patch"   Four superb seats ($75 each) to the Angels vs.
Open edition giclee print "Pick of the Patch" hand-     Mariners game on July 8, 2011 at 7:05 pm
signed by artist Kathy Hagerman                         205                                     Go Dodgers
112                                      Going Global   Four tickets to Dodgers vs. Mets game on July 5,
Beautiful globe liquor cabinet with crystal goblets     2011 at 7:10pm; Insulated roller bag; Assorted
and glasses                                             Dodger fun things

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206                                       Dodger 56      306                                Paint Ball Anyone?
Two tickets plus preferred parking for game 56 —         Smart Parts paint ball gun; View Loader Force
Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies on July 27, 2011 at         continuous force feed loader; Gen X Global paint
7:10 pm; X-Large Dodger shirt; Laser ball; Assorted      balls; Regulator — 800-900 psi to 450-550 psi
Dodger items                                             output in a few minutes; Stansport two water bottle
                                                         fanny pack; $50 gift certificate from IHOP; Various
207                                        UCLA Day
                                                         dog toys
Two tickets to UCLA vs. Washington State game at
the Rose Bowl on Saturday, Oct 8, 2011 time TBA          307                                      Looking Good
(form inside cooler must be completed and mailed         $150 gift certificate for a facial treatment at
for tickets); UCLA apron; FridgePack cooler;             Glendale Eye Clinic; $50 gift certificate from
Barbie2Go grill with tongs and spatula inside; Two       Stilettos in Chatsworth; $70 gift certificate for haircut
travel flasks                                            and styling at Cutters in La Crescenta; 30 minute
                                                         electrolysis consultation and appointment in La
                  Guys & Gals                            Crescenta; Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner;
                                                         Aromatherapy kit; Lotions; Crystal Vase; Necklace
300                                     Dream Dinner
                                                         308                                          Cozy
Gift certificate for Dream Dinners of Granada Hills
where 10 people each make a 6 serving dinner             Full/Queen size handmade quilt; Glass covered
($300 value); 3 silicone splatter shields; Measuring     cake stand; "Party, Perfect and Pampered" book;
cup and spoon sets; Multi-opener; Small strainer;        Bath products
Various kitchen tools                                    309                                  City Shopper
301                                       Animal Chic    Jessica Simpson handbag ($98 value); Beaded
Jessica Simpson handbag ($108 value); Angel              necklace; Handmade pillbox hat with brim
wings jewelry; Stretch bracelet trio; Blue scarf         310                                     Movie Time
302                       Happy Anniversary Honey        Samsung DVD/VCR combination; 2 AMC movie
Bead and silver necklace; Hello Kitty Champagne;         passes; Small clock; One free pint of Ben & Jerry's
$30 Nordstrom gift certificate; 1 lb See's Candy gift    Ice Cream; Plastic popcorn container; 3 dog toys
certificate; Glass decorative plate; Credit              311                                  Brighton Beauty
card/cigarette holder; Silk scarf; Decorative pillow     Brighton wallet ($85 value); $70 gift certificate for
303                                    The Right Tool    Cutters in La Crescenta; Kitty cat bracelet; Hand-
One month membership to Foothill Athletic Club in        knit scarf; Candle; Floral wall plaque
La Crescenta (valid thru 12/31/2011); $20 gift           312                                        Wild One
certificate to Dick's Sporting goods (valid thru         Silk and fur evening wrap; Mother of Pearl necklace;
8/31/2011); Three tray plastic tool box; 21 piece        Collector's decorative plate; Two passes for Laguna
ratcheting screwdriver set; Pocket calculator;           Festival of the Arts
Energizer LED nightlight; Locked (with key) safe
box; Tower caddy for screws, nails, etc.; Tire gauge     313                                Freedom in Fitness
with batteries; LED pocket flashlight; Measure Pro       Adidas Climacool shirt (Large); Global backpack;
for cabinets/drawers; Fold up pack; All purpose          Stansport fanny pack; Stainless water bottle with
gloves (Large)                                           holster and strap; Foothill Athletic Club one month
304                                      Get in Shape!   membership (valid thru 12/31/2011); 90 minute
                                                         session of Emotional Freedom Technique; "Men's
Vintage retro Omega Fruit and Veggie Juicer; One         Health" fitness book
Pilates session located in Woodland Hills; One
Curves gift certificates for a month in Chatsworth       314                                         China Seas
(expires 7/31/2011)                                      Two gorgeous decorative Chinese plates;
305                  You Look Mah-Vel-Ous Dahling!       Enameled Chinese box; Hand painted hair clip; $25
                                                         gift certificate to Olive Garden; $75 gift certificate for
Gift certificate for a private make-up lesson (Joseph    haircut and style with Jody at Cutters in La
Saenz); $70 gift certificate for haircut and style at    Crescenta; Bead and crystal necklace, bracelet, and
Cutters in La Crescenta; Marc Jacobs "Daisy" eau         earring set; Two AMC passes
de toilette ($75 value); $30 gift certificate for
Penelope's Café; French hand made soaps; Yardley         315                                         Spa Day
tea lights; Three votive candles in glass; Hand          $125 gift card to Burke Williams Spa; Set of six
painted picture; Ceramic teapot; Beaded bag; Liz         crystal goblets; Silk evening purse
Claiborne scarf; Necklace and earrings; Address

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316                                       Hair ER         402                     A "Royal Albert" Christmas
Huge assortment of hair products and accessories:         Twelve Royal Albert hand painted ornaments with
shampoos, treatments, conditioners… you name it!          original boxes. A great buy and a terrific wedding
Plus a hairdryer and straightener                         gift.
317                                  Evening Black        403                              To Be or Knot To Be
Chico's beaded bag ($70 value); 20"x72" K&K               Ladies handmade sweater (Small); Hand-crocheted
beaded scarf ($40 value); Framed dog print; Two           afghan; Ten skeins assorted wools; Hand-crocheted
admissions to Laguna Festival of the Arts                 scarf and hat; Size 10 knitting needles; Three books
                                                          — including "Mile a Minute Afghans"; Knitting bag
318                                      Sapphire!
Beautiful sapphire earrings; Gorgeous wool and            404                                      Flower Power
mink wrap; Chinese porcelain vase; Candle                 $50 gift certificate to Armstrong Garden Centers;
                                                          Fiskars pruning shears; Hand trowel and rake;
319                                       Think Sparkly
                                                          Garden basket; Gloves; Two watering globes;
Beautiful gold purse ($75 value); Black shawl with        Aromatherapy grow kit; Kneeling pad; Watering can;
sequin embroidery; $70 gift certificate for haircut       "Flowers fill the heart with joy" garden sign; Garden
and style at Cutters in La Crescenta; $25 gift            flag and post
certificate to D.L. Rhein Gifts; Infuser; Candle
holder; Two passes to Laguna Festival of the Arts         405                                         Stunning
                                                          Gorgeous translucent decorative hand blown glass
320                                Walk in the Fall
                                                          platter; Bottle of Stella Rosa Cabernet; Glass candy
Beautiful handmade square quilt — generous lap            dish; Two wine glasses
size; Handmade wall plaque; "Mellow Yellow"
necklace earrings and bracelet set                        406                              Summertime Party
                                                          Two tiered glass drink dispenser; Six hand-painted
321                                    Hammered
                                                          wine glasses; Six handmade napkins; Hand painted
Gorgeous hammered silver bracelet with 18k gold           tile tray
                                                          407                        "Community" Collection
322                                          For Him
                                                          Two "Community" cast-signed scripts; "Community"
X-Large fleece long-sleeved jacket; Family four-          cast-signed first season DVD set; "Community" cast-
pack of tickets to the Toyota Raceway; Three one -        signed photo; Men's hoodie (size XS); "Community"
hour training sessions with a personal trainer in La      baseball cap; Eco-friendly shopping bag; Small
Habra; Shower radio; Hands-free soap dispenser;           laundry bag; Fleece blanket
Eighteen piece socket set; Shaver; Personal
groomer; Flashlight and pocket screwdriver with           408                         Here Comes the Bear-ide
flashlight; golf accessories and balls                    $3000 gift certificate for Bradford Renaissance
                                                          portrait (expires Dec 12, 2011); Robert Raikes Bride
323                                            For Her
                                                          and Groom bears (#2580 of 5000); Miniature glass
$450 gift certificate for an IPL laser treatment          vase and pair of wine glasses
session with Glendale Optical; One free area of
Botox ($250 value) with Dr. Stuart Kapian, Beverly        409                              Christmas Wonder
Hills dermatologist (expires July 31, 2011);              Six Wedgewood Christmas ornaments with original
Electrolysis session at Descanso Dermatology in La        boxes; Collection of ten Royal Copenhagen
Crescenta; "Daisy" eau de parfum ($75 value); Four        Christmas plates (1960's and 1970's)
AMC tickets; Crocheted throw; Satin evening purse;
                                                          410                              Garden Greetings
Hello Kitty Champagne; Labbie doorstop/bookend
                                                          Wrought iron sun sculpture; Large birdhouse;
                  Odds & Ends                             Garden sign; Hummingbird feeder and food;
                                                          Pruning shears and moisture meter; Wind chimes;
400                                   Coffee Time         Outdoor thermometer
Set of four ceramic coffee mugs and dessert plates;       411                                        Let's Scrap
Nine cocktail napkins from China; Two                     Scads of scrapbook items - easily $250 worth of
complimentary passes to Souplantation; $10                materials. Tons of borders, Creative Memories
Starbucks gift card                                       stickers, sheets, protectors, etc.; Scrapping books;
401                                     Putting Around    Embellishment storage kit
Cornelius and Alice Vanderbear Limited Edition #48        412                                     Good Stuff
of 3500; Box of Titleist golf balls; Miscellaneous golf   Nesco Steamer; Multi-function food processor;
tees                                                      Oreck steam iron; Kitchen clock; Signed copy of
                                                          "Sadie the Kitchen Dog"

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413                                    Kitchen's Aid       422                                     Shoot Me
Retro vintage Kitchen Aid mixer with attachments           Olympus FE4020 digital camera; Omnitech 8.5"
(whisk, blender, bread dough hook); Childs apron;          digital photo frame; PhotoStamps package; Picture
Adult apron; Two hot mitts; Dog biscuit mix; Dog           frame
cookie cutter; Paw print measuring spoons
                                                           423                                 Cookies for Santa
414                                 Coffee, Tea, & Me      Ceramic 2 piece Christmas cookie stand; Two AMC
Bodum French Press; Starbucks Espresso                     movie passes; $20 gift certificate to Monrovia
accessory set; 1 lb. Starbucks coffee beans; Glass         Bakery; $10 gift certificate to Dr Conkey's Candy
tea pot with tea infuser and tea flower; $15 Western       Store (expires 2/9/2012)
Bagel gift card; 1 lb. See's Candy gift card; Two $10
                                                           424                                  Garden Salad?
Starbucks gift cards; Box of tea flowers; Espresso
coffee mug; Painted curio box                              Decorative area rug (22" x 60"); Toscany hand-
                                                           blown seven piece salad set made in Romania;
415                                Chop to Perfection      Chopper; Birdhouse and pot holder; "Home Sweet
Custom handmade wooden chopping board; Basket              Home" plaque; Three fruit votive candle holders;
of goods that includes olive oil, balsamic vinegar,        Four cloth napkins
olive tapenade, sun dried tomatoes and 21
                                                           425                          Secret of St Louis MK I
Seasoning Salute
                                                           Fully operational and up to date replica of the Spirit
416                                    Total Comfort       of St Louis MK I phone
$100 Northwoods Inn gift certificate; Two passes to
                                                           426                        Secret of St Louis MK IV
Laemmle Theaters; Bottle of Semler Rosé and
bottle of Semler Sauvignon Blanc; Adult "Cuddle            Fully operational and up to date replica of the Spirit
Wrap"; "Welcome" sign; "Friends" photo album;              of St Louis MK IV phone
Clearman's Northwoods Inn mug; Photo frame; "A
Hard Kept Secret" book; Two Beanie Babies                                       Children
417                                         Cool Stuff     500                                   Cheer for GDA!
Corion "Labbie" cutting board with stand; Glass            $25 Pinkberry gift card; Girls backpack with
cheese cutting board with knife; Wine bottle               attachable fridgepak; Various stationary supplies
stopper; Emerson electric wine opener; Galileo red         including diary, notebooks, ruler, pens, key chain,
wine; $10 gift certificate to Starbucks; Basil olive oil   and stamps and ink pad; Large dog print fleece
418                                 Kitchen Kapers         blanket; Two pairs of girls gloves; Plastic visor
$50 Ralph's gift card; Ceramic apple clock;                501                              Kids Love Puppies!
Magazine rack; Taste of Home gift certificate;             Medium size handmade quilt with zoo animals and
Apron; Two books; Two painted tole figurines; Apple        dog paws; 18 month girls Disney outfit; 12 month
wall décor; Mug; Doggie wall décor; Oven mitt and          boys Disney outfit; Disney "Stitch" cup; Disney
potholder; Birthday candles                                "Tangled" cup; Small "Woody" suitcase; Book;
419                        A Touch of Wedgewood            Stuffed dog toys
Two Wedgewood ornaments in original boxes;                 502                                             Bjorn
David Winter cottage "St. Stephan's"; Christmas            Gund "Bjorn" bear is one of a limited edition (#278
plate with stand; Three scents of the season; One          of 500) and has been signed
Christmas candle; Dip mix set with spreader; Two
angel candle holders; Two packages (25 each) wine          503                     "Baby Girl" Shower Basket
glass tags; Christmas tree votive holder                   Butterfly ceramic frame; Small fleece lap blanket;
                                                           Hand-crocheted baby blanket; Two hats; Two
420                         Here Comes Santa Dog           covered hangers; Baby Q-tips; Baby powder; Baby
Assorted dog Christmas toys and treats; Christmas          shampoo; Baby soap; Two bottles; One "sippy" cup;
fleece throw; Christmas dog pillow; Animated               Two snack cups; Petroleum jelly; Two pacifiers;
sledding figure; Three dog stockings; Two                  Baby fork and spoon; Teething ring; "Baby
Christmas collars (size Medium 14"-20")                    Sleeping" sign; Twist on flower; Pink teddy bear
421                                Christmas Melee         504                                     Booooooooo
Bird house; Candle village church; Dog plate;              $25 Regal movie gift card; Four rounds of miniature
Assorted Christmas items including frame, four             golf at Mulligan's Fun Center in Murrieta; One free
coffee mugs; ornaments, pillowcases, hand towels,          pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream; Halloween pillow;
apron, and decorating items                                Sound effects CD; "Trick" sign; Ghost candy dish;
                                                           Halloween girl dish; Small plate; Two potholders;
                                                           Halloween bear figurine; Halloween flashlight

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505                                      Scooby-Doo       512                                         Lego Bliss
Kung Fu Scooby-Doo stuffed animal; Three pairs of         Free child ticket to Legoland. (Valid for one-day
Scooby-Doo boy's sleepwear — size 6 short set,            admission to Legoland AND SeaLife Aquarium OR
size 4 pant set, and size 3T pant set; Scooby-Doo         Legoland Water Park with purchase of an adult
rolling backpack; Scooby-Doo bone pillow; Scooby-         ticket. Expires 4/30/2012); Three "Bionicle" Lego
Doo breakfast set including placemat, cup, plate,         characters (ages 7-16); One "Atlantis" Lego (ages 6-
and bowl; Scooby-Doo bath set including soap tray,        12); Large dog print fleece blanket; One flannel paw
lotion dispenser, shampoo, and toothbrush; Looney         print pillowcase; Dog toys; Free pint of Ben & Jerry's
tune puzzle, punch bag, and wallet                        ice cream
506                                  Tweety Treats        513                                      Water Fun
Tweety ceramic jar; Tweety personal CD player with        Banzai Water Slide; Banzai Wigglin' Water
headphones; Large green canvas tote; Flannel              Sprinkler; Two tickets for Scandia Amusement Park
Tweety sleepwear set (girls size medium); Tweety          good for VIP unlimited pass OR $15 in tokens.
sleepwear pants (girls size medium); Two t-shirts         (Expires 1/31/2012); Optrix 3-D Bubble Set; Sponge
(girls size medium); Tweety thermometer; shampoo          Bob Square Pants puzzle and story book; Various
and detangler; Tweety iron-on transfer                    sand toys; Two sand buckets; Sponge Bob beach
                                                          towel; Stickers and notepad, pen; Two bottles of
507                                 Bear Necessity
Gund "Bear Necessity" bear is one of a limited
edition (#121 of 500) and has been signed                 514                                    Keep Rollin'
                                                          Disney "Cars" backpack; Ironhide transformer;
508                      "It's a Boy!" Shower Basket
                                                          Various Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars
Hand-crocheted afghan and hat; Fleece lap blanket;
Baby float; Two packages of baby wipes and travel         515                                     Little Princess
case; Two bottles; Three food cups (microwave and         Disney Princess backpack; Disney Winnie-the-Pooh
freezer safe); Night light; Four washcloths; Two          sleeping bag with glow-in-the-dark stars; iCarly
pairs of booties/socks; Baby powder and soap; Five        Karaoke machine; Disney DVD of "Tangled"; Disney
piece grooming set; Teething ring; "Sippy" cup and        DVD of "Toy Story 3"; $10 in gift certificates to Build-
snack cups; Three bibs; Tweety bird teething ring;        A-Bear; Disney Princess necklace; Disney
Beanie Baby elephant; Diaper cover; Baby Q-tips           Tinkerbell brush and hair accessories
509                                         Puppy Love    516                                         Family Fun
Two tickets to Bob Baker Marionette Theater. (Valid       Two adult tickets to "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"
Tues-Fri 10:30am and Sat-Sun 2:30pm. Expires              (expires Jan 2012); Two adult tickets to "Hollywood
9/2011); $10 in gift certificates to Build A Bear;        Wax Museum"; Four tickets for "Planes of Fame Air
Three plaster paint sets — one dog bank, one dog          Museum"; $50 IHOP gift certificate; Vivitar 60x/120x
with house, and one cat with bed; Puppy puzzle;           refractor telescope; Dog-Opoly
Various stationary items; Toy CD player; Two plush
                                                          517                                       Hero World
dogs in dog house; All items are for age 4+
                                                          Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack figures; Fisher-Price
510                                   Disney Dogmania     Superman; Fisher-Price Batman; Doggie backpack
Gift certificate for 1 pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream;   with dog hat, dog bandana and dog collar (plus tools
Disney dog frame; Figurine of Lady and the Tramp          in doggie backpack); Four fireman figures; Two
at the table; Lady and the Tramp figurine; 101            pillow cases
Dalmatians figurines; Assorted dog character
                                                          518                                               Fluff
                                                          Fluff brand make-up bag; Fluff brand hard-case
511                                      Scooby-Blue      wallet; Fluff brand dog toy; Fluff brand luggage tag;
Large stuffed blue Scooby-Doo; Two sleepwear              Blue tank top (Girls Large); Dog bandana; Twirling
sets - boys size 8 long pant set and short pant set;      heart mobile
Two adult large t-shirts — one blue and one gray;
Kids size large white t-shirt; Mystery Machine;                              Dogs & Cats
Mystery Machine stickers; Lunch box; Three boys
size 8 cotton briefs; Two Loony Tunes drinking            600                                       Nupro Dog
glasses; Three 2-for-1 tickets for Mulligan's (valid      5 lbs Nupro Natural Dog Supplement, 5 lbs Nupro
Sunday through Friday expiring 12/31/2011); Large         Joint Support Dog Supplement, and Nupro flavor
beach towel                                               packs; Large pillow; Fleece blanket (63" x 59"); 24
                                                          lb pet food storage container; $10 coupon for Purina
                                                          Pro Plan dog/cat food (expires 12/31/2011); Two
                                                          dog toys

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601                                 Got (Small) Balls?   611                                  Ready, Set, Go!
Billions of small tennis balls; Food storage can with    Two nights free boarding at Topanga Pet Resort;
scoop and lid; Go-Sling for fetching                     Portable pop-up kennel (X-Large for dogs up to
                                                         100lbs); Snuggie for dogs; Pooper Scooper; Kong
602                                     Safe Puppy
                                                         Extreme toy; Flea and tick shampoo; Travel and
Wooden pressure gate (no assembly required);             regular food bowl; Blanket; Collar and leash (large);
Beautiful hand made quilted wall hanging; Treat jar;     Several toys; Notepad and notebook
Food bowl; Large dog collar; Toys; $10 coupon for
Purina Pro Plan dog/cat food (expires 12/31/2011)        612                                Outdoor Garden
                                                         Metal dog "Welcome" statue; Paw print making kit;
603                                       On the Go
                                                         Pooper Scooper; Nylabone; Pop open dog kennel
Large wire kennel; Kozy Kennel heat and air              (X-Large for dogs up to 100lbs); Brush and comb;
condition system for auto; Bamboo brand collar,          Dog bones; Toys; Dog biscuits
seatbelt and harness (size Large); Leash light;
Travel food/water bowl; Dog blanket; Dog toys; Dog       613                            The Whimsical Dog
treats; Pick up bags for leash attachment; $10           Assortment of books for dog lovers; Dog/people
coupon for Purina Pro Plan Dog/Cat food (expires         blanket; Kids "doggie" pillow
                                                         614                       Good Times, Good Treats
604                                    Simply Golden     Beautiful Williamsburg treat jar; Quilted pet throw
Golden retriever gold leaf framed picture; Three         (54" x 64"); Two picture frames; Lots of doggie toys;
golden retriever collector plates; Photo album; Small    Doggie treats; Collar and leash
dog blanket; Dog treats
                                                         615                                   Teachable Dog
605                                    Love My Labs      Dog training DVD and book; Two Purina Pro Plan
Gentle Leader (large); All weather dog jacket            $10 dog/cat food coupons (expire 12/31/2011);
(medium); Animal Planet fleece blanket; Ceramic          Stainless steel bowl; Picture frame; Four chew toys;
bowl; Scrapbook; Collar (large); Picture frame;          Two soft toys; Four rubber toys/balls
Black lab perpetual calendar; Two flannel
                                                         616                                      Got Food?
pillowcases; Kong; Assorted treats; Four dog toys;
Black lab figurine                                       One year subscription to "Fido" magazine; $10
                                                         coupon for Purina Pro Plan dog/cat food (expires
606                                 It's Dinnertime      12/31/2011); Small food storage container; Double
Adjustable double dinner bowl; Food mat; Blanket;        feeder; Bone shaped rug; Food scoop; Box of dog
Mug and saucer; Dog treats and bones; Biscuit tote;      biscuits; Two chewy bones; Eight dog toys; Small
Lots of food themed chew toys                            picture frame
607                                  Paws for Photo      617                                        Spa Pooch
One free sitting for human and pet (any pet)             One year subscription to "Fido" magazine; $10
including a 5x7 black and white print; Ceramic treat     coupon for Purina Pro Plan dog/cat food (expires
jar and matching bowl; Two pillowcases; Four boxes       12/31/2011); PediPaws nail trimmer; Brush; Fur
Blue Dog treats; Dog toys                                Buster; 3-in-1 pedicare kit; Fingerbrush toothbrush;
                                                         Clean teeth gel; Fabric sweeper; Heavy duty pet
608                             Wag More, Bark Less
                                                         wipes; Head to Tail wipes; Shampoo mitt; White
Full size fleece blanket; Terrier dog statue; Terrier    Bites biscuits; Drain fur catcher; Happy Jack
picture frame; Sonoma picture frame; Ceramic             Shampoos; Tonekote supplement; Handmade collar
bowl; Pet shower; "Rescuing Sprite" book;
Scrapbook; Dog toys; Treats/rawhide; Leather collar      618                                    Bone Appetite
                                                         "Bone Appetite" rug; Biscuit jar; Bone shaped wall
609                                 Hold the Bone!
                                                         plaque; Picture frame; Dog bowl; Feeding pail;
Dog Bed; Bone rug; Fleece blanket; Collar and            Various plush bones; Rawhide bone treats; Two
leash; Picture frame; Nylabone and lots of "bone"        natural bones; Meaty bone; Squeaky bones
toys; Dental bones; Box of treats
                                                         619                                         Climb Up!
610                          Bringing Puppy Home
                                                         Pupstep Plus — helps your dog climb easily onto
Folding dog crate (30"L x 19"W x 21"H); Dog              your bed; Ceramic food dish; Labbie door stop;
blanket (63" x 59"); Water bucket; Small Jolly Ball;     Collar with built-in leash (medium); Toys; Picture
IAMS biscuits for puppies; Rope toys and squeaky         frame; Grooming comb

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620                              Come Play with Me!     630                                    Doggie Treats
Felt blanket throw with tie; Assorted toys including    Large treat jar; 3' x 4' dog themed blanket; $10
tennis balls, boomerang, Kong ball, soft toys, and      coupon Purina Pro Plan for dog/cat food (expires
rubber bones; $10 coupon for Purina Pro Plan            12/31/2011); Collar and leash; Picture frame; Lots
dog/cat food (expires 12/31/2011)                       of dog treats; Several dog toys; Dog bowl
621                                Psychedelic Lab      631                          Perfect Puppy Portrait
Volkswagen lamp; Psychedelic golden print; Two          Hand painted 16" x 20" oil painted portrait of your
stainless bowls; "Woof" wall hanger; Photo              pet; One Woolrich dog sweater (size Large); One
keychain; "Good Dog" collar; Purple cord/silver ball    Woolrich dog jacket (size Medium); Ceramic food
necklace; Seven assorted toys/balls; Fleece             bowl; Two flannel pillowcases; Dog scrapbook; Dog
blankets                                                picture frame; Bamboo dog collar; Assorted toys
                                                        and chew toys
622                        Doggie Daycare Delight
Two days of daycare at Topanga Pet Resort ($70          632                                    Dog's World
value); Bone-shaped dog bed; Ceramic bowl; "It's a      Beautiful ceramic dog bowl; Fleece blanket; Large
Dog's World" scrapbook; Dog lover magnetic poetry       Kong; Leash and collar (large); Food bowl carpet;
kit; De-tangle grooming brush; Nine assorted toys       Assorted dog toys; Picture frame; "Woman's Best
                                                        Friend" and "The Other End of the Leash"; Wooden
623                                It's a Girl… Puppy
                                                        painted leash rack
Three collector plates (including letters of
authenticity); Miscellaneous dog toys and treats;       633                                          Dog-Gone
Two small dog blankets (24" x 16")                      Argo dog carrier (small/med); Doggy fleece throw;
                                                        Two pillow cases; One Tuff frisbee; Three Tuff
624                                        Let's Eat!
                                                        tennis balls; Rope toy; Weasel toy; Dog bowl;
Beautiful wrought iron double feeder; Black and tan     Spiked treat holder; Bag of holistic treats; Brown
mat; Doggie pillow; Assortment of GDA pins;             stuffed puppy
"Animals in Translation" by Temple Grandin; Paw
print tote bag                                          634                                  Seeing for Me
                                                        Collector's framed "Seeing For Me" stamps; Dog
625                                 Coach Pooch
                                                        blanket; "Dogs on Duty" book; Two boxes of dog
Large leather Coach dog leash; Ceramic dog statue       treats
626                    NCIS Loves GDA Puppies           635                                 Lounge Around
Shadow box with photo and GDA puppy bib                 42" round dog bed; Ceramic treat jar; Dogtronic
autographed by NCIS cast. Puppy bib was used and        motion dog toy; Assorted dog toys; $20 gift
can be seen on Season 7 Episode 17 "Double              certificate for Doggone Good!
                                                        636                 Black & White & Red All-Rover
627                                             Meow    Spaniel statue; Ceramic dog bowl; Ceramic biscuit
Three day stay at Animal Inns — Garden Grove            jar; Fleece throw; Paw print pillow; Plaid dog collar;
location (non-holidays only); Large fleece blanket      Two picture frames; "Zen Dog" book; Dog toy
with cat print; Three cotton pillowcases with cat
                                                        637                   Custom Painted Watercolor
print; "Got Fish" dining mat; Two-bowl cat food dish
set; Three picture frames; 15 taste packs of Nupro      Painted-to-order 16"x20" custom watercolor of your
Health nuggets for cats; Daily cat thoughts book        pet by Midge Reisman
628                                      Relaxing       638                                  Sweet Puppies
Canine Couture dog picture; Dog bed; Two martini        Handmade cross-stitched puppy picture; Free 18lb
glasses; "When Good Dogs Do Bad Things" book;           or smaller bag of Purina Pro Plan Dog food (up to
Red scarf                                               $31.99, expires 7/31/2011); Solar yard dog; 16ft.
                                                        Retractable leash; Dental Buddy; Labrador blanket;
629                               Woof, Woof, Woof      Yard flag; 63" x 59" blanket; Rope toy; Assorted
Handmade quilt; My Dog Nanny daycare and                toys; Bone
overnight stay; Dog biscuits bucket; The Pet Kit
                                                        639                      Morning Coffee with My Dog
travel bag; Three "Woof" dog frames; Two shopping
list pads; Three dog collars; Paw print hanky; "Dog     $50 gift certificate to Chevalier's Books; Four coffee
is Good" sticker; Dog house candle holder; Two dog      mug set; $15 Starbucks gift card; Four dog print
toys                                                    napkins; Six dog toys; 1lb of Starbucks coffee
                                                        640                                NCIS ♥ GDA
                                                        Shadow box with photo and GDA puppy bib
                                                        autographed by NCIS cast

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641                                     It Wasn't Me!   651                                             Leave It!
Wedgewood collectors plate; "Guide Dog Puppy            Six gift certificates for 33lb or larger Purina Pro Plan
Crossing" sign; Dog coat rack; Dog blanket; Treat       (expires 12/31/2011); Food vault and lid (holds up to
jar; Assorted toys; $15 Petsmart gift card; Frisbee;    60lbs); Food mat; Dog bowl; Stuffed dog with collar;
Dog bowl; Leather paw print picture frame; Bone         Three bones; Assorted toys
642                                       K-9 Café      652                                Safe and Sound
K-9 Café automatic feeder/waterer (holds 25lbs of       Outward Hound dog life vest and back seat
food and 5 gallons of water); Dog treats;               hammock; Small Labrador fleece lap throw; Dog
Miscellaneous dog toys                                  bowl; Assorted soft chew toys; Assorted hard rubber
643                                Outward Hound!
Outward Hound backpack (medium), lifejacket             653                              Fun with My Dog!
(medium), Cool-It Bandana (large), and Port-A-          Dog Finder interactive game; X-Large Outward
Bowl; Large dog shade; Reversible pet throw; PC-        Hound Excursion dog backpack; Pet calendar kit;
Petid (thumb drive pet ID tag); Assorted dog treats;    Bamboo wood chuck; Bob-A-Lot interactive dog
Dog comb; Dermosent Bio Balm; Assorted dog toys         puzzle; Eight Kong items; Six assorted toys; Two
                                                        books; Fleece blanket
644                                   Don't Be Blue
Soft dog carrier (size medium); $10 coupon for          654                                  Something Fishy
Purina Pro Plan dog/cat food (expires 12/31/2011);      Big Mouth Fish tunnel; "Litter Kwitter" cat toilet
Dog bowl; Dog print small throw; Assorted soft toys;    training system; Two flannel kitty print pillowcases;
Assorted hard toys and balls                            Two cotton love kitty print pillowcases; Portable
                                                        shopping bag; Two stainless food bowls; Free 18lb
645                          Bringing Home Puppy
                                                        or smaller bag of Purina Pro Plan (up to $31.99,
Six week GDA puppy-in-training course with Jessica      expires 7/31/2011); $10 coupon for Purina Pro Plan
Keleshian's Good Dog Training; Baby fleece throw;       dog/cat food (expires 12/31/2011); $10 gift card for
Puppy fringed fleece throw; Two puppy frames;           PetCo
Grooming tools; Two puppy Kongs; Eight puppy
toys; "1000 Dog Names" and "Raising Puppies and         655                               Take Me with You!
Kids Together" books                                    Pet Gear soft-sided travel crate (46"x46"x28");
                                                        Fleece pet throw; Stainless bowl; Bamboo dog
646                                  Travel in Style
                                                        collar; seven dog toys; One large knuckle bone;
Small dog travel bag; Small serving bowls and           Package of dog treats
stand; Four youth dog books; Assorted small toys;
Small/med collar and leash combo; Two Meaty             656                                      Dog On Fire
Bones; Two pillowcases                                  Dog food bin with scoop and lid; Medium size
                                                        lightweight dog crate; Small fleece dog throw;
647                                     Yummy Food!
                                                        Medium stainless bowl; Assorted chew toys;
Six month supply of Purina Pro Plan (33lb bag or        Medium size red collar and red leash; $10 PetCo
larger) (Expires 12/31/2011); LL Bean dog-theme         gift card; $10 coupon for Purina Pro Plan dog/cat
rug; Airtight container (hold 60lbs); Octopus toy       food (expires 12/31/2011)
648                              Big Mutt Lounger       657                                     Petite Touch
Madison Ave. Mutt bed ($200 value); Fleece dog          5lb bag of Purina Pro Plan Shredded Chicken; One
blanket; XX-Large dog collar; Seven assorted toys;      free 18lb or smaller bag of Purina Pro Plan food (up
Leather paw print picture frame                         to $31.99, expires 7/31/2011); Small dog bed and
649                                  My Yard Dog        throw; Small dog collar; Ceramic dog dish; Assorted
                                                        toys and treats; Small dog slicker brush and combs;
Handmade wood yard dog and pole; Welcome mat;
                                                        Two dog picture frames; Snuggie for dogs (small);
Two handmade pillowcases; Doggy note holder;
                                                        Ceramic dog figurine; Conditioner by Canine Earth;
Mouse pad and notes; Journal; "Things To Do"
                                                        Pet ID; "Hollywood Dogs" book
magnetic notes; Two packages of dog biscuits;
Assorted ropes and toys                                 658                             Put Me On Canvas!
650                                    A Dog's Life     Debbi Green 11"x14" oil on canvas of your pet
                                                        ($395 value); Fleece blanket; Handmade backpack;
Large Orvis dog bed; Yellow Lab throw pillow;
                                                        Lab "Greetings" sign; Four dog toys; Two picture
Assorted soft toys; Kong Air Dog bone toy
                                                        frames; Two Lab figurines

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659                              Cuddling Comfort        669                                 Jolly Good Dog
Orvis large dog bed; Photo album; Large dog              Fleece car seat mat (55" x 42"); Large Jolly Ball;
bones; Grooming slicker brush; Nylabone; Stainless       Small food/water bucket; Large dog bowl; Lab
steel dog bowl; Salt and pepper shakers (dogs);          picture frame; Three hook "Woof" leash holder;
Assorted toys; Large dog collar and 6ft leash;           Assorted Nylabones; Assorted soft toys; Assorted
Doggy bags                                               rubber/Kong toys; Assorted treats
660                                     Puppy Works      670                                  My Little Stinker
PediPaws nail trimmer; Comb and brush grooming           Outward Hound pet carrier; Sharper Image Ionic
tools; Shampoo; Rubber scrubber; Small feeding           Bath small pet brush; Small dog bed; Small
set; 2qt food bucket; Small fleece lap throw; Picture    stainless steel dog bowl; "Friends Forever" dog
frame; Leash and collar; "Pupperweight"; Assorted        book; Two flannel pillowcases; One year
plush toys; Assorted rubber toys; Snuggie for dogs       subscription to "Fido" magazine; Pet Tag Creations
(medium); Small dog-theme pillow                         pet tag (expires 8/31/2011); $20 gift certificate for
                                                         Doggone Good!; Two retro pet posters; Eight
661                                     "Woof" Baby
                                                         assorted dog toys
Fleece blanket; Black and white dog print pillow;
Three frame collection; "Woof" leash holder; "Woof"      671                          Chocolate Lab Cuddles
picture frame; Black and white dog collar (large);       Large fleece blanket; Two Chocolate Lab figurines;
Milk-Bone biscuits; Red dog bowl; Assorted toys;         Lab art tin sign; Dog bone frame; Bamboo pink
Reiki session for your fur baby ($75 value)              collar (large); Bamboo leash and seatbelt latch (3ft
                                                         leash); Two Chocolate Lab pillows; Assorted toys
662                                    Outside Dogs
                                                         and treats; Chocolate Lab satchel; PupLight
Metal Lab yard art; Lab aroma lamp; "Dogs
Welcome" flag and holder; Pooper Scooper;                672                      Here's Lookin' at You, Kid
Assorted toys and treats; Large dog collar; Small        Handmade Lab yard art; Pooper Scooper; Lab
Lab figurine; X-Large stainless steel dog bowl; X-       figurine; Bamboo slicker brush; Assorted toys;
Large Jolly Ball                                         Shampoo; "Sadie the Kitchen Dog" book; Dog collar
                                                         and leash
663                                    Take Me Home
Handcrafted twin quilt; Limited edition heirloom plate   673                                      Scottie Care
by Nigel Hemming; Leather dog leash; Photo album;        Scottie textile handbag; Scottie doorstop; Flexi
Lab figurines; Four dog toys                             leash (Medium up to 44lbs); Bamboo dog flea and
                                                         fine combs with travel case; Dog brush; Dog nail
664                                  Wipe Your Paws
                                                         clippers; Pet shower deluxe kit; "Woof" leash
Gift certificate for six-week puppy class at Topanga     holder; Double dog dish; Dog treats and toys;
Pet Resort; "Welcome" mat; "Wipe Your Paws"              StickySheets pet hair removal; One dog pillowcase
sign; Two acrylic dog bowls; Photo album; Four
boxes of Blue Dog Bakery dog treats; Dog brush;          674                     Paws, Paws, and More Paws
Assorted toys and treats; Dog collar and leash;          Paw print kit; Collectors plate "Gone Fishin'"; Large
Small fleece throw; Greeting cards                       fleece throw; Pair of matching pillowcases; Harness
                                                         with built-in leash; PupLight; Dog bowl; Assorted
665                                      Elevate Me
                                                         toys; Toy doghouse; Dog Christmas ornament
Large/X-Large dog cot; Large fleece throw; Medium
and large Snuggie for dogs; Dog journal; Assorted        675                              Back Packing Dog
treats and toys; Pillow; Leather leash                   Outward Hound medium dog backpack; Large
                                                         stainless steel dog bowl; Assorted toys and treats;
667                                  Golden Moments
                                                         Fleece throw; Seatbelt; PediPaws nail trimmer; Dog
FURminator; One free 18lb or smaller bag of Purina       picture frame; "Complete Dog Care" book
Pro Plan (up to $31.99, expires 7/31/2011); Three
collector plates with certificates; Bamboo collar with   676                            Pave Your Way to GDA
built-in leash; Assorted toys; Two Golden Retriever      GDA paver (stepping stone); GDA backpack; GDA
figurines; Magnetic picture frame; Golden Retriever      collectible pins; Yellow Lab socks; Three packages
wall hanging; Plastic dog bowl                           of StickySheets (lint/hair removal); Canine Cooler
                                                         (fluid-cool, cushioned pet bed); PupLight safety
668                                Purple Pawprints
                                                         light; Chuck-It toy with balls; Yellow Lab wall murals;
Outward Hound Automobile Backseat Hammock                Bottle of pet stain remover; Matching dog collar and
Protector; X-Large Jolly Ball; Red Hat Ladies            leash; Grooming glove
themed fleece throw; Two stainless steel dog bowls;
Assorted toys and treats; Dog paw picture frame          677                                       Treat Me!
                                                         "Bone Appétit" rug; Twenty three assorted dog treats

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678                                    Picture Perfect    706                                    Casa Laguna
18"x24" acrylic portrait of your pet; Reiki session for   Two night stay in deluxe ocean view room (no
your dog or cat ($75 value); Two $10 coupons for          weekends or holidays, not valid 6/19 - 9/14, 2011,
Purina Pro Plan dog/cat food (expire 12/31/2011);         expires 12/19/2011); Handmade cap; Candle
Two picture frames; Assorted toys; Handmade
                                                          707                                     GDA in Vegas
crocheted throw; Christmas ornaments (Labs); Pet
calendar; Pooper Scooper; Two leashes; Lab leash          Join GDA for four days of festivities from Nov 17-20,
hanger; Assorted Lab items                                2011 including three night stay for two at Paris
                                                          Hotel, party bus transportation, golf tournament,
679                   Walk Beside Me, Be My Friend        charity banquet on Saturday night; Framed guide
Custom made stepping stone; Large Jolly Ball;             dog painting; GDA beach tote
Grooming tools; Pet calendar kit; Collapsible bowl;
                                                          708                            Mendocino Getaway
5ft leash; Collar; Sixteen assorted toys; Dog treats
                                                          Two night stay in and ocean view room at the lovely
                       Travel                             — and dog friendly — Inn at Schoolhouse Creek in
                                                          Mendocino. (Valid Sunday - Thursday. Not valid
700                                     Donner Party      holidays or July through August); Crystal dish;
Three night getaway at a beautiful three bedroom          Necklace and bracelet set; "The Santa Clarita
condo in the hills of Truckee. (Available during the      Valley" book
summer or winter); Two piece Samsonite luggage            709                                Laughlin Experience
set                                                       Two night stay at the Riverside Resort in Laughlin,
701                                     Relax in Indio    NV (Sunday thru Thurs, expires 11/30/2011); Wine
Spend a relaxing week in a lovely two bedroom, two        gift basket; $25 gift certificate to Art's Deli
bath home in Indio. All sorts of amenities, close to      710                          Wonders of Arrowhead
Palm Springs, enclosed yard and your dog is               Two night stay at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa
welcome; Two $25 gift certificates for spa                ($400 value). (Not valid July, August or holidays.
treatments at The Well Spa and Resort; Beautiful          Expires 3/1/2012); Crystal platter and bowl; Scarf;
Indian vase and basket                                    Bear fetish; Photo album; Bottle of Semler Cabernet
702                          Santa Monica Getaway         711                                          Big Sur
Two nights at Twin Palms Vacation Condos in               Two night deluxe king suite at the Carmel Country
Santa Monica (2 bedroom/1.5 baths) just 6 blocks          Inn; Two adult passes to Hearst Castle; One bottle
from the beach; $100 gift certificate to The Lobster      each of Semler Rosé and Semler Cabernet
restaurant; Bottle of Covey Run Syrah; Crystal            Sauvignon wines; Two handmade wine theme
platter; Ceramic candle holders                           pillowcases; Assorted olive oils and vinegars; Two
703                                     Fun in Vegas      wine glasses and rings
Two night stay (no holidays) in your choice of
several Vegas hotels plus two show tickets to any                          Entertainment
show in any of those hotels (expires 12/20/2011);
                                                          800                                          Sail Away
Golf foursome at Angel Park Golf Course; Large
golf theme fleece throw; Four golf print flannel          Champagne brunch for two (plus your puppy in
pillowcases; Large bottle of chardonnay; Visor; Golf      training) aboard a lovely 31' sail boat — a day of
balls; Golf tool                                          sailing, too; Ceramic serving platter; Bottle of
                                                          Columbia Winery Chardonnay; Wine bottle stopper;
704                       A "Beary" Wonderful Time        Two wine glasses and napkins
Four night stay for up to six people at Big Bear; Two
                                                          801                                         Night Out
bottles of Semler wine; Glass cheese board with
knife; Gourmet dipping oil; Rosemary olive oil;           Two tickets to the Colony Theatre in Burbank ($84
Balsamic vinegar; Two bottle wine carrier; Two wine       value); $50 gift certificate to the Cheesecake
glasses and napkins; Two wine-theme pillowcases;          Factory; Bottle of Columbia Winery Chardonnay;
Medium lap quilt; Stuffed bear                            Ceramic serving plate and spoon rest; Two wine
                                                          glasses and napkins
705                                   Celine in Vegas
                                                          802                                    Cooking Fun
Amazing three days in Vegas! Two night stay at
Harrah's (Sunday through Thursday, no holidays,           Cooking workshop for six people at a lovely home in
expires Feb 2012) plus Celine Dionne concert (June        La Crescenta; Bottle of Columbia Winery Riesling;
12 - Aug 14, 2011); Golf for four at Revere Golf          "Never Trust a Skinny Cook" wall plaque; Two wine
Club; $500 value Michael Jackson catalogue                glasses

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803                                     BBQ Galore      811                         Danger: Men Cooking
Sunday brunch for two at the Smoke House in             Gourmet BBQ at the lovely home of Marty and Judy
Burbank (not valid on holidays, expires 12/11/2011);    Husted, GDA puppy raisers. Marty is also providing
Huge assortment of BBQ items including utensils,        a magic show — sounds terrific! (Glendora location.
condiments, aprons, and a cookbook                      June 15 - Sept 30, 2011. Most dates available);
                                                        Assortment of BBQ products and cooking tools
804                                Disney Adventure
Two 1-day Park Hopper passes to Disneyland or           812                             Reach for the Stars
California Adventure (not valid after 4/18/2013);       Dr. Wessen's Planetary Exploration presentation;
Large assortment of Disney kids' goodies                Vivitar 60x/120x Refractor Telescope with tripod;
                                                        Space Age Crystals growing collection
805                                       It's Magic
Dinner for two ($150 value) and entrance for four to    813                                      China Nights
the famous Magic Castle; Bottle of Covey Run            $50 gift certificate to PF Chang's; Free admission
Cabernet; Bottle of Columbia Syrah; Two cut glass       for two (up to $35) to The Ice House; Service for
wine glasses; Decorative mask; Table top purse          four of miscellaneous dipping/sauce dishes; Hair clip
                                                        814                                         Date Night
806                               Night in Pasadena     $50 gift certificate to Claim Jumper; Two tickets for
Two preview tickets to the Pasadena Playhouse           Canyon Theatre Guild (Newhall location); Ceramic
(expires 12/31/2011); $30 gift certificate to Green     serving platter; Semler Cabernet and Sauvignon
Street Restaurant (valid thru 11/30/2011); Two          Blanc;$10 gift certificate to Pink's hot dogs; two
passes to Icehouse Comedy Club; Beautiful golden        passes to Natural History Museum (expires
retriever watercolor by puppy-raiser Helen Lau; Two     12/1/2011); Assorted gift items
hand painted golden retriever wine glasses; Bottle
                                                        815                                    Asian Fantasy
of Columbia Syrah
                                                        $150 gift certificate to Moko Korean restaurant;
807                                       Dinner Out    Japanese doll; Miscellaneous oriental dishes;
$100 gift certificate to Clearman's Northwoods Inn      Oriental purse with accessories; Very cute small
restaurants (various locations); Doggie cutting         dog oriental kimono!; Good luck heart; Painted box
board; Bottle of Covey Run Merlot; Dog paw wine
                                                        816                                  Doctor's Orders
stopper; Necklace and bracelet set; Assorted
Trader Joe's goodies; Two wine glasses and              $50 gift card to Olive Garden; Four VIP seats to
napkins                                                 "The Doctors"; Two bottles of Semler wine;
                                                        Decorative plate; Garlic olives; Bruschetta and
808                               A Night at the Bowl   Tapenade; Gourmet dipping oil; Wine glass tags;
Two reserved bench seats at the Hollywood Bowl.         Two potholders; Toothpick holder
(Voucher must be redeemed in person at the
                                                        817                            The Magic of Romance
Hollywood Bowl box office beginning June 10, 2011.
Valid for the following dates: June 22, 26, July 24,    Dinner for two ($150 value) and entrance for four to
27, 29, Aug 12, 13, 17, 19, 24, 31, and Sept 7. Valid   the famous Magic Castle; Bottle of Semler
on any Tues or Thurs night L.A. Phil concert            Chardonnay; Jewelry tree with two necklaces and a
excluding July 12, 14,19 and 21. Expires Sept 5,        pair of sterling silver earrings; Wood wine holder;
2011); Picnic basket with service for four              Brooch; Red candy dish; Red candle
809                            Eating Out & Eating In   818                                    Margaritaville
$100 gift certificate to Clearman's Northwoods Inn;     Private tour for four of The Autry Museum; Silver
Assorted Trader Joe's food items; Bottle of             Patron Tequila; Margarita Mix; Four Margarita
Columbia Winery Riesling; four handmade napkins;        glasses; Small dog throw; Two meal certificates for
Two carved wooden bowls; Two wine glasses;              Acapulco, Chevy's, or other Mexican restaurants
"Sadie the Kitchen Dog" book                            819                                        Hot Lunch!
810                               "Brunches" of Wine    Fred Stone signed "Partners" poster; Saturday
Sunday brunch for two at the Biltmore Hotel in          lunch for six at Simi Valley Station #41 (valid Aug
Santa Barbara ($160 value) (Expires 6/2012); Hand       13, 20, or 27); Firefighter album; Americana table
painted tile tray; Bottle of Columbia Winery Syrah;     runner; Three figurines — fire and police; Large
Bottle of Semler Cabernet Sauvignon; Four               stainless steel dog dish; Two Kong toys; Dog
Bohemian crystal wine glasses; Tour and wine            harness (size Large); Small puppy blanket
tasting for four at Callaway Vineyards in Temecula;
Two wine magnets

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820                             Hollywood Bowl Plus        827                                          Mangia
Two reserved bench seats at the Hollywood Bowl.            $25 gift card to Maggianos; Three bottles of
(Voucher must be redeemed in person at the                 Saddlerock wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and
Hollywood Bowl box office beginning June 10, 2011.         Chardonnay); Pizza baking stone set including
Valid for the following dates: June 22, 26, July 24,       serving rack and pizza cutter; Two wine glasses and
27, 29, Aug 12, 13, 17, 19, 24, 31, and Sept 7. Valid      napkins
on any Tues or Thurs night L.A. Phil concert
                                                           828                             Disneyland for Two
excluding July 12, 14,19 and 21. Expires Sept 5,
2011); Gift certificate to Sunstone Winery including       Two 1-day Park Hopper tickets to Disneyland or
tour for two and a bottle of wine; Bottle of Semler        California Adventure; Disney wristwatch; Bottle of
Rosé; Wine plaque; Two wine glasses and napkins;           Semler Cabernet and two wine glasses; Disney ball
"Santa Clara Winery" book; Diffuser                        cap
821                                 Coffee & Dr. Phil      829                                            Yummy
$25 Gift card to Olive garden; Four VIP seats to Dr        Huge gift basket from Wine Country Baskets; $50
Phil; Espresso set for six; Christmas serving plate        gift card to Lucille's BBQ; Two passes to Laguna
and mug; Two AMC movie passes                              Festival of the Arts; Admission for two (up to $35) to
                                                           the Ice House Comedy Store in Pasadena
822                                  Dinner is Served
                                                           830                                  Happy Birthday
Dinner for four at Café Cordiale in Sherman Oaks
(valid Sunday-Thursday. Expires Nov 17, 2011. Not          $50 Outback Steakhouse gift certificate; Hand-
valid for Father's Day or July 4); Ceramic serving         blown glass plate; Four tickets to Repertory East
platter; Bottle of Semler Cabernet; Black Lab              Playhouse in Santa Clarita; Two passes to Laguna
doorstop/bookend; Rosemary oil; Two wine glasses           Festival of the Arts; Handmade ceramic vase; Vera
and napkins                                                Bradley wallet; Bottle of Semler wine plus $125
                                                           worth of wine tasting coins
823                                                Fore!
                                                           831                                             A Toast
$40 gift certificate for The Stand; Admittance for
four to the Regan Presidential Library (expires            Set of eight crystal cordial goblets (four smaller, four
12/31/2011); Golf ball and tee printer; Two X-Large        larger); Silver basket; Crystal serving cake platter;
fleece golf jackets (one with sleeves; one vest);          Labbie salt and pepper set; "Taxi" wallet; Bottle of
Titleist golf balls; Top Flight golf balls; US Open        Semler wine; $50 gift card for Lucille's BBQ
2011 Congressional hat; Picture album; Hand                (Torrance, Long Beach, Orange County); $25 AMC
crocheted small lap blanket and slippers                   gift card; $50 gift certificate for dance lessons in
                                                           Eagle Rock
824                                           Purr Fun
                                                           832                                      Movie Night
Six Beach Retreat tumblers; Sonoma outdoor
placemat and napkin set for six; Galileo weather           Four movie passes to Laemmle Theatres; Eleven
thermometer; Flag pole with two flags; Masada the          classic movie DVDs; Original script for "Indiana
Musical saga; Gift certificate for four complimentary      Jones and the Temple of Doom"
2011 L.A. County fair tickets (Sept 3 - Oct 2, 2011);
$50 gift card for the Cheesecake Factory
825                           Fantasia Extravaganza
Four-seat terrace box at the Hollywood Bowl for the
Disney Fantasia Show on Sunday, August 21, 2011
at 7:30pm. Amazing experience for four people or
three people plus their service pup. Watta Deal!!!;
Four CD Collection of Disney "The Music Behind
the Magic"; Crystal pitcher; Bottle of wine; Two wine
826                                     Touch of Class
Savor the Flavor gift certificate for Private Shopping-
Tasting-Fundraising party (Sierra Madre location);
Waterford Marquis vase; Waterford Attendant's
votive; Made in Germany crystal bowl and vase;
Harlequin candy dish

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