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									                                                                     Colon Supplies
                                                                  Choose the best products from a reliable supplier.
COLON THERAPY SUPPLIES UK LTD                                            Feel secure with your choice, be assured of
6 Sands Lane
South Ferriby                                                             compatibility. Finance Options Available
North Lincolnshire
DN18 6JS

Tel 01652 634694 • Email
                                                                          Anatomical Charts • Disinfectants • Disposable • Speculum Packs
                                                                Equipment • Health Step • Otosan Ear Candles • Personal Screening Kits • Practitioner
                                                                             Testing Package • Supplements • Supplies • Water Treatment
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                                                                                Product Name: EICH COLOUR                Product Code: EICH-1              Price: £3500

                                                                                The Colonic Irrigator offers new options for
                                                                                the treatment of disorders of the colon:
                                                                                •    Repolarised water – causes a positive change in
                                                                                     the permeability of the cell membrane
                                                                                •    Activated water – promotes vital processes
                                                                                •    Color therapy – strengthens the individual
                                                                                •    Resonance therapy – collects valuable
                                                                                     information on pathological and toxic
                                                                                •    Individual patient vibrations – passes on
                                                                                     information contained in urine and sputum
                                                                                •    Integrated instillation of oxygen and infusions –
                                                                                     attacks the problem directly at the source
                                                                                •    Appealing modern design – pleases the
                                                                                     customer’s sense of aesthetics
                                                                                •    Wall-mounted and mobile units – offers the
                                                                                     therapist greater flexibility
    Product Name: COLON THERAPY MACHINE               Product Code: BSC-UV
                                                      Price: £4200.00           Advantages of the Colonic Irrigator
                                                                                at a Glance
                                                                                Therapeutic options:
                  TOXYGEN TM MODEL BSC-UV                                       •    Tried and tested treatments can be administered
                            £4300 inclusive of VAT                                   without additional time consuming procedures
                                                                                •    The Colonic Irrigator comes as a complete
    Includes:                                                                        instrument unit with an integrated disinfection
    Patented 3-stage water filter system:                                       •    A thermostat-controlled mixing battery ensures
                                                                                     a constant water temperature and permits              Filtered, activated water at a controlled temperature
    Hot & cold particle filters (Will remove particles as small as 5 microns)        precise temperature adjustment                        is injected into the colon in the form of a gentle
    Built-in Solid Block Carbon Filter (Chlorine Removal)                       •    The instrument fixtures are made of high-quality      enema. The colon is filled and then emptied in rapid
    Built-in Ultraviolet light (99.9% bacteria and virus removal)                    stainless steel                                       succession; as a result, even obstinate stool
                                                                                                                                           deposits are dislodged and flushed out. The colon
    Professionally produced instructional video                                 •    The unit includes a cold and hot water filter,        treatment is a gentle and absolutely hygienic
                                                                                     guaranteeing clean treatment water                    therapy.
    17 minute video with full description of the equipment and procedure
                                                                                •    All connections on the unit are standardised to
    Installation & instruction manual                                                ensure quick hook-up                                  With the color therapy option, the vibration
    Complete instructions for installation and filter maintenance                                                                          spectrum of the individual patient can be transferred
                                                                                List of Indications (extract):                             to the water and conveyed to internal organs. The
    Colon Hydrotherapy Safety Manual                                            •   Constipation             •   Intestinal toxaemias      storage capability of water and the high water
    Provides general information and procedures for safety and cleanliness      •   Diarrhoea                •   Mycoses                   content (80%) of the human body are two reasons
    of a colon Hydrotherapy clinic/office                                       •   Diverticulitis           •   Chronic diseases          why this treatment is so successful.
    All fittings and hoses necessary to connect to plumbing                     •   Asthma                   •   Psychotherapy
                                                                                                                                           Full attention has been paid to hygienic
    Quick connect fittings and hoses for fast and easy installation             •   Colitis                  •   Immunostimulation         considerations: the Colonic Irrigator Unit comes with
                                                                                •   Parasitic infestations   •   Allergies                 a built-in disinfection device and a set of disposable
                                                                                •   Inactive colon           •   Crohn’s disease           materials.
1                                   Colon Supplies                                                                                                          2
                                                                                 Disposable Speculum Packs
                                                                                 1. Product Name: SPECULUM                       1.
                                                                                                   OBTURATOR ONLY
                                                                                    Product Code: DISP-SPOB
                                                                                    Price: £1.50
                                                                                    DISPOSABLE SPECULUM PACK /
                                                                                    OBTURATOR ONLY.

                                                                                 2. Product Name: DISPOSABLE PACK                2.
                                                                                                   WITH 48INCH TUBING
                                                                                    Product Code: DISP-48SB
                                                                                    Price: £198.58
                                                                                    DISPOSABLE SPECULUM PACK WITH
                                                                                    48INCH TUBING.
                                                                                    EACH PACK CONTAINS:
                                                                                    48 WATERLINE, WASTE LINE, SPECULUM,
                                                                                    OBTURATOR AND LUBRICANT.

                                                                                 3. Product Name: NEW ONE PIECE TAPERED         3.
                                                                                    Product Code: DISP-ONE
                                                                                    Price: £198.58 (BOXED 48)
                                                                                    MANUFACTURED TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS
                                                                                    PROBABLY THE SMOOTHEST SPECULUM ON                I Easier Insertions
                 Product Name: STAND                Product Code: BSC-UV-STAND
                                                    Price: £225.00                  THE MARKET WITH SMOOTHBORE WASTE PIPE             I No messing around with obturator
                                                                                    FOR EASIER EVACUATION

                                                                                 1. Product Name: DISPOSABLE SPECULUM
    Anatomical Charts                                                                              PACK
                                                                                    Product Code: SP-30

    1. Product Name: DIGESTIVE CHART                 1.                    2.       Price: £2.30.
      Product Code: 1587790122                                                      DISPOSABLE SPECULUM PACK COMPLETE
      Price: £12.64                                                                 WITH WASTE LINE, WATERLINE AND
      CHART OF THE DISEASED DIGESTIVE SYSTEM                                        LUBRICANT

                                                                                 2. Product Name: OLIVE STYLE SPECULUM
    2. Product Name: FLAT DIGESTIVE CHART
      Product Code: 1587790076                                                                     PACK
      Price: £12.64                                                                 Product Code: CS-48
      FLAT CHART OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM                                            Price: £2.50
                                                                                    OLIVE STYLE SPECULUM PACK DESIGNED FOR
                                                                                    EASIER INSERTION AND CLIENT COMFORT
    Disinfectants                                                                                                                         2.
                                                                                 3. Product Name: SMALL STYLE DISPOSABLE
    1. Product Name: MEDDIS                         1.                                             SPECULUM PACKS
      Product Code: MD311                                                           Product Code: CS-50
                                                                                    Price: £2.85                                          3.
      Price: £36.25
                                                                                    THUMB TAB FOR EASIER HANDLING
      INSTRUMENT DISINFECTANT NON-TOXIC                                                                                               I Easier Insertions
                                                                                    OBITURATOR DESIGNED FOR EASIER
      WITH CORROSION INHIBITOR                                                      HANDLING 5 GRAM LUBRICANT INCLUDED                I No messing around with obturator
3                                          Colon Supplies                                                                          4
    Equipment                                                   Health Step
                                                                Product Name: HEALTH STEP                                     Simply by
                                                                Product Code: 121001
    Product Name: BABY ULTRASONIC CLEANER                       Price: £29.99
    Product Code: KDG001       Price: £35.50                    THE HEALTH STEP MORE THAN JUST A DEVICE TO ELEVATE
                                                                YOUR FEET. FOOT PADS AT JUST THE RIGHT ANGLE FOR
                                                                COMPLETE ELIMINATION
                                                                                                                               this one
    I Simple and easy to use
                                                                                                                             daily habit,
    I Ideal addition to any colonic clinic

    I Perfect for cleaning most instrument                                                                                     you can
    I Scissors
    I Forceps
                                                                                                                             your life for
    Product Name: ENTROPLAST 2 LITRE ENAMA                                                                                   the better,
                  KIT/ HERB BUCKET
    Product Code: 13285     Price: £25.99                                                                                      forever.

                                                                USING THE HEALTHSTEP FOR ELIMINATION:

                                                                 Makes elimination faster, easier and
    Product Name: GRAVITY SYSTEM                                    more complete

                                                                 Reduces stool transit time
    Product Code: GR-1     Price: £635.00

                                                                 Eliminates stressing and straining to
    I INCLUSIVE OF 3 STAGE WATER FILTRATION                         have a bowel movement

    I INCLUSIVE OF ULTRA VIOLET SYSTEM                           Lessons pressure in anal and
                                                                    rectal veins, thereby preventing and
                                                                    even curing hemorroids

                                                                 Improves the ease and efficiency
                                                                    of emptying the bowel.

5                                              Colon Supplies                                        6
                                                                                        Pre-Heater                                       The Colon supplies colon cleanse unit is a pre
                                                                                                                                         heater built specifically in the UK to suit all
                                                                                                                                         colonic machines.
                                                                                          Product Name: AQUA MED-Pre-Heater
                                                                                          Product Code: AQUA-MED Price: £2100.00         The Colon Cleanse unit is a pre-heater unit
                                                                                                                                         which prevents contamination of you clinics
                                                                                                                                         fresh water supply.

                                                                                                                                         Meets all relevant water regulations advisory
                                                                                                                                         scheme requirements.

                                                                                                                                         Mains cold water is supplied to the colon
                                                                                                                                         cleanse unit where the water is heated to a
                                                                                                                                         pre-determined temperature and pumped at
                                                                                                                                         the correct pressure to your colonic machine
                                                                                                                                         for the therapy treatments.

                                                                                                                                         The colon cleanse unit can be placed under
                                                                                                                                         most standard treatment couch.

                                                                                                                                         Lease terms available
                                                                                        I Built to the highest specification.
                                                                                                                                         Service maintenance agreements

                                                                                        I One-year manufacturers warranty.               Full one year warranty

    1. Product Name: HI FLOW ULTRAVIOLET           I Chlorine reduction.                                                                 Professional installation available
      Product Code: CTS-51 Price: £399.00
                                                                                        I Complete with all components                   Disposable speculum packs
                                                   I Taste reduction.                     for quick and easy installation.
      A MUST FOR ANY GRAVITY SYSTEM WHO                                                                                                  The most reliable and best all round
      NEED TO UPGRADE. THIS UNIT IS EASY TO                                                                                              designed speculum on the market.
      INSTALL COMES COMPLETE WITH ALL              I Colouring and odour reduction.
                                                                                                                                         Aqua Med Pre-Heater

      Contains:                                    I Kills 99% of all known bacteria.                                                    UK design and manufactured
      1 X 5 MICRON CARBON FILTER                                                                                                         Compatible to all Colonic machines

7                                          Colon Supplies                                                                                          8
                                                             Product Name: COTTON RE-USABLE GOWN                  Product Code: GN-R      Price: £10.50
                                                             ONE SIZE FITS ALL

                                                             Product Name: LARGE INCONTINENCE PAD’S (BOX 200) Product Code: BCM429        Price: £38.19
                                                             (200 PER BOX).

                                                             Product Name: SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE LATEX GLOVES Product Code: GLOVE1           Price: £4.50
                                                             (100 PER BOX).

                                                             Product Name: SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE VINYL GLOVES Product Code: GLOVE2           Price: £5.50
                                                             (100 PER BOX)

                                                             Product Name: 20INCH COUCH ROLL WHITE                Product Code: RS20CR    Price: £3.50
                                                             A SET OF MEDIUM EXAMINATION GLOVES (100 PER BOX)

                                                             Product Name: LONG REACH 24INCH CLEANING BRUSH Product Code: BR-1            Price: £5.50

                                                              Product Name: FILTER HOUSING WRENCH                  Product Code: FW-1     Price: £5.50

                                                             Product Name: DISPOSABLE PLASTIC APRONS              Product Code: APR200W    Price: £7.50
                                                             (100 ON A ROLL)

                                                             Water Treatment
                                                             Product Name: SPUN WOVEN PARTICAL FILTER 5 MICRON Product Code: FLTR-CU      Price: £15.53
                                                             LESS THAN 1 MICRON PARTICLE SIZE.

                                                             Product Name: ALCRO CARBON FILTER 1 MICRON           Product Code: FLTR-INCB Price: £19.50
                                                             A FILTER HOUSING WRENCH

                                                             Product Name: REPLACEMENT ULTRA VIOLET LAMP          Product Code: FLTR-UVRL Price: £73.60

9                          Colon Supplies                                                                         10

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