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					                         Differentiated Instructional Strategies
application                    field trips                     peer teaching
art activities                 file folder activities          prediction lessons
ball toss review               games                           pretending
Bingo games                    graphic organizers *            problem solving
brainstorming                  guest speakers                  projects
buddy reading                  hands-on labs                   props
cartoons                       illustrations                   puppetry
categorizing *                 imagery                         puzzles
charting main ideas            independent assignments         QAR/reading
choral readings                inquiry                         questioning *
classifying *                  integration of technology       rank order
collages                       interest groups                 read alouds
collections                    Internet search                 reading workshop
color coding systems           interviews                      reciprocal teaching *
compare/contrast *             jigsaw                          reflections
conferencing                   journals                        relationships
content integration            KWL Charts                      relationships/patterns
cooperative learning *         learning logs                   role play/mime
create new products            learning organizers             scavenger hunts
creating analogies *           listen for patterns             scientific method
creating metaphors *           literature circles              self assessment
creative movement              make models                     share outs
cues*                          make/test predictions           simulations
curriculum songs               manipulatives                   story frames
cut aparts                     mapping                         student choice
demonstrations                 mnemonics                       study buddies
diaries                        modeling                        summarizing *
discussion                     montages                        team activities
dramatic reading               motivational props              think-pair-share
duplicate patterns             music mnemonics                 tiered homework *
editorials/letters             newspapers                      time machines
exit slips                     note taking *                   timelines
experiments                    outdoor education               use of primary sources
exploration                    outlines                        video clips
field trips                    peer critiquing                 WebQuest
                                                               writer’s workshop
* indicates Marzano instructional strategies that affect student achievement

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