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									Administrator Responsibilities

              Elementary Principals
              and Vice Principals
Elementary School Leadership

   Principal and Vice Principal job responsibilities are
    complex and at times overlap
   The need to prioritize tasks requires flexibility in the roles
   Responsibilities covered in the presentation may be
    handled by either principal or vice principal
   In the elementary schools 50-80 staff members directly
    report to the building level administrator
Elementary Structure

   Since team leaders or layers do not exist within the
    elementary school all staff must report directly to the
    building level administrator including:
    - teachers, teacher assistants, nurse, cafeteria aides,
      substitutes, secretaries, library clerks, supplemental
      services such as OT/PT, itinerant teachers, Child
      Study team members, etc, representing 50-80
      employees per building
   Additionally, in each school we work with:
    - An average of nearly 500 students
    - More than 1,000 parents
Changing Role

   High parent and community expectations for access to
   More children with special needs in our schools
   Impact of federal accountability standards (NCLB)
   State mandates have expanded administrator roles
   Custody orders and restraining orders have significantly
    grown in the past 5 years
   School security/terroristic threats/violence prevention
   Increased work with DYFS
   Crisis Management - suicide ideation, evacuations, bus
    accidents, power failures, health and safety issues
Day-to-Day Work

   Transportation-safe arrival/dismissal, student safety,
    bus discipline
   Class coverage/Substitutes - must arrange for
    unfilled positions, acclimate subs
   Maintenance-monitor buildings and grounds
    generate needed work orders
   Lunch/Recess and Aides-supervise the lunch/recess
   Discipline-address student issues as they arise
   Observations/Evaluations-pre-conference, post
    conference, observe, classroom walk-through
   Lesson Plan checks

   Curriculum                          Technology
   Intervention Referral Services      Program/Assembly
   Professional Development            Youth Advisory
   Policy                              Report Card
   Council of Instruction              Instructional Time
   Staff Advisory                      Special Needs
   QAAR

   Intervention & Referral Services      Council of Instruction
   Watch List meetings                   Staff Advisory
   Faculty                               Quality Annual Assurance
   Staff Development                     Building Technology
   Administrative Cabinet                Program/Assembly
   CST Evaluation planning               Food Advisory
   Child Study Team staffing             Character Education
   Scheduling                            G & T Selection
   Curriculum adjustment team            Building Maintenance
   Parent Teacher Organization           Megan’s Law Briefings
   Administrative Council
Required Paperwork

   Lesson Observations Reports            Professional Day Requests
   Summative Evaluation Reports           Time Sheets
   Budget Preparation                      (subs, cafeteria aides, extra
   Purchase Orders                         hours, etc.)
   Superintendent Report                  Accident Reports
   Provisional Teacher State Reports      Violence and Vandalism
   Handbook                               Bus Requests
   Parent Communication                   Personal Day Requests
   Friday Bulletins                       Pupil Asst. Committee Forms
   Schedules                              Attendance Letters
   Emergency Plans                        Teacher Support
                                            (recommendation letters,
   School Report Card Narrative            retirement resolutions, etc.)
   Facility Use Requests
Additional tasks

   Code C drills                       “Get To Know You”
   Fire drills                          student groups
   Coordination of all testing,        Substitute training
    including NJASK                     Cafeteria aide training
   Recruiting, interviewing,           Student and teacher
    reference checks and hiring          placement and supervision
   Parent-teacher conferences          Kindergarten Orientation
   Identification of children for      Homeless reporting
    student support, Gifted &           Non-resident investigations
    Talented and ESL programs           Report card reviews
   Social outreach                     Acclimating new families
   Grant writing                        (meetings and tours)
   Newcomer’s Orientation              PTO after-school clubs
Instructional Leadership to
Enhance Student Achievement

   Relationships
     - Students, Teachers, Families
   Visibility
     - Enhances instruction, student discipline
   Accessibility
    - Empowerment
   Making Connections

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