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									                     Summer Special Police Officer
Job Description:

        Special Police Officers are sworn law enforcement officers who work on a
seasonal full time basis. Special Officers primary responsibilities are the prevention of
crime and disorder, enforcement of all state criminal and motor vehicle laws as well as
local ordinances and the smooth and orderly flow of traffic in the downtown area of
        In addition to law enforcement duties Special Officers have other public safety
responsibilities such as rendering assistance to lost, sick or inured persons. Special
officers generally walk an assigned foot patrol in the downtown area.

Minimum Entry Level Qualifications:

   •   Have a high school diploma or equivalent
   •   2 Years of college or military experience
   •   Possess a Massachusetts drivers license or ability to obtain one prior to
       commencement of work;
   •   Be a citizen of the United States
   •   Be at least 21 years of age
   •   Be capable of meeting a vision standard of 20/80 correctable to 20/20. Must also
       have normal color vision, normal depth perception, and good hearing;
   •   Be free of any physical disability that would prevent them from performing all the
       essential job functions of a police officer.
   •   Pass a comprehensive background investigation
   •   3 Letters of Recommendation

General Information:

 Specialized training, including military and criminal justice classes are also considered.
Three letters of reference, an up to date physician statement and a copy of: your high
school diploma, college transcript, military DD-214 (if applicable) and a certified copy of
your birth certificate must be submitted with the completed application.
Applicants who have completed the MPTC Basic Police Recruit Academy, Reserve
Intermittent Academy or similar training through a state POST commission will receive


       Summer Special Officers are temporary employees and are not covered by the full
time officers bargaining agreement. All special officers are employed at the will and
pleasure of the Chief of Police. They are entitled the following limited benefits.

Salary: Per hour starting from $13.00-17.00. Overtime pay will be paid at time and one
half the hourly rate after 40 hours.

Uniforms: The department uniform in supplied by the officer and is available through
Doughboy Police Supply 198 Boston St. Boston MA. The cost of the uniform starts at
$225.00 and will increase if jackets, raincoats or extra uniform items are purchased.
Badges, firearm, leather gear and other equipment are supplied by the department.

Paid Details: Paid by the contracting agency at $40.00 an hour with four and eight hour
minimum and at $60 an hour for any hours worked after 8 hours. They are made
available to special officers after being offered to full-time officers.

Hours of work: The Department has established day, evening, and midnight shifts on a 5-
2 schedule that are subject to change through rotation or as needed with reasonable
notice. Special Officers generally work a shift of either 10 AM to 6 P.M. or 6 P.M. to 2
A.M. Applicants must be willing to work any duty hours assigned and are expected to
fulfill this requirement from around the second week in June through the end of Labor
Day weekend 2007.

Applications can also be downloaded directly at our web site.

Completed Applications can be submitted to:
Lt. Timothy Williamson
Oak Bluffs Police Department
1 Ocean Ave
Post Office Box 1504
Oak Bluffs MA 02557

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