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									            The Dragon Dateline
                                              May, 2009
                    A publication of the Beall Elementary PTA,

                                             Upcoming Events
   -May 26th-Talent Show pre-k-2                      -June 11th-End of Year Picnic
   -May 28 -Talent Show 3-5                           -June 16th-Last day of School
   -June 4th-RESCHEDULED-PTA meeting/ice cream social
   -June 6th-“West End” plays at Rockville town square

           PTA Corner
         Hello Beall Families and Staff! This is the last
PTA newsletter of the 2008-2009 school year. With that,                   Bogo Book Fair a
the PTA would like to give an overwhelming thank you to
the Beall community this year. The amount or support we
had through all the events, fundraisers and volunteer
opportunities was incredible. This was evident at
                                                                Thank you again to all the book fair volunteers:
International Night and the Spring Silent Auction.
Because of the wonderful donations and purchases made,          Brenda Mothersole, Jenny Ramarui, Kelly Hsu, Caitlin
the silent auction raised $5,500 towards the playground         McCarthy, Patti Sorini, Helen Kebede , Lindsey Noll
fund! It was voted at the last PTA meeting to put aside         Heather Luckey, Julie Taylor, Marie Tabacada, Dante
$10,000 to go towards the playground, thus raising the          Ramarui, Monique DeFrees, Kari Keaton, Sonvy
current total to $20,000. We are 2/3 of the way there!!         Waidler, Beth Turesson, Artisha Wright and Ellen
Special thanks go out to Janice Lulenfeld, Lindsay Noll,        Martin Ruth
Lisa Noll, Rachel Grassick, Alicia Pedone, Kate Chai-
Onn, Erin Mahony, Jennifer Darnell, Ruth Spencer, Keryn         The PTA still needs a book
Soffel, Donna Sprague and Jon Morgan for volunteering
to help with the silent auction. Deborah Colin would also
                                                                fair chairperson for next year.
like to thank all the exhibitors and volunteers (Janet          Please contact Nancy Corr if
Brown, Dunja Baker, Julie Dean, Karen maxon, Lisa
Wise, Mia Dalbora, Jim Horan, Brenda Mothersole) for
                                                                you are interested at
helping with International Night. Both events showcased
what a wonderful school Beall is to be a part of!
         Next, we need to thank all the year’s chairpeople
for stepping up and leading fundraisers and activities for                      Talent Show!!
the school: Monique Defrees, Brenda Mothersole, Nancy
Corr, Heather Bupp-Hapuda, Heather Christiano, Alicia
Pedone, Ellen Gagnon, Deborah Colin, Anjali Singh and                           K-2 Performance
Judy Stiles. Finally, thank you to the hospitality                               Tues. May 26th 7:00?
committee for helping to make teacher appreciation week
a success. Tom Begines, Kari Keaton, Alina Baum, Janice
Lunenfeld, Patty Hart, Kim Smith, Dunja Baker, Erin                              3-5 Performance
Mahoney, Daralyn Grogg and Beth Turesson.                                         Thurs. May 28th 7:00
         In other news, the May 2nd PTA meeting included
the general election for the next school year. The new
officers for the 2009-2010 school year will be: Rebecca             Come See your Friends and Family
Parlakian for President, Alicia Pedone for Vice-President,              Show off Their Stuff!!
John Spano for Treasurer, Jenny Price-Smith for
Recording Secretary and Priya Agarwal for
Correspondence Secretary. Congratulations!
                      When: Thurs. June 11th
                            6-8 pm

         Where: Beall’s backyard playground
     You may bring your own food, or we will have
                   pizza available

             Bring a Blanket and have a picnic!

Last PTA Meeting: June 4th
   And Ice Cream Social
                                     will "pass the hat" for the Beall
                                      on June 6 at the Austin Grill in
                                          Rockville Town Square.
    Come meet the new officers
    Help give feedback on this
                                   Come on down 9:00-midnight to hear
     year and plan next year’s
     activities and events         fun Rock-n-Roll and to support the
    Eat Ice Cream and have fun!   Anthology!
             Thank you Beall Families and Staff
For all your help making this a great year for the Beall PTA!!
         Have a great summer and see you next year!

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