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									Transportation information:

    ♦ Private Limousine Service: Provided by our premiere limousine service, enjoy the
      luxury of a private sedan for you and your guests. Prices start at $95 for luxury sedan
      and $110 for BMW. Please contact the concierge and we will be more than happy to
      book your reservation for you.

    ♦ City Airport Link: This public service is accessible directly from the airport. You
      can access the train from the International, or Domestic terminals on the ground
      level. The travel time is approximately 30mins, bringing you directly Circular Quay
      which is a ten minutes walk from our hotel. Cost is approximately $14 one way. For
      more information please visit the website:

    ♦ Airport Shuttle Service: Airport connect offers continuous shuttle services from
      Sydney International / Domestic airport and the City hotel .You may also choose to
      be dropped off at any other locations within the CBD. Cost is $12 per person.

    ♦ Airport Taxi Service: Available from the Airport’s standing rank outside the
      terminals, this service is approximately 30-45 minutes. Cost is between $30-$45.
      Passengers are also charged for any bridge or road tolls on top of the fare (these
      fares are in Australian dollars and are based on non-peak traffic conditions).
        Please note A $2.50 airport toll is also payable by all passengers taking a taxi from any of Sydney Airport's taxi r

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Concierge
directly at your convenience.


The Concierge Team

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