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Have we mentioned that life in WsQland is hectic?
Since the last time we updated the news we‟ve played gig number 700. We
played at the Gelston House that night. It‟s become an increasingly fun venue.
Gig 700 included an original poem by Tim the Enchanter and an impromptu
wedding reception for Mr and Mrs Donnel Ford (JB‟s niece). We partied well into
the night….
We took a couple of weeks off to do a pub tour of Ireland. It was fantastic! We
ended up with a small group (11 people) and we really bonded. The scenery
was beautiful and the pubs and people were awesome. It didn‟t rain the whole
time we were there (another remarkable fact). We had two goals—one was to
get T-shirts from Dublin Harley Davidson and the other was to play with local
musicians—and both were achieved. We got to do an a capella performance of
„Drunken Sailor‟ in a pub on the Aran Islands and on the last night of our stay we
were invited to perform at the venerable Abbey Tavern in Howth, a town right
outside Dublin. We are thinking of putting together our own group next time we
go over and setting our own itinerary. The tourist industry in Ireland makes it
pretty easy to do that and we‟d love to spend the week hanging out with all our
St Patrick‟s Day is rapidly approaching and we‟re putting together a couple of
shows with Braden‟s dad and his brother Dan. Joining us will be Bill, the guitar
player from Dan‟s band, the Unusual Suspects. We‟ll be at the Hitchin‟ Post (a
Suspects venue) on Saturday the 15th at 8:30 and at the Gelston House Monday,
the 17th at 7. It should be an event.
On the personal front some of you may be aware that in addition to WsQ and
our day jobs (which we have been told time and time again not to quit) we also
run a small farm. We raise chickens (for eggs) pigs and cows. This week our
lovely cow Mulva gave birth to a bouncing 50 something pound boy calf that has
yet to get a name. That‟s where YOU come in. YOU give a name and we‟ll
custom make you some ice cream—you pick the flavor! (Platinum ripple is not a
flavor) We‟ll give you „til April 14th—that way you get a whole day to concentrate
on your taxes. Send „em here so we can keep track of „em. We‟ll take a week or
so to make a decision and announce the results right here.
One last thing—Take proper care of your kazoo and be aware of its whereabouts
at all times.

Wow! We didn‟t realize it‟s been almost two months since we‟ve put an update
here. A lot of interesting things have happened during that time and we thought
that on the eve of our 700th show, we‟d bring you up to date.
Most importantly, the streak is over. 2007 Fan of the Year Sharon Q. got to an
astounding 38-1/2 consecutive shows before she finally decided she could have
more fun sitting in the front row at UCONN‟s bowl game in North Carolina. 2006
FoY JB had been pushing her by racking up his own 35-1/2 show streak. We
should also mention that FoY 2008 contenders Timmy and Gail put together a 9
show streak during that time.
If 2007 was the year of the streak then 2008 will be the year of the kazoo. It all
started innocently enough at the Griswold Inn one night when a group of patrons
requested that we play ‟Ring of Fire‟. To Braden, the song had always been
defined by the cheesy mariachi horns that played in the beginning—if we could
duplicate that…Meanwhile, Nancy remembered a bag of plastic kazoos left over
from a company picnic that she had been keeping in case they were ever
needed. We brought them to a gig at Ray‟s Seafood and handed them out to a
Timmy, Gail, JB, Quack and Mike. These guys formed the original WsQazoo
section. After a brief instructional period, they were ready to solo and to our
surprise, they sounded pretty good. It wasn‟t long before Timmy and Gail went
out and found a larger plastic kazoo that was a little louder than the originals.
The problem with those was that they couldn't be repaired when the „hymen‟ got
blown out during a round of vigorous kazooing. Meanwhile in Virginia, long
distance fan Pat found a source for professional grade metal kazoos that could
be repaired. These were recently shipped north and „WsQ and the Blowhards‟
has become a regular event at shows. The group has been finding more ways to
work the kazoo songs into our setlists and we‟re keeping a supply of plastic
kazoos on hand for any newbies that want to get into the act.
Another recent development has been the proliferation of interpretive dance at
WsQ shows. This phenomenon was originally confined to Billy Wilson‟s when
Sean and Brian would lead the bar in the „Unicorn Song‟. More recently Tim, JB
and John the Fireman have brought this song on the road along with „American
Pie‟ and Tim‟s unforgettable a-capella version of „Swing Low Sweet Chariot‟.
On a sad note, we have to report the closing of the Glock Grill in Higganum. It
was one of our favorite places to play and we‟ll miss it. We wish Tommy all the
best. As far as the regulars that hung out there—we miss you. Luckily for us,
Benny and Esau at the Gelston House have stepped in and picked up a whole
bunch of Saturday nights. For those of you that used to frequent the Glock it‟s
only 7 miles away. While the dining room is still a great place for a fancy meal,
the lounge is pretty laid back. Benny and the rest of the staff are a lot of fun.
You really oughta give it a try.
We‟re getting ourselves psyched up for our first ever trip overseas. We‟re going
on a Pub tour of Ireland (we figured for the first time out of the country, we‟d
better go somewhere that they speak a form of English). Although we‟re not
bringing instruments, we‟re hoping we get a chance to play with some of the
locals. We‟ll give you a report when we get back.
The 2008 T shirts are on order and should be in in a couple of weeks. The
theme this year is „Boots, Boats and Barnyard Animals‟ They‟re gonna be classics
so get „em while you can.
Speaking of that, the calendar is starting to fill up. Friday and Saturday nights
are filled through April and a lot of the Summer weekend nights are gone as
well. If you‟re looking to have us for your summer party, you‟d better start
thinking about it „cuz those dates will be gone before you know it.
That brings us to what will be the social event of the year. WsQ‟s Fan
Appreciation Day 2008. It will be held on 8/31/08—That‟s the Sunday of Labor
Day weekend at a secure, undisclosed location. It‟s open to everybody on our
mailing list and that‟s the only way you‟ll get directions. We will let you know
that it‟s gonna be centrally located and that there‟s gonna be a pavilion in case
of rain. As far as guest musicians, there‟s an open invitation to the UnUsual
Suspects and to Brian and Jim, who should have THEIR duo up and running by
then. We‟re trying to get a commitment from Blue Larry and the Stooges, which
is a side project we‟ve been doing with Nancy‟s boss. We‟ll have more on that as
the date gets closer.

If we thought Fan of the Year Sharon Q. had an impressive streak going with 12
consecutive shows, she is now up to 23 and it doesn‟t look like she‟s going to
stop anytime soon. Although she has threatened to take a break from time to
time, we think it has become a personal goal for her. Or an obsession. Or an
addiction. We don‟t know. JB is not far behind her with 20 even, ready to
pounce and steal the lead if Sharon should falter. Our fans….they‟re the best!!!
We‟ve had an interesting couple of weeks, as you can see by the photos. Some
notable highlights were awesome gigs at the Gelston House, where about 30 of
our fans showed up and would not leave, which resulted in a 2-1/2 hour 3rd set
and owner Bennie pouring expensive tequila down our throats WHILE WE WERE
PLAYING. Then to Billy Wilson‟s with the World‟s Best Regulars...joined by
Sharon, JB, and John the Fireman, doing interpretive dances to the Unicorn
Song...and now to American Pie, thanks to the help of “choreographer” JtF.
Somewhere in there was a memorable Gris gig (the “trial” continues) helping to
celebrate Tim and Gail‟s 20th Wedding Anniversary. Nice going, guys!
Last night, we finished up at Ray‟s in Westbrook and scooted over to Killingworth
to catch Braden‟s brother‟s band, the UnUsual Suspects, in their last set. We
met the new addition, Sonja, who can really belt it out, and plays keyboards to
boot. She is a wonderful addition that will surely kick them up to the next level,
with the addition of harmonies, keys, and occasional female lead vocals. Of
course, WsQ got called up to do a few songs with the band….and we are only
more than happy to oblige. It‟s nice to play with a full band behind you
sometimes! Alas, another late night for WsQ….oh, my head…..
 That about brings you up to date. We just want to say thanks to our fans (yes,
YOU) who support us, come out to gigs, eat, drink, and put the frustrations of
the workweek behind you. Not only do you help make us as successful as we
are, but we actually enjoy your friendships as well! Love you guys!!!
The busy season for us continues, but we finally got around to doing some work
on the website. There‟s a new photo section that should be a little easier to
navigate and update.
We finally got around to putting the recording that Jim Stopa mastered for us
from Haddam River Days on the web. Considering what he had to work with he
did a pretty damn good job.
The calendar for „08 has been revamped to make it a little easier to read. By the
way, it‟s already filling up….
Our „trial‟ at the Gris has been extended through November so we‟ll see how that
goes—if you‟ve never been it‟s a nice intimate venue. You should check it out.
Finally—reigning Fan of the Year Sharon Quackenbush has racked up an
impressive 12 consecutive show streak over the past month. We never thought
to count before but we think this is some kind of a record….
Being the slackers that we are, we realize that this this here news thingie has not
been updated for a while. We‟re not trying to make excuses BUT we‟ve been
busy. We finally gave ourselves a night off and what did we do??? We went to
sit in with the UnUsual Suspects. We definitely have a problem…
We‟ve also been migrating over 250 songs to a laptop PC. Maybe you‟ve noticed
that our blue book is getting a little thick. Well beside being a hell of a lot lighter
and neater than the book it allows us to access requests in seconds rather than
flipping a hundred pages or trying to remember if we played it 3 nights earlier.
The trial run last weekend was a resounding success because NOBODY
Other than that, we seem to have landed a steady gig at the Griswold Inn in
Essex. So far, our „Trial‟ has lasted 10 weeks. We have no idea what we have to
do to get them to make it official, but you can catch us there Wednesdays
through October 31. All we know is that the regular Thursday just celebrated
their 28th anniversary there, so come on down and see us there and help us try
to break their record.
Wow! We‟ve got 20 minutes where we don‟t absolutely have to be somewhere.
Let‟s summarize the highlights of the summer:
The capper absolutely HAS to be Fan Appreciation Day. We got the most
beautiful day we could have imagined and the turnout was incredible. Thanks to
the efforts of the Un Usual Suspects and Jim and Brian from Whitewater Jam, we got
a chance to mingle with you guys and enjoy your company for a change. It was
great—if you were there and enjoyed the music drop them a line and tell them.
(we got the impression that a merger might be in order) Anyway, thanks to ALL
the musicians that helped out and especially to Jim and Brian for setting up that
KICKASS PA that made everybody sound great.
Thanks also to Dan and JB for handling the cooking. We got a ton of comments
about how great the food was. Thanks also to those of you who brought food
and stuff. A HUGE thanks goes out to Dan and Dona, who hosted this
extravaganza and to all you fans who have gotten us to a point where we can
put on a party like this.
One of the highlights of FAD2K7 was the presentation of the Fan of the Year
award. This year, the award went to Sharon Quackenbush. Quack attended
shows at all but three of our public venues. He was there for us week in and
week out sometimes attending multiple shows in a single week, putting up with
the same setlist over and over. She also hosted another highlight of the
summer, THE SHACK PARTY. We got to play on another perfect day at an
incredible venue—a four wheel drive access only cabin on the Salmon River Cove
Speaking of private parties, we got to play a lot of them this summer. One thing
we can say for you guys (besides the fact that you have lovely homes) is that
you can cook AND you know how to party.
As far as new venues go, we got a chance to play at Bill‟s Seafood and thanks to
you guys, it looks like we‟re gonna be in there a lot next summer. The Bill‟s gig
got us a chance at the Griswold Inn—we‟ll see how our trial there goes, but so
far, so good. A spirited campaign by JB finally got us a chance at the Gelston
House. It appears that we‟re in there (at least as long as the weather stays
nice). We were also „discovered‟ at Main Street in Saybrook and given a chance
to play Friday cocktail hours on the American Spirit cruise ship as our schedule
permits. The ship is a 100 passenger luxury cruise liner that does a one week
cruise around the southern New England islands. When the ship docks in
Providence on the last night of the cruise, we go on board and play during their
happy hour.
Aside from all that, we got to squeeze in a vacation in Matunuck RI where we
got pummeled by high surf by day and vast quantities of alcohol by night
(actually, by day too). Braden also got a chance to pick a fight in Pittsburgh with
the Pirates mascot, but THAT‟S another story.
Would you believe it? We have to go to another gig!

Sorry for the lack of updates but we‟ve been really busy—We had done one
about a month ago but forgot to post it. We‟ve been recording a lot (check out
the results through the „ LIVE TRACKS‟ link ) and that‟s been taking up a lot of
computer time.
Anyway, the highlight of the summer so far has to be our debut at Bill‟s seafood.
John an JB cajoled management and coerced about 40 or so people to show
up—after a show of support like that how could we dare to suck?
Another highlight has been our continued success at Angelico‟s in E Hampton.
We‟ve been kept late every time we‟ve played there despite Braden‟s adventure
with Blue Hawaiians on Father‟s Day (here‟s a tip—don‟t drink 6).
We didn‟t get to meet Peter Tork at the Bailey‟s Garden benefit but we did have
a good time—a commitment later in the day forced us to cut our set short but
we were well received.
We got to jam with Braden‟s brother‟s band the Un Usual Suspects on July 4. It
was a 12 hour marathon that featured Nancy on keyboards, bass and drums as
well as her usual guitar and vocal duties. The surprise was Braden‟s debut
behind the drum kit—he surprised himself by filling in semi-competently after all
the real drummers had left. We‟ll try to arrange a repeat performance on Fan
Appreciation Day.
Speaking of FAD, It‟s gonna be on Sept 2 in WallyWorld. We‟ll provide drinks
burgers and tunes. The only way to get there is to be on our mailing list so if
you‟re not , click this link to sign up.
OK—that‟s it for now. We‟ve gotta go play another gig.

 As if you couldn‟t tell from the lack of updates here we‟ve been pretty busy.
We‟ve been averaging three shows a week for a while plus we have day jobs and
run a mini-farm (2 cows-1 milker, half a dozen chickens, a couple of pigs, a dog
and a cat—What are we crazy?—duh!)
Anyway gigs kinda run together in your mind when you play a whole bunch of
them (#600 will be here before ya know it) but there have been a couple of
amusing moments in the past month or so.
We almost missed our first gig a couple of weeks back. Nancy booked us into
„the Polish club in Middletown.‟ Now Braden assumed that since Nancy is Polish
AND her family is from Middletown that she would know where the Polish club is.
Earlier that week, Nancy‟s elderly aunt had passed away and the wake was in
Middletown the night of the gig. If we arrived early we could pay our respects
and still make the gig with time to spare.
Since we had played the night before, we were slightly sleep-deprived and
therefore stupider than usual. Nancy‟s brother-in-law asked us where we were
playing that night and she responded, “the Polish club”. “Which one?” was his
reply. Uh-oh! The seeds of doubt had been planted.
After the wake, we got in the car and the troubles began. Nancy couldn‟t quite
remember where the club was. We headed in the general direction and
eventually found the Polish Falcons club. Things were looking promising—we still
had 45 minutes to set up.
We checked out the Grove, which is their informal venue. A party was already
in session there complete with a live band. Strike one. Up the hill at the
pavilion, which is their formal venue, a wedding was going on complete with
bow-tie clad waiters. Braden would not fit in with his Hawaiian shirt. Strike two.
Now it occurred to us that maybe we were playing at the „other‟ Polish club.
Braden vaguely remembered attending a stag party there 10 years back and he
found the place with little difficulty. Nancy went in to see if this was indeed the
Polish club where we were expected. She was rudely sent on her way by a
woman that told her the club was „for members only.‟ Strike three.
Now with 20 minutes to go the panic started to set in. We decided to seek a pay
phone (we don‟t do cell phones since we‟re always together so who would we
call?) and as we were driving around we passed our friend Carl‟s house and
surprisingly, he was home. It seems that we were partially responsible for his
poisoning at the hands of the Jaeger Girls the night before. He wasn‟t feeling
well enough to make his way to his campground yet. Anyway, he allowed Nancy
to use his phone to call her contact at the club. Unfortunate the phone was out
of range and she got a voice mail.
Carl started to describe yet another Polish club that he knew of and he
volunteered to take us there. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the rude Polish
assholes of America club again. We had no choice but to return to the Falcons
club and search for yet another venue.
Well the story does have a happy ending. As we were pulling into the parking
lot, Nancy‟s contact at the club was coming up a driveway that led to the LOWER
LEVEL of the pavilion talking to Carl on his cell phone.
We parked the car and ran the equipment in to the stage area. We managed to
set up in about 10 minutes and ended up being about 20 minutes late. The
Falcons forgave us and everybody had a great time. Unfortunately we missed
out on dinner, but there‟s always next time.
And from now on, Braden insists on an address.

 We‟ve spent the last coupla weeks battling allergies, head colds and the flu. It
doesn‟t appear we‟re outta the woods yet, but for those of you who know where
the talent lies in this endeavor, it appears Nancy‟s getting her voice back!
There‟s not a ton of stuff to report—We‟re in the middle of a slew of gigs at Billy
Wilson‟s, which is one of our favorite places to play.
Billy the Drummer is definitely „finding his groove‟. He hardly ever plays through
breaks or the end of songs anymore. We‟re never quite sure when he‟s gonna
show up but it‟s always a treat when he does—it‟s why WE never miss a show!?
We‟ve started recording shows—we were kinda curious how we sounded—so
we‟ve added a „Live Tracks‟ button to the front page. We‟ll post new tunes from
time to time in .wma format. Download „em all and trade with your friends. If
there‟s something in particular you want posted, don‟t hesitate to ask.
We‟ll be playing a benefit on July 1 for Bailey‟s Garden. We‟ll be going on early
because of other commitments but it may be our big chance to meet former
Monkee Peter Tork who is headlining. Wow! Could we be halfway to the whole

 Okay, okay, I know; it‟s been a while since we‟ve updated the blog. I know
there‟s no excuse you will accept, so I will not attempt to make any. I‟ll just get
right to the highlights of the past two months.
 We‟ve been in a steady rotation of places we know and love, and we‟ve been
having a lot of fun at all of them. Our fan base seems to be growing, and
turnouts are better all the time. Although we just finished gig #540, every night is
a new experience; we hang with old friends, meet new people, and best of all, we
get to make music, which we truly love to do. Oh, and we get to drink beer while
we do it. Haha, NOW you‟re jealous.
 It‟s great to have gotten in a few appearances at Billy Wilson‟s in Norwich, which
is one of our favorite places to play. Nobody has better “regulars” than BW‟s!
Another place we have blossomed is Angelico‟s Lake House…there aren‟t
enough tables in the bar to accommodate our fans any more, and it‟s still winter!
When summer comes…and the outdoor dining and Tiki Bar open, overlooking
Lake Pocotopaug…we are going to have that place slammin‟. Ray‟s Seafood in
Westbrook is another place we‟ve come to love; if you come to see us there,
come hungry! You won‟t be when you leave.
 The biggest event we‟ve had over the past two months is, of course, St. Patrick‟s
Day at the Glock Grill, which was a family affair for Braden. Joined by his brother
Dan (of The UNusual Suspects) and his 80-year old father, Joe, and our
sometimes-drummer Billy, we became the “Whiskey-Swillin‟ Quintet”, performing
½ sets of authentic traditional Irish drinking songs. The Glock regulars, and our
fans who were in attendance, were totally enthralled…I guess nobody quite
expected that out of us! The a‟capella “Johnny MacEldoo” had the audience
hanging on every word. Ah…good times.
 Last night at Billy Wilson‟s, we received a few requests for some Irish stuff, and
were treated to the Interpretive Dance version of “The Unicorn” (okay, 3 times).
Sean (a boisterous „regular‟) gave lessons on the dance (which he claims to have
invented), and fans Mike and Sharon joined the crowd in performing…nights like
this really make it all worthwhile for us.
 So I guess that‟s basically it…it‟s been a blur for us, but the thing is, we wouldn‟t
have it any other way. There‟s nothing better than making people happy by
making music, and we are so grateful and feel so privileged to be able to do that
for you all. Thanks for your continued support…whether you realize it or not, it‟s
YOU that keeps us in business. Most bars don‟t care how much talent a band
has…it‟s a matter of economics, what the band did for them, for their sales. Not
very romantic, but true, and without you coming out to spend an evening with us
at these places, the simple fact is we would not be hired back. And believe me,
we never lose sight of this. Thank you all for your support and for making us
such a success. Now, we‟ll promise to keep the blog updated at more regular
intervals…nice to know you guys ACTUALLY READ THIS!
What busy little bees we have been. Even though it‟s winter, some of our more
astute fans have been snagging up all our open summer dates for private parties.
If you were thinking of renting us for an occasion you really oughta think about
doing it soon. Most Sundays are still open but Saturdays are just about done. Of
course you can always contact us with your date and we might be able to work
something out.
The weekly gigs at Ray‟s are working out better than expected—crowds have
been pretty good despite less than desirable weather (of course we have to
thank our regular fans for that). Ray feeds us and the food is really good. This
past weekend was kind of a weird double-booking. Ray had scheduled a fund
raiser for a hockey team and they had hired a few comedians to entertain. They
brought their own PA and had intended to play canned music before the show.
Instead we got to play before and after the comedians. The only bad part was
that regular patrons were turned away if they showed up before 9— We didn‟t
know about their plans until we got there so we apologize if there anyone was
inconvenienced. JB and Sharon managed to get in in time to see the last
comedian who spent the first couple of minutes of his act pointing out that
Braden bears a passing resemblance to Charles Manson. Luckily he wasn‟t
alone as there we other victims in the crowd for him to abuse. All in all, it was an
unexpected treat.
Happy New Year everybody. It‟s kinda early to tell but so far things seem to be
going OK for us.
We finished up 2006 by playing a holiday party for B&L Construction company
out of Old Saybrook. It was a fun gig but kinda long (5 hours) and we hadda
play at the Bidwell Tavern that night so afterwards we were pretty well cooked.
Luckily Billy the Drummer showed up and helped us get through it all, along with
a few of our friends and a pretty enthusiastic crowd.
Ollie‟s and the Glock were filled with partying revelers the two nights leading up
to Christmas.
The following weekend started with our last trip to Main Street „til March (waaah).
Waddya get when you combine John the Fire Marshall, Mike, and the Jaeger
Girls? Throw in a dash of Brother Dan and you get an interesting evening. Mike
especially received copious amounts of Jaeger swag (what WAS he telling those
girls?) and it seemed like every time we took a break there were more shots to
Just around midnight John got a brilliant (Jaeger-induced?) idea that he would
provide the gift of music for a housewarming party to be held at the newly built
home of our friends Bill (John‟s college roommate) and Charlotte. To make the
gift more memorable, John waited „til about 20 minutes before we were
scheduled to arrive to tell Bill about it. We ended up playing in the foyer (great
acoustics) and greeting the surprised guests as they arrived.
We had to leave as the party was beginning to wind down so that we could get to
the first of our 2 gigs in a row at Ray‟s in Westbrook to close out the year.

#500 is in the books. We played a private holiday party put on by the doctors at
Middlesex hospital‟s pathology lab for their staff. These guys were in the mood
to PARTY. They commandeered half of La Boca in Middletown. They put a
Mexican buffet out and kept the Dos Equis and margaritas coming. After a
couple of hours, we were all in a pretty festive mood. Once dinner was done, it
turned into all request night (Dr. Joe had the foresight to print out a songlist) and
we got to play some things we haven‟t done in a while—all in all, a very good
The next night was the Westbrook Elks club. In one of those freaky small world
things Braden ran into his old boss, Ron. Back in his pre WsQ days he used to
sell aftermarket auto parts part time (he was always an industrious little bastid).
It was one of those jobs where you didn‟t make a hell of a lot of money, but you
had a lot of fun doing it. After Ron got over the shock of realizing that one of his
former countermen possessed such talent (riiiight) they had a good time
reminiscing about the quirky customers (and some staff).
Saturday we began what will be a long run at Ray‟s in Westbrook. We‟re booked
there every Saturday in January and most of February.
Oh yeah—Reigning FotY John the Fire Marshall is back in circulation. He‟s been
to 3 gigs in a row (he even crashed the Elks). We‟re delighted to have him back
on board.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. We started out at Ollie‟s where
we ran into our friend and very recently former co-worker Maryanne who worked
in our IS department. Seems her boss decided after 3 weeks on the job that he
knew way more about IS than she did and that she had the „wrong skill set‟
(don‟tcha love bossspeak) even though she had been carrying the place since
the last boss quit a couple of months back. She got home and found a message
on her answering machine telling her that her services were no longer needed.
How‟s that for class? Anyway, her neighbors took her out for drink and there we
were. She had no idea we were gonna be there. We‟re already missing her at
A small but enthusiastic crowd kept us going at the Glock the following night. We
had come directly from our office holiday party and Braden classed the joint up
by wearing his Three Stooges tie all night.
We had an early Thursday gig at Angelico‟s. We were joined by Billy the
Drummer. Thursdays are mini martini nights there—for five bux you get three 3
oz. samplers—it‟s fun. Check the calendar and catch us there next time.
We followed this up with a trip to Main Street that started slow but finished
strong. It seems the crowd arrived just about the same time as John the Fireman
thus confirming his status as a major party catalyst.
This brings us to surreal gig #499. We arrive at McKinnon‟s to find it nearly
empty—at one point Braden suggest that the staff challenge the customers to a
game of basketball (there were 5 of each). We finished setting up just as John
the Fire Marshall arrives along with Sharon and Aimee (John recently broke his
femur and is currently learning about the joys of winter crutch use). We finish
catching up with our friends that what to our wondering eyes do appear but 30
moderately drunk Santas. It seems a local rugby club was doing a charity pub
crawl for MS and McKinnon‟s was a stop. The entire entourage of about 70
people was in the mood to PARTY! Billy the Drummer showed up somewhere
during the set and helped to augment the craziness with some inspired work on
the goatskin. We tried to accommodate all their requests (sorry, no Queen(s)).
We musta been doing something right „cuz the ended up extending their time
with us and throwing their schedule off. Our last sight of the pack of Santae was
about twenty of them sitting on the side of a rolling billboard for a strip club—
whatta country!
As the Kringels were filtering out, the folks from the Wolf Pack game were
filtering in. We took a little break and it looked like it was gonna be a slammin‟
night. Then IT happened. The club owners worst nightmare. THE FART FROM
HELL!!! We don‟t know what this guy was eating but they ended up opening all
the doors on a 20 degree night. We‟ve been in the Geyser Basin at Yellowstone
Park and it smelled better than this. At one point people were running from the
bar as if it was on fire. Within minutes we were back down to playing for five
people. Just goes to show ya how fleeting fame can be….

Geez—Time keeps slipping away from us.
We had a near miss at the Westbrook Elks a coupla weeks back. They double
booked, bet Leslie put in a good word for us and we got to play—We‟re really
glad „cuz it seems like a nice place. And we got to meet a couple of the
Whitewater Jam Guys. Check out their website. They look like fun!
The night after that we got to attend the Fan Appreciation Scottish Dave Door
Prize Dinner Party. Bill and Charlotte hosted the event at their new house and
Dave wowed us again with a prime rib cooked in a single-malt Scotch reduction.
Afterward, we all went up to Knuckleheads to experience THAT whole scene. An
interesting evening.
Thanksgiving Eve we rocked the Glock and had a great time as usual.
Friday and Saturday were Billy The Drummer nights first at Main Street and then
at the Bid. Lets just say that both evenings were „interesting‟.

Well we‟ve had a busy last coupla weeks. We started November at Tal‟s in
Webster, MA. As usual, it was an interesting evening—unfortunately, we‟re not
there again „til February.
Our trip to Ollie‟s was highlighted by a rousing rendition of the „Asshole Song‟—
We were helped out by a bunch of ex-Marines having a reunion.
Carl & Ellen graced our visit to the Glock where we were forced to play „Asshole‟
in all three sets. By set 3, the crowd started singing the chorus every time we
stopped to catch our breath.
The following week started with Billy the Drummer joining us at Angelicos. As
usual we had an excellent time—Mike (our attorney) is really putting some effort
into stealing the Fan of the Year crown away from John the Fire Marshall. He‟s
doing a pretty good job of arguing his case, but so far the jury‟s still out (groan).
Billy again joined us for our first trip to Billy Wilson‟s in some time. The full moon
from the previous week must have been held over. There was semi-exotic
dancing, whooping, hollering and a strangely choreographed version of „Piano
Man‟. Joe was getting a little nervous toward the end of the night and mercifully
started the jukebox so we could stop. When Billy went out for some air we were
joined on djembe by Bill the Drummer (no relation) for a kickass version of
„Closer to Home‟. Turns out Bill‟s a local musician who‟s currently involved in an
original project. You can check it out by clicking here. It‟s topical stuff and
deserves a listen. (jeez—there‟s a lot of talented people out there)
We wound up the latest leg of our never-ending tour right back where it all
started—Willimantic Brewing Company. As usual the staff there treated us like
royalty—we even got to play for our favorite barmaid, Donna, who reserved a
ringside table. All in all, a pretty damn good coupla weeks.

We‟ve had a busy couple of weeks so we‟ll try to list the highlights.
John The Fire Marshall made it up the steps at Ollies to celebrate his birthday
AND to accept his Fan of the Year award. Looks like the new hip is working just
Carl, Ellen and the rest of the crew made our evening at the Glock fun as usual.
The following week we were surprised by Brother Dan at McKinnon‟s where he
sat in on a couple of songs. We returned the favor the next night when we drove
50 miles to a new club for us only to have some jerkwad tell us that they
cancelled all entertainment 3 weeks ago. (geez we THOUGHT we called
everybody) Would have been nice of them to mention that they were leaning that
way when we called them 4 WEEKS AGO to confirm the date. Guess a lot can
change in a week when you haven‟t got a clue. Anyway, we got a chance to see
the UnUsual Suspects again and we have to say they got better. Since they‟re
new to the local music scene they don‟t have many gigs but they‟re definitely
worth seeing. Here‟s a link to their website.
This past weekend we got to play 2 gigs with Billy the Drummer. He really
seems to be getting better at hitting the breaks (Braden yelling “hey Bill, there‟s a
break coming up!” helps, too). He brought a slew of his educator friends to the
Bid and we all had a great time.
Angelico‟s has come up with a really cool idea—Date night. Once a month, they
turn their upstairs banquet room into a playroom for the kids. A couple shows up,
drops the kids with the hostess and proceeds to have a romantic dinner. At the
end of the evening, the collect the kids and go home. And the service is FREE!
(You need to make reservations to take advantage of this service.)
We played our first indoor gig at Ray‟s and boy, is it INTIMATE. We sit right at
the end of the bar. Nance was nervous at first, but after Leslie got her a Comfort
Old Fashioned everything was just fine. Glad it worked out „cuz we‟re gonna be
there A LOT come the first of the year.
The first ever WSQ Fan Appreciation Night was held on 10/6 at Main Street
Tavern in Old Saybrook. For those of you who were able to come—you KNOW it
was a good time. For those of you who couldn‟t make it—maybe next time.
Since the party worked out almost exactly the way we pictured it, it‟s pretty likely
we‟ll be doing it again at some point.
Scottish Dave provided a kickass Mexican buffet that everybody seemed to enjoy
(there were hardly any leftovers (waaah!) AND he got another catering job out of
it) and Mar and ZZ surprised us with a rum cake (we THINK there was cake in it)
that was absolutely to die for.
Everybody that RSVPd ended up going home with a door prize (Dave, in a
moment of pure inspiration, offered dinner for 10 as a prize).
After schmoozing for a couple of hours, we settled in to play a set filled with
requests and we were joined first by Scottish Dave and later by Brother Dan for a
few songs.
John the Fire Marshall (who was getting a hip replacement of all things—the only
acceptable excuse for missing the party) was selected as Fan of the Year. Not
only has he gotten us a ton of gigs, he‟s be showing up AT LEAST once a week
for quite some time—he‟s been to almost as many gigs as us. He‟s on the mend
now and will be at either Oliie‟s or the Glock this weekend where we‟ll embarrass
him with this great honor.
We‟d like to thank Scottish Dave for cooking AND for playing AND for providing a
door prize. We‟d also like to thank Mar & ZZ for the cake (Braden almost got a
little misty—naah maybe it was the rum that made his eyes water) and Brother
Dan for playing a few songs with us. We‟d also like to thank Rich for letting us
have the party at Main Street, but mostly, we‟d like to thank all of the people that
have supported us over the past 4+ years. We could never do it without YOU.
If you‟re reading all this and wondering what the hell we‟re talking about, we
threw a party for everybody on our email list. If you‟re not on it, drop us a line or
sign the book next time you see us and we‟ll invite you to the next Fan
Appreciation Night.
Wow! Screwed by another campground! Twice in 3 weeks. This time it was
Brialee Campground (and against the better judgment of Rae, who originally
booked us.)—Remember them? The people we GAVE UP THE FIRST DAY OF
OUR VACATION FOR „cuz they were in a jam? Yeah THAT Brialee! The
excuse the used was THE WEATHER. Excuse us, but it was SUNNY Saturday.
Looks like part of the Campground Owners Initiation Ceremony involves an
integrity-ectomy. Since we didn‟t have a gig to be ready for, we rode our
motorcycles (for those of you unfamiliar with motorcycles, they are NOT fun to
ride in the rain nor are they fun to clean afterward).
The good part about all that was that we got to see Braden‟s Brother‟s band, the
Unusual Suspects, at Pappy‟s in E Hartford (a gig we passed on because of our
COMMITMENT to Brialee). Any way, they were GOOD—they got a couple of
more gigs outta Pappy‟s so it wasn‟t just OUR opinion.
At least some places still treat us with respect. Our return to Main St in Saybrook
was great. We hadn‟t been there in a while and it was good to see some folks
we hadn‟t seen in a while.
Haddam River Days was a washout. We got to play ONE SONG before the sky
turned black and the State Police shut us down (thank you—we were up on a
flatbed truck—pretty much sittin‟ ducks in a thunderstorm). The party afterward
was great as soon as the fireworks ended and the crew showed up.
Our gig last Friday at Oliver‟s featured Billy the Drummer and a lot of our friends.
This weekend we play Thursday at Angelico‟s in E Hampton and then Braden
goes to Toronto to see the Red Sox clinch (it sounded plausible in April) and on
to Buffalo to see the Jets/Bills. We‟ll be back next weekend.

The big Labor Day weekend was a semi-washout.
Friday was great—we played at McKinnon‟s in Hartford. Billy the Drummer
joined us and Braden‟s brother Dan played a song with Billy and Braden backing
him up (his band‟s (The Unusual Suspects) first paying gig is Saturday night).
Saturday was 50-50. We called Stateline to see if there were any weather
issues, since we were supposed to be poolside. Rather than being honest with
us and saying something like „Hey! It‟s cold, I don‟t think poolside is gonna work‟
Nicola denied ever booking the date even though girl that answered the phone
remembered that we were scheduled. Since she chose not to speak directly to
us on the phone (we‟ve learned that when a club owner won‟t talk to you directly,
it usually means they‟re lying) we assume that this relationship is over.
Luckily, Saturday night we played Oliver‟s. John and Sharon brought a table full
of people and Billy showed up to play drums again. Everything was hunky-dory.
Sunday‟s party was cancelled due to weather, but Monday, we got to play the
East Hartford Elks Labor Day Extravaganza in the Giant Shed. Wouldn‟t ya
know it, Billy showed up again. He seems pretty unfazed by whatever tunes we
throw at him.
This weekend, we‟re at Main Street on Friday and then we camp out in Haddam
for a while. We play Haddam River Days Saturday right before the fireworks and
afterward we play the after-party at the Glock. We‟ve got Sunday off but we‟re
back at the Glock for Full Throttle Cruise Night on Monday.

It would be an understatement to say our life is interesting.
If you‟re on the mailing list you‟ve heard our tale of galloping woe with Bistro by
Benigno. We‟ll summarize here: Back in June, our friend John got us a couple
of gigs there. We played the first one—they liked us. The paid us by check—it
bounced. We called and they apologized. They said they‟d make it right next
time we played there (about 2 week later). We said, „Fine‟.
Now it gets interesting. The Friday before the gig, our co-worker Tim tells us
they‟re advertising a Comedy Night (with $20 cover) for the night we‟re
scheduled. Nancy call and confirms and Al (the mis-manager) tells her we‟re
SOL. We see our friend John at Ceili‟s that night and he springs into action.
Saturday morning, he pays a visit to Bistro to give Al a piece of his mind and
then goes down the street to get us booked into La Vita Gustosa, which is right
down the street. (they don‟t normally do Saturday entertainment, but John can
be VERY convincing when he wants to be.
Since he‟s handed out all the business cards we‟ve given him, he doesn‟t have
our phone number so he proceeds to visit the clubs we play hoping to get our
number from them. He goes to the Glock first—No luck. As fate would have it,
he was at Ray‟s in Westbrook when we called to see if it was going to be a good
deck night (it wasn‟t but we offered him the date since it was open). He called
us and told us we were working at La Vita.
We are extremely grateful that he got us the opportunity to play there—it‟s a
much better fit for us than Bistro. He also brought a bunch of people with him
(coincidentally, John and Jon were there, which was a pleasant surprise).
We stopped at Bistro on the way there so Nancy could settle up with Al for the
rubber check. In another example of non-professional behavior he chose to
ignore her until she started to make a scene.
Bottom line is—BOYCOTT THE BISTRO!! They‟re weasels.
La Vita was great—The cast of Pippin came in after their performance and we
got to meet Micky Dolenz. He‟s holding up really well!! He was quite gracious
and let us take a photo with him. He sang along with a bunch of the songs we
played and really seemed to enjoy himself—it was pretty rewarding. The rest of
the cast seemed to be having a good time as well. In a moment of inspiration,
we closed with „Time Warp‟ and the kids from the cast danced (of course they
we great). It was a pretty amazing night. Thanks again, John.
We also had a great time at Ceili‟s the night before and Tal‟s on Thursday was an
unexpected treat. We knew it was gonna be a fun place when Steve, one of the
regulars, showed us a picture of 15 people crammed into a phone-booth-sized
bathroom—ya gotta love a place like that. We hope we get invited back.

We‟re back from vacation and need to recover. We rented an island with
Braden‟s brother‟s family and their neighbors. We spent the week experimenting
with different cocktails. (we invented an unnamed frozen concoction consisting
of vanilla vodka and leftover cranberry sauce with a splash of OJ—yummy and so
good for you)
Each evening was highlighted by a sunset martini cruise. The brandy-new (10
hours on the meter) pontoon boat they entrusted us with was equipped with a
kickass stereo system that we used to play Tiki music. (if you‟ve never heard of
Martin Denny, you really should check him out)
The most exciting things to happen to us all week aside from solving the jigsaw
puzzle from hell (apparently, the picture on the outside of the box was merely an
„artist‟s suggestion‟ as to what the actual assembled puzzle would look like) were
that Nancy jumped off a bridge and Braden learned that you should never mess
with a hammock when you‟re inebriated.
Our first night of vacation we ended up playing an emergency gig for Rae at
Brialee campground. (not really the worst place in the world to start your
The week or so leading up to vacation was a blur. Somewhere in all that were
two gigs at Adams Mill and Tania and Tim‟s party where we were exposed to
Beer Pong (we lead such sheltered lives)
Since we‟ve been back, there‟s been a Glock, a Cady‟s (our last of the summer,
unfortunately) a Ray‟s, an Angelico‟s and a Brialee (again).
At Angelico‟s, we hooked up with a acoustic drummer named Billy. We don‟t
normally let people play with us „cuz we feel responsible for not sucking when we
play, but we took a chance on him since he lived next door and they‟ve had
trouble with the neighbors in the past. Anyway, he was pretty damn good and
we all had fun. It seems like the audience also enjoyed it.
Well, now it gets a little weird. Our Saturday gig was at Brialee. Billy was
camping with friends there. How freaky is that? Of course we let him sit in
again and he‟s gonna try to make it to the Glock on Monday. If you wanna see
us with drums, that‟ll be your chance.
BTW—if you‟re not on our mailing list, you REALLY oughta sign up. Fan
Appreciation Night will be here before you know it and it‟s the only way to get an

Jeez—It‟s been a crazy coupla weeks and we really haven‟t had time to update
Since we last saw them, our heroes have performed 12 more shows and they‟ve
tried out a whole bunch of new clubs—Let‟s bring you up to date.
We played Guilford Mooring for the first time—It was a nice location and pretty
crowded. Unfortunately, we had no open dates in common, so that‟s gonna
have to wait ‟til next year.
The next night, we played at the Glock, where it‟s always a good time. A bunch
of our friends showed up and we vaguely remember doing a couple of songs
with Scottish Dave from The Corby‟s. Speaking of Dave, He will be catering Fan
Appreciation Night at Main St in Old Saybrook on 10/6. It‟s gonna be a Mexican
Buffet, since we like Mex and Dave‟s a chef at Su Casa. Get on the mailing list to
get an official invite.
When we got to Westbrook Elks the next day we thought we died and went to
heaven. It‟s right on the beach under an overhang. We did well there—They
took our remaining Fridays „til the end of the year. We hope to be there a lot
next summer.
The Bid and Main Street the following weekend are kinda hazy—We KNOW we
had a good time. Oh wait that‟s the night Ray from Ray‟s Seafood came to see
us (more on that later).
Sunday was our first scheduled non-rainy day so we went out riding. We
stopped at Knuckleheads in Moodus on the way home and wouldn‟t ya know it—
J Swine was in there. He introduced us to Beth and we‟ve got a gig there in
Glock Cruise Night on Monday was HOT. Mat let us play inside (thank you) and
it was packed.
Then there was our first gig at Angelico‟s in East Hampton. Braden locked his
keys in the WSQuriser he was so excited and the EHPD had to come bail him
out. Nance will be baking cookies for those guys. John the Fire Marshall
brought a huge contingent and a slew of Nancy‟s cousins also showed up—As a
result, we got more dates there.
The day after that, we played our first gig at the revamped Schooners in New
London. Unfortunately, they don‟t seem to have hit their stride yet. They
double booked us with a karaoke guy (boy was he pissed off) and they really
don‟t advertise live music. Add to that and inexperienced bartender (what‟s a
Manhattan?) and a manager that wanted TO MAIL US A CHECK!! (like THAT”S
gonna happen) and it doesn‟t look like we‟ll be back there in the near future.
Steve and Holly‟s party the next day was an X-trava. We played in a lovely shed
while the huge crowd of revelers stayed dry under a couple of bigass tents. We
met some nice people and hope to be invited back next year.
This past Monday, we played our first gig at Ray‟s Seafood in Westbrook
(remember him?). John the Fire Marshall brought a party of favorites and we
had a great time playing on the deck as soon as the sun went behind the
building. Before that, the heat made us stupid. Anyway, Ray liked us—He took
all our remaining Mondays for the rest of the summer AND all our remaining
Saturdays for „06 AND all the Saturdays in January „07. That‟s right kids—WSQ‟s
weekend night are completely booked through the end of the year—THANK YOU
Bigass thunderstorms (downed trees closed roads) made us late for our Adams
Mill gig, but we got through it OK. We had a couple of friends show up by
accident—it kept us going in set 4.
Now we wind down to vacation—Tanya‟s Party today, the
Glock on Monday and back to Adams Mill on Friday. After that we‟re of to a
cabin on an island with Braden‟s brother‟s family that comes complete with 10
person pontoon boat and a smoothie maker —What more could we want?

Well it‟s gonna be pretty hard to top this past weekend. It started off on sort of
a down note when we played what appears to be our last date at Chowder Pot.
We don‟t have any more dates scheduled there and we‟ve decided not to push
for any more. It was a pretty unrewarding place to play. The band sets up too
far away from the bar. Most of the people that are there come because of the
food and really don‟t care about music. It‟s hard to get pumped up for playing
when nobody‟s paying attention. For us, the sets really seemed to drag on, so
we‟re not really gonna miss it that much.
Friday night, we played a place where they DO pay attention—Main Street
Tavern in Saybrook. Rich was back from his vacation and people were in the
mood to party. We‟ve decided to have „Fan Appreciation Night‟ there in October.
We‟re still figuring out the details, but we‟re gonna show up early and get some
food brought in and invite everybody on the mailing list. We‟ll hook everybody
up with a couple of drinks, too. We‟ll party for a couple of hours and then we‟ll
play our regular gig. It should be fun.
Weird side note—At Main Street we park on the street facing the front door
where we load in. We noticed a strange, scaly thing stuck in the grille of the
WSQruiser. We‟ve been really busy and haven‟t gotten a chance to even look at
the front of the car for over a week. Now we scroll back to a couple of weeks
ago. We‟re on our way to a gig (where else) and we have a near collision with a
hawk. It happened pretty fast, but it kind of looked like we scared the crap out
of it, but there was something wrong with the shape of whatever came out of it.
Anyway, the hawk flew off and we played our gig and pretty much forgot all
about the incident until Friday night. Turns out the scaly thing in the grille was a
SNAKE the hawk had dropped. We pried the half rotted corpse out (it was pretty
far gone). Nancy‟s still pretty creeped out by the whole experience.
Saturday we played poolside at Stateline Campground. The weather was
gorgeous and we had a great time. Then we packed up and headed for Bistro
by Benigno in East Haddam. It‟s a relatively new place that John the Fire
Marshall got us into. Since we hadn‟t eaten all day, we decided to order
something there to eat before we started playing. The reviews are in and this is
definitely a restaurant that should be visited (wait „til we‟re there in August). It‟s
got some unique menu choices and what we got was expertly prepared. Nice
presentation and did we mention delicious? We‟ll be going down there on a
night off some time when we can really enjoy a dinner. By the way, we seemed
to go over pretty well too. The boss seemed to like us—Jeez he even gave us a
bottle of wine.
Sunday we played at Cady‟s where we had a good time as always. It was
Bryon‟s (the boss) birthday so they were gonna keep partying long after we were
through. Monday when we got to Brialee, the power was out. The staff was a
little tweaked. As we were checking in they were getting abused by an unhappy
camper who was complaining „I‟ve got no TV, DVD or oxygen machine—what are
YOU gonna do about it?‟ (somebody has their priorities straight). Anyway, after
a couple of minutes, we decided to set up our equipment in case the power
came back on, but to play acoustic. It turns out we didn‟t need to. One of the
campers just happened to have a generator that was designed to power
electronic devices such as computers. Another camper hooked us up with gas
and we were good to go. Since we were the only thing that was going on the
whole campground ended up seeing us. It was fun.
Tuesday was the fourth of July and we had a day off. We went to Braden‟s
brother‟s (Dan) for a picnic. Dan‟s band was providing entertainment (we‟re a
regular Von Trapp family) so what did we do? We found an open mike and sang
backup all day. Yeah—we‟re sick. Dan‟s band sounded really good and as soon
as they think they‟re ready, we‟ll let you know where they‟re playing.

Lemme see—we‟ve been continuing our summer schedule. What would have
been a completely boring night at the Chowder Pot got ‟interesting‟ when we got
peppered with requests—Chili Peppers followed by ‟The Moonshiner „ followed
by Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond and the Allman Brothers—Jeez we know a lot of
Braden‟s birthday at Ollie‟s was a little slow, but we kinda enjoyed the break.
Paul‟s birthday at Wilson‟s was entirely another matter. It was packed—he‟s got
A LOT of friends. The birthday top ten was one of the funniest things we‟ve
heard in along time...with friends like that…..
At the Bidwell we got surprised when a slew of folks from right down the street
from where we live showed up. We‟ve only lived in our town for 15 years so
we‟re newbies and had never met these folks. Well now we know
Adams Mill was a little slow, but we had a couple of friends show up to keep us
pumped up and our last visit to Ollie‟s „til September was highlighted by a visit
from John the fireman, (all prettied up as he just came from a wedding) Kate,
John and the rest of their crew. We‟ll miss Jordan, Doc and the staff, but we
won‟t miss the stairs.
Ok—off to a graduation party


Ack—It‟s all a blur.

At Main St we had a helper—we bought cop tape so THAT doesn‟t happen

At Ollies‟ we played 3 sets—they lost power the night before and closed early.

At the Chowder Pot, we learned that Larry couldn‟t remember why he wanted us
to switch dates.

At Debbie‟s birthday party we got treated to a clambake.

At McKinnon‟s we killed (no egos here)—They gave us 3 more dates.

At Mike‟s birthday party we lusted after all his antique cars.

At WBC we had DONNA!—‟nuff said

At Cady‟s, we learned that bikers are sensitive after we played the Rodeo Song.

At the Glock, we lusted after more antique cars and got to talk like pirates.

It‟s been a busy couple of weeks.

And thanks to our friend John, we got into 2 new places next month—Bistro by
Benigno in E Haddam and Angelico‟s Lake House in E Hampton. Only took us 4
years to become an overnight sensation.


We‟ve got a couple of minutes to breathe here so we‟ll bring you up to date. We
just finished 5 gigs in 5 days. Thursday‟s Chowder Pot gig was a little subdued,
but the crowd at the Bid more than made up for it. Terry and Lynn made an
appearance (it was nice to see them as usual). Saturday was steady at the
Glock—John the Fireman and his boss John came down and made us play stuff
we hadn‟t played in a while much to our embarrassment. The Lovey Howell‟s,
who found us in Saybrook took a ride up as well.

Sunday we played Jon and John‟s party and of course that was a treat. We were
a little late getting there „cuz the center of Colchester was closed for their parade
and the extremely helpful state policeman sent us all the way back to Norwich to
get around it. Google Maps showed that we coulda done a 2 mile detour rather
than the 20 mile wild goose chase he sent us on. (shoulda got his badge number
and sent his boss a nastygram)

Monday we played the East Hartford Elks Memorial Day Event. We were in this
giant pavilion that sounded like a big arena—it was way cool! They liked us a lot
and booked us for Labor Day before we finished the second set—YIPPEE!!

This weekend—Only 3 gigs—Friday at Main Street in Saybrook, Saturday Olivers
in Essex and Sunday a private party.


Friday night at Oliver‟s was pretty cool. Jordan, the bartender, encouraged the
staff to wear either Mets or Yankees jerseys in honor of the Subway Series. He
loaned Mets jerseys to anybody who needed one so we arrived to see almost
everyone on the staff bedecked in Mets finery—Did we mention that the Mets are
Braden‟s team? We were definitely inspired!

Saturday, we ventured to Webster MA to play a graduation party. All we can say
is we hope Ryan passes his exams, „cuz the party his parents threw was pretty
freakin‟ awesome.

This weekend we are BUSY! We start at the Chowder Pot on Thursday. Friday
is the Bid, followed by the Glock on Saturday. Sunday, we‟re at a private party
and we cap the weekend off on Monday by playing the East Hartford Elks
Memorial Day Celebration. It‟s outdoors in the afternoon and the Town is
involved somehow.


The weekend started a little rough. Even though John the Fireman showed up
to make us feel like „big rock singers‟, AND brought an entourage, we had wicked
bad sound problems. We spent most of the first set looking at each other trying
to figure out why we sucked so bad. It wasn‟t until there were two songs left in
the set that Braden noticed that two of the faders on the main EQ were pulled all
the way down (that‟s the equivalent of pressing the ‟SUCK‟ button). After that,
we were fine, but it‟s one of the reasons we don‟t get big heads.

Friday we were back at Main St in Saybrook where we were reunited with John
the Fireman after a long separation.

Saturday was „Pimp and Ho‟ night at the Glock. Barmaid Shannon made
judicious use of double-sided tape when designing her costume and avoided any
embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Our other barmaid, Beth cast herself as
slightly pregnant ho with some pretty rough miles on her. It was a fun promotion!
This weekend, we‟re at Oliver‟s on Friday night. Saturday we‟re playing a private
party. Don‟t worry, next weekend, we‟re playing 5 days in a row.


Another wicked busy weekend has passed us by. Our first trip to Ceili‟s turned
out WAY better than we anticipated. To say that we were well received would be
an understatement. We had a Japanese guy in a Yankees jersey making Italian
food (pizzas) and serving Cuban drinks (mojitos) on a Mexican holiday (Cinco de
Mayo) in an Irish bar. How could THAT be bad? And we made some new
friends (Mark and Barbara) We look forward to getting back in there and we‟ll
keep you posted.

Saturday at Oliver‟s we got to entertain Callie and her friends as they celebrated
her graduation. We didn‟t get John the Fireman but we did get his boss, (also a
John) so it wasn‟t a total loss.

Sunday was a gorgeous day and there were lots of people at Cady‟s. We made
some new friends there, too (Lisa and Tim) and our friend Donna, who was at our
first gig but works weekends so she hasn't seen us since, couldn‟t believe how
much we‟ve improved since then—well geez—we were scared shitless that first

This weekend, we have the Chowder Pot on Thursday, Main St in Saybrook on
Friday and “Pimp and Ho” night at the Glock on Saturday.


Well, THIS was an interesting weekend. Cady‟s cancelled the previous Sunday,
so we ended up playing our 400th gig at a Rotary Club banquet that was part of
Administrative Professionals Day. Since it was a midday affair and everybody
had to get back to work, we ended up playing just four songs, but we were well
received (or maybe the Rotarians are very polite).

Friday night we braved the stairs at Oliver‟s and we were rewarded with an
appearance by our favorite stalker, John the Fireman. The folks from the
Saybrook Country Barn also showed up and kept us psyched through the first
two sets. We got a laugh when we saw the “this week‟s bands” sign at Ollie‟s. In
gigantic letters it read “NANCY” and below that in the tiniest printing still visible
by the naked eye were the words “worlds smallest quartet”. I guess we all knew
it‟d come to this eventually…

Saturday we celebrated the big 400 at the Glock. We musta had a couple of
dozen friends (including John the Fireman—Guess we ought start keeping track
of how many shows HE‟s seen) show up to wish us well. Nancy had a bag full of
goodies that we handed out as the night went on including a set of handcuffs for
the couple that was married the longest (to spice up their marriage), a plastic
goat for the biggest party animal, an a bottle of Excedrin for the person that had
had the most to drink. We ended up playing an all request second set that went
„til midnight and in the third set we jammed with JSwine and Wayne Warwick-
Williams who played a DIDGERIDOO!!! (and kicked ass)—Thanks to all the folks
that showed up—we were overwhelmed.

This week we move forward with our first trip to Ceili‟s Irish Pub in Guilford on
Friday. Saturday we‟re at Oliver‟s Taverne and Sunday we will again attempt our
first trip to Cady‟s this year.


After a month of glorious Sundays, the weather gods decided to throw a doom
and gloom forecast our way and Cady‟s decided to cancel. (it is pretty cloudy out
there…) Actually, we learned from one of this winter‟s non-snowstorms that once
the weather foofs make their prediction, people plan accordingly. Don‟t worry,
we‟ll be there May 7 (weather permitting).

Thursday night at the Chowder Pot went well. Braden‟s brother and Nancy‟s
boss were among the attendees—We‟re lucky he liked us, otherwise he would
have expected her to do some WORK on Friday.

Friday night at Hartford Road went well. Nancy made good on Braden‟s promise
that she really COULD sing (she had laryngitis our first time in). Braden‟s friend
Ray brought a crew and we ended up doing encores (whoulda thunk?).

Saturday at the Bid it was hopping all night. We met people that came all the
way from West Haven to see us and here‟s the amazing part—they didn‟t
complain about it being a waste of gas or anything…Oh yeah—there was a brief
John the Fireman sighting, too (we really have to start thinking about that
restraining order).

This weekend marks our 400th gig. We play Oliver‟s Taverne on Friday night
and Satuday we‟ll try to do something special to celebrate #401.


This past weekend seemed to be all about people coming home. Seemed that a
lot of the same group showed up at both Main St. and at Ollie‟s. It was kinda fun
to recognize the same faces. Friday night the gang from the Saybrook Country
Barn showed up to make us feel welcome while on Saturday Joe and his brother
were there and our favorite stalker, John the Fireman along with his new
girlfriend Kate. The weirdest thing...She has a tattoo of the letters WFQ (the
names of her kids). We took a picture and „fixed‟ it.

Guess the Chowder Pot liked us. They gave us a couple more dates in May.
That‟s where we start this weekend on Thursday. Friday is Nancy's SINGING
debut at Hartford Road (she had laryngitis last time). Saturday we play the
Bidwell Tavern and on Sunday we have our first afternoon gig of the season at
Cady‟s in Glocester RI. And the funny thing is, we get busier than this….

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