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					Careers Bulletin                    June 2009

                    GradsEast online recruitment fair, 8-19 June 2009

                                  The East of England, home to top names in aerospace,
                                  biotech, film studio and production, food and drink and ICT
                                  offers a great place to live and a diverse range of graduate
                                  job opportunities. The fair aims to attract employers, large
                                  and small, from all counties of the Eastern region from various
                                  sectors such as accountancy, IT, Education, Biotech,
                                  Environment, Creative, Not for Profit & Public Sector, Printing
                                  & Publishing, Financial/Hi-tech Services, Engineering, Self-
                                  Employment and Business Start-up.

                                                   Find out more and register free at

                                    Summer recruitment fairs

The Graduate Recruitment Fair @ Manchester
17-18 June 2009

London Grad Fair
16-17 June 2009

These graduate jobs fairs are free to attend, and are open to students from any university.
Check out the websites for information about location, timings, employers attending, and
how to register.

                                                                Look on this page of the Careers
                                                                website to find links to over 100
                                                                recruitment companies specialising
                                                                in particular industries and
                                                                sectors—like aero engineering, oil
                                                                and gas exploration, conservation,
                                                                biotechnology, air transport and
                                                                overseas development, among
                                                                many more. Register with sites that
                                                                have jobs you’re interested in; send
                                                                them your CV; keep in touch with
                                                                them. Over 50% of all jobs are
                                                                advertised and filled this way. Go to

                                             Cover letters
Always write a cover letter when you send your CV off to apply for a job or ask about opportunities. And
always adapt the cover letter for each individual application. Use it to emphasise the skills they are
looking for and any details which you feel will convince them to interview you. Your cover letter should
be no more than one page. Three or four short paragraphs will be sufficient. Always use positive
language. Your cover letter needs to say three things:

Introduction— Say why you are writing and if in response to an advertisement say where you saw it,
the job title and any reference quoted. Say briefly what you are currently doing.

Why them? - Target the letter to show that you know something about the company. Mention any
contacts you have made with them at careers fairs, for example. Show that you know something about
what they do, and have thought about how you can bring them what they need.

Why you? - Tell them why you are the person for the job - you can use the advertisement or company
information as reference. Give some appropriate examples of what you have achieved. Avoid saying
’as you can see from my CV’: try to add a bit of personal colour that goes beyond your CV.

Pick up a copy of our CV Guide for more information and ideas.

                        Assessment centres: 12 tips for success

    Double-check your information in advance
             don’t be remembered for the wrong reasons!
    Arrive on time, ready to start and dressed to impress
             make sure you know the dress code!
    Smile at everyone
             give a warm and friendly impression to all you meet –it’s infectious!
    Do not regard the exercises too competitively
             companies are looking for team players, not Managing Directors
    Listen carefully to all instructions
             ask for clarification if you do not understand instructions fully
    Do not be intimidated by other candidates
             they’re just as nervous as you...
    If you make a mistake, move on
             assessors are also often looking to see how you cope with failure
    Enjoy the process
             you’ve got to this stage: don’t underestimate your ability
    Do not be put off by the pushy, domineering, loud candidate
             there’s always one: make sure it isn’t you…
    Talk with other people at the centre
             but don’t ask the assessors for feedback during the process
    Ask for feedback after the assessment centre
             Listen to the feedback given, accept it in good grace and learn from it
    Be considerate, polite and pleasant at all times
             If you are a borderline case then it may just swing opinion your way

There is a collection of material in the Careers Service resource library in Building 115 about
assessment centres, interviews and aptitude and selection tests. Look on the Careers website
or call in for more information.