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					                                 The Seed

As the world populations and world events and for karma our environments
radical behavior (compared to the past) will be issues of the future. As major
companies patent genetically engineered foods little is understood. By utilizing
other patents (pesticides, fertilizers) they are projecting a mode of monopolizing
the food supply by reengineering seeds of common grains. Grains that are able to
over-power the present strains of grain. I do not believe that they have broken
any laws but it should be noted that Mexico and Canada are facing the
infringement on patents on grains that have infiltrated their farm lands. To have
influence over the food supply, means that it is irrelevant who grows the food, it
only matters who owns the seeds. It would not hurt (such a small population) to
start retaining seeds of natural or traditional foods that flourish on the island. I do
not believe that we can be an agricultural society in the vision of present day
farming thought. I believe in limited, higher quality, production of agricultural
products. The retention of seeds is not a look into the future but rather a prudent
move of a vulnerable isolated group of people. When push, comes to shove, we
could always make it, if we can eat. At a time in history when we see so much
worldwide conflict and economic instability, how could it hurt if everyone started
keeping a bag of dry orange or pana seeds in the house? The seed concept is not
for the production of food but rather a central observation point. Anyone who has
gone out to sea knows that no-one is going to save them if something goes
wrong, there is no-one out there. True, someone may show up soon, maybe
before something eats you. But basically you are on your own. I do not know if
anybody has notice but we are in the middle of nowhere with a few other small
islands around us. They say that the American Indian did not see the large ships
sailing towards them at first; it was not in their imagination. We are like the
Indians; we do not see that we are free to control our own future. As any good
mother the US will start winning us off the dole. Now may be the time to think
about our future, before we have to remember our culture and not able to live it.
To clarify what are events that burden small societies, we just have to review
what is occurring to the Hawaiian’s, culturally decimated. What effect will larger
nations have on a society that is fragmentized by the disparity of understanding of
how to utilize educational resources? Natural Selection is always on the move.
Our ability to adapt to the intellectual requirements of the future will determine
the survival of a culture. Elevation of intellectual standards in education will be as
important as the printing press, science and math. Knowledge is a common
requisite of all societies. Organized intellectual social advancement is the tool
needed to advance to the next level of civilization. When strata’s of a society can
launch an object from earth, then direct the object into an orbit, then they have
the capabilities of propelling the object into a faster orbit by using another planet
(estimating the location and gravitational pull of a moving object in time) and the
object will reach Mars, beware. The people who are able to think at these levels
really do not need much of a workforce to prosper. So what do we do with the
extra people? First we avoid being one of those extra people. Societies that are
unable to expand their thinking base will be allowed to expire. Their history will
be kept on record, on some dedicated server. By the laws of nature all
populations will start to reduce. Do not lose your pride or the pleasure of our
jeebaro roots, always allow a little soil of the land dirty your hand, but in the
other hand hold your PhD.

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