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 PUBLISHED TWICE MONTHLY • Enhancing & Promoting the Economic Vitality of Central Oregon Since 1994 • VOLUME 15, ISSUE 18 • September 17, 2008

                                              Grace First Lutheran Builds                                                                                                                    David
                                             New Home After 12-Year Wait                                                                                                                     Rosell
                                                                                                                                                                       What Makes You Tick?
                                                                                                                                                                        by sOndra HOltZman
BendFilm Coming up                                                                                                                                                      CBn Feature Writer
 City Gears Up for Annual Event. .. page 9

                                                                                                                                                                                  avid Rosell is president of
                                                                                                                                                                                  the Rosell Financial Group in
                                                                                                                                                                                  Bend, a comprehensive, fee-
                                                                                                                                                                        based financial advisory firm. David is
                                                                                                                                                                        also the 2008 chair of the board of the
                                                                                                                                                                        Bend Chamber of Commerce.


                                                                                                                                                 photo by CbN staff
                                                                                                                                                                               Tell us something about your com-
                                                                                                                                                                        pany and your role in the company.
                                                                                                                                                                           Rosell Financial Group is in the busi-
mt. View High remodel                                                                                                                                                   ness of changing our client’s lives by
 Science Classrooms Updated .. page 24                                                                                                                                  providing them with the peace of mind
                                                                                                                                                                        they have been searching for. Our cli-
                                                 Pastor Joel LiaBraaten, KNCC project manager Brian Powell, and Don Stevens of BBT Architects.                          ents are business owners, profession-
                                                                                                                                                                        als and retirees who have worked hard
                                             by daniel PearsOn CBn editor                                                                                               and accomplished much.

                                                       uring the summer of 2008, Grace                                                                                     Our goal is simple: To help them
                                                       First Lutheran Church officially                                                                                 plan for their future and take the care-
                                                       moved from its old location at                                                                                   fully chosen
                                             231 NW Idaho Avenue in Bend, originally                                                                                    steps neces-
                                             built in 1916, to a new 14,160-square-                                                                                     sary to help
                                             foot building on Shevlin Park Road at the                                                                                  turn dreams
                                             northern end of Northwest Crossing.                                                                                        into realities.
                                                The entire structure is being built in                                                                                  Whether it’s
                                             three phases. Phase one includes a tem-                                                                                    for major fi-
                                             porary, ground-floor narthex with the                                                                                      nancial objec-
                                             capacity to hold 180-or-so people, along                                                                                   tives or a sin-
                                             with a large kitchen, conference room                                                                                      gle, individual
                                             and office space for the church’s adminis-         A stained glass window at Grace First Lutheran                          goal, our cli-
                                                                                                                                       Church.                          ents want to          David Rosell
                                             trative staff. On the second floor, church-
Go Outside and Play                          goers will meet in classrooms for Sunday         a family center and a commercial-style                                    know what’s
 Kids Enjoy Outdoor Camp ......page 31       School and Bible study as well commu-            kitchen capable of preparing and serv-                                    ahead. We can help them avoid wrong
                                             nity use, all while enjoying easy access to      ing meals for several hundred people at                                   turns by assisting them in the creation
                                             the ground floor amenities via an indoor         once, bringing the entire new facility to                                 of their own financial roadmap.
  Hot News .........................3
                                             elevator connecting both floors.
                                                Grace First Lutheran’s congregation will
                                                                                              just more than 31,000 square feet, Grace
                                                                                              Lutheran Pastor Joel LiaBraaten said.                                       Q   What is the growth potential for
                                             be able to begin enjoying its new digs in          “This is the third home for what was                                    your company and your industry in
  Opinion Department ... 4-5                 full when the building’s second phase is         originally called the First Norwegian                                     general?
  City Desk .........................6       completed, including a full-sized sanctu-

                                                                                                              C                                                                  C   ontinued on Page 19

  Small Business Tips ......15                                                                                    ontinued on Page 10

                                             ary large enough for 300-or-so people,

    industry lists
  Stockbrokers .....................16
  Financial & Investment
                                                          How Your Company CAN Survive
                                                               Economic Challenges
      dePartments                            by dr. tOm deCOtiis                                 Here are my five essential tips to propel

                                                                                                                                                                      company is addressing your customers’
  Business & Industry .........6                     he recent economic downturn              your company through this recession and                                 need for a strong sense of belonging
  Healthy Communities....26                          looks to be claiming its first cor-      prepare for even more success:                                          and significance. For example, make
  Building Central Oregon                            porate victims. Among the list of           1) Focus Your Employees on Creating                                  sure that your staff is positive and pro-
   Grace First Lutheran Church ...10         once strong retailers scurrying for bank-        Positive Customer Transactions. In-                                     active with complaints rather than neg-
  Building Central Oregon                    ruptcy protection are industry giants Lin-       sist that your employees provide a great                                ative and reactive.
   Mt. View High Renovations ...24           ens ‘n Things, Bombay Company, Sharper           experience every time and teach them                                       3) Set Your Customers Expectations.
                                             Image and Steve & Barry’s. This raises a         how to do it. Train every employee in                                   It is not a matter of exceeding customer
  Who’s Who ....................34
                                             frightening question: can your company           proper customer service procedures and                                  expectations, but guaranteeing that
  Businesses For Sale .....35                make it through?                                 ensure they clearly understand the                                      your customers are never disappoint-
  Money & Investment .....42                    Absolutely. In my new book Make it            importance of the customer to the                                       ed. Use your company’s unique selling
  Classified .......................44       Glow (Greenleaf Book Group Press 2008)           company’s, and their own, survival.                                     point (USP) to shape your customer’s
  Business Directory ........44              I explain that in a down economy peo-            In difficult times, companies do not                                    expectations. Saks Fifth Avenue sell
  Permits ..........................45       ple focus their spending on companies            get a second chance to make a good                                      their consumers on their exclusive
                                             they trust. As consumers get choosy,             impression on their customers.                                          and elegant shopping experience, and
  Business Calendar ........46               mediocre choices fall by the wayside for            2) Ensure Your Customer Feels Val-                                   when customers go into their retail out-
  Town & Country.............47              one reason: These companies have not             ued. Customers need to valued, not just                                 lets they are not disappointed.
                                             earned enough customer loyalty to sur-
                                                                                              for their money, but for who they are.                                                      ontinued on Page 9

                                             vive a challenging economy.                      In order to do this, make sure that your

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10 • Cascade Business News • September 17, 2008

   Building in Central Oregon                                                 Grace First Lutheran Church



             Congratulations on the completion

                                                                                                                                                                                                  CpI staff photos
             of the Grace First Lutheran Church.
          Thank you Kirby Nagelhout Construction.
                                                                                            Grace Lutheran’s new facility is located in a single-family housing zone of NorthWest Crossing, which
                                                                                                                        required an architectural style prevalent in the early 1900’s to be followed.

                                                                                         G       race First Lutheran                              Grace Lutheran was given one year to
                                                                                                                                               move from its old location, and while the
                                                                                                 Continued from page 1                         church continued to operate in its origi-
                                                      Thank You to                                                                             nal location it ended up paying rent to
                                                                                         Lutheran Church,” said Don Stevens, a                 the new owners at Trinity Episcopal.
                                             Don Stevens, Grace First                    congregant and the architect who de-                      The lease was set to expire in August
                                                                                         signed and prepared the plans for the                 2008, and Kirby Nagelhout Construction
                                          Lutheran Church and Kirby                      new facility. “It was started by Norwe-
                                                                                         gian woodcutters from Minnesota who
                                                                                                                                               Co. started moving dirt at the new loca-
                                                                                                                                               tion on Shevlin Park Road in July 2007.
                                                                                         used to live in all the old little houses                “We had some unique challenges,” Kir-
                                           Nagelhout Construction for                    by the Old Mill District.”                            by Nagelhout said. “We had to cut and fill
                                                                                           Originally, church leaders looked at re-            the lot because it was unbalanced land
        Commercial • Residential
           CCB# 136524
                                               selecting Alpine Glass.                   modeling the aging downtown facility,                 here. The original site was quite a slope.
                                                                                                                                               We had to bring in materials and build a
                                                                                         but they had very limited room for park-
                                                                                         ing. The church tried to cut a deal with              wall at the same time. That helped us get
                62971 Plateau Dr., Suite 200 • Bend, OR 97701                            the library across the street to use open             through the winter and to get the proj-
                  (off Empire at corner of Brinson & Plateau)                            parking spaces on Sunday morning, and                 ect finished on time.”
                 Phone (541) 617-5044 • Fax (541) 382-9307                               the city required a lease for them to do                 Grace Lutheran’s new facility is
                                                                                         so. But the library decided it wanted to              located in a single-family housing
                                                                                         do other things, Stevens said.                        zone of NorthWest Crossing, which
                                                                                           At the same time, officials from the                required an architectural style preva-
                                                                                         Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ameri-                 lent in the early 1900’s to be followed,
                                                                                         ca decided they wanted to start a new                 Stevens said.
                                                                                         church on the west side of Bend in order                 “We originally came up with a Frank
                                                                                         to increase membership.                               Lloyd Wright style but moved away
                                                                                           Grace First Lutheran decided it made                from that and tried to capture a style
                                                                                         sense to relocate and become that                     similar to the great lodges of old West,”
                                                                                         new church sought by the ELCA, Ste-                   Stevens said. “The ELCA has an architect
                                                                                         vens said.                                            on staff that reviewed our plans and
                                                                                           “They had a loan division and we re-                agreed it was a fantastic look. The look
                             All of us at Bend Fire Protection Inc.                      ceived financing for the project that                 has the feeling of a large church but
                                      would like to thank                                way,” Stevens said. “We looked for prop-              one with good acoustical value. I was
                                                                                         erty from Juniper Ridge all the way to                originally worried the acoustics would
                              Kirby Nagelhout Construction Co.                           southwest Bend and eventually settled                 be too brillent because of the size of
                                 for choosing Central Oregon’s                           on this new location.”                                the narthex and the height of the ceil-
                                                                                           A group of church members donated                   ing. I thought we’d have to bring in
                             leading fire protection company for                         funds to purchase the property, and                   acoustical pads to absorb sound, but
                                  Grace First Lutheran Church.                           Trinity Episcopal Church bought the                   the sound just swells and creates the
                                                                                         old church from Grace Lutheran with                   proper aura. The room where services
                                                                                         plans of its own to expand programs                   are held, because of the acoustics,
                                                                                         now housed in Trinity’s main facility                 turned out to be one of the best parts
                                                                                         downtown.                                             of the design.”

                                                               STANDARD OF QUALITY
                                                                            CCB #33844

                                                                                           We wish the best
                                                                                            for the Church
           Commercial • Industrial • Residential                                             Its Members!
    Congratulations to Kirby Nagelhout Construction Co.
             and Grace First Lutheran Church.                                                                        www.zcsengineering.com
                                                                                           805 SW Industrial Way, Suite C                                  Phone: 541.330.2294
                                                                                           Bend, OR 97702                                                  Fax:   541.330.2296
 mail P.O. Box 6388 • Bend OR • 97708 office 850 NE First Street • Bend OR • 97701
  p 541.389.5424            f541.317.0494       w tomcoelectric.com                            Klamath Falls • Bend • Portland • Grants Pass
                                                                                                                         September 17, 2008 • Cascade Business News • 11

     Grace First Lutheran Church                                                                            Building in Central Oregon

                                                                                                      BUILDING VISION
                                                                                                          INTO REALITY

        One of the stained glass windows at the new building for Grace First Lutheran Church.

  A large stained glass window from                involved with in my lifetime this is one
the old building was relocated to the              of the top two finest things I’ve ever
new facility and refurbished by Bend               worked on,” Stevens said, and LiaBraat-
Stained Glass. Its current location, just          en agrees.
down the entrance hall and to the left,              “Our discovery process for this church
marks where the entrance to the sanc-              has gone on for 12 years,” LiaBraaten
tuary will be once all construction is             said. “I’m very happy we are finally here
completed, Stevens said.                           and I’m looking forward to the rest of
  “I think of all the projects I’ve been           the project being completed.”

   Contractor                                         Principal Architect: Don Stevens, AIA
   Kirby Nagelhout Construction Co.                   Support Design Team: Colleen Bourne
   20635 Brinson Blvd.                                and Julie Bachmeier
   Bend, Oregon                                       Interior Design: Candy Eilertson
   541/389-7119                                       Structural Engineer: ZCS Engineering
                                                      Civil Engineer: ZCS Engineering
   Square Footage: 14,159
   Financing: Evangelical Lutheran Church in
                                                      Landscape Architect: DEA – Dave Olsen           Congratulations to Grace First Lutheran
   America                                            Subcontractors & Suppliers:
                                                      Alpine Glass, AM-1 Roofing, Bell Hardware,       Church and thanks to all our suppliers
   Developer: First Lutheran Church                Bend Fire Protection, Bend Heating Center-
   Project Cost: $3.8 Million                      stone Corporation, Eagle Roofing, Insulation       and subcontractors for helping to make
   Sitework Start: June 2007                       by Davis, KN Exco, Knife River, M.E. Westfall
   Completion: August 2008                         Painting, Miller Lumber, Mowry Rebar, Peter’s
                                                   Construction, Rubenstein’s Interiors, Summit
                                                                                                              this project a success.
   Project Manager: Brian Powell                   Plumbing, Thyssen Krupp Elevator, Tomco
   Superintendent: Sean Lewis                      Electric, Tri-Star Cabinets, Ultra Quiet Floors,
   Architect: Stevens Architect                    Van Nevel Concrete
     (Now merged with BBT)

          Congratulations to the staff &
   congregation of Grace First Lutheran.
       We couldn’t have done it without
                     the great work of                                                                 KIRBY NAGELHOUT
        Kirby Nagelhout Construction &                                                                                            CONSTRUCTION
      Candy Eilertson, Interior Designer.
                                                                                                                                  CCB# 95590

                                                 1133 NW Wall Street, Suite 200                           20635 BRINSON BLVD • BEND, OR 97701
                                                 Bend, Oregon 97701                                           541.389.7119 • FAX 541.385.5834
                                                 p. 541-382-5535                                                 WWW.KNCCBEND.COM
                                                 f. 541-389-8033

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