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Marketing Food and Drinks To Adults
Volume 1: 20 - 35 year adults

This report will provide you with the following:

• Social influencers in food and drink for younger adults

• Consumer attitudes and purchasing patterns of 20 - 35 year olds

• The most effective brands and best practice promotional strategies
  in food and drink

• Best Practice case-studies to target the young adult food and drink market

• Conclusions and recommendations from unique primary data and expert
  author analysis
Marketing Food and Drinks to Adults Volume 1: 20 - 35 year olds

 Students Expenditure by Type 2002-2003                                      Young adults have more disposable income but much less time to
                                                                             perform all their tasks, consequently they will continue to look for
   70                                                                        convenient, good quality products which help them win back time for

                                                                             Marketing Food and Drinks to Adults Volume 1: 20 - 35 year olds


    20                                                                       examines how and where the young adult market differs from the overall
                                                                             food and drink market and where it concurs closely with it. This report
Participation Costs
                                                                             analyses food and drink companies who have succeeded in tapping into
                                 Housing Costs

                                                              Living Costs   the 20 - 35 year old age group. Identify the products they have
                                                                             developed and marketed to satisfy the key needs and wants of this
Source: Marketing Food and Drinks to Adults Volume 1:
20 - 35 year olds                                                            lucrative group and increase your product volume and value sales.

   “In 2002/3, students' average expenditure exceeded
                                                                             The report will provide you with forecasts of the fastest growing food
     average income by £1,400 and 87% of all students
         anticipated being in debt by end of that year...”
                                                                             and drink markets over the next five years for adults aged 20 - 35
                                                                             years old. Identify the food and drink sectors offering the most
Source: Marketing Food and Drink to Adults Volume:1
                                                                             innovative products and examine the opportunities and threats derived
                  20 - 35 year olds
                                                                             from changes in young adults eating habits with this report.

This report will provide you with...

                                                                             This report will provide you with:
            Innocent drinks packaging examples

                                                                             • Access to the opinions of some of the most dynamic
                                                                               companies and managers within the food and drink industry
                                                                               taking the form of qualitative, opinion based telephone, email
                                                                               and face to face interviews.

                                                                             • Hot issues in 2004 and beyond such as obesity and health,
                                                                               consumers’ additional disposable income in this group and
                                                                               celebrity endorsements.

Source: Marketing Food and Drinks to Adults Volume 1:                        •   Best practice promotional strategies in food and drinks with
20 - 35 year olds
                                                                                 case-studies from Nestlé Fitnesse, Thorntons and Ben & Jerry’s
  “In 2003, Innocent became the first food company to                            revealing NPD successes, defence strategies in a competitive
    develop and use 25% PCR (post consumer recycled)                             market and profitable joint ventures.
  plastic in its bottles and it has signed up to renewable
                      electricity to drive the business...”

Source: Marketing Food and Drink to Adults Volume:1
                  20 - 35 year olds
Marketing Food and Drinks to Adults Volume 1: 20 - 35 year olds

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                        CHAPTER 5: BEST PRACTICE CASE STUDIES:
                                                         TARGETING YOUNG ADULTS
CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION                                     Summary
                                                           • Introduction
CHAPTER 2: SOCIAL INFLUENCERS                                 - Bailey's and the rise of celebrity magazines
  • Introduction                                                 to reach young women
    - World population trends                                 - Conclusions
    - Focusing on European trends                          • Guinness uses experiential marketing and sports
    - Population changes in the UK                           sponsorship to stay relevant to its young drinkers
    - Opportunities                                           - Tourist appeal
    - The UK employment market                                - Sports marketing strategy
    - Women in the UK labour market                           - Unexpectedly successful markets
    - Ethnicity and the UK labour market                      - New flagship advertising techniques
    - Working patterns, pay and conditions and                - Key strategy points
        income levels                                      • Innocent drinks brand success - ruthlessly
    - European income distribution                           strategic and cute on execution
    - The structure of UK households                          - Ruthless brand innovation
    - Households in Europe and living conditions              - Produced category leading drinks
    - How American have households changed                    - Environmentally genuine
    - Expenditure in U.S. and UK households                   - A brand built by innovation in distribution
    - Students expenditure by type 2002 to 2003                  relationships
  • Conclusions                                               - Sophisticated supply chain systems
                                                              - Creative marketing
CHAPTER 3: KEY TRENDS FOR 20 TO 35 YEAR                       - Press clipping analysis 2003: Innocent Drinks
OLDS                                                             versus PJ
  • Young adults: major trends in food and drink              - Smoothies manufacturers brand awareness
     - Areas of appeal for 20 to 35 year-olds                 - Consistent investment
     - Busy, busy, leads to ready meal consumption            - The positive promotions
     - Restaurant glamour                                     - Strategy analysis
     - Snacking solutions                                  • Michelob Ultra takes advantage of fuelled
     - Brand appeal                                          interest in low carb products - from the United
  • Healthy eating and healthy looking: self-conscious       States to the United Kingdom
     dieting                                                  - Lessons learned across the Atlantic
     - Low-carb diets, obesity and global brands              - Targeting the body conscious
                                                              - Conclusions
CHAPTER 4: EFFECTIVE BRANDS AND BEST                       • Smirnoff reaches back out to the elusive 18-25
PRACTICE PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES IN FOOD &                    year old male market through sampling in
DRINKS                                                       fashion retail environment
   • Summary                                                  - Reaching the new target audience
     - Nestlé Fitnesse: understanding the primary             - Conclusions
        audience                                           • Benjy's: developing a strong and recognisable
     - Exploring potential developments                      identity
     - Sponsorship and joint ventures                         - Benjy's customer profile
     - Conclusions                                            - Majority of consumers are male - strategies
   • Thorntons: new strategy required to defend                  targeted at retaining the men and attracting
      position in highly competitive market                      the women
     - New product range and strategy analysis                - Young adults are most attracted to Benjy's
   • Ben & Jerry's: keeping the grassroots                       products
     background despite market domination                     - Not so adventurous
     - In the beginning                                       - Targeted marketing
     - Regional expansion                                     - Market opportunity
     - Staying true to your roots                             - Conclusions
     - Conclusions                                       CHAPTER 6: REPORT CONCLUSIONS
Marketing Food and Drinks to Adults
Volume 1: 20 - 35 year olds - SAMPLE INFORMATION

 Social influencers: Young Adults

                              European demographic indicators                                              Focusing on European trends
       90                                                                                                  In Europe there is a greater degree
       70                                                                                                  of variance in demographics across
       50                                                                                                  member countries. For instance in
       30                                                                                                  2002 there were 5.9 infant deaths
       10                                                                                                  per 1,000 live births in Greece
                                                                                                           compared to 2.8 in Sweden. Ireland
                  y          ce      UK       ly
                                                        ain         e   al um en tria ark nd nd rg
             an         an
                                          Ita                  ds ec ug     i              la   la ou      had the highest fertility rate with 2.0
                                                   Sp        an Gre ort elg wed Aus enm Fin Ire
         m            Fr                                  er
                                                                      P   B S                        m
                                                                                                  xe       children per woman while Italy,
                                                                                                           Spain and Greece had the lowest
                                  Population 2002 ( millions)                   Infant Mortality Rate
                                                                                                           rates around 1.3 per woman. In
                                  Total Fertility Rate                          Life Expectancy-M          countries that joined the EU in April
                                  Life Expectancy-F
                                                                                                           2004, there are even greater
  Source:Marketing Food and Drinks to Adults Volume 1: 20-35 year olds
                                                                                                           variances. For example, in Turkey
 in 2002 there were 38.7 infant deaths per 1000 compared to 3.9 in Slovenia. The lowest
 fertility rate is in the Czech Republic at 1.2 children per woman and Turkey currently has the
 highest rate at 2.5 . After five years of strong economic growth in Europe, which created 12
 million jobs and raised the employment rate by 4% to 64% of the working age population,
 the picture for the next few years is becoming less optimistic. Soon the century-long growth
 in the size of Europe's working age population will come to a halt. In less than a decade the
 impact of the baby boomers' retirement will begin to impact the economy.

 As the children's market reduces in size companies will have to look to adults in order to
 sell more products and boost revenues. Young adults without children often have more
 disposable income than families and should be considered as a potential new audience for
 any company not already targeting them. Within the UK spending on restaurants and hotels
 was highest in the under 30s group. This group also spent most on chocolate and
 confectionery but they had the lowest spend on newspapers suggesting that manufacturers
 targeting young adults would not plan to reach them by advertising in newspapers.
 The trend towards more single occupancy households means manufacturers have growing
 opportunities to create single portion foods or products that can easily be divided into
 single portions, e.g. multi-portion packs with individual servings.
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