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									New University Homepage and
 Official University Template
•   Introductions
•   What’s happening
•   New Homepage Design
•   Lessons Learned from old templates
•   New Template Approach
•   New Template Demo
•   How to get better Search Engine Results
•   Training
•   Conclusion
•   Questions
         What’s Happening
• The University is in the final stages of
  redesigning the campus website in order
  to give the site more contemporary and
  consistent design elements, improve
  navigation, and incorporate a stronger
  message to our primary market:
  prospective students.
        New Homepage Design
• Design was established and reviewed by:
  –   Strategic Planning Council
  –   Enrollment Management Council
  –   Marketing and Communications Advisory Council
  –   President’s Cabinet
  –   Focus Groups of High School Students in Atlanta &
• Adjustments were made based on each groups
  input and review.
       New Homepage Design
• The primary audience is prospective students.
• The site will still retain all of the navigation and
  information for other audiences.
• The large revolving picture will detail the
  Georgia Southern Advantage based on themes
  from the Strategic Plan.
• The news and event items that previously took
  up the ‘4 boxes’ are now positioned somewhat
  differently to provide more information, but not
  control the page.
       New 2nd Level Pages
• Redesigned with imagery similar to
• Supporting Links better organized.
• Top links displayed more prominently.
Lessons Learned from Previous Templates

 • Loss of uniform look across the university.
 • Difficult to push updates to Templates
 • Unable to add and remove services from
 • Graphic intensive.
     New Template Approach
• Able to establish a uniform look and feel
  across the campus.
• Globally controlling template files which
  make it easier to push updates to each
• ADA Compliant
New Template Demo
    Better Search Engine Results
•   Current Search Engine Limitations
•   Update Page Titles
•   Use of META Tags
•   Using the Keywords.txt file
              Important Dates
• December 8th 2006
  – The official launch of the New Campus Home Page.
    This will occur December 8th after the last
    commencement ceremony.

• December 31st 2006
  – All Level 1 – Level 3 sites must be converted to the
    new templates. You can find out what level your site
    is in by visiting the University Webmaster site.
  – There will be a link off of the webmaster site for you to
    verify that you have converted your site to the new
• The Emerging Technology Center has
  scheduled 5 workshops to introduce
  pagemasters to the process of converting
  their current or new site to the Georgia
  Southern Template .
1. Uniform look across the university.
2. December 31st is the deadline to convert sites
   to new template.
3. New Design = Better Navigation and stronger
   message to primary audience
4. Department Name must be formatted the
   same in each site.
5. Training is available at the Emerging
   Technology Center.
6. I will post a forum on line this week so we can
   shared tips and tricks with other pagemasters.

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