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									              THOROUGHBRED LAKES ESTATES

Applicant Information: (Applicant must be owner of the unit address below and be in
good standing)

Name: __________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Telephone #’s Home: __________________________ Alternate: ___________________

Event Information:

Date: _______________ Time: ________________ (available from 10am to 10pm)
Approximate # of people: (capacity limit of 100) _______________
Type of Event: ___________________________________________________________

This agreement is made this _______day of _________________, 20____ by and
between Thoroughbred Lakes Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. and
_________________________________________ (“RESIDENT”).

This agreement is made for the purpose of granting residents the right to reserve and use
the clubhouse located at 1xxxx Clubhouse Turn Road, Lake Worth, Florida 33449 in
Thoroughbred Lakes Estates for the date specified above.

Residents who have reserved the clubhouse may not, however, during the period of any
such reservation, deny the use of surrounding recreational facilities at any time to any
member of the association.

Residents who wish to reserve the clubhouse agree to pay the Association, two weeks
prior to the use of the clubhouse, a security deposit in the amount of $250, payable to
Thoroughbred Lakes Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. Said deposit will be
deposited and, if necessary, held for use to pay any expenses of cleaning, repairs or
replacement required after the use of the clubhouse. Refunds of any unused deposit or
requirement of additional deposits shall be at the discretion of the Association.

Residents who wish to reserve the clubhouse agree to pay the Association, two weeks
prior to the use of the clubhouse, a fee of $150, and payable to Thoroughbred Lakes
Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. Said fee shall constitute a rental fee and shall not
be refunded.

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Revised 11/1/2008
Whereas, Thoroughbred Lakes Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. and
_________________________________ (“MEMBER”) have agreed to enter into an
agreement for the use of the Clubhouse dated this ________day of _____________,
20___ and in the consideration of the mutual promises between the parties set forth in the
agreement and herein below, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of
the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Association and Member agree as

    1. Indemnification – The Member shall indemnify the Association against and hold
       the Association harmless from any and all demands, claims, actions, suits,
       proceedings, costs, expenses, damages and liability, including without limitation
       costs and attorney’s fees, claimed by any person, organization, association, or
       otherwise arising out of, or relating to the use, occupancy, operation, and/or
       condition of the Clubhouse, restroom facilities, parking facilities, or any portion
       of the Association property or common area.

    2. Avoidance of conflict between Agreement and Addendum – In the event of any
       conflict or ambiguity between this Addendum and the Agreement, this Addendum
       shall control and supersede the Agreement.

        In witness whereof, the parties hereto have agreed to the foregoing by executing
        this First Addendum on the day and year first above written.


        BY: _________________________________ DATE: ____________________

                      (PRINT NAME)



             _________________________________ DATE: _____________________
                      (PRINT NAME)

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Revised 11/1/2008
Terms & Conditions:
   1. All applicant(s) must be a Thoroughbred Lakes Estates Homeowners Association,
       Inc. member in good standing and at least 21 years of age.
   2. Rental is for personal or family use. No business or solicitation functions. An
       accurate guest list must be provided to the guard in order to gain access.
   3. This application is for rental of the Clubhouse only, and no other common area
       (such as the pool, pool area, and gym or billiards room) is included. Restrooms
       are to be shared with residents.
   4. Applicant(s) shall obey all laws and all Association Rules & Regulations.
   5. Applicant(s) shall not nail, staple, tack, tape or deface the walls, ceiling or
       furniture of the Clubhouse.
   6. Applicant(s) shall vacate the Clubhouse at the time specified on the application.
       Applicant(s) are required to leave the premises in the same condition as found.
       This shall include but is not limited to:
           o Returning all furniture to its original location;
           o Turning off all lights and closing/locking all doors;
           o Returning thermostat setting to 78 degrees;
           o Activating the security alarm;
           o Cleaning the kitchen and emptying the refrigerator/freezer of event
           o Removing all trash from the premises – no trash is to be left in front of or
                anywhere on the Clubhouse property. A portion of the refundable deposit
                may be used to remove trash left behind ($50.00).
           o Attendees may not park on the grass, sidewalks or any common areas
                other than parking spaces in the Clubhouse parking lot.
   7. Applicant(s) shall not allow unsupervised minors in the facility at any time.
       Parents must supervise parties for minors and must be present at all times.
   8. Applicant(s) shall prevent any unauthorized or improper use of any community
       facility by their guests. Applicant(s) are responsible for the behavior of their
       guests and will be held responsible for any and all damage caused by their guests
       to the Clubhouse facilities, equipment, and any area within the community.
   9. Applicant(s) are required to have walk-through inspection with a representative of
       the Community Relations Committee or the Board of Directors on the day of use
       and immediately following the end of the event.
   10. Clubhouse can only be rented and used by Thoroughbred Lakes Estates Members
       in good standing. Third party rentals are not allowed.
   11. No equipment or supplies can be left in the Clubhouse after 10pm on the day of
       the event.
Users hereby agree to abide by and conform to all the Rules and Regulations of the
Association as contained in the Association Documents.

Users hereby agree to assume all responsibility for insurance respecting the facilities
during use under this agreement, and to asset no claim of coverage under any insurance
policy of the Association during the period of such use.


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Revised 11/1/2008
    1. Users will comply with all laws of the United States, The State of Florida, Palm
       Beach County, and all rules and requirements of the local sheriff and fire
       department, and will pay any taxes, or fees due to any authority arising out of the
       users’ use of the facilities.
    2. Users shall not injure, nor may in any manner deface said premises, and shall not
       cause or permit anything to be done whereby said premises, furnishings, or any
       portion of said building, during the term of this Agreement, shall be damaged by
       the act, default or negligence of any of the users. Users shall pay to the
       Association, upon demand, such sums as shall be necessary to restore said
       premises to their pre-rental condition.
    3. Users shall be responsible for any and all attorney’s fees and costs incurred by the
       Association in enforcing any of the provisions of this agreement, any and all sums
       of money owed as a result of a breach of this Agreement, or which may be owed
       by users’ home. The Association shall collect attorneys’ fees, and foreclose upon
       any home in accordance with the declaration.
    4. The Association (or its representatives) reserves the right to enter the premises
       during the period of the users’ use to eject any person or persons behaving in a
       disorderly manner or contrary to the Rules and Regulations of the Association,
       and/or to prevent any damage to or destruction of the premises.
    5. It is understood by all parties that this Agreement does not include the use of any
       facility other than the Clubhouse and that the number of users, guests or any
       persons admitted to the said premises by any of the users, shall not exceed the fire
       marshal’s guidelines for this building.

This constitutes an agreement and that neither party is relying on any verbal or other
written agreement.

Dated this _______day of _______________, 20______
___________________________________            ______________________________

        Signature of Member                                         Date

TBL Clubhouse Rental Agreement                                                     Page 4 of 4
Revised 11/1/2008

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