04-19 Bulletin by LeesRadford


									      Prayer List for April 19, 2009                                      •ANNOUNCEMENTS•
Condolences to the Anderson Family.
Lee Todd - chest pains; hospitalized.                                     The Stewardship series will be starting next Sunday, April
Loretta Workman - recent CAT scan.                                           26th! If you signed up for a book and have not yet

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Sue Runyon - multiple health issues.
Chris Carpenter - pulled rib cage muscle; 15 day DL.                                    received one, please see Tim.
Flora Storie - gallbladder surgery.
Willard Arnold - injured in a fall.                                       The Preacher's Quartet will be doing a four-night revival
James Garner - complications from a tick bite.
Troy Michels' mother - recovering from back surgery.                      "Acquire The Fire" at Crocker Christian Church running
Paul Borchelt - tests on back and throat.                                  tonight through Wednesday, April 29th at 7:00PM each
Judith Nutt - traveling to Israel.                                                    evening. Nursery will be provided.
Cody Henderson - upcoming 2 month mission trip cycling.
Hannah Deboard - heart concerns.
Janet McMahon - heart issues; home, waiting to see if meds work.          Tim still has Cardinals tickets left! If you are interested
Missy Johnston - severe cut on arm.                                                      in attending, let him know.
Jean Jones - health issues.
Patsy Boyd - torn ACL.
Amanda Duffy - injured in a fall;torn rotator cuff & broken arm.
Ruth Shockley - eye problems.
Mike Hergemueller - kidney and foot problems; home.
Don Roller - multiple health problems.
Danny Thomas - diabetes; recent leg amputation.                .
           Long Term Prayer Needs
  Please remember to keep all those with various long term health
           problems (or other needs) in your prayers also.
                              CANCER:                                     Just a reminder: There are various funds setup that can be donated
     Ronnie Wilson, Shirley Bolton, Jerry Maness, Sherry Moore,
            Joy Penland, Carla Bourne (Barb Bailey's niece),              to. They include the Chair Fund, Scholarship Fund, Youth Minister
            Clifford James, Vance Vanhoozer, David Ingalls,                Fund and Building Fund. If you would like to make a donation to
              Vicky King, Carol Harrison, Cynthia Doran,
  Betty Donald , Leroy Anderson, Dorothy Pentecost, Louise Myers,                   any of these funds, please see Wayne Anderson.
     Barbara Jackson, Charla Baker ,Charlotte Dugas,Jack Strohl,
                E.J. Dawson , Don Whittle & Leo Long.
                                                                                   First Christian Church
                      HEALTH CONCERNS/ISSUES:                                                1200 N. Hwy. 133
   Janine Mandrell, Larry Joe Sanders, Robbie Lynch, Deliah Brown,                              P.O. Box 376
   Ralph Ogle, Jerry Plemmons,Claude Phillips, Rhonda Wease's dad,                         Richland, MO 65556
      Susan Alexander's mother, Tyna Chadborne, Alan Schofield,
         Andy Bryant, Jane Wyatt, Earl Wilson, Cynthia Doran,                         Church Office Hours: Mon - Thurs
                      Tana Mitchele,Aaron Hunter,                                            8:30am - 12:00pm
    Paul Borchelt's sister-in-law, Janine's cousin Vicki, David Phelps,                     www.fccrichland.com
              George Roam ,Fern Ballenger,Wanda Parker,                                Email: fccrichland@gmail.com
         Jack Tucker, Sammy Barkely, Betty Long & Karen Fite.
                                                                                        (573) 765-3384 Office
                     OTHER PRAYER NEEDS:
      Our country/Leaders/President/War, Johnny Alexander                               (573) 765-3072 Home
               Family,Deployments: Thomas Resz,
    CWO Juan Bertan, MAJ. Alick Smith, Christian Miles,Cody Ray,
       Michael Scaringello,Chad Clark & Roger Thompson.
                                                                                         (573) 855-4740 Cell
                                                                                  (573) 765-4528 Secretary's Home
                                                                                                                                               April 19, 2009
               Order of Service                                               Church Calendar                                                    VISION STATEMENT
                   April 19, 2009                                  Visitors please fill out the visitor cards found in the pews.   To facilitate Christ likeness by transforming lives through His
                                                                Please remember to turn off your cell phones during the service.
             "Trusting Jesus"      (1st & Chorus)                                                                                  love and His word.

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Meet & Greet
                                                             •2:00PM - Ladies Retreat Planning Meeting @ Rolla                                 PURPOSE STATEMENT
        Take a moment to say hello to your                                                                                         To glorify God through our lives and worship, to boldly carry
                    neighbors!                               This Week                                                             out the great commission (Matt. 28: 19-20), to identify and strive
                                                                                                                                   to meet the needs of our community, to equip God's people to
#561 "Since Jesus Came..."               (1,2 & 3)           Wednesday                                                             serve while maturing in their walk with Christ and to enrich
 #526 "Victory In Jesus"                 (1,2 & 3)           •7:00PM- Bible Studies
                                                                                                                                   and grow our church family.
Prayer List
Prayer                                  Tim Gola             Coming Up..
#495 "Jesus Saves"                       (1,2 & 4)           Sunday, April 26th
Scripture Reading/Prayer                Don Gaub             •Stewardship Program starts
                                                             •2:30PM - Nursing Home Service
Special                                   Puppets
Message                                  Tim Gola            Wednesday, April 29th
                                                             •1:00PM - Gleaners Meeting
#445 "Have Thine Own Way, Lord"            (1 & 4)
Communion Meditation           Cleamont Sheeley
#524 "At Calvary"                          (1 & 4)           "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God
                                                                   is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Lord’s Supper                                                                    - Romans 6:23
Benediction                       Jeff Zeigenbein                    Those serving in the April 26th service:
                                                                  Van Driver: Jeff Zeigenbein (Phone: 765-4304)
                                                                          Communion Prep: Sally Wall
                                                                    Communion Meditation: Wayne Anderson
 We welcome all of our visitors today! We have available a
                                                                         Special Music: Tom Henderson
 nursery and three children's worship classes for children               Scripture Reading: Tom Carnes
                                                                           Morning Prayer: Tim Gola
                ages newborn to 6th grade.                                  Benediction: Mark Patton
         •Today's Nursery Worker: Regina Hutton                          Nursery Worker: Debbie Carnes

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