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					                         Quotes from Founding Members of the
                    Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education
“Great teaching and research universities are in a continual state of change and innovation. In that
regard, The University of Texas at Austin is among the most advanced academic institutions in the world
in measuring accountability, harnessing new discovery and meeting the challenges of the future. As
Chair of The Commission of 125, which laid out a blueprint for progress and reform at UT, I am proud of
UT’s focus and drive to be the best public university and its national reputation as a ”University of the
first class.”
                                                                                  Kenneth M. Jastrow II
                                                                      Chairman, The Commission of 125

"Texas' Tier One research institutions attract world-class faculty and scientists who come to our state to
create and inspire innovation that drives our economy forward. I am proud that the University of
Houston is attaining Tier One status, a research institution where the creation of knowledge happens
and where it is furthered and nurtured. I believe passionately it is in the best interest of all Texans to
encourage this activity which makes such an impact on our communities and their economic health.”

                                                                                       Beth Robertson
                                            Former Chair of the University of Houston Board of Regents

“Texas A&M and The University of Texas have worked too hard for too many years to now do an about
face on academic excellence in both teaching and research. It is our strong desire that our Tier One
flagship universities be the best in the world, and we will get there by public support, advocating for
excellence and following transparent processes for progress and reform, not backroom assaults on
institutional leadership.”
                                                                                              Gerry Griffin
                                       Former Member of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
                                                            Distinguished Alumnus, Texas A&M University
                                                             Former Director, NASA Johnson Space Center

“As a former chancellor of the UT System, I am keenly aware of the daunting task of managing one of
our state’s most important entities, made even more so when political posturing and backroom pressure
interfere with the transparent conduct of business. The UT System is a tremendous economic engine for
the state of Texas, and with its six health institutions, nine academic campuses, more than 200,000
students, over 18,000 faculty members and nearly 70,000 employees, has an important role in charting
the course for our state’s future. To maintain the integrity and value of this important resource, we
should work together in a public, transparent and productive way to ensure the UT System and all of our
institutions of higher education will produce the bright minds and innovations our state needs to stay
                                                                                                 Dan Burck
                                                       Former Chancellor of The University of Texas System

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"Texas A&M, like The University of Texas, is a Tier One research institution with an advanced mission for
developing human beings and new knowledge. To maintain the integrity of that mission for the sake of
all Texans, we must maintain the highest standards of excellence and quality, not undermine our
institutions with short-sighted prescriptions for cost-cutting that jeopardize the quality of our state's
most precious resources."
                                                                                                  Jon Hagler
                                                          Former Chairman of the Texas A&M Foundation
                                                            Distinguished Alumnus, Texas A&M University
                                            Co-Chairman of Vision 2020 with A&M President Ray Bowen

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