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					                          Nancy Young Elementary PTA

                                                                                                             June 2007
                             A Fond Farewell!                                                             Volume 8, Issue 8
President’s Passage                               by Sharon Sugas
                      This has been a really great year! The PTA and the Young Community had so many extra reasons to
                      celebrate this year. Our volunteers were very creative and hard working, the students learned many
                      interesting things, our staff members felt appreciated, The Bears made it to the Super Bowl, and Nancy
                      Young turned 70 and she chose to celebrate with us! Nancy Young opening her presents as the students
                      sang is not something that will soon be forgotten. This was also a bitter sweet year because Mrs. G., our
                      first Principal, guided us so well over the years and has now decided to retire. We worked hard over the
                      years to establish the many great programs that we have. Nancy Young is truly a great place to be with
                      our students and volunteers showing us this every day. Mrs. G. has been a big part of this. As a
community we have planned and operated so many classroom activities, after school events, weekend fun, Young Sons’ and
Young Daughters’ events. This was all possible with your support of each of our programs. Thank you for making this a great
year for everyone. Volunteers are always greatly appreciated even if we forget to say it. Thank You! The Fall Fundraiser helps
to fund it all. Again, thank you for your support. This month’s issue is full of the many thank yous that we might have forgotten
to say before now. Thank you is important to say because you, the volunteers, are important to Young. I have been at Young
since we first opened the doors in 1999. The years have each been wonderful, and I look forward to many more as Patrick
moves on from first grade. Thank you for making the last two years fun-filled and memorable. I wish Mrs. G a retirement filled
with joy and many happy memories. I also thank her for all of her guidance and support as well. I welcome the future fun and
memories with Ms. Morgan as Young’s new principal and Sue Rasmus as our new president. I know they will do very well.

Farewell from the Principal                                                                                 In this issue...

Dear Nancy Young Parents,                                                                          President’s Letter                 1
                                                                                                   Principal’s Letter

When I first announced my retirement, it seemed so long ago and                                    New Principal and President        2
it has been a quick year filled with great memories and closure for
                                                                                                   Meeting in a Minute, IPPC,         3
me. But the time has come to say good bye to all of you in this last                               Kindergarten Orientation
                                                                                                   State Fair, Educational            4
                                                                                                   Enrichment, Thank You
One of the great things about kids is that they are painfully honest.
My favorite retirement comment is when a first grader asked me if                                  Dominicks, Bakers R Us, Tool       5
I was retiring, I said yes, and should have stopped right there. The                               Box Help, Thank Yous
teacher in me then took it one step further and asked, “do you
                                                                                                   New Board, Emergency Call          6
know what it means to retire?” He thought for a moment and then said, “YES. It’s when you          Tree, Receipts, Shop online/
get really, really old and they make you stop working!” Not the answer I was expecting, but        Earn funds
just what I deserved for asking the question to a six-year old.
                                                                                                   Market Day, Fall Fest              7
                                                                                                   Volunteers, Reflections
So, I am going to leave you in good hands, and with Ms. Morgan’s leadership, I have every
confidence that NYE will continue to flourish and be a great place to teach and learn.             Staff Appreciation Donors          8

                                                                                                   Staff Appreciation, Thank          9
Heartfelt thanks to each and everyone for your support throughout the years. It has been my        You, Lunch Menu
pleasure to serve the Young community. Many people ask me what I will do. The answer is            Under the Sea 2007                 10
everything and nothing. Wish me well as I continue on with new adventures.
                                                                                                           Important Dates
With love and respect,
Mrs. G.                                                                                            6/4    Market Day Pickup 5-6pm
                                                                                                   6/6    Mrs. G’s Retirement Party
             “For those who love the young, best stay young the longest”                           6/7    Field Day
                                                                                                   6/11   Last Day of School
                                    -Edgar Friedenberg
                                         Our New Principal
My name is Ms. Morgan, and I will be principal at Young Elementary School beginning July 1, 2007. I am most excited
about returning to Indian Prairie 204 and becoming a member of the Young family. I served as principal at Longwood
Elementary in IPSD 204 for 3 years, and I currently serve as principal of an elementary school in the northern suburbs.
Young Elementary is a superb school that is child-centered and possesses a hard-working, talented staff that truly
strives to meet the needs of each child. In addition, the parent community is actively involved with the programs and
activities within the school and provides great support to the children and staff members of Young.
Mrs. Giambalvo and I are working closely together and communicating regularly in order to facilitate a smooth transition
for the 2007-2008 school year. I look forward to becoming a member of this outstanding school
community and continuing the work begun by Young's current principal, Mrs. Giambalvo.
Please feel free to stop by the office during the summer months to say hello.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer,
Ms. Morgan

                                   Our New PTA President
Dear Young Parents,

What a delight it is to be at Nancy Young Elementary! We are blessed with the combination of a wonderful staff and
great parents that all share a common goal of providing the best school experience possible for our children.
As the new PTA President, I’m looking forward to continuing the great programs that have been
built here over the past eight years. A big thank you to Sharon Sugas, for her time, efforts and
dedication as our PTA President from 2005-2007. She’s done a fantastic job.

As this year winds down, we are already looking ahead and getting excited for the 2007-2008
school year. We are putting together a whole new theme (think big adventures!), looking for
volunteers to help as committee chairs, and already planning for fall events.
As part of our planning, the district has asked us to give all parents the chance to offer their input
on parties scheduled for the upcoming year. At this time, we are proposing to follow the same schedule for classroom
events as last year, which included:
Fall Party – October
This traditional fall party invites students to participate in a costume parade and then enjoy a craft, snack and games
back in their individual classrooms.
Winter Party - December
A student favorite, our winter celebration is highlighted by a dance party and New Year’s countdown in the gym.
Students also enjoy pizza and games in their classrooms.
Curriculum Party – Spring
In the spring, the PTA sponsors curriculum based parties for each grade level. Teachers help select the activities for
these celebrations. The parties were as follows:
         Kindergarten – Letter Parade                                  3rd Grade – Cinco de Mayo Party
         1st Grade – Beach Party                                       4th Grade – State Fair
         2 Grade – Nate the Great Pancake Party                        5th Grade – Farewell Event
If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our proposed classroom party schedule please contact me at
srasmus@juno.com, Mrs. Giambalvo at jenny_giambalvo@ipsd.org or Ms. Morgan at adrienne_morgan@ipsd.org.
We value your input and look forward to getting more parents involved with activities throughout the year. Please be
sure to fill out the PTA form in your child’s school registration packet and if you have any questions or suggestions
please feel free to contact me anytime at 585-1605.
Have a great summer!
Susan Rasmus, 2007-2008 PTA President

Page 2                                                                                                          Newsplash!
                                         Meeting in a Minute
Here’s what happened at the May 15th PTA Meeting:
 Mrs. G.’s District retirement party will be held on May 30.
 United Way Dolphin kick off is May 22nd at 2:30pm.
 A big thank you to Nancy Capezzuto & Renee Glasgow for decorating the Dolphin.
 Activities in June consist of:
        June 1st - Kindergarten Letter Parade June 1st - First Grade Beach Party
        June 4th - Market Day                     June 7th – Field Day
        June 8 – Awards Ceremony                  June 11th - Last Day of School.
 Treasures Report: Total Inflows$10,627.91, Total Outflows $4,299.22 ,Net Inflow $6,328.69, Balance on Hand
   $28,843.72 Interim Budget 2006-7 carryover $8,000.00.
 May 31st is the deadline to submit reimbursement forms.
 Kindergarten orientation had a great turn out. The PTA sold 18 water bottles, 43 NY T-Shirts, and 18 toolboxes.
 Volunteers are needed to help deliver the toolboxes when they arrive. Please contact Marcia Bodda.
 Field Day T-shirts will arrive on May 25th.
 Bakers Square donated 12 pies to the 4th grade State Fair.
 Spirit Council will be selling “smencils” (pencils with an aroma) for $1. Limit 5 per student.
 A big thank you to Joanne Jachimiec and Karen Breck for all of their hard work and creativity during staff
   appreciation week.                            - submitted by Patricia Holt

                               IPPC Update - Top Ten Facts
1. The Indian Prairie Parents’ Council met for the last time this school year.
2. No Child Left Behind is being reviewed in the U.S. Senate.
3. Schools will be used as polling places, but should it be during school attendance days?
4. Contact District 204 School Board Members to voice your opinion.
5. The 2008-2009 school year calendar will be decided in January.
6. IPPC will sponsor a basketball game on November 16th at WVHS to benefit the IPPC College
Scholarship Fund.
7. Howie Crouse, District 204 Superintendent, is retiring at the end of this school year.
8. Howie was given a quilt made from T-shirts from each school in district 204.
9. The quick take of the third high school land is still in process and an extension is being filed in the Illinois Senate.
10. Our own Young Parent, Katherine Hedl, was elected as the IPPC Treasurer.

                                  Kindergarten Registration
                                          Attention Parents with Preschoolers!!
                                        KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION 2007-08
                   Young Elementary is in the process of “rounding-up” children who will be beginning Kindergarten this
                   upcoming school year. If you have a child who will be five years old on or before September 1,
                   2007, the child is eligible to enroll in kindergarten for the 2007-08 school year. The cut-off date is a
                   state mandate, there is no district early admission. Letters were sent home with each Young
                   Elementary student, but if you know of anyone in the neighborhood without a child presently at
                   Young, please pass on this information to them. Ask them to call the school office for kindergarten
                   registration information at 375-3800.

June 2007                                                                                                                 Page 3
                    State Fair                                          Thanks for the Pies!
           A special thank you to the following                 A great big thank you goes to Bakers Square for
           parents who helped with Fourth Grade                 donating 12 apple pies for the 4th Grade State Fair
           State Fair. Stephanie Dodson, Mary                   Lunch celebrating all the 4th grader’s hard work on
           Konkle, Dee Dee Busher, Kim May, Lori                their State Fair research and projects. That was a big
           Stark, Tina Bobo, Michelle Nielsen, Sheryl           job. The PTA sponsored the rest
Wright, Kristy Janus, Sandra Coyner, Sylvia Jazo,               of their lunch of hot dogs, chips,
Nancy Capezzuto, Nancy Casselman, Cathy Lisac,                  and soda. The kids really loved the
Cathy Chamberlain, Beth Austin, Mary Mooney, Cindy              apple pies! Great job everyone
Hartge, Joani Fogarasi, Tammi Arostegui. The fourth             and thank you Bakers Square for
graders finished the week with "State Fair Lunch."              your generosity!!!!!!.

                                   Educational Enrichment
                    Thank you to all the wonderful parents who helped with all of our programs this year. We have so
                    much to offer the children - Spirit Council, State Fair, Dare, Reflections, Publishing Center, and Art
                    Awareness. Each program offers a different experience for Nancy Young Students and we couldn’t
                    do it without our parent volunteers. We had over 100 parents helping us this year and appreciate all
                    your time, efforts, and creative ideas. If you have any suggestions to make our programs better,
                    please give me a call or an email. It is only with each volunteer’s help and input that we can make
                    our programs fantastic. Thank You!! Katherine Hedl mhedl@gninternet.net

                              A Huge Thank You Goes to...
             The 2006-2007 PTA Executive Board, They are each outstanding………..
1 Vice president, Sheryl Wright- Sheryl was our happy “go to girl” that helped in more ways than
I can count, including rounding up donations of all sorts all year long.
2nd Vice President, Kristy Janus- Kristy kept us all well fed with all of the restaurant nights she
planned and leant us her wisdom all year long. Thanks!
Treasurer, Denise Phillips- Denise is great with numbers and made sure we all stayed within
budget and she even repaid all of the volunteers quickly. That’s talent!
Recording Secretary, Trish Holt- Trish took all of the notes from each PTA meeting, working quickly and accurately as
well. She is also very good with cement! Thank you!
Corresponding Secretary, Amy Coryell- Amy not only sent out many thank you cards and get well cards, she also put
our newsletter together each month and made it look great. And if that wasn’t enough Amy also printed off each PTA
Membership card!
Educational Enrichment, Katherine Hedl- Katherine watched over the Art Awareness group, the Publishing Center,
Spirit Council and Reflections. She did a wonderful job.
Membership and Communications, Shannon Lynch- Shannon was very organized all year long and made our
Membership Drive look easy, helped with our Fall Fundraiser, oversaw the Directory, organized Cougars Night and many
other things. Great Work!
Social Committee, Sue Rasmus- Sue used her enthusiasm and creativity a lot this year to help make this school year
one of many celebrations, everything from Bears Mania to Nancy’s Birthday Bash. She either planned or watched over
all of the fun events this year as well. Who can forget the construction hats and laser tag? Sue made it all so much fun!
Service Committee, Diane Martin- Diane worked very hard helping Our Young Community give back to those in need.
Do you remember the Halloween candy and tennis shoe drives? Diane also helped guide the State Fair and Spirit
Council. Good job!
Ways and Means, Marcia Bodda- Marcia watched over every money making committee that we have at Young as she
sold apparel, tool boxes and helped at social events. Wow!

Page 4                                                                                                           Newsplash!
                 Dominick’s                                                    Bakers R Us
           Are you a Dominick’s shopper? If you are,          The Staff Appreciation Committee would like to send out
           here is a great way to help earn funds over        a special thank you to all of the extraordinary Bakers R
           the summer and all year long for Nancy             Us Committee members, as well as their Chairperson,
Young Elementary!                                             Sue Sfikas. Without all of the bakers’ assistance
                                                              throughout this school year in all of our meals for the
Just register your Dominick’s Fresh Values Card at
                                                              staff members, we couldn’t have made the celebrations
                     www.escrip.com                           so wonderful. The Bakers Committee members were
Select “Nancy Young Elementary” as the group you wish to      always helpful and willing to add some goodies to our
support. Have your card handy to enter your card number       meals - and the goodies were always delicious.
when signing up.                                              The Bakers R Us Committee
Just present your Fresh Values Card each time you shop        Members include: Susan Nichols,
and Dominick’s will contribute up to 4% of your purchase to   Betsy Kluge, Patty Samojaedny,
our school!                                                   Nancy Casselman, Whitney
                                                              Brennan, Laurie Serikaku, Angela
                      Thanks                                  Marty, Kristine Goldfine, Robin
                                                              Schoolman, Wanda Hill, Lisa
                                                              Gaertner, Pam Baldwin, Amy Audifred, Amy Coryell,
            Special thanks to Julie Eriksen for all her
                                                              Maureen Brink, Cindy Hartge, Joyce Cartina, Joanne
            efforts with the Service Committee. Julie’s
                                                              Calme, Anne Vosmik, Debbie Shabaz, Cathy
            years of experience with Picture Day, the
                                                              Chamberlain, Jeannine Sahatdjian, Diane Martin,
            Fall Fundraiser, and other service projects       Sharon Donaldson, and Nina Prabhu.
            help keep those events running smoothly!

                         Fabulous Volunteer Opportunity!
The School Tool Box committee is looking for 3 or 4 volunteers to help for about two hours on or
about August 22nd (the day or two before school starts). Duties include sorting the pre-packed
boxes by classroom and delivering them to the classroom teachers. It’s a great, quick way to get
back in the swing of the school year, PLUS you get a sneak peek at your child’s class and teacher
before the year starts! If you would like to help, please call Marcia Bodda at 692-0796 or e-mail at
mbodda@aol.com. Thanks and have a great summer.

               School Store                                                  Spring Photos
Special thanks to our School Store volunteers for                 Thank you to the volunteers that helped at our spring
  minding the store each week for our Young                                            photo day:
    Dolphins (and counting all that change!)                           Kym May         Linda Matty      Sue Sfikas
  Barb Smith      Amy Coryell      Karen Breck                                    Aashma Dalal             Nina Prabhu
We are especially lucky to have our committee chairperson                         We couldn't have done it without you!
  Linda Matty. Thanks to her, the students had a great
       variety of fun and useful items to purchase!                                           - Julie Eriksen

                     Apparel                                                        Flowers
          Field Day Survivor T-Shirts were delivered           A big blooming thanks to Sandy
          last week to all those who pre-ordered               Carothers for the beautiful floral
          them. We sold 446 T-Shirts and look                  displays she created to decorate the
forward to seeing everyone in their new shirts on              front entrance of our school. They look
Field Day June 7th. (Rain date is June 8th)                    great!

June 2007                                                                                                            Page 5
                                       PTA Board Elected
         The following individuals were elected to be the officers of the 2007-2008 PTA Executive Board:
President:              Susan Rasmus                                   Recording Secretary:        Linda Matty
1st Vice President:     Katherine Hedl                                 Corresponding Secretary: Sharon Sugas
2nd Vice President:     Shannon Lynch                                  Treasurer:                 Marcia Bodda

 Elections were held at the April 17th PTA meeting. Elected officers will assume their duties on July 1st and
        have begun planning for next year. Look for their introductions in the September newsletter.

                                 Whew! No Emergency...
Thank you to the 70 plus parents that agreed to be an Emergency Calling Tree Contact for one of our Young class-
rooms. Each classroom had at least 2 parents ready in case an emergency situation came up. There
were also 6 grade level moms, one PTA President, and several Young Staff Members ready to be acti-
vated if Mrs. G needed us to spread important information quickly. That is a whole army of volunteers
helping to keep Young safe and informed. Thank you to everyone that was in charge of one of the
sealed red emergency envelopes. Now that the year is quickly coming to an end, please return your un-
opened RED Emergency Calling Tree Envelope to School. Mark your envelope Attn: Sharon Sugas,
PTA President. This is one committee that takes so many volunteers which we happily never had to
call!!!!!!!! Thank you, Sharon Sugas

                                     Committee Wrap-up
              By now all the committee chairs should have received the PTA Committee Year End Wrap-Up Report
              form. Please complete this form and return it Attn: Sharon Sugas, PTA President, by June 5th so we can
              make our committees even better next year! Your feedback on this form helps us to update and improve
              the committees as needed. Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work.
              We look forward to working with you again next year!

               Last Chance!                                             Did You Know?
Please note that May 31, 2007 is the                       Did you know that you can
                                                           continue to earn money for
deadline for turning in any and all receipts to            our school by shopping online
the PTA Treasurer for reimbursement. If                    with our Fall Fundraiser
                you turn in your receipts but              company? It’s true! Since our
                                                           Fall Fundraiser was so
                do not receive a check by
                                                           successful, there is no need to conduct any major
                June 7, please contact                     fundraising this spring. But, we can continue to earn
                Denise Phillips (851-1987)                 funds for purchases made at
                right away. We cannot carry                                 www.kathrynbeich.com
reimbursements over from one school year to                So, next time you are surfing the web, check out the
the next, so please be aware and follow these              gift wrap, candy, snacks, gift items, and personalized
                                                           items the Kathryn Beich company has to offer. At
deadlines accordingly. Thanks and have a                   checkout, search for and select Nancy Young
great summer!                                              Elementary as the school you wish to support!
                                                           Happy Shopping!

Page 6                                                                                                      Newsplash!
                                                  Market Day
                                              Summer is coming! Please stock up on your favorite Market Day items.
                                              Our last Market Day is on MONDAY, June 4th. Pick-up is from 5:00 p.m. to
                                              6:00 P.M. in the gym at Nancy Young.
                                          A special thanks goes out to our Market Day co-chairs, Linda Matty and
                                          Robin Adamchik, for all of their hard work. Thanks also go out to our
                                          2006/2007 Market Day volunteers: Denise Phillips, Kris Sandberg, Trish
Campise, Sheryl Wright, Katherine Hedl, Sue Rasmus, Laura Moran, Karen Welsh, Karen Breck, Debbie Shabaz, and
Jean Allen. Your hard work is very much appreciated.
--Marcia Bodda

                                           Fall Festival 2007
                  Mark your calendars now for our Annual Fall Festival Saturday, September 29th.
                         We are already in the beginning stages of planning and are looking for volunteers willing to step
                         up and take charge of a booth. This is a great chance to work together as a family or with
                         neighbors and friends and have some fun while helping the school. Please contact Susan
                         Rasmus at 585-1605 or srasmus@juno.com if you would like more information.
                         We are also collecting small trinkets for our much-loved fall fest treasure boxes. If you have
                         small boxes or containers, McDonald’s toys, bouncy balls, etc. that you are done with, please
                         save them to pass along for fall fest. You can contact Sandra Coyner at 585-6150 for more
                         details, drop items off to her at 2584 Harlstone Drive over the summer, or save them to bring to
                         the school drop box in the fall.

                                      Reflections 2007-2008
                                       Want Something Fun to Do This Summer?

 Reflections is a program sponsored by the Illinois PTA that promotes student participation in the areas
of visual arts, literature, photography and musical composition. Entries will be judged at the district, state
and national level. It provides kids with the opportunity to express themselves creatively. This program is
                                        open to all grade levels, K-5.

             The topic for the 2007-2008 school year is "I Can Make A Difference By...."

        All entries will be due in mid-October 2007, but you can start working on your entries right now!
        Size requirements and basic information is as follows:
        Visual Arts: Size not to exceed 20" x 24" with mat. Entries may include painting, drawing, printmaking,
        needlework or computer art.
        Photography: Size not to exceed 11" x 14" with mat. Black and white or color photos or a collage of
        photographic prints.
        Musical Composition: Length not to exceed 4 minutes. Score of an original composition with or without
        words on a cd or cassette.
        Literature: Categories include poetry, prose, drama, short stories, fiction or non-fiction.

                                                   For more information on Reflections you can go to
                                        Any other questions, email Cathy Chamberlain at jchamb9654@aol.com.

June 2007                                                                                                            Page 7
                                      Staff Appreciation
During the week of April 30th through May 4th, the Staff Appreciation Committee held
various activities for the staff to shower them with appreciation for all they do throughout
the year for our children. Students signed posters for the teachers, wore their teacher’s
favorite colors, and handed out “construction hat” notes to staff members. The PTA
received a donation of free lunch coupons from Chipotle Restaurant, which were put in the
staff mailboxes. One morning the staff was treated to a snack bar to help fuel them for the
day. Lastly, thanks to the many family and business donations, the staff were treated to an
Italian themed luncheon on Friday during their meetings, which ended with a prize raffle.
We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the planning and volunteering of all of these
activities. The Staff Appreciation Committee members involved included: Karen Breck, Nancy Capezzuto,
Sandra Coyner, Carolyn Fichte, Linda Matty, Cheryl May, Kym May, Brian Prince, Sumi Samy, Monica Talbot-
Bowe, and Anne Vosmik. They all spent countless hours planning, wrapping, soliciting business donations,
hanging up posters, buying supplies, and coming up with wonderful ideas to help celebrate our teachers.
Thank you to all of our incredibly generous donors who helped to make the Staff Luncheon on Friday a truly
incredible celebration for the staff:

                   THANK YOU to these generous BUSINESS DONORS

     Abercrombie and Kent               Fox Valley Park District                 Monson’s Jewelers
         Anderson’s Bookshop                   Fuller’s Car Wash                      Panera Bread
         Blockbuster Videos            Hallmark Cards and Gifts                 Premium Outlet Mall
          Chili’s Restaurant                  Jewel Food Stores                      Red Star Tavern
         Chipotle Restaurant                  Jimmy’s Char House                     Riva Steakhouse
               Costco                    Medinah Country Club                          Sam’s Club
   Dawn Cueto (Gold Canyon)                        Menards                            TGI Friday’s

                        THANK YOU to our NYE FAMILY DONORS
Arora family               Carlson family               Golminas family              Rasmus family
Arostegui family           Chettayar family             Jachimiec family             Samy family
Bach family                Coryell family               Kinney family                Schoolman family
Baldwin family             Coyner family                Kleczka family               Sfikas family
Bass family                Diaz family                  Linden family                Talbot-Bowe family
Bautch family              DiPadova family              Lisac family                 Thorne family
Blazer family              Eber family                  Matty Family                 Vosmik family
Brennan family             Fernando family              David & Kym May family       White family
Breck family               Fichte family                Jerome & Cheryl May family   Williams family
Brink family               Helen Fichte                 McWha family                 Wright family
Buscher family             Fox family                   Ernie Olfe
Byrne family               Gaertner family              Owens family
Capezzuto family           Glasgow family               Prince family

Page 8                                                                                                    Newsplash!
                                                           Staff Appreciation
Also, thank you to our extraordinary Bakers R Us Committee, as well as the Chair Sue Sfikas, who once again
helped us add some goodies to the luncheon: Wanda Hill, Angela Marty, Debbie Shabaz, Betsy Kluge, Anne
Vosmik, Amy Audifred, Joyce Cartina, Susan Nichols, Cindy Hartge, Amy Coryell, Nina Prabhu, Joanne Calme,
and Kathy Prince.
Thank you to Mrs. G as well as all of the staff who let us into the buildings early to set up, helped us with
the logistics of a whole week of activities and assisted us with the dissemination of information about what
we were planning.
We would like to thank Diane Martin, our Nancy Young Students, and the rainy days that helped to create
the posters that covered the walls during Staff Appreciation week.         - Joanne Jachimiec

        A big thank you goes out to Jim Laverdi, the owner of
      Carrabbas Italian restaurant, located at 944 S. Rte. 59 in
    Naperville. Mr. Laverdi was so kind to donate chicken marsala
    and penne pomodoro as the main dishes for our luncheon. The
       food from Carrabbas was outstanding and was definitely
                        enjoyed by everyone!

                            Thank You Social Committee Volunteers!
                 We’ve had a great social year at Nancy Young filled with lots of fun activities. We are lucky to have a long
                 list of volunteers who make so many great events possible. As the year winds down we have a few more
                 thank you’s to parents who have put in lots of time and effort.
                 Thanks to all our room parent volunteers throughout the year, who have made our classroom parties
                 possible. We look forward to having you back for more fun next year.
                 A special thanks to Karen Breck and Joanne Jachimiec, who headed up our Staff Appreciation committee
                 this year. They did a fantastic job overseeing this very busy committee.
Thanks to Sue Sfikas for taking care of the Snack Basket in the teacher’s lounge. The staff is so happy you took care of
them all year!
Thanks to Shannon Lynch and Sandra Coyner for doing an outstanding job heading up this year’s Kane County
Cougars night. Thanks to their hard work, students were able to read for free tickets and t-shirts this year.

                                                                   Lunch Menu
                                                            Nancy Young ● June 2007
        Monday                            Tuesday                       Wednesday                        Thursday                        Friday

4   Select one                    5   Select one                   6   Select one                  7      FIELD DAY!             8   Select one

1     Stuffed Cheese Stick with   1     French Toast, Sausage      1    Chicken Patty on a         Select one                    1    Corn Dog
      Sauce                             Links                           Wheat Bun                                                2    Chicken Patty on Wheat
2     Cheese Pizza                2     Pancake, Sausage Links     2    Toasted Cheese             1    David Berg Hot Dog            Bun
3     Shaker Salad                3     Shaker Salad                    Sandwich on Wheat Bun      2    Red Baron Cheese Pizza   3    Shaker Salad
4     Turkey Wrap                 4     Turkey Wrap                3    Shaker Salad                                             4    Turkey Wrap
5     Ham Wrap                    5     Ham Wrap                   4    Turkey Wrap                Sides: Apple                  5    Ham Wrap
                                                                   5    Ham Wrap                          Munchie Mix
Sides: Baked Chip Basket, Fruit   Sides: Baked Chip Basket                                                                       Sides: Baked Chip Basket
Juicy                             Food Bar: Carrot Coins,          Sides: Baked Chip Basket                                      Food Bar: Cauliflower, Carrot
Food Bar Broccoli Florettes,      Broccoli Florettes, Red Jello,   Food Bar: Broccoli Florettes,                                 Coins, Mixed Veggies, Green
Carrot Coins, Mixed Veggies,      Orange Wedges, Pineapple         Carrot Coins, Mixed Veggies,                                  Apple, Pears Fruit Cocktail
Green Apple, Orange Wedges,       Tidbits, Peaches                 Green Apple, Orange Wedges,
Pineapple Tidbits                                                  Pineapple Tidbits

June 2007                                                                                                                                                 Page 9
                                            Under the Sea 2007
                    Nancy Young Elementary is sponsoring our own dolphin statue in the United Way Under the Sea
                    program this summer in downtown Naperville. Students were the first to see our dolphin, “Jenny,” at
                    a special unveiling ceremony on May 22nd. You can visit “Jenny” all summer long. She’s located
                    along the Riverwalk between Centennial Park and Washington Street.
                    A big thank you to our artists for this project, Renee Glasgow and Nancy Capezzuto. They came
                    up with a pastel paisley design that is entwined with educational quotes, including one from Mrs. G.
                    Many hours were spent sanding, priming, and painting this beautiful work of art. Thanks, ladies!
                    Our goal is to raise $2,500 and buy our statue at the United Way fundraising auction this fall so we
                    can put it on permanent display at the school. This annual auction is one of Naperville United Way’s
biggest fundraisers of the year. Naperville United Way offers dozens of programs aimed at helping people within our
community, including nearly a half million dollars that is invested specifically to help children and youth. You can learn
more about this organization by visiting their website at www.napervilleunitedway.org
Students are still collecting change for this project and are welcome to keep collecting all summer long. We are
encouraging kids to earn their change by offering to do extra jobs around the house. You can check out the dolphin-
meter next to the multi-purpose room to see exactly how much we have raised to date. We’ll give you another update
when school starts in the fall.
If you would like to make a personal or business donation that is tax-deductible, you can contact Diane Martin at

                                                                          Mrs. Giambalvo and District
                                                                           204 Superintendent, Howie
                                                                          Crouse, were among the first
                                                                           to meet “Jenny”, the Nancy
                                                                                Young dolphin.


If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, you       Call ahead for pricing and
may consider a visit to the Nancy Young dolphin statue and               studio hours.
then head over to Pottery Bayou to paint a dolphin of your
                                                                       Pottery Bayou
Pottery Bayou, a local shop that allows you to paint your own
masterpieces, is offering a variety of pottery selections that        117 Water Street
are related to the Under the Sea theme. They will donate a          Naperville, IL 60540
portion of the proceeds from these pieces to the Naperville
United Way.                                                            630-718-9823

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