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									                                                                          M.I. Date:_________
                                HAZEN ENTERPRISES
                                     P.O. BOX 41265
                                TUCSON, ARIZONA 85717-1265
                                   PHONE (520) 795-8429

DATE _________________________

Address of Unit _____________________________ Rent________________ Deposit_____________
Do you have any pets? ________________________ How many? _________ Kind _______________
# of occupants _______________________________ Present Phone __________________________
How did you find out about us?  Paper  Sign  Locator Service ____________  Other _______

1. Name ________________________________ Birthdate _____________ S.S.# _______________
   Present Address ______________________________ Zip _______ Rent $ ______ How Long ___
   Landlord ____________________ Address __________________________ Phone ____________
   Reason for moving ________________________________________________________________
   Employer ____________________ Address __________________________ Phone ____________
   Position ______________________________________________ Monthly Income ____________
   Supervisor ____________________________________________________ How Long _________

2. Name ________________________________ Birthdate _____________ S.S.# _______________
   Present Address ______________________________ Zip _______ Rent $ ______ How Long ___
   Landlord ____________________ Address __________________________ Phone ____________
   Reason for moving ________________________________________________________________
   Employer ____________________ Address __________________________ Phone ____________
   Position ______________________________________________ Monthly Income ____________
   Supervisor ____________________________________________________ How Long _________

3. Previous Landlord (Other than where you now rent or own)
   Landlord _______________________ Phone ____________________ Dates _________________
   Monthly Rent ________________ Reason for moving ____________________________________

4. Have you ever been evicted or broken a lease? (If yes, please explain)_______________________

5. Automobiles (Maximum of two (2) vehicles permitted on premises)
   Make 1. ___________________ Year __________ Color _________ License _________________
        2. ___________________ Year __________ Color _________ License _________________

Person to notify in case of emergency (local)
   Name _____________________________ Phone _________________ Relationship __________
  Address _________________________________________________________________________

   I/We have read and understand the following (Please initial):
    1. Rental Agreement ___________________
    2. Pet Addendum ______________________
    3. Lease Rider (Water) _________________

    I, the undersigned, certify that the information given herein is for the confidential use of the
management and is declared to be factual and true. (Management reserves the right to reject any
applicant because of misrepresentation). If this application is accepted, I will abide by all the
rules and regulations of the management, I acknowledge that this deposit will be forfeited in full
as liquidated damages if I do not accept occupancy on approval of this application. A copy of
the rental agreement and/or any rules and regulations pertaining to this rental property has been
made available for my inspection.

Applicant ______________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Applicant ______________________________________________________ Date: ______________
                                                 HAZEN ENTERPRISES

                                  TENANT SCREENING/ OCCUPANCY STANDARDS

            These are the screening & occupancy standards that will be enforced on a uniform basis with all residents.

1. Minimum Income.

Household income must equal 3 times the apartment rent. Income from all sources will be considered. If a person has no credit
history, a rental may be considered with a co-signer. The co-signer must also meet all standards.

2. Address History.

Applicants must provide one year of verifiable address history. Roommates and relatives will be excluded as references.
Omission of an address is grounds for rejecting application.

3. Verifiable Income and Credit Records.

If the application information cannot be verified, the application may be rejected.

4. Density/ Occupancy Limits.

   One Bedroom                2 persons
   Two Bedroom                4 persons

5. Other Reasons for Rejection.

   A.   False or incorrect information.

   B.   Attitude. If an applicant is rude or argumentative, this application may be rejected.

   C.   Negative or unverifiable references.

   D.   Prior evictions or a history of problems with prior owners/ managers/ residents.

   E.   Poor credit history, i.e. judgments, bankruptcies, collections, repossessions or poorly rated accounts.

* F.    Criminal record.
        * (includes pending cases; policy available on request).

I have read and understand the tenant screening and occupancy standards outlined above.
I authorize any applicable agencies to release credit, rental employment & income information to agents of Hazen Enterprises

First Name                              M.I.                                    Last Name

Applicant Signature                                                             Date
                                                                                 PM Agreement #   _______________

                                                  *READ ONLY*

                                     RENTAL AGREEMENT
                               HAZEN ENTERPRISES – “LANDLORD”
                                              P.O. BOX 41265
                                         TUCSON, ARIZONA 85717-1265



RENT: The rent shall be $______ per month payable by Tenant to Landlord, at the address below, in advance on the 1 st
day of each month of occupancy. In the event the term of this Agreement commences on a day other than the first day of a
calendar month, the rent shall be pro-rated from the commencement of this Agreement to the first day of the next
succeeding month. Rent is payable by check or money order only. Rent is due on the 1st day of the month, delinquent
on the 2nd of the month, and late fee is assessed after 5:00 p.m. on the 4 th day of the month. NO PARTIAL
PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. __________________________________________________________________

OCCUPANCY: Tenant agrees that only the following named persons shall occupy the dwelling unit.

TERMS: The term of this agreement shall be:
     A. For the period commencing on ________________,______ and terminating on _________________,______

VACATE NOTICE: Tenant hereby agrees to deliver to Landlord, at least (30) days prior to the termination date specified
herein, written notice of intent to vacate the premises. In consideration thereof, Landlord agrees to give written 30 days
notice of non-renewal of this Rental Agreement. Tenant may be present at the move-out inspection.

OTHER PAYMENTS: If tenant fails to pay rent on or before the fourth day of each month, a late fee of $50 will be
charged. A fee of $30 will be charged for each returned check as a reasonable charge for the expense of handling each
such returned check. Tenant is responsible for all late fees incurred due to a returned check. Tenant must issue a cashier’s
check for the amount of returned check plus returned check charges and late fees, for acceptable payment. If Tenant issues
more than one NSF check to the Landlord all subsequent payments must be paid with a cashier’s check.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Tenant has paid to Landlord the sum of $200 as a security deposit, and $200 as a non-refundable
fee for carpet cleaning and touch-up painting. The security deposit shall be deposited into an interest bearing broker’s
trust account during the term of this Agreement to insure compliance by the Tenant with the provision of ARS Section 33-
1341. Interest on the deposit shall accrue to the Landlord. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, and upon
statutory notice, the Landlord shall have the right to retain or apply so much of the balance of the security deposit as shall
reimburse the Landlord for damages suffered due to the Tenant’s failure to comply with ARS Section 33-1341 and to pay
rent accrued for the time in possession, including late charges and charges for returned checks. Landlord will assess for all
necessary cleaning and repairs.

PETS: Pets are not permitted without the express written consent of the Landlord. Any resident with a pet must agree to,
and have, the accompanying pet Addendum to this rental agreement. If any resident obtains a pet without the express
written consent of the Landlord, it shall be considered a material and irreparable violation of this rental agreement. A pet
fee will be charged for the privilege of having a pet. All pet fees are non-refundable. (Tenant must initial agreement to
this clause.)__________

ALTERATIONS: The Tenant shall make no alterations, additions or improvements to the dwelling unit, either within or
without, without prior written consent of the Landlord. Tenant shall be liable to the Landlord for the cost of proper repairs
of any damage caused by Tenant alterations.

STORAGE: Storage of any objects whatsoever outside of the said premises is strictly prohibited. Nothing is to be in the
carport. All storage must be inside the premises or outside in the enclosed yard area only. No storage of any objects or
items is allowed above the fence line. Tenant shall not hang any items whatsoever from fences, windows, and/or any part
of said premises.

ASSIGNMENT: The Tenant does not have the right to assign this lease or sublet any portion of the premises without the
written consent of the Landlord.

CARS AND PARKING: Parking is to be in designated spaces only. Tenant may not park boats, trailers or inoperable
vehicles on the premises. Inoperable, abandoned or unauthorized vehicles will be towed and stored at owner’s expense,
creating a lien on the vehicle for all related towing and storage charges. __________. Vehicles parked in a no parking
zone, or impeding traffic or trash collection shall be towed immediately at owner’s expense. Tenant may not regularly
park more than two vehicles on the premises. Both vehicles must be operated on regular basis. Absolutely no mechanical
work is to be performed on the premises. Dumping of any waste materials on the premises is strictly prohibited. Tenant
and guests shall not exceed 5 mph on the premises.
RESIDENT OBLIGATIONS: Resident shall conduct himself and require other persons on the premises with his consent
to conduct themselves in a manner that shall not disturb his neighbors peaceful enjoyment of the premises. All recreational
activities shall be restricted to the interior of the dwelling unit and it’s private yard.

INSPECTION: the Tenant agrees to allow the Landlord to enter the rental property for the purpose of inspecting the
premises, making repairs, or showing the property for rent or sale, provided such inspection is made at a reasonable hour
and further provided Landlord has given the Tenant 48 hours advance notice.

KEYS: Upon occupancy Tenant will be given two door keys and one mail box key. When Tenant vacates the premises,
these keys shall be returned to Landlord. If Tenant fails to return all keys at time of move out a fee of $40 will be assessed.

NOTICES: All notices provided for herein shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the Landlord or authorized agent
at the address indicated below and to Tenant at the residential dwelling unit rented herein. Notices shall be sent by
certified mail, return receipt requested or personally delivered.

UTILITIES AND LANDLORD’S LIABILITY: Tenant is responsible to pay for electric, gas, water, cable television,
telephone and installations of phone jacks within the dwelling unit. Pursuant to A.RS 33-131401. Landlord reserves the
right to allocate to Tenant the cost of solid waste removal during the tenancy. Landlord is not responsible for Tenant’s
personal property, it being the parties’ intent that all Tenant’s personal property shall be kept on the premises at the risk of
Tenant only: Tenant must acquire its own renter’s insurance. ________ (Tenant must initial agreement to this clause.)
Landlord accepts no liability for any personal property left on premises at time of move-out. Landlord may dispose of any
such property if it is deemed not worth the cost of moving, storing and selling. Tenant is responsible for the cost of
removal of any personal property.

SERVICE AGREEMENT AND ADVISEMENT LETTER: Tenant has been provided a copy of our “Service
Agreement” and “Advisement Letter” and understands that any service work performed as a result of Tenant’s actions or
inactions will be paid for by the Tenant.

FEES: In the event an action is brought for enforcement hereof, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the
other party the court costs and attorney’s fees as determined and awarded by the court. If this account is referred for
collection, I/We agree to pay collection fees up to 45% on the owing. If legal action is deemed necessary, I/We agree to
pay reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to the above collection fees.

PARTIES: In the event there is more than one Tenant designated herein, the liability of such parties shall be joint and
several and, if such parties are husband and wife, community and separate.

WAIVERS: No waiver of Landlord of any provision hereof shall be deemed a waiver of any other provision hereof or any
subsequent breach by Tenant of the same or other provision. Landlord’s consent to, or approval of, any act shall not be
deemed to render unnecessary the obtaining of Landlord’s consent to, or approval of, any subsequent act by Tenant.

DISCLOSURE: In compliance with the provisions of A.R.S 33-1322, the Landlord hereby discloses to the Tenant the

A free copy of the Arizona residential landlord and tenant act is available through Arizona secretary of state’s office.

                                              Name of Landlord or authorized agent:

                                           Hazen Enterprises       Brandt Hazen
                                           P.O. Box 41265          3320 N Country Club Rd #100
                                           Tucson, Arizona 85717 Tucson, Arizona 85716
                                                      Phone: (520) 795-8429

In witness whereof, the parties set their hand this _________ day of ____________________,_______ at Tucson, Arizona.

______________________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________
       FOR HAZEN ENTERPRISES                      TENANT                       TENANT

Tenant hereby acknowledges receiving a fully executed copy of this Agreement, including any and all Addendums.

______________________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________
              BROKER                              TENANT                       TENANT
                                                 *READ ONLY*

                                   LEASE RIDER – WATER & SEWER

LANDLORD:                                               HAZEN ENTERPRISES
                                                        P.O. Box 41265
                                                        Tucson, Arizona 85717-1265

TENANT(S):                                              ____________________________________


PREMISES:                                               No. ___________________________________


                                                        Tucson, Arizona _________________________

Tenant has leased the Premises from Landlord pursuant to the attached Rental Agreement. Tenant agrees to pay
Landlord for water and sewer services provided to the Premises, meter reading, services and applicable taxes. In
addition, Tenant agrees to pay Landlord a one-time set-up fee of $20.00. The volume charges for water and sewer
shall be calculated based upon the applicable rates assessed by Tucson water.

Landlord shall bill Tenant monthly for all charges hereunder, which shall be due and payable within ten (10) days
after such billing. If Tenant fails to pay such charge on or before the tenth (10 th) day of each month, a late fee of
Five Dollars ($5.00) will be charged.

HAZEN ENTERPRISES                                       TENANT

______________________________________                  ___________________________________________


                                                        Date: ______________________________________

Landlord street address:    3340 N. Country Club #102
                            Tucson, AZ 85716
                            Phone: (520) 795-8429
                                                   *READ ONLY*

                                               HAZEN ENTERPRISES
                                                   P.O. Box 41265
                                               Tucson, AZ 85717-1265
                                                   (520) 795-8429

                                                  PET ADDENDUM

NAME: _______________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________

Pets are not permitted without the express written consent of the Landlord and payment of a non-refundable pet fee
in the amount of $250.00 for 1st pet and in the amount of $50.00 for 2nd pet (maximum of two 2 pets). Total pet fee:

This is a pet fee and shall not be applied to any amounts for damages which may be due to the Landlord. The
Landlord may pursue any other necessary action to reimburse Landlord for such damages.

Listed below are some rules to be followed in regards to pets:

    1.   Pet is to be on leash at all times when outside of the dwelling unit.
    2.   Loose pets will be given to Pima County Animal Control.
    3.   Noisy pets will be required to be removed from the dwelling unit complex.
    4.   Front and back yards must be kept clean daily and are subject to periodic inspection by Landlord.
    5.   Walking your pet through the complex is prohibited. Please clean up any droppings your pet may leave on
         the premises.
    6.   Any tenant allowing an unauthorized pet on the premises or obtaining additional pets, other than specified
         in this agreement, shall be considered in material violation of the Rental Agreement.
    7.   No pets are allowed in the pool area.
    8.   If tenant’s pet )cat, dog, and/or other) urinates or defecates on the carpet, and/or soils the carpet in any way,
         it will be replaced at tenant’s expense. _____________ (Tenant’s initials)

By signing this agreement, Tenant hereby authorizes and gives Landlord sole right to determine whether the pet is in
violation of these restrictions.

Tenant __________________________________________________ Date: _______________________

Tenant __________________________________________________ Date: _______________________

Landlord ________________________________________________
                                                   *READ ONLY*

                                              HAZEN ENTERPRISES
                                                  P.O. Box 41265
                                              Tucson, AZ 85717-1265
                                                  (520) 795-8429
                                                Fax (520) 323-1623

TENANT: __________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________

DATE: _____________________________________                HAZEN: _______________________________

Welcome to Hazen Enterprises. We are happy you chose us for your housing needs. Hazen Enterprises is in the
townhouse rental business, providing unique residential settings in several locations in the Tucson area. We strive to
maintain our townhouses in top condition and at the same time Residents keep that part of the premises that they
occupy and use as clean and safe as possible.

The purpose of this letter is to review some of our policies that are not specifically addressed in the Rental
Agreement. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact our office during regular business

Our office hours are:      Mon-Fri            8:00am to 5pm
                           Saturday           9:00am to 3pm

You will be provided with a “Move-In Agreement” upon signing your Rental Agreement. This Agreement must be
filled out and returned to our office within ten days of occupancy. Please be specific and thorough when filling out
this Agreement. Note any and all damages existing in the townhouse. We will compare your Agreement with the
one we did upon, the unit being vacated. A copy of the Agreement will be kept in your file for comparison when
you vacate the townhouse.

Routine service calls are handled between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday. EMERGENCY service
calls should be called in at any time, however MAKE SURE IT IS A GENUINE EMERGENCY. If a service call is
your responsibility it is much less expensive during regular working hours. We recommend that everyone invest in
a toilet plunger and a hair screen (for the bath tub drain), as these two items will save unnecessary service calls. If
you desire, Hazen will supply thumb locks for your windows and slider door.

Tenant’s responsibilities include: changing light bulbs, tightening loose screws and other minor
adjustments/repairs to the town home. Hazen Enterprises will charge $40 to change a lock (no charge if
damage was not caused by tenant or tenant guest) and $5 to change a light bulb. In addition, fees for any
certified mail sent will also be charged to tenant.

Service calls will be done at our convenience, however we make every effort to complete the calls within 48 hours.
Due to the number of service calls each day it is difficult to schedule appointments. If you wish to be present for a
service call YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE AT OUR CONVENIENCE. In the case of any emergency repair
we may access the unit immediately.

The resident is responsible for paying all utilities including water, electric, gas and phone. The resident must
arrange for service to be started for gas, electric and phone prior to occupying the townhouse. In most cases the
water will be on. If resident must contact the water company you will be informed at the time of application.

Water is a limited resource in the Tucson area. Please help us conserve water by:

    1)   Report all water leaks immediately.
    2)   Keep car washes to a minimum.
    3)   Water back yard only as needed.
    4)   Never leave the water on when not at home.
    5)   Inform the office of leaks in the irrigation system for the landscaping or unexplained puddles of

All appliances should be kept clean inside and out on a regular basis. You are responsible for any damages and
cleaning at time of move out. The frost free refrigerator obviously need not be defrosted, however it should be
cleaned at least once a month. In all cases the refrigerator should be moved away from the wall to vacuum the dust
of the coils in back and clean underneath. Keeping your refrigerator clean inside and out helps it work more
efficiently and helps reduce your electric bill. Condensation on outside of GE Refrigerators is normal during times
when humidity is high.

The range top should be cleaned after each use and the oven kept clean on a regular basis, along with the range hood
and vent. This will greatly reduce the cleaning at time of move out.

If you have a dishwasher you should wipe down the front as well as the inside on a regular basis. Before you start
the dishwasher run hot water in the sink to help the dishwasher work more efficiently. Never put plastic in the
dishwasher as it will melt. Also, use only detergent manufactured for dishwashers. Other detergents will cause
leakage and damage to dishwasher

If you have any pest problems feel free to call Terminix directly (520) 309-6430. We have a contract for pest
control, so there is no charge to tenants to use this service. Please let them know you live in a Hazen Townhouse.
F.Y.I.: We are already a Terminix customer, so press the correct prompt for EXISTING customers. Also, be
sure you are speaking with the TUCSON office.

HAZEN ENTERPRISES strives to keep the townhouse free of pests. Please contact Terminix at the first indication
of pest problems so that an infestation does not occur.

In addition to pest control, we also have a contract for termites. Please report any evidence of termite activity to the
office immediately. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Hazen Enterprises is responsible for stoppage in the main sewer line only. The resident is responsible for stoppage
within the individual unit. Management will charge resident for repair costs within the unit. Again, please invest in
a plunger.

The City of Tucson collects trash by automated collection in one of three ways:

    1) Metal dumpster in front of the complex.
    2) Round plastic container in front of the complex.
    3) Plastic container (one per duplex) in front of each duplex.

Always place trash inside of container. Never place trash on top of, or next to the container. Since trash collection
is automated, trash left next to container will not be removed. Large items such as boxes should be broken down
before placing them in the container. If your complex has the containers, which are shared by a duplex, you must
take the container to the curb on collection days and return it to the duplex the same day. The City of Tucson may
remove containers left on the curb. Due to holidays and weekends the trash containers can fill up, we
recommend that you purchase a trash container to store in your enclosed back yard.

If you are interested in recycling, please call the office to request a recycle bin. The recycle bin has to be put out on
the curb the evening before, and brought back to your unit the day of pick up. Please store your recycle bin in your
enclosed back yard. Please note, in some complexes recycling can’t be picked up; please see office for further

Absolutely no personal items are to be stored outside the dwelling unit. Storage must be confined to the interior of
the unit or to the enclosed back yard. The carport is for parking a vehicle only. Any resident storing items in front
of or next to the unit will be in violation of the Rental Agreement and subject to a notice to vacate the premises.

We allow a maximum of two vehicles per unit. Each vehicle must be listed on your Rental Application, only these
two vehicles are permitted on the property. Inoperable vehicles, trailers, boats motor homes, and unauthorized
vehicles are not allowed and will be towed at owner’s expense.

Absolutely no vehicle maintenance or repairs may be performed on the premises.

In most complexes parking is tight so please use common sense and courtesy when parking. Do not block
driveways or other vehicles. In most cases parallel parking in front of the townhouse blocks the driveway and is a
hazard, as the driveway also serves as a fire lane. If you have quests please have them park on the street and save
the on site parking for the residents of the complex.

Pets are only allowed with the express written consent of the Landlord. ABSOLUTELY NO PITBULLS WILL BE
ALLOWED!!!! Anyone obtaining a pet without the prior consent of the Landlord is in direct violation of the Rental
Agreement and may be given notice to vacate the townhouse. The same holds true for anyone obtaining an
additional pet, or house sitting a pet for a friend or relative. Approval of having a pet on the premises is with strict
understanding that the yard, house and premises will be kept clean on a daily basis. You are responsible for
exterminating inside and out, pet odor, and any and all damages caused by the pet. Any and all complaints
regarding your pet are considered a violation of your Rental Agreement and may result in removing the pet from the
premises or vacating the unit. When outside of the unit your pet must be on a leash at all times. There is a leash law
in effect in Tucson and you should be aware of the rules and know the consequences.

The carpet in your townhouse is the item, which is most frequently damaged by the resident. In most cases the
damage is unintentional; however the resident is still responsible for any and all damage.

Several helpful hints regarding the carpet are:

    1) Clorox, once spilled, cannot be removed and bleaches the carpet permanently, in which case the carpet has
       to be replaced at the resident’s expense.
    2) Pet odors and pet urine permanently damage carpet, padding, and in many cases the concrete floor and
       baseboard. These must then be replaced and treated at the resident’s expense.
    3) Koolaide and furniture stains can also permanently damage carpet, in which case replacement is necessary.
    4) Burns from cigarettes, matches, irons, etc….Is permanent damage.

Please remember that you are responsible for any permanent damage to the carpet other than “NORMAL WEAR”,
and that you are liable for repairs and/or replacement.

Per your Rental Agreement, we require a written thirty-day notice before you vacate your townhouse. This enables
us to not only advertise the townhouse, but also plan our workload efficiently. WE STRICTLY ENFORCE THE

You must return all keys to the office. The unit is not considered vacated until the keys have been returned. Once
we receive the keys, we inspect the townhouse for damages. Landlord will assess for all necessary cleaning and
repairs. If you do not return all keys you will be assessed a $40.00 fee to cover the cost of changing the locks.

It is to everyone’s advantage to leave the townhouse as clean as possible. We suggest that you allow yourself at
least half a day, after everything has been moved, to clean the townhouse. You should also schedule your utilities to
be left on until you are completely moved out and the townhouse has been cleaned. Please remember that you may
request to be present at the move-out inspection. Attached is a list of scheduled charges that you may incur if your
townhome is not left clean.



                                                      *READ ONLY*
                                                   CHARGES TO TENANT

Bedrooms (bent – 1st slat)                                    $15.00
Bedrooms (bent – each after 1st)                              $2.00
Living Room (bent – 1st slat)                                 $17.00
Living Room (bent – each after 1st)                           $2.50
Blind Replacement – mini blind                                To be determined by invoice
Blind Replacement – vertical                                  To be determined by invoice
Vertical Slat Replacement (each)                              $4.90

Cleaning Only                                                 Covered by non-refundable deposit
Pet Treatment                                                 $30.00
Deodorizer                                                    $20.00
Replacement                                                   Cost pro-rated over 5 year depreciation less portion of carpet
                                                              cleaning portion of nonrefundable deposit
Repairs                                                       To be determined by Invoice

Full Clean                                                    $150.00
Dirty Tub                                                     $25.00
Dirty/Stained Toilet                                          $25.00
Dirty Sinks                                                   $25.00
Dirty Range/Oven                                              $50.00
Dirty Refrigerator                                            $25.00

Hog Out (remove items) inside only:                           $75.00
Hog Out (remove items) outside only:                          $75.00

Backyard rake weeds, etc.                                     $50.00

Touch Up Only                                                 Covered by portion of non-refundable deposit
Full Paint                                                    To be determined by invoice less portion of touch-up paint
                                                              portion of non-refundable deposit
Holes in wall-repair (each)                                   $20.00

Replace 3 panel sliding closet doors                          $150.00
Replace 2 panel sliding closet doors                          $100.00
Replace only 1 panel on sliding closet door                   $50.00/each panel
Replace bi-fold closet door (1door/2panels)                   $50.00
Replace bi-fold closet door (2doors/4panels)                  $100.00
Replace damaged interior doors                                $98.00
Replace damaged front door                                    $500.00
Fix damaged doors                                             $40.00
Window glass repair/replace                                   To be determined by invoice
Mirror repair/replace                                         To be determined by invoice

Bedroom screen repair                                         $10.00
Bedroom screen replacement                                    $25.00
Living Room screen repair                                     $10.00
Living Room Screen replacement                                $25.00
Kitchen screen repair                                         $10.00
Kitchen screen replacement                                    $25.00
Slider screen repair                                          $10.00
Slider screen replacement                                     $70.00

Towel bar replacement                                         $10.00
Light switch cover replacement                                $5.00
Light globe replacement                                       $9.00
Remove washer/dryer                                           $45.00
Change Locks/Keys not returned                                $40.00
Pool key not returned                                         We will keep $20 key deposit
Power/washing grease out of carport                           $55.00

Non-refundable deposit of $400.00 covers the following:
         Carpet cleaning w/admin charges                      $100.00
         Blind cleaning w/admin charges                       $45.00
         Touch up paint w/admin charges                       $255.00

Non-refundable deposit of $350 covers the following:
         Carpet cleaning w/admin charges                      $100.00
         Blind cleaning w/admin charges                       $45.00
         Touch up paint w/admin charges                       $205.00

                                               *Prices subject to change without notice*

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