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					     Product Notification: cRIO-9014 and cRIO-9074 DMA FIFO
                         Memory Allocation

June 16, 2011

Dear National Instruments Customer:

We recently discovered that NI-RIO Versions 2.3.0 to 3.0.0 can cause a memory allocation issue
when used with cRIO-9014 and cRIO-9074 controllers. These versions of NI-RIO are at risk of
generating incorrect data from DMA FIFO operations or causing an application crash. For more
information on this issue please visit ni.com/info and enter DMAmemCRIO.

To correct this issue, please download and install NI-RIO version 3.0.1 or later. The current
version of NI-RIO can be found by accessing the web, going to www.ni.com\downloads, and
downloading the current NI-RIO version from Drivers and Updates or on the November 2008
Driver DVD.

Please accept our apology for the inconvenience. National Instruments is committed to your total
satisfaction and to maintaining your confidence in our products. If you have any technical
questions or concerns, please visit www.ni.com/info and enter DMAmemCRIO or call 1-866-
275-6964 and ask to speak with a Technical Support Engineer.

If you are not the end user of this product(s), please forward this letter to the end user or provide
National Instruments with information to help locate the end user.


Steven Bassett
CompactRIO Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

Arves Stolpe
CompactRIO Product Marketing Manager
National Instruments

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