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									    Executive Director’s Letter                            Wendat Update
                                                             March 2007

Wendat has a great deal   in on their own time to
for which to be grate-    help with an agency           Inside this issue:
ful. We have been         need or project, all staff
blessed with dedicated    are very supportive of
volunteers, a commit-     each other and of help-
ted and visionary         ing the clients when         Wendat’s           2
board, a very com-        they need it. We have        Services
passionate and skilled    been fortunate to be
workforce and tremen-     able to cross-train staff
dous support from the     to work in multiple
community. My heart-      programs and they have       New:
felt thanks are ex-       embraced this opportu-       Psychogeriatric    3
pressed to all of you.    nity to support one an-      Services
                          other and build a            at Wendat
In particular I would     stronger agency. This
like to take a moment cooperative support has
to further recognize      been most beneficial in
two of these groups:      our Crisis Program           New People and
our staff and our do-     where demand for ser-        People News;       4
nors. The outstanding vice continues to in-            Lip Sync Winners
work done by our em- crease. In this regard,
ployees gives new         the contribution of the
meaning to the term       staff has been matched
“above and beyond the only by the support of
call of duty”. Even       the community.               Improved
when they have more                                    Operating          5
than enough work in       Thanks to some very          Systems
their own program,        generous donations,
every staff member        Wendat will be able to
willingly steps up to the expand the Crisis
                                                       My Story:
plate to help each other Services Program by an
                          additional staff person      Living with        6
when need dictates.
                          over the coming year.        Schizophrenia
Whether it’s extra
hands to help serve din-
ner for 120 people in     A sincere thank you to
the Social Club, pitch- all of the staff and our                          7
                          donors. You are deeply       Crisis Services
ing in to cope with a
sudden influx of people appreciated.
in crisis at Huronia Dis-         Lorna Tomlinson
trict Hospital or coming                               The Back Page      8
      Page 2                                                                          WENDAT UPDATE

Wendat Community Psychiatric Support Programs
Everyday Heroes Struggling with Mental Illness

                            applications for subsi-     There is a free clothing
                            dized and/or specialized    exchange, two meals a
                            housing and other           week and a monthly
                            landlord-tenant matters.    newsletter.                   Our mission is to

                            Supported                   Peer Support                assist adults disabled
                            Employment                                               by mental illness to
                                                        Recovery is possible and
                            We believe in the value     our Peer Support               be satisfied and
Support for                 of people doing real        Workers prove it. These       successful where
                            work for real pay.          living examples of
Independent Living                                                                   they live, work and
                            Employment opportuni-       success provide hope and
                            ties exist for persons      inspiration as well as            socialize.
Wendat assists clients to
                            with mental illness to be   practical assistance in
live as independently as
                            hired within the Wendat     helping people recover
possible with in-home
                            organization in Peer        and regain their inde-
support, peer support
                            Support and other staff     pendence. Hiring
and when required,
                            positions.                  persons on staff who
after-hours emergency
                                                        have a mental illness    support and rehabilitation
support. Persons in this
                                                        provides a strong voice  services to all adults of
very intensive program
                                                        for consumers within the North Simcoe County
receive service seven
                                                        mental health system.    who are disabled by men-
days a week until
9:00pm each evening.                                                             tal illness. Since 1987,
The focus is on rehabili-                               Crisis Services          Wendat has offered ser-
tation specialized to the                                                        vices under the guidance
individual’s needs.                                     The program provides     of a volunteer Board of
                                                        crisis services 12 hours Directors. Funds for the
                                                        a day on weekdays and    program come from the
Housing Registry
                                                        8 hours per day on week- provincial government,
                            Social Club
                                                        ends via the Emergency donations, grants and our
It can be very intimidat-
                                                        Room at Huronia District own fundraising initia-
ing making phone calls      A place to meet friends
                                                        Hospital or by appoint-  tives.
and contacts when look-     and socialize on a
                                                        ment in the Wendat
ing for a place to live.    regular or drop-in basis,
                                                        offices, usually within  Our name, Wendat,
The Wendat Housing          or to participate in
                                                        24 hours of referral.    comes from the First
Registry helps with the     formal, structured
challenges of finding a     activities. Membership                               Nations People who were
home. This service is       is free to anyone with a    Rebuilding a             the original inhabitants
free to clients who need    mental illness. We          life...Renewing a        of North Simcoe. Like
accommodation and to        invite participation in the dream                    our clients, they survived
landlords who need          monthly membership                                   against all odds and now
good tenants. We also       meetings to discuss the     A charitable, non-profit live with dignity, dreams
assist with completing      Club and its activities.    corporation providing    and hope.
WENDAT UPDATE                                                                                           Page 3

  Wendat Psychogeriatric Services Program - Under Development
 The Wendat Psycho-          of the Program is also      Le Service psychogéria-     de santé mentale, Pene-
 geriatric Program is a      under development re-       trique offert par Wendat    tanguishene (CSMP) à
 unique community            lated to the establish-     est un programme com-       celui d’une institution
 based service for sen-      ment of a service proto-    munautaire unique diri-     de soins de longue du-
 iors with complex Men-      col and work agreement      gé aux personnes âgées      rée. Afin d’assurer le
 tal Health needs living     with the Outreach Pro-      souffrantes de maladies     succès de cette transi-
 in Simcoe County and        gram of the Geriatric       psychiatriques com-         tion, un partenariat avec
 Muskoka. Prospective        Services, MHCP. In          plexes résidantes du        Gail Saulnier, la coordi-
 clients are those per-      this instance, the Social   comté de Simcoe et la       natrice du Programme
 sons aged 65 years and      Worker will provide the     région de Muskoka. Ce       de services gériatriques,
 over with a Serious         families of persons re-     programme est surtout       CSMP s’est formée.
 Mental Illness or per-      ferred to GSP for a         visé à supporter les per-   Cette communication
 sons under 65 years         community psychogeri-       sonnes âgées de 65 ans      régulière facilitera la
 who suffer from a neu-      atric assessment with       ou plus atteintes de dé-    collaboration entre les
 rodegenerative disease      therapeutic interven-       sordres mentales sérieu-    deux services en vue du
 process such as Alz-        tions related to family     ses ainsi que ceux sous     bien-être de nos clients.
 heimer’s disease. The       dynamics, caregiver         l’âge de 65 ans souf-
 two components of the       burnout, elder abuse,       frantes d’une maladie       La deuxème compo-
 Wendat Program con-         neglect and stress. The     neurodégénérative           sante du programme
 sist of Transitional Sup-   Social Work service is      comme l’Alzheimers.         concentrera sur l’éta-
 port and Social Work        also open to referrals      Le programme com-           blissement d’un proto-
 services. The transi-                                                               cole ainsi qu’une en-
 tional support service                                                              tente de travail avec le
 will initially focus on                                                             Programme d’interven-
 those persons prepar-                                                               tion des soins gériatri-
 ing for discharge from                                                              ques, CSMP. Dans cette
 the Mental Health Cen-                                                              instance, le travailleur
 tre, Penetanguishene,                                                               social offrira aux famil-
 Geriatric Services Pro-                                                             les des interventions
 gram (MHCP – GSP),                                                                  thérapeutiques concer-
 to that of a Long Term                                                              nant le soulagement du
 Care facility. To suc-                                                              fardeau de la famille.
 cessfully implement                                                                 Le travail social accepte
 such a service, close                                                               aussi des recommanda-
 collaboration is re-                                                                tions provenant d’autres
 quired with all partners    from other sources such prend deux services :           sources, dont la Santé
 in care. Regular meet-      as Public Health and    Un service de soutient          Publique et les docteurs
 ings are underway with      Doctor’s offices.       pour les personnes              familiales.
 the Program Coordina-                               âgées en phase de tran-
 tor of Geriatric Ser-       We hope to have the     sition ainsi qu’une com-        Nous espérons que les
 vices, Gail Saulnier, to    two components of the posante de travail so-            deux composantes du
 facilitate the blending     Wendat service opera- cial. L’objectif du pre-          Service psychogériatri-
 together of the services    tional within the near  mier service offert à nos       que à Wendat sera opé-
 for the betterment of the   future. Keep tuned as   clients est de facilité         rationnel dans le futur
 client.                     more updates will fol- leur transition du Pro-          proche. Plus d’informa-
                             low.                    gramme de services              tion à venir. ≈
 The second component                                gériatriques au Centre
Page 4                                                                                      WENDAT UPDATE

 New People and People News                            Community Link Lip Sync
  We are very happy to      lor’s degree in Psychol-   Contest
  welcome Karen Forget      ogy with many, varied
  as the Program Supervi-   interests and work ex-
  sor for our new Psycho-   periences in the fields
  geriatric Services Pro-   of music, songwriting,
                            mental health and the
                            non-profit sector.

                            Doug Ironside has re-
                            cently joined the Crisis
                            Team providing cover-
                            age to the Emergency
                            Room at Huronia Dis-
       Karen Forget,
    Program Supervisor
         Services                                             Deborah Hanmer, Tara Murdock,
                                                           Krista Morrow, Jill Spiker and Jean Ann
  gram. Karen comes to                                   Carscadden on stage with Winnie McIsack and
  us with 25 years of ex-                                    Don Latondress waiting in the wings.
  perience in acute, pal-       Doug Ironside,         In support of our local     plete with inmates.
  liative and chronic care       Crisis Worker         information and volun-      Not to be outdone, the
  settings. She is a regis-                            teer centre, Wendat         “Wendat Wailers” took
  tered social worker and trict Hospital. Doug is      participated in Com-        the prize for most team
  is also fully bilingual.  an RN with a Bachelor      munity Link’s 5th           spirit for their energetic
                            of Science degree as       Annual Lip Sync con-        production of Cindy
  The newest member of well as a B.A. in His-          test held at the North      Lauper singing “Girls
  the Wendat team is        tory and Theatre Arts.     Simcoe Sports and           Just Want to Have
                            He has worked in both      Recreation Centre on        Fun”. Askennonia
                            hospital and community     Saturday, February          Seniors Centre brought
                            settings with a focus on   17th, 2007. This year’s     international flare to
                            mental health, addic-      turn out was even bet-      the event with the Brit-
                            tions and sexual health.   ter than ever with          ish song “Bertie from
                                                       twelve teams compet-        Burlington” and took
                            A warm welcome is          ing for the coveted         home the prize for best
     Chad Webster,          extended to Yvonne         grand prize. Our            costumes. Also accept-
      Psychiatric           Bowen who recently         hearty congratulations      ing prizes were the
     Rehabilitation         joined the Wendat staff    go out to the first prize   lively bunch from the
      Counsellor            as the Office Cleaner.     winners, “Rosie and         Ontario Early Years
                                                       the Thorns” from the        Centre, best solo artists
  Chad Webster. He has                                 Rosewood Women’s            Sandra Coons, and the
  taken on the challenges                              Shelter for their           entertaining Taylor
  of the position of Psy-                              inspiring rendition of      Twins.
  chiatric Rehabilitation                              June Carter Cash and
  Counsellor with the                                  Johnny Cash perform-        Thank you to the whole
  case management team.        Yvonne Bowen,           ing “Jackson” inside of     Wendat team for a job
  Chad holds a Bache-          Office Cleaner          Folsom Prison, com-         well done!
WENDAT UPDATE                                                                                       Page 5

 Improved Operating Systems
 The Health Care Sys-         gration Network         County that have psy-       Emergency Room of all
 tem is once again in a       offices.                chiatric in-patient beds    general hospitals across
 state of flux as all oper-                           have formed a partner-      Muskoka and Simcoe
 ating systems make sig-   Closer to home in Mus-     ship to operate all acute   County. Very soon all
 nificant changes to im-   koka and Simcoe            psychiatric beds under      of these Crisis Services
 plement the principles    County, local health       one system. Kathe           will be using common
 of reform. From pri-      providers have been        Storey has recently         assessment tools and
 mary care through to      collaborating on many      accepted the position as    standardized protocols
 institutional health, all fronts with particular     the Administrative          for the admission of
 parts of our health sys-  emphasis on improved       Director for this Re-       patients to in-patient
 tem are striving to en-   integration and accessi-   gional Acute Mental         care. Wendat is pleased
 sure the right services   bility. The recent for-    Health Service. Part of     to be chosen as one of
 are provided to the right mation of a North Sim-     her job will be to estab-   the pilot sites for the
 people, as close to       coe Family Health          lish a bed registry to      implementation of the
 home as possible and in   Team (FHT) is a good       identify the location of    new assessment tool
 a timely, coordinated     example of this collabo-   an available in-patient     which will form part of
 and sustainable fashion.  ration. The FHT will       psychiatric bed, across     the electronic patient
                           include nurse practitio-   the catchment area.         record.
 Massive changes are       ners, nurses, social
 happening at all levels workers, a dietitian and     Hand in hand with the       So from top to bottom,
 of the system from the pharmacist and family         integration of the acute    the Health Care system
 restructuring of the      physicians who collec-     care beds, comes the        is in a state of reform
 Ministry of Health and tively will be better         integration of commu-       and rebirth. All sys-
 Long Term Care right      equipped to meet the       nity crisis services        tems are set to embrace
 down to how services      full range of needs of     which function as the       new operating systems
 are delivered at the      their patients. The so-    gateway to the acute in-    and move forward to
 front lines. The Minis- cial workers will be         patient system. Crisis      better meet the health
 try has reorganized it-   providing services to      Services are provided       care needs of our family
 self into four new        people with mental         by community mental         members, friends and
 branches;                 health concerns ranging    health services and are     neighbours.
 • Compliance Branch from stress disorders to         located in the
 • Financial Manage- moderate mental ill-                               Good Food Box
 ment Branch               nesses. This service
                           will be enthusiastically    The Good Food Box program is organized by
 • Local Health
                           welcomed in North           Community Link and open to everyone in the
 Integration Network
                           Simcoe. Because             community. Through it you can purchase fruits
 Liaison Branch
                           formal mental health        and vegetables at bulk prices.
 • Health Reform Im- services have been di-            Wendat is pleased to be one of the
 plementation Team, and rected to serve persons        locations at which a food box can be
 is also in the process of with serious mental ill-    ordered. A large box costs $13 and a
 closing all regional of- nesses, there are cur-
                                                       small box cost $9. Boxes must be
 fices and transferring    rently no mental health     paid for and ordered by the 10th of the month.
 responsibility as of      services for adults in      They are to be picked up on the 4th Wednesday
 April 1, 2007 for fund- the mild to moderately        of each month at the Midland Legion at 196
 ing and planning of       ill target group.           Queen Street. Anyone may place an order, in
 health care services to                               person, with Ann Marie or Eva at Wendat,
 14 Local Health Inte-      Hospitals in Simcoe        237 Second Street, Midland.
Page 6                                                                                  WENDAT UPDATE

 My Story: Living with Schizophrenia
 My first psychotic        911. When the police       or case manager, and I
 episode occurred on       came, one said to the      would never leave the         “Take him to
 Halloween night in        paramedics “take him       house.
 1999. I was 22. I lived   to the hospital he has                                   the hospital,
 at my family's home in    schizophrenia”. I was      Next my brother got              he has
 Toronto. I am the mid-    noncompliant; I did not    arrested for a weapons
 dle child of five chil-   even know the illness      charge and my parents        Schizophrenia”
 dren. I had been work-    existed. They left me at   relocated to Barrie.               ...
 ing at the time as a      home.                      They took out a second
 janitor in a commercial                              mortgage to pay for his      “I did not even
 building, but got laid   Morning came and            legal fees. Around this         know the
 off due to the company   without sleeping I went     time I was connected
 losing its contract and  over to my friend’s         with MHCP and started            illness
 was out on unemploy-     garage and smoked           to see Forensics work-          existed.”
 ment. During this time   another joint and the       ers for drug screens
 of my life, smoking      voices and hallucina-       weekly. During the two
 marijuana and drinking   tions started again. I      years I lived in Barrie I
 booze was everything     became very paranoid.       lived a very isolated
 to me.                   I got into my car, and      lifestyle. I only left the
                          ended up on the 400         house for cigarettes. My      “I lived a very
 That Halloween night     highway doing in            alcoholic father repeat-
 after smoking a joint in excess of 160km/h. I        edly said I was living           isolated
 the schoolyard, just     thought the Mafia was       my life like I was in
 meters away from my      after me. The police        jail, and would be better       lifestyle.”
 home, I started to hear finally boxed me in,         off dead. He would be-
 voices in my native      pulled me over and          come angry because all
 language. They were      charged me with dan-        I would do was smoke
 saying “shoot him”       gerous driving, resisting   cigarettes and eat. This
 repeatedly. I walked     arrest and failure to       resulted in three volun-
 home and the voices      stop. They saw immedi-      tary admissions to
 continued even inside    ately that I was            MHCP, the longest
 my home. Since the       mentally unwell, and I      being 6 weeks. It was
 voices were in my        was transferred to a        then that I decided that     “I would shower
 parent’s language, I     hospital in Toronto. I      I could no longer live
 thought that my parents spent the whole night in     with my father and his          only when
 wanted to assassinate    a straight jacket, and      abuse.
 me. I thought this       was diagnosed with                                        I had appoint-
 because I was unem-      Differential Schizo-        I found my own apart-
 ployed, involved in      phrenia. I was dis-         ment in Midland, and         ments with the
 drugs, and did not even charged after two            shortly after received an
 pay my own car insur- weeks, and had minimal         absolute discharge from
 ance. I never slept that continued treatment         Forensics. I was intro-
                                                                                      doctor or
 night and kept cursing until my Ontario              duced to Wendat when
 at my parents and        Review Board hearing.       I moved out of the           case manager.”
 saying “you want me      I would shower only         hospital and into the
 dead”. After having an when I had appoint-           community. Wendat
 hallucination, I called  ments with the doctor       has been the best and
WENDAT UPDATE                                                                                         Page 7

                                                        most intense rehabilita-   I have been living
                                                        tion I have ever re-       with Schizophrenia
            “Without                                    ceived. I see my case      for 7 years. My advice
    Wendat and my medication,                           manager 3 times a          to others with a mental
                                                        week, and my anxiety       illness would be this:
  I would have been hospitalized                        levels have gone down      allow good supports
        numerous times.”                                dramatically. Wendat to    into your life, maintain
                                                        me is like my second       your doctor and
                                                        home, and it provides      psychiatrist appoint-
                                                        me with a huge sense of    ments, take your medi-
                                                        security. They have        cation every day, forget
                   “Wendat                              basically become my        about substance abuse,
                                                        family, and I can tell     and always keep the
                                                        you without Wendat         faith. These are the
         has been the best and                          and my medication, I       things that have kept
                                                        would have been hospi-     me out of the hospital
    most intensive rehabilitation                       talized numerous times     and maintaining my
                                                        over the past two years.   own apartment for over
         I have ever received.”                                                    two years now. ≈

 Expanding Crisis Services to Meet Demand
 A crisis is a decisive      on weekends, 365 days    determine recommen-          crisis workers. While it
 time of acute difficulty    a year. Unfortunately,   dations. Between 20%-        is possible to provide
 or danger in an individ-    the demand for this ser- 25% of individuals who       coverage to the ER 365
 ual’s life that causes an   vice continues to grow   receive a crisis assess-     days a year with 2½
 inability to cope with      by more than 100 peo-    ment in the ER are ad-       staff, it is not possible
 immediate life situa-       ple each year.           mitted to hospital. The      for these few staff
 tions. It is at these                                remaining 75%-80%            members to also pro-
 times that we feel the      Crisis workers work      have a community sup-        vide the follow-up
 desperate need for help     very closely with the    port and treatment plan      crisis counselling
 and we need that help       hospital emergency       put in place for them.       service to the ever
 immediately. Close to       staff to determine an    This community plan          expanding numbers
 700 people a year,          appropriate plan of      often includes continu-      who need it. Thanks to
 reach out for help by       treatment for the indi-  ing in counselling with      the generous support of
 going to the Emergency      vidual. The Crisis       the Crisis Team for sev-     the people of North
 Room at Huronia             Worker will conduct a eral weeks, until the           Simcoe, sufficient
 District Hospital and       mental status assess-    immediate situation is       funds have been raised
 are seen by one of          ment and risk assess-    resolved or until other      to expand this service
 Wendat’s Crisis work-       ments, speak with fam- longer term services           by another half time
 ers. For the past two       ily members and sig-     can be put into place.       worker. Wendat is in-
 years, Wendat has pro-      nificant others, review                               deed very grateful to be
 vided Crisis Services to    the history of the indi- For the past two years,      able to provide this
 the ER, twelve hours a      vidual and consult with this service has been         critical service to peo-
 day during the week         the attending nurses     staffed by the equiva-       ple in crisis, when they
 and eight hours a day       and physician and        lent of 2½ full time         need it. ≈
Page 8                                                                                   WENDAT UPDATE

 The Back Page

   Boston Pizza/Wendat
  Charity Golf Tournament                    I want to
           at the                             help Wendat
                                             “ rebuild a life…
          Brooklea                              renew a dream.”
    Golf & Country Club
       9 a.m. start on
                                                                    Here is my
          June 25, 2007                                         DONATION FOR
                                                               CRISIS SERVICES
                                                        Please send me a charitable receipt
                                                         In the amount of $__________

                                             Name: ____________________________________

                                             Address: _________________________

                                                               Thank you from
                                                 Wendat Community Psychiatric Support Programs
   Tickets are $125 per player                          Box 832, Midland, ON L4R 4P4
    To register call Ann Marie
           at 526-1305

                                                                  Wendat Update
                                                                   A publication of
         If you can give one Wednesday
              afternoon per month,                               Wendat
            Wendat has an opportunity
                                                           Community Psychiatric
                     for you!
                                                             Support Programs
         We are looking for people to help
           us run Decision Bingo from
                                                                237 Second Street
                 3pm to 6:30 pm
          at the Angel Gate Bingo Hall                             PO Box 832
               in Penetanguishene.                          Midland, Ontario L4R 4P4
         If you can volunteer, please call                 705-526-1305 Fax 526-9248
              Charlotte at 526-1305.                      Lorna@wendatprograms.com

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