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									                                                 St. Nicholas Weekly Bulletin
                                                                               Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church
                                                                           Antiochian Archdiocese of North America
                                                                            Diocese of Los Angeles and the west
                                                        5200 Diamond Heights Boulevard, San Francisco, California 94131
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Volume 45                                                                              Sunday, June 14th, 2009                                 Number 22

                                        ‫ا ا‬                    ‫آ‬

       .                                                                                                                 .                        .
       .                                           .                                                .(           )
   :                                                                                                By Matushka Ioanna Callinicos Rhodes
                                    .                                                               After the Ascension of Christ the disciples were
                                                  :                                .                eagerly awaiting the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem as was
                           .                                                                        promised them by Christ. Ten days after the
                                            (                                             )         Ascension, the Holy Spirit descended as in tongues
           .                                                                                        of fire over them, and a new life was given to them.
               .                                                                                    They were filled with wisdom and knowledge never
                                                                                                    known to them before. It is the Wisdom that can
                                                                                                    only come from the Grace of the Holy Spirit
                                                                                                    himself. It is this Grace that renews our life.
                                                                                                    In Christ’s Resurrection we receive the “New”
                                                                                                    Pascha (Passover), Christ passing over from death
                                                                                                    to life. It is not the old Passover of the Old
                                                                                                    Testament, which commemorates the deliverance
                                                                                                    from the Angel of Death as he passed by the Jewish
                   .                                                                                homes, but the actual destruction of death. It was
                                                                                                    not by accident that the Crucifixion and
       .                                                                                            Resurrection occurred at the same time as the
                                                                                                    Jewish Passover. The two had to be connected.
                                                       .                                            The fiftieth day is considered to be that of new
                           .                                                                        beginnings. The Jews see this as a season to be
                                                                                                    redeemed spiritually from bondage to idolatry and
                                                                                                    immorality. With this background, one can see why
                                        .                                                           the giving and descent of the Holy Spirit had to be
                               .                                                                    on the fiftieth day after Pascha. Indeed, the new
                                                                                                    Pentecost transformed the old!
     )                                                                             :                In the “New” Pentecost we have the outpouring of
   .(12                        1)                                                      (12          the Holy Spirit and the giving of the Grace and
                                                                                                    Wisdom of God. It is no more God’s Law but God’s
                       .                                                                            Grace which bestows His Wisdom that is being
                                                                   .                                received—and we are continuously in the process
                                                                               .                    being filled with the Grace at every moment. It
                                                                                                    truly is “The New Beginning” and the beginning of
                                                                                                    “New Life.”
                                        Sunday Divine Liturgy June 14th, 2009
                                  All Saints Sunday: 1st Sunday after PENTECOST
              Tone 8 / Eothinon 1                    Epistle: Heb 11:33-12:2/ Gospel Mt.: 10:32-33,37-38; 19:27-30

             This Sunday June 14th,                                                          Altar Candles offered by
    40 day memorial Service for the servant of                                               Sunday, June 14th, offered by:
   God Issa Husary offered by offered by his                                                                     ‫د ا‬
Wife Ellen Husary, children Mousa, Nader, Nidal,
Emily Jada, Nadera Wahab, brothers Fayeq, Fouzi,                                    Rimon and Sana Jada and Family for the good
Khoder, Youssef, Bader and their families. May his                                     health of Suhair Al-Jada. Many Years!
              memory be eternal!                                                       Sponsors for June 21st are needed. Please make checks
                                                                                    payable St. Nicholas Church in the amount of $25.00 or more.

             This Sunday June 14th,                                                         Coffee Hour for this Sunday,
    1 Year Memorial Service for the Handmaiden of                                             June 14th, Sponsored by:
    God Afaf Rantisi offered by Isam, Walid, Osama
& Rana and their families, All the Rantisi Families &                           Wife, Ellen Husary, children Mousa, Nader, Nidal,
 the Hanhan Families! May her memory be eternal!                                Emily Jada, Nadera Wahab, brothers Fayeq, Fouzi,
                                                                                Khoder, Youssef, Bader & their families in memory
                                                                                   of Issa Husary. May his memory be eternal!
                                                                                     Sponsors for June 21st needed. Please make checks payable St.
          This Sunday the Holy Bread of                                                 Nicholas Teen SOYO in the amount of $25.00 or more.
            Oblation will be offered by:
                                                                                      Head Usher schedule for following
  St. Nicholas Parish family for the good health of
                                                                                       Sunday Divine Liturgy as follows:
  Jamil Howell. Many years!
  Lamia Dib and family in loving memory of Dn. Issa
                                                                                            Head Usher for Sunday June 14th:
  Dib. May his memory be eternal!                                                                       Andy Azar
  Issam, Tarek, Yazan and Jessica Dabit for the good                                   st
                                                                                     1 . Sunday of Every month, Maurice Kopti
  health of Mouna Dabit on the occasion of her                                           2nd Sunday of Every month Andy Azar
  birthday. Many years!                                                               rd
                                                                                     3 Sunday of Every month Ghassan Rantisi
  Issam, Muna, Tarek and Jessica Dabit for the good                                       4th Sunday of Every month John Salih
  health of Yazan Dabit on the occasion of his                                           th
                                                                                      5 Sunday of Every month Hanna Dayeh
  birthday. Many years!                                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Joseph & Nuha Stephan in Thanksgiving to God                                   Altar Boys for THIS Sun; June 14th, Team III
  for Baking the Bread every Sunday for the good                                       Captain:            Tarek Dabit
  health of their family. Many years!                                                  Naim Shnoudy       Joseph Husary
  St. Nicholas Parish Family for the good health of La                                 Fadi Rantisi       Charlie Sayegh
  Vern and Hanan Atherly. Many years!                                           Altar Boys for NEXT Sun; June 21st, Team IV
  Saba Family in loving memory of George Saba.                                         Captain:            Brandon Howell
  May his memory be eternal!                                                           Andrew Dabit         Edmon Borzghol
  St. Nicholas Parish Family for the good health of                                    Rami Rantisi         Fadi Jada
  Sally Habeeb, Najla Jarjura, Wajdy Nasser,                                           Nicolas Messenser
  Ellen Salfiti, Janette Tannous, Fifi Batshon, Rizk
  Harb and Ghassan Rantisi. Many years!
  St. Nicholas Parish Family for the good health of                                              Thought for the Day
  Nahil Dabit. Many years!                                                      "It is our duty, therefore, to be faithful to God,
  Maurice, Aida, Jeries and Marica Kopti for the safe                           pure in heart, merciful, kind, just and holy; for
  return of Christine Kopti from Europe. Many                                   these things imprint in us the outlines of the divine
  years!                                                                        likeness, and perfect us as heirs of eternal life." --
  St. Nicholas Parish family for the good health of                             St. Cyril of Alexandria
  Nelly Husary. Many years!                                                     Your Father in Christ, + Bishop JOSEPH
     Calendar of Events▼                                     Graduation ▼

 St. Nicholas Church Father’s
 Day BBQ & In- House Picnic
Immediately following Liturgy
       Sunday, June 21st
  Dress Causal & bring your

 Donation $10 adults & $5 kids

S.S. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church
    Celebrating their Feast Day                  Iskander Alex Dabit just graduated from El
                                                Camino High School as the class of 2009, on
  Sunday, June 28th Great Vespers @ 6 PM
                                                  June 5th 2009. Accomplishing a very high
  Monday, June 29th Divine Liturgy @ 5 PM         grade point average! He will be attending
            Followed by BBQ                     City College in the fall and then transferring
Location: 9980 Hwy. 9; Ben Lomond, CA, 95005        to UC Davis to accomplish his goal of
           Phone: (831)336-2227                 hopefully becoming a pharmacist. Mabrook!
                                                 We are so proud of you Alex, we love you!
    Event:             Date:            Time:
                                                        Good luck and god bless you!
  Teen SOYO        Tue. June 16th      6:45PM
Men’s Fellowship
                   Tue. June 23rd      7:30PM            PARENTS OF HIGH SCHOOL
Mark your calendar,                                      AND COLLEGE GRADUATES!
 ST. NICHOLAS                                         !!!‫ت‬          ‫وا‬           ‫ا‬    ‫أه‬    ‫ا‬
                                                   We would like to recognize our graduates by
*15th Annual Middle                              placing their photos and biographies in a special
Eastern Food Festival*                            edition of our Weekly Bulletin. PARENTS, we
                                                 need you to send us their photos and a summary
    August 29th-30th                                            of their biographies.
 FOR MORE INFORMATION: (415) 648-5200 /or
        email us at
 The Annual JAA Father’s Day Picnic             Dear parishioners,
                                                       We would like to encourage you to
       Sunday, June 21st @ 11AM                 receive your bulletin via email. By doing so, you
       McNear’s Beach-San Rafael                will receive it on time and you will save your
 BBQ, Music, Games, Swimming and more…          church approximately $100 a year. If you are
        Tickets are $10 A Person!               interested contact the office at 415-648-
                                                5200.Thank you, St. Nicholas Office.
         Lebanese Cuisine
      120w 25th Ave; San Mateo CA, 94403
         Mon – Sun 11 am - 9:30 pm
Join us for live entertainment on Friday night
For more info about our visit: www.
              or Call: Tel: 1(650)638-1960
 Special offer for church members 20%*Note please inform
        the waiters that you are a church members*
               *Catering and Private parties available by Executive Chef Paul *

                                                                                Jewelry Center
                                                                                   Located in
                                                                                Serramonte Mall
                                                                                 Raed Sousou
                                                                                (650) 755-2299
                                                                    21K, 18K, 14K Gold & Platinum
                                                            Jewelry, Loose Diamonds &Jewelry Repair

                            Osama Jada

                    Hairstylist for Men, Women

                             and Children

                    To make an appointment call
                      now @ 650-921-3030!

          Send address changes to St. Nicholas Church, 5200 Diamond Heights Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94131
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