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									Chicago Public Schools                                                  Instructional Management Program &
                                                                              Academic Communication Tool

              Parent Account Management for Campus Administrators

      This document provides step-by-step instruction for performing administrative tasks related to the
      management of IMPACT Gradebook’s Parent Portal. The packet provides the following task-level
      instruction for school resources.

          Task Instruction                              Detail

          √    Logging In                               Learn who can access the Parent Portal
                                                        administration tools, and how to access them.

          √    Searching for Existing Parent Account    Learn how to search for an existing account to
                                                        perform maintenance or update parent profile

          √    Creating a Parent Account                Parent account creation can be self-initiated.
                                                        However, this section contains the instructions
                                                        for creating an account for a parent that is not
                                                        comfortable doing so.

          √    Adding a Student to an Account           This section details how a student can be
                                                        manually added to a parent profile. This can
                                                        only be done internally. For a parent to link to
                                                        an account themselves, they must provide both
                                                        CPS ID and Gradebook PIN designation.

          √    Running the Student PIN Report           The PIN report is essential to providing parents
                                                        with the necessary credential to link to their
                                                        student’s account.

          √    Changing a Student PIN                   This section details the process for manually
                                                        assigning a new PIN to a student. This only
                                                        need occur when the confidentiality of a PIN
                                                        has been compromised.

          √    Distributing PIN Numbers                 This section details how “CPS PIN Letters” can
                                                        be generated and distributed for one or more
                                                        students, along with address labels.

          √    Disabling a Student Link                 This section details instruction for disabling a
                                                        parent’s link to a student account. This is
                                                        particularly useful in the event of a change in

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                          1
Chicago Public Schools                                                Instructional Management Program &
                                                                            Academic Communication Tool

      Logging In
      1. Log in to Gradebook with your network username
         and password.

          If you have been granted access to manage parent
          accounts at your school, you should see two links:
          GradeSpeed and ParentConnection.

          By default, CPS is providing these rights to the
          school administrator and technology coordinator
          user roles.

      Click ParentConnection. The main Parent Portal admin screen will appear. The Current Users
      page will be displayed by default. The Current Users page displays users Districtwide. Since a
      parent can have links to students at more than one campus, a parent account is never limited to a
      single campus.

          2. To manage the account of an existing user, enter part of their name or username into the
             search field at the bottom of the user list and click Search.

          3. For instructions on creating a new parent account, please proceed to the next page.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                    2
Chicago Public Schools                                                    Instructional Management Program &
                                                                                Academic Communication Tool

      Creating a Parent Account
      The IMPACT Parent Portal is designed to allow parents to set up their own accounts, so there will
      typically be no need for you to create one for them. The IMPACT team highly recommends
      encouraging parents to create their own accounts. However, there may be some instances where
      a parent is unable to create an account or is reluctant to do so without assistance. The
      instructions below will show you how to assist parents in this task.

      1. From the main portal admin screen, click Create User. This will result in the following screen.

      2. Next, fill out the required information for the parent (required fields indicated with a red (*).

      3. Click Create. A window will appear with additional options:

      4. Click the E-mail tab to add an e-mail address to the account. Once you have entered all the
         important parent information, click Save & Close at the bottom of the window.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                            3
Chicago Public Schools                                              Instructional Management Program &
                                                                          Academic Communication Tool

      Adding a Student to an Account
      1. Click Current Users on the main Portal admin page. Click Edit next to the desired parent
         user (you can use the Search feature at the bottom of the page to find the right parent

      2. Click the Add Students tab. You will see a list of all students from your campus with their
         student ID numbers. Select the appropriate student or students from that list, and then use
         the arrow buttons to move them into the Students to Add column.

      3. Click Save & Close to finish.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                 4
Chicago Public Schools                                                 Instructional Management Program &
                                                                             Academic Communication Tool

      Running the Student PIN Report
      School administrators and technology coordinators at participating schools can generate a
      student PIN report from within Gradebook. The report will be available to these resources only.
      The only way to discern a student’s initial PIN is to run the report.

      1. From the Reports menu, click the Student PIN Report icon:

      2. From the report generation menu (click View Report to generate):

      This report is for lookup purposes only. See details on the CPS PIN Letter for a report available
      for distribution on page 7.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                         5
Chicago Public Schools                                               Instructional Management Program &
                                                                           Academic Communication Tool

      Changing a Student’s PIN number
      Should a student PIN number become compromised, schools have the ability to make a change.
      The instructions on the next page provide guidance for the PIN modification process.

      1. Click the Students link
         on the main admin menu.
         A list of all students from
         your school will appear.

      2. Click Edit next to the
         desired student and the
         following information will

      3. Enter the new PIN
         number into the PIN field.
         Click Save & Close to

      Note: The student PIN number will not display on the screen, for any user. On-screen, a student
      PIN will appear as *********.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                   6
Chicago Public Schools                                                         Instructional Management Program &
                                                                                     Academic Communication Tool

      Distributing PIN Numbers
      In the Gradebook Reports module, there is an icon labeled CPS PIN Letter. This feature allows
      a school administrator to generate letters merged with each student’s PIN number - along with
      address labels - for printing and distribution. The form of the letter for every school will be as

                                                                                           (School Name)
                                                                                           (School Address)
        (Parent Name)
        (Student Home Address)


        We are excited to offer you access to a new CPS IMPACT Parent Portal. Here are some of the key
        features of IMPACT Gradebook’s Parent Portal:

                   Parents can use the Parent Portal to view grades and attendance online.

                   Parents can view course syllabi, assignments, class descriptions, and several kinds of notes
                   and comments from teachers.

                   Parents can receive alerts regarding students’ grades and attendance.

                   Parents can access all of their students’ profiles (regardless of school) with a single

        For instructions on establishing an account, please refer to the Parent Portal Orientation Guide provided
        during the registration process. The orientation guide will provide step-by-step instructions for
        establishing your account.

        After your account has been established you will be asked to provide both your student’s CPS student
        identification number and a Parent Portal personal identification number (or PIN) to link to your student’s
        record. This correspondence only contains the PIN designation.

        PIN Designation
        The PIN designation for student [STUDENT NAME HERE] is [PIN NUMBER HERE].

        We look forward to working with you through this new tool to ensure that your student is progressing
        towards pre-defined educational goals.

        [Principal Name]

      Note: The content of this letter is the same for every school and will not be changed to
      incorporate any additional verbiage.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                                 7
Chicago Public Schools                                                  Instructional Management Program &
                                                                              Academic Communication Tool

      1. From the Reports Module
      the letters and labels may be
      generated for one student, a
      group of students by letter
      range, or all students. By
      default, All Students will be

      2. An individual student may
      be selected using the
      Students drop down list. To
      generate for a letter range of
      students, the Print Multiple
      Students checkbox must first
      be selected. Then select the
      appropriate letter range from
      the Print Group drop down
      list that will appear.

      3. Once the appropriate parameters are selected, click the Print Letters button to generate
      letters displaying each student’s associated PIN code.

      Click the Print Labels button to generate printable mailing labels with each selected student’s
      name, guardian name and mailing address.

      There are some critical steps to remember when generating mailing labels for distribution:
          •    The generated labels are compatible with Avery Label #5160 only.
          •    Browser margins must be set as follows:
                    o    Top & Bottom Margins: 0.5 inches
                    o    Left & Right Margins: 0.25 inches
      Browser margins can be defined in Internet Explorer by clicking the File menu and then selecting
      Page Setup. Also be sure to remove any browser headers/footers.

      All generated reports can be printed using the browser’s print function and distributed to parents.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                       8
Chicago Public Schools                                                 Instructional Management Program &
                                                                             Academic Communication Tool

      Disabling a Student Link
      There may sometimes be a need to disable the link between a parent account holder and a
      student record (example: a change in custody status).

      1. To disable a parent account holder’s ability to see a student’s records, first click the Current
         Users link on the main portal menu.

      2. Click Edit next to the user’s name. This will yield the screen below.

      3. Next, click the Students tab.

      4. Use the Status drop down list to change the appropriate student’s status to Denied.

      5. Click Save & Close to finish.

            Note: Do not simply click Remove to delete the student link because the parent can
            simply re-apply with another account. By selecting the “Denied” status, you prevent the
            parent from re-applying to access the student again.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                     9
Chicago Public Schools                                                Instructional Management Program &
                                                                            Academic Communication Tool

      Add an Event to the IMPACT Portal Calendar
      The IMPACT Parent Portal allows school administrators to add a schoolwide event to the portal

      1. Click Calendar on the left side
      2. Click the desired date on the
         calendar that appears.
      3. Enter the event description into the
         text box, and then click OK.

      The event will appear on the portal for
      parents and students under their
      Calendar view.

                                          For High Schools Only

      Settings that can alter the appearance of grades in the portal
      If a school finds that the semester average column is not appearing on the parent or student
      portal, check to see whether the School Settings     Grading Settings Hide Semester Averages
      option is enabled.

      The school settings page illustrated on the following page holds a number of key items related to
      the configuration of grades. One of the settings on the page will directly affect the manner in
      which student grading information is displayed on the portal.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                     10
Chicago Public Schools                                               Instructional Management Program &
                                                                           Academic Communication Tool

      High     schools    should
      disable      the      Hide
      semester         averages
      option indicated below.

      Enabling this setting
      (checking the box) will
      cause the semester
      average to be hidden in
      the Parent and Student

      Disabling this setting
      (un-checking the box)
      will allow the semester
      average to be displayed
      in the Parent and Student

      Note: Because elementary students do not typically take one-semester courses, elementary
      schools can enable this setting at their discretion to hide the semester average from the portal

      When the semester grade is set to be displayed, portal users can click the Cycle 1 or 3 average
      to see the assignments for those quarters, and can click the Semester 1 or 2 grade to see the
      assignment detail for the entire semester.

      IMPACT Gradebook Initiative                                                                  11

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