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SEPT 2011 - JULY 2012


									              CALENDAR: SEPT 2011– JULY 2012
             SEPT                      JAN                  APRIL CONT’D
Fri 2nd            APP 7    Fri 6th            APP 7   Fri 20th      DYOT
Mon 5th      WORKSHOP       Wed 11th           HQ 9    Tues 24th     DYOT
Tues 6th     WORKSHOP       Thurs 12th        DYOT     Wed 25th       APP 6
Wed 7th      WORKSHOP       Mon 16th           HMT     Mon 30   th
Thurs 8th    WORKSHOP       Tues 17th          HQ 8
We 14th             HQ 9    Fri 20th    APP 5/DYOT                  MAY
Thurs 15th          HQ 7    Tues 24th         DYOT     Fri 4th              APP 7
Fri 16th      AP 5/DYOT     Wed 25th           APP 6   Wed 9th              HQ 9
Mon 19th            HQ 6    Mon 30th          DYOT     Fri 11th            DYOT
Tues 20th           HQ 8                               Tues 15th            HQ 8
Wed 21st           DYOT                FEB             Mon 21st             H MT
Mon 26th           DYOT     Fri 3rd           APP 7    Tues 22nd           DYOT
Wed 28th           APP 6    Tues 7th          DYOT     Wed 23rd            APP 6
                            Wed 8th            HQ 9    Mon 28th            DYOT
            OCT             Fri 17      APP 5/DYOT
Wed 5th            DYOT     Mon 20th           HMT                  JUNE
Fri 7th             APP 7   Tues 21st          HQ 8    Fri 1st              APP 7
Tues 11th          DYOT     Wed 22nd           APP 6   Thurs 7th           DYOT
Wed 12th            HQ 9    Thurs 23rd        DYOT     Wed 13th              HQ 9
Thurs 13th          HQ 7    Mon 27th          DYOT     Fri 15th            DYOT
Mon 17   th
                    HQ 6                               Mon 18th             HMT
Tues 18th           HQ 8             MARCH             Tues 19th             HQ 8
Wed 19th            APP 6   Fri 2nd         APP 7      Wed 20th            DYOT
Fri 21st     APP 5/DYOT     Mon 19th        HMT        Mon 25th            DYOT
Mon 24th           DYOT     Tues 20th        HQ 8      Wed 27th             APP 6
                            Wed 21st        HQ 9
             NOV            Fri 23rd       DYOT                     JULY
Wed 9 th
                  HQ 9      Mon 26th       DYOT        Thurs 5th         DYOT
Thurs 10th       DYOT       Wed 28th        APP 6      Fri 6th            APP 7
Fri 11th         APP 7                                 Mon 9th        APPLIQUE
Tues 15th        DYOT                 APRIL            Tues 10th      APPLIQUE
Thurs 17th        HQ 7      Mon 2nd WORKSHOP           Wed 11th       APPLIQUE
Fri 18th
           APP 5/DYOT       Tues 3rd WORKSHOP          Thurs 12th     APPLIQUE
Mon 21st          HQ 6      Wed 4th WORKSHOP           Fri 13th          DYOT
Tues 22nd         HQ 8      Thurs 5th WORKSHOP         Tues 17th           HQ 8
Wed 23rd         APP 6      Wed 11th         HQ 9      Wed 18th            HQ 9
Mon 28th        DYOT        Thurs 12th      DYOT       Mon 23rd          DYOT
                            Fri 13th        APP 7      Wed 25th           APP 6
    Christmas Lunch         Mon 16th         HMT
         Dec. 7th           Tues 17th        HQ 8
                                                       07800 822056
September 2011 – July 2012
      Pauline Ineson
      07800 822056
Classes are held at Sytchampton Community Centre
                 Cow Lane, Worcs.
                     DY13 9SY
THE APPLIQUÉ QUILT – ‘Floral Dimensions’
The quilt incorporates lots of machine appliqué techniques including
numerous dimensional shapes, Hawaiian, Celtic and invisible
machine appliqué and some – dare I say – hand sewing! Each square
is sewn and quilted individually before they are joined to each other
using my ‘back to front’ quilt-as-you-go method. Even the borders
are completed before they are attached to the quilt. There are
currently 3 ongoing classes (APP 5, APP 6, APP 7) that have been
meeting once a month for some time. I will not be starting a new
class in the near future but will be running a four day APPLIQUÉ
workshop in July. This will teach you how make many of the flowers
and other techniques used on the quilt. The cost is £200 and the class
will meet from 10 – 4 each day. Please fill in the booking form if you
are interested and I will send you a list of requirements.


The award winning quilt includes over 35 sewing machine techniques
and is a great way to get to know how to use your machine to its full
potential. Over 100 ladies are in the process of, or have completed
this quilt and at the moment, there are four classes who have been
meeting once a month for some time. As with the Appliqué Quilt, I
don’t intend on starting a new class in the near future but have
scheduled two, four day WORKSHOPS that will teach most of the
techniques used on the quilt. The cost is £240 and includes all
materials and lunch on each of the four days. The September
workshop is now full but there are a few places left on the one in
April, so if you are interested then please either call me or fill in the
booking form as soon as possible and I will give you more
information. I am also starting an HEIRLOOM MACHINE
TECHNIQUES (HMT) class that will meet on the third Monday of
the month beginning in January for six months. This will also be for
those who want to learn the different techniques used on the quilt and
how to use their sewing machine to its fullest potential. You can then
go on to either make the quilt or use the techniques in your own
projects. You will make a sample of each technique which you will
then keep in the folder provided, together with your notes on machine
settings etc. The cost is £40 per class plus the cost of materials. The
class will meet from 10 – 4 on each of the six days. Again, please let
me know as soon as possible if you are interested by either calling me
or filling in the booking form.


There are three or four classes per month meeting on different days
of the week. Come along if you need to finish off either a course
project or a project of your own. You may also use this as a ‘make up
day’ if you are unable to attend the scheduled day for a course (other
than the workshops or the Heirloom Machine Techniques course) or
a Quilt-as-you-Go day – see below. It’s a very relaxed class, with
everyone doing different things and drinking lots of coffee and tea!
Please let me know if you plan to attend as there are a limited number
of places.
Course fee: £15 per day (£25 for Quilt-as-you-Go) (10 – 4)


If you are interested in making your own patchwork sampler quilt
and learning lots of different piecing techniques, then come along on
one of the ‘Do Your Own Thing’ days from 10 – 4. Blocks include
Grandmother’s Fan, Attic Windows, Trip around the World, Maple
Leaf, Drunkards Path, Mariner’s Compass, Seminole, Bargello, Log
Cabin, Cactus Pot, Pineapple, Grape Basket, Quick Triangles, Card
Trick, Flying Geese, Dresden Plate and more. You will make two
blocks (patchwork squares) at each class, learn about quilting, sewing
the blocks together, attaching the borders and binding. The plan is to
complete twenty blocks, but it’s very flexible! The cost is £25 per
day. When you have completed all of the blocks and are at the
quilting and ‘Putting Together’ stage, you may continue to come to
the same class for £15 per day.
                                        BOOKING FORM
Name_________________________ __________________________________________________

Home Tel______________________________Mobile____________________________________






Course(s) you are interested in (£20 deposit required for the Workshops and the Heirloom
Machine Techniques course):




                                               Please return to:
                                          Pauline Ineson
          PO Box 6112, Bewdley, Worcs. DY12 9AN

         07800 822056 •

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